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Snape's lost child by malfoychild
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11
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Hemrione sat in the quiet Heads compartment thinking about everything that has happened so far. 

'I can't believe it. Sna- My Father had such a big family. And now their my family. I went from two parents without any contact to their families to no parents with an entire family I don't even know. And now my own uncle will be working at Hogwarts. That's going to be so weird. What if he wants to talk to me? Learn everything there is to know about me? What if he finds out about James?' hemrione gasped from the thought. Her uncle finding out about James and making a big scene about it. And then the entire school would find out too. 'I can't let that happen.' Hemrione thought. Then there was a knock on the door. 

Rupert Snape, Hermione's uncle, slide open the compartment door and said; "I hope you don't mind the enteruption, but I had to help Mr. Malfoy." He turned and helped a limping and black-eyed Draco into the room.

Hermione gasbed and jumped up. "Oh, Draco!" She ran to him and helped him into the room.

"What happened?" Hermione asked, her voice full of worry. Draco looked at her like she was crazy, "You don't remember Weasley and Potter beating the crap out of me?" 

Hermione scoffed at him. "Of course I do. I'm talking about the limp. So what happened?" 

Rupert choked, trying to hold back his laughter as Draco smiled sheepishly. "I, umm, uh, " He stuttered. "Well I was trying to get on the train without Rupert's help, but it was kind of hard, because I can't see that well through my eyes. And then, well, I stepped up on one of the stairs, and reached out for the handle, but, um I missed. So then I reached my arms out to grab something because I was falling backwards, and I grabbed a girl's shirt." Hermione was horrified, Rupert was laughing, and Draco was embarresed (SP?) because there was still more. "Then I fell backwards, but I kind of turned my body so I hit my side. But I had also pulled the girl down with me and the rest of my body was on top of her. So I stood up and my leg started to hurt really bad. And then the girl stood up and punched me in the stomache." 

Hermione burst out laughing and so did Rupert as Draco got madder. "Stop laughing." He said as he pushed Hermione off the seat.

"Hey!" She yelled from the floor. She got up and hit Draco in the shoulder. "Ow!" He whinned. "Why did you do that?" 

"Because you deserved it." Hermione huffed. 

Rupert laughed at them. "You guys are gonna be a great couple," he laughed. " I hope you you'll be this great with the family next week Hermione."

Hermione stopped laughing and look at her uncle. "With the family? Next week? What are you talking about?" 

Rupert blinked, "Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I didn't tell you. Next week I'm taking you to meet the entire family. Won't that be great?" He gave her a big smile, but she just stared at him. 

Finally Hermione answered. "No, that won't be great." Rupert's smile faded. " First I learn that I'm my most hated teachers daughter. OK, I can take that. But then I learn that I now own everything he owned, which just happens to be a rather large fortune, a huge mansion full of serent, and to top it all off, every pureblood family, is after me in hopes of getting all that. And now I learn my Father isn't the lonely man i thought him to be. No he has a huge family that no one knew he had. And now I'm going to thrown right into their lives and I won't know any one. They might expect great things from me and I might not be able to do those things. They might want me to join the dark side. or become the perfect girl, or at least a mindless slave. My life is changing so fast. Everythimg is different. I've gone from a disgusting little MUDBLOOD, to an over -obsessed PUREBLOOD!I can't take! There's to much pressure. I just can't take it." The last part was whispered, and Hermioen ran out of the compartment. But she only got so far down the hallway until she hit something.

She looked up into the hard green eyes of one of her newly exed best friends. "Oh, hello, Hermione." Harry said sneering at her, Ron doing the same next to him. "Have you met our new friend?"

Harry and ron stepped aside and a rather tall man walked foreward. Hermione's eyes widened and she gasped in horror as she looked up into the cold, hard eyes of her worst nightmare, James Allen.

Muuuhahahahahahahahahaha!! Cliffhanger! I hope you guys liked it. And please review. I've had over 10,000 reads and only 110 reviews. I wold love it if you guys wold teel me stuff you liked or hated about it, and maybe a few suggestions. MY email address is Email me sometime.

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