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Against all odds by Sano
Chapter 8 : out??? or safe????
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Damn it! Did Ron have to know everything? Or at least figure it all out? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY????? GOD DAMNIT WHY?????????? I thought, pounding my fists against the bed post. 

“Argh!” I screamed kicking at the neat stack of books lying at the end of my bed. They toppled everywhere, but I really couldn’t care less, I was THAT pissed off. 

“Whoa calm down there,” Ginny suddenly appeared directly at my side, “What’s wrong?” she took me by the arm and sat me down on the bed, she kneeled her hands resting reassuringly on my knee, “Common you can talk to me.” She soothed, “Was it Ron?” I nodded, “Don’t listen to him Hermione, he doesn’t know anything about anything.” She said, reassuringly. But unknown by her, he really did know something. 

Tears were streaming silently down my face, “But he does Ginny! He does! He knows god damn everything!” I buried my head in my hands. 

“Holy Jesus Christ on bloody ice skates!” Ginny jumped to her feet, “It’s MALFOY???” I brought my face out from the safety of my hands and nodded my head glumly. Ginny just stood there in front of me, struck dumb. 

“Don’t tell anyone, alright Ginny?” She was silent. I too stood, grabbing her shoulders and making her look at me, “God damn it Ginny! Swear to me that you won’t tell anyone!” I let go of her shoulders, the tears had stopped, just to be replaced by confusion, “Fucking a, I’m still trying to figure it out!” I slumped, and feel back on the bed. Oh yes, I was in fact feeling a slight bit on the dramatic side 

Ginny grinned. Shaking her head at me, but making it a friendly motion, “I wouldn’t worry about it Hermione,” She was trying to contain laughter now, “We’re all trying to figure out our feelings for each other right now.” She let out a low laugh that sounded like a ‘heh’, “I mean Harry is being so weird ever since we started going out all over again. . .” 

“You and Harry are going out?” I stood bolt upright. 

“Yes, of course we . . . oh right you weren’t there! I can’t believe I didn’t tell you! It’s just so…” she paused, searching for the right word, “DIFFERENT, with you not being in the common room.” 

“Spill please!” I commanded. She was my best friend. How the hell could she forget? 

“Well it wasn’t romantic or anything like that but hey it was cool,” She was grinning from ear to ear, so you could tell that for her it was WAY more than cool. She sat down on the bed and motioned for me to sit facing her, I obliged, “it was just like when George asked Angelina to the Yule Ball. Remember?” she laughed, “Ron was all whispering to Harry and next thing I knew Harry was yelling ‘Hey Ginny you want to go out with me? Again? Please? I can’t be without you! I tried! I’m SO sorry!’ and me yelling back ‘Sure! I missed you!’ that was it really.” 

“Ginny that’s great!” I hugged her tightly, “I knew he would see right in the end.” 
Ginny’s face was glowing. Well at least one of us was having an easy time adjusting into their relationship and interacting with the people around them. 

“But you,” she replied smiling at me, “I mean Draco……” she raised her eyebrows at me in a very suggestive manor, “It’s just so weird! I never would have thought……But hey you can go with whoever you want, I mean you can’t help who you fall for.” 

“Yeah, the way our lives spin out always leaves me guessing.” I paused then rembered what had originally been bothering me. “GINNY!” I was freaking out a little bit again, ok so yes its an over-statement, cut me some slack here! “How in the bloody world am I gonna keep this whole thing from Ron?” 

“Leave that to me!” Ginny grinned suspisiously, “I’ll tell him that you feel in love with some muggle over the summer. He falls for that kind of stuff all the time.” She winked, “His gullibility has helped me out on many occasion.” 

“Ginny you deserve some kind of award for something!! I don’t know what it is yet, but you know me, I’ll think of something!” I said hugging her again.
As she went out the door she turned and said, “Don’t you worry now, you secrets safe with me.” And with that I was feeling slightly better. Now… to figure out how to act naturally around Draco……that boy was to hot for his own good.

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Against all odds: out??? or safe????


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