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A Little On The Odd Side by nazozink
Chapter 3 : Switching it up
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Chapter 3
Nazo crept though a long hall way that seemed to never end. It was cold and sent shivers up and down her spine. She turned to a door yet again and shook the doorknob violently. Sweat rolled down in bed coating her face. Nothing was working she blinked but she wouldn't disappear. Now running she saw some light emerging in the distance. She ran faster hoping to get to it.

She reached the light. Sitting on a pedestal was a wand. It was beautiful and probably hand crafted. She went to pick it up when it disappeared. She moved her hand back and it reappeared. She reached for it again and this time it shocked her. The electricity surged threw her hand as she let a scream emit from her lips.

And that’s when it happened. The florescent green light of the dark mark glowed brightly on her skin. Allowing her knees to buckle she fell to the ground. Tears formed in her eyes and began to frame her face. She lifted her face to see her mother dead on the floor. It was a very gory scene.

Silently Nazo woke up. She stared at her hand and noticed it was still burnt. She looked down on to her bed.

The night before she had entered a new school. Remembering the mission she glanced around her room. Was this supposed to be her fate? Live with Pansy Parkinson, and the other stupid girls? Just the other day they had found out that she was the daughter of the Dark lord. Many of them would have killed to be the heir, and they probably had, but not Nazo. Sometimes she wished she didn't even have magical powers. They were a burden.

Maybe if she would've been born into a different family she wouldn't have had to put a mask of happiness on just to get by, and pretend her life was good. It would have been better if she had been Harry Potter. So what if her both of his Parents were dead? She would trade lives in a heart beat. Nazo was in deep thought not a thing she normally did. But alas it was short lived.

"Nazo! Do you want to get ready for breakfast? I'll do your makeup!" Pansy squealed in delight at the thought.

"Uhh. what? Umm actually I don't like to wear that much makeup." She answered unenthusiastically. Pansy wrinkled her nose. She had never met some one who didn't like make-up.

"Oh come one you'll look great I promise." with that she took out her makeup case and began to do her makeup. She used green and silver eye shadow and a pink lipstick.

"Do you like the colours?" Pansy asked holding up a portable mirror. Nazo nodded but in truth she couldn't tell. She was partially colour blind, seeing everything in different shades of purple.

They went down to breakfast and walked over to the slytherin table. Nazo was going to sit down when she was stopped.

"Hey! Come sit next to me down here." said a very out of character Draco Malfoy. Nazo sat down next to him, putting up a forced smile.

After breakfast they set off to their new classes, all of which matched Harry's perfectly. During Potions class snape was as gloomy as ever but the class went on. In the end, the first day wasn't all that Nazo had expected it to be. I guess when you build something up so high it can never meet expectations. But then again what would the next day partake? And would it be any better? Probably not. Maybe it would half way meet her hopes. It couldn't ever match her ideas for after all the dreams were still there.


The air smelt like vanilla and pumpkins. Actually the vanilla was very overpowering. I pushed the door open to the dorms to find three bottles of some expensive looking perfume busted open on the floor

“What happened?” I asked waving my hand in front of my face. I normally didn’t like the smell of vanilla but this, this was just too much. There were bits of tiny glass everywhere and the door to the bathroom was cracked slightly open.

“Parkinson?” I called as I opened the door wider. There in a cloud of sparkles and glitter stood a girl with more than one make-up brush in hand. She smiled widely.
“Oh you know you can call me Pansy!” She squealed applying more eye shadow then the whole schools girl population ever owned.

“Okay Pansy,” I started. “What’s with all the broken glass perfume bottles?” She turned around and walked out of the bathroom. She stared at the mess as if she hadn’t noticed. Although when she walked by I could guess what the reason for her not noticing the smell was. She absolutely reeked of the stuff.

“Oops! Must have knocked it over when I was on my way to the bathroom.” She took out her wand and swished it causing the glass to reform it self and the liquid to be placed back inside. “No harm done. So did you here about the Hogsmeade trip this weekend? The staff is letting us go early in case some students forgot to buy some school supplies. Isn’t that great?” She squealed in that shrill annoying laugh again. “Oh I hope Draco asks me.” She sighed and fell back on to her bed and reached over to hug a pillow.

Funny I was under the impression they were dating. Why was she so caught up in him? He wasn’t all that cute. And from what I can tell he isn’t the sharpest crayon in the 24 set.

“Yea you to make a perfect couple” Of idiots, I added silently in my head. She smiled and sat up.

“Who do you want to ask you?” I looked at her oddly. Uh….. No one. But I wanted to see her reaction if I answered somewhat of a different answer first.

“Harry Potter.” I responded. It was hard to keep a straight face but I managed. Her eyes went big and blank, her jaw dropped open and her eyebrows went down in a frown. I could tell three things about her at the moment.

One she was confused. Two she was slightly angry, and three she absolutely thought me mental. There was no doubt about it. I let it sink in for a couple of minutes enjoying the view of her petrified stupid look. It was very, very amusing. Just as I was about to retract my statement and put her out of her trance, the door flew open.

“Why, hello ladies.” A deep voice said as he flaunted in. Well if it wasn’t the bleach blond devil himself. He sat himself down on my bed a stretched out his legs. I narrowed my eyes for a second before remembering to play nice.

“Hi Draco.” I said before hopping down by Pansy. I had to remember to febrezze down that bed before I slept on it again. He picked up my orange bunny and raised an eyebrow.

“Pansy how many times do I have to tell you not to buy these stupid little trinkets?” I glared and grabbed Mr. Zoozoo away from him. How dare he call him stupid?

“He’s mine!” I said defensively. “And he’s not stupid!” I hugged him tight to my chest. He’s the only toy I still have from my childhood.

“Oh, um sorry...” he said muttering quietly. I stuck my tongue out and picked myself up. “Where are you going? I said I was sorry!” He yelled at me as he stood up to follow me.

“TO ASK HARRY POTTER TO HOGSMEADE THAT’S WHERE!” I screamed but of course in a cheery voice. Of course I had no intention of doing that, but it got him to shut up and stop following me which was all I wanted.

I ran down the stairs in a hurry. I had to get away. I disliked every one of those death eaters all prats and idiots. I ran outside even though it was well into the evening, to sit next to the pond. I think we’re aloud to be out here until 7. Its only 6:30 so I had about thirty minutes to level out my head. I glanced over my shoulder at the noise of shuffling feet.

“OI! Harry, why do you and Ron always wait until the last minute to do your assignments?” A fuzzy haired girl screeched at her two friends. I scrunched down and looked over the slight hill.

“We do it just to annoy you Hermione. It’s our goal in life.” The red head replied sarcasm practically dripping from his voice. She narrowed her eyes and turned back to the school.

“Hermione wait! I didn’t mean it!” He said, flustered. “Harry I’ll be right back out start with out me okay? Hermione!” He ran as fast as his feet would carry him.
The boy who- was left alone for me to talk to. Hey it might not be as good as the other one but at least it was true too.

He walked over to one of the benches and pulled out a quill and some parchment and started writing. I tried to think of a plan. I usually act psycho so people underestimate me. Being hyper and clueless tends to make people think you’re a lot less capable then when you answer everything correctly and do everything in a mature way.

I put my hands out like an airplane and ‘zoomed’ over, like one of those five year olds who are trying to be a plane. I would be positive my cheeks were red if I hadn’t already practiced doing this specific thing over and over again.

“ZOOOOMMM!!!” I shouted with my voice up two more octaves then even Pansy’s. “Hello Harry!” I said not quite as loud as before but that said it wasn’t silent either. He looked up shaking his head and went back to writing.

“SOOO what’chya doin?” I asked in my best three year old voice. I must say I am getting very good at it.

“Homework. I’m trying to concentrate can you please go away?” He said. I sat down next to him folding my legs over.

“Actually I wanted to ask you a question.” I said. Why was I doing this? Why? I hated him right? No. I didn’t but I didn’t like him either did I? No! So Why?

“What?” He asked slightly aggravated.

“I was actually wondering if you would –” But I didn’t get to finish. Dorko Malfoey clamped a strong arm over my shoulder and interrupted my question.

“Hello Potty! What are you doing talking to our girl here?” He asked in a nasty voice.

“I believe your ‘girl’ sat next to me Malfoy.” He shot back just as viciously.

“I believe your ‘girl’ is up in the dorms. I on the other hand am talking to Harry Potter!” I said trying to wriggle my way out of his grasp.

“Oh come now. You don’t honestly want to be talking to the likes of him do you?” He asked now raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t worry I’m leaving.” Harry said snatching his things to leave. I broke out of Draco’s grasp and ran into the castle just ahead of Harry. I had to be alone. I had to be able to think. I needed a room.

I found myself on a floor with not many doors. I Opened the only one I could find I just needed a room.

Inside there was a basic room. A bed included which was where I sat down determined just to sit and gather my thought but where I wounded up sleep for the night.
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