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Anglophobia: A Story Of A Death Eater by noraxslytherin
Chapter 2 : Letters And Blood
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I woke up suddenly, huffing and puffing, sweat trickling down my face. I sat there, not sure what woke me up until I heard a soft tick against my window. Getting up uncertainly, I made my way to my main window. My robes, which I had forgotten to change out of, were sticking to my skin. Opening the window with the breeze coming through into my skin, I felt wide awake. A little black owl was looking quite angry when I took the envelope out of his mouth. I grinned when I saw who it was from. Taking the letter out, I recognized my best friend Melanie Celestine’s neat handwriting:

Belle! I heard the news from my father! I can’t believe this! This is an outrage, Belle! Of course, father tried his best to get you back. But what good use is having a father who’s in the school council if he can’t even help you come back? Belle, I don’t want you to go. I won’t let you go. Some summer this has been. Please, Belle, don’t leave. Salemandra won’t be the same without its funniest student! Dear Belle, please try everything to stay here in Salem, Massachusetts in the United States. Not London, England. I can’t go to sleep so write me back NOW!

I stared at the letter for a long minute afterwards. I only came back to reality when Melly’s owl, Boron, pecked my finger with all his anger. I laughed as I looked at the little owl trying to act so tough. He was in the same boat as me. We both had places to go that we didn’t want to go to and we both were angry. I walked across my room, rummaged for some ink and a quill and the answer came to me in a second. I scratched with my small handwriting in a little piece of parchment:

Melly, I have to go. I can’t go back to Salemandra and that’s final. It would be so stupid to just stay here in Salem, but not be able to use magic. You’re a teenage witch too, Melly, so you know what I mean when I say, magic is the most important thing to me right now. I promise we’ll write to each other all the time and you’ll tell me how you’re going steady with someone or another. I love you so much Melly.

I tucked it safely in Boron’s beak and watched as he flew two streets away to Melly’s Manor. I looked at my watch which read 3:30 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep so I might as well wait for Melly’s response. I was just starting to wonder how cool British accents were when Boron returned looking thoroughly annoyed. I quickly unfolded the tear stained letter:

Well who’s going to give me advice? Our clique’s not a clique without its leader. I won’t forget all our good times. Like remember when you sneezed so loud on your calming draft that it turned it into a swelling potion? Ha-ha, that was funny when your rat turned pumpkin size. And of course I’ll never forget how kind you were helping people improve their spells. I really admire you, Belle. Thanks for always being my best friend. But my tears won’t stop coming!

Tears started in my eyes too when I thought of not sharing a dorm with my best friends, Melly, Emily Hallen, and Jennifer Ladon. We would always stay up on Friday nights talking nonsense and copying each others homework. I loved them so much. I couldn’t stand the ache in my heart. I quickly replied to Melly’s letter:

Listen don’t make it sound like I’m dead or something. I’m just moving. Please tell Em and Jenn I’ll miss them so much just like I miss you. But if I start with all the good memories we had, it’ll take me at least a year to finish writing. Right now I have to go try and get some sleep. I think someone from the School Council’s using the floo network to take us to England. Oh boy. Well, I’ll talk to you when I get to Hogwarts, or maybe sooner. Today is the 1st of September but it doesn’t feel like it, right? You have fun at school and we’ll talk later. I love you.

I gave it to Boron, petting his tiny head. Oh how I was going to miss this little guy. After watching him fade into the bluish night sky, I went back to bed and lay there for a while. I got up and grabbed a nightgown that I changed into quickly. I hated myself so much right now. It’s my fault this was happening, so why did I feel as if it were someone else’s fault. These thoughts made me feel dizzy and not alive, like a ghost. I started to shake with fear of myself. The rest happened in a flash…

I ran to my desk and looked around for my old pocket knife. I dug it into my skin and watched the blood make patterns on my wrist. Only then did I come back to earth and stop shaking.

“I am real.” I said, before going back to bed and passing out.

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Anglophobia: A Story Of A Death Eater: Letters And Blood


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