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Ship of Dreams by ladyemma
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Ship of Dreams
Chapter One
By ladyemma

“We’re here, darling,” Margaret Granger said, sounding pleased. Hermione suppressed a snort. Of course her mother would be pleased! She had completely ruined her daughter’s life! Hermione had been happily attending Beauxbatons, where she was learning magic, when her father died. Margaret had made Hermione drop out of school (making no attempt to hide her disapproval of Hermione’s schooling. After all, her husband wasn’t around anymore) and started looking for a rich man for Hermione to marry.

It had gone on for months, with Margaret picking all sorts of men out. The only upside was that Hermione had gotten to choose… somewhat. In her father’s will, he had stated that he wanted Hermione to choose the man she married, so Margaret had found a way around it. Even though it wasn’t saying much, the one she had chosen was the best man. He wasn’t fat, and seemed to respect her more than the others, though again, that wasn’t saying much. Not to mention the fact that since he was a wizard, she wouldn’t leave the magical world after all. Of course, her mother didn’t know that.

Draco had bought first class tickets on the Titanic for their new home in America. Hermione had no idea why the Malfoys had decided to move there, but she was bound to find out soon.

“Darling, did you hear me? I said we’re here! You know, it is very rude to ignore your elders.”

“Yes, Mother,” Hermione sighed. She only had a couple days left of freedom, but with her mother hanging over her shoulder every minute to make sure Hermione wasn’t ruining her reputation, it was going to be fairly horrible.

“My life is over before it even began. All I will be useful for is being a good wife as well as making little tiny Draco Malfoys,” Hermione thought, feeling depressed. Then the car stopped, and she was startled out of her thoughts.

A moment later, the car door opened and Draco was standing there, holding a hand to help her out of the car. Hermione considered slapping his hand away, but she wouldn’t dare with her mother sitting right there. Instead she took it, and after straightening her button-up traveling dress and making sure her hat and gloves were on securely, Hermione took a look at the ship that would be taking her to her doom.

It was a huge ship, the largest Hermione had seen (and she had seen quite a large number of large ships). She could still smell the fresh paint that wrote in large black letters “R.M.S. Titanic”. It was gorgeous! Then she remembered who had gotten the tickets and instead said, “I suppose it’ll do.”

“Hermione!” Her mother rebuked.

“Sorry, Mother.” Though of course she was not sorry at all. Margaret opened up her parasol and walked toward the closest first class entrance.

Hermione took a long look at the country behind her. Even though she had lived in France most of her life, she still had fond memories of this place. “Goodbye, England,” she muttered softly before taking Draco’s outstretched arm.


Harry Potter was playing a game of poker along with his best mate, Ron Weasley and some other men at a bar. Harry placed the few coins he had on the table and watched with eagerness and surprise as one of the men placed down two third class tickets to the Titanic. Once that had been done, Harry picked up the cards he had been given and suppressed a grin. This was going to be fun.

As one of the other men placed down his cards, Harry caught a look of triumph on his face. He could imagine the man’s surprise when he saw Harry’s cards, and once again suppressed a grin. One of the rules of gambling was having a blank face free of any emotion, a rule these men obviously hadn’t learned. It was his turn at last. Harry put down his cards and laughed inwardly at the expressions on the men’s faces when they realized he won, and they lost.

“Thank you, gentlemen, for the very enjoyable game,” Harry said, putting the money and the two tickets in a bag. “Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a ship to catch.” As Harry and Ron turned to leave, he could hear the men attacking the fool who had gambled their tickets. As they ran towards the ship, they started laughing with joy. This was going to be an adventure of a lifetime!

Little did he know how true that thought was.

A/N- I know the first chapter is a lot like the movie, but I promise it gets more original.

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