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Chapter 2 : Relations Grow.
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Chapter 2: Relations Grow.


It was 2 pm in the afternoon the next day when Tonks started to wake up hearing a voice that she new it was Harry but why was Harry at her flat, but then she realised that she was at Harry’s on Harry’s bed and what had happened she started to listening to Harry wandering who he was talking to.

“getting friendly with him do you like him that much” hoot “well just make sure he treats you right ok” Hedwig looked over to Tonks and bobbed her head “there’s nothing happening so don’t stick your beak in now go and get some sleep” Harry received another hoot and Hedwig flew on top of the wardrobe. Harry went and sat down at his desk and started reading a DADA book that Hermione got for him.

“How long you been up” Tonks ask causing Harry to jump witch cause Tonks to giggle at him “sorry Harry didn’t mean to scare you”

“Thanks Tonks” Harry said while getting up off the floor “give a guy a heart attack then apologise. So how you feeling anyway sleepy head I thought you were never going to wake”

“What you on about I’ve only asleep a couple of hour’s” Harry shakes his head and smile’s at Tonks “what”

“You’ve been asleep since yesterday morning how you feeling hungry” Harry asks

Tonks looked at the clock next to Harry’s bed and it showed it was 2:05pm “I’ve been asleep for over twenty four hour” Tonks says “no wonder I’m hungry but apart from that feel much better”

“Well I’ll go get some food for you ok be back in a bit”

Harry returned ten minutes later with some toast and orange juice for Tonks while Tonks was eating Harry sat at his desk and continued reading his DADA book but every now and then he would look up and look at Tonks.

“Why haven’t I noticed how beautiful Tonks is before she’s got a great personality and she’s great looking, but it doesn’t matter what I think she wouldn’t be interested in a guy like me I’m younger still in school” Harry thought “but your mature for your age and she acts younger than she is you may have a shot” “yeah I wish” Harry continued arguing with himself while not noticing that Tonks had court him watching her.

“Harry” Tonks a said and got no reply “whys he looking at me, you could loose yourself in those emerald green eyes, I wander how many girls have fallen for them eye because you can add another one to the list”. Tonks thought “I shouldn’t be thinking of him like this for one he’s younger but I don’t care, he’s what every girl wants he’s probably had girl falling over each other to get to him and anyway why would he want to go out with me its not like I’m anything special” “ Harry… Harry why are you looking at me” Tonks asked

Harry came out of his daze realising Tonks calling his name “ um….um sorry Tonks I was… I was just thinking that all” he was blushing and getting nervous Tonks had notice “how you feeling now”.

Tonks noticed the subject change “a lot better thank you. Harry how long have you been up and who were you talking to when I woke up”

“I’ve been up since six I get up early to go for a jog and then do the chores I got to do, I just come back to take a shower when Hedwig came back from hunting I think she been with Guard she doesn’t come back this late, you and me better keep an eye on her and Guard or we are going to be grandparent’s they seem to be getting rather friendly” he got a reply but not from Tonks but from Hedwig “look don’t you hoot at me like that young lady I’m just worried I don’t want you getting hurt, but sorry for caring” Hedwig flew down from the top of the wardrobe and landed on Harry’s shoulder and rubbed her head against his “just make sure he treats you wright ok now go on back to sleep ok” Hedwig gave him a loving nip his earlobe and flew back on top of the wardrobe and went back to sleep “ now that she has gone back to sleep I’m going to take a shower be back in minute are you going to be ok” Tonks nodded and with that Harry grabbed a towel from a draw and left the room. Tonks got up off the bed and picked up the DADA book Harry was reading and laid back on the bed. It was ten minutes later when Harry came back in with just a towel around his waist Tonks was looking over the book watching him “ OH MY GOD when did he get so handsome” Tonks thought while licking her lips he was going through his wardrobe getting some fresh clothes when he started undoing the towel.

“Harry I’m still here” Harry turned around with a smile on his.

“Don’t you want a show Tonks I don’t mind if you don’t” giving her a wink.

“Oh I don’t mind at all let the show begin”

“she wants to play ok well two can play at that game” Harry thought he turned around and started undoing the towel and opening up and started to lowering the towel slowly, Tonks was watching and realised that he wasn’t going to stop she could now see the top of his bum.

“OK you win you called my bluff” Tonks said while trying to control her breathing.

“aw I thought you wanted a show” Harry said “ok you got two options so you can watch me get dressed or you can turn around its up to you” and with that he turned around and dropped the towel Tonks quickly turned over and carried on reading the DADA book two minutes later he was finished “ok I’m finished, do you want to take a shower Tanks”.

“No thanks Harry I don’t want to get you into more trouble with your relatives” Tonks said.

“Tonks let me take care of my relative, you go and have a relaxing shower ok and that’s the end of the matter” with that Harry got a towel for Tonks and gave it to her.

“Now go and take a shower”

“Thanks Harry” and as she left to go to the shower Harry decided to make the bed and tidy up a little, when he was just finishing Tonks came in looking even better.

“what no show I was looking forward to that I even got comfortable for it” he winked at Tonks witch got a smile but all of a sudden she looked upset Harry was up on his feet and stood in front of her “ Tonks what’s up, are you going to what’s wrong come and sit on the bed” Harry guided Tonks over to his bed and sat down and put an arm around her “do you know that you’re the only girl that I have ever shared a bed with” Tonks giggled.

“He must be lying” she thought “are you being serious I thought you would have them lining up” Tonks said

“Tonks I haven’t had the best of luck with girls they want to go out with the boy who bloody lived not the plane old Harry that goes to Hogwarts” Tonks couldn’t believe what she just heard.

“Harry I know how you feel” Tonks “I used to have the same problems with my ex boyfriends they all ways started nice then they wanted me to turn into a supermodel or there ex girlfriend but so you are the first man I’ve shared a bed with”.

“Thanks Tonks” Harry said

“What for Harry” asked Tonks

“For calling me a man instead of a boy it means a lot to me” Harry said

“Harry you’ve been through so much you have earned it you got my respect when I came to get you last year don’t take this the wrong way but I thought you were going to be a snotty nosed kid but I was wrong I found out you were a genuine guy that cared more for his friends than himself” Tonks went silent and a tear went down her cheek.

“Tonks what’s bothering you is it me” Harry asked

“No it’s just how do you go on like I said you’ve been through so much and even after” she went quiet again’

“after Serius died how is it that I’m ok is that what you were going to say” Tonks nodded “ Tonks I’ve mourned for Serius he would want me to fight and fight hard that’s why I’m not going to let Voldermort beat me or anyone I care about, now Tonks tell me what’s making you upset because you may not realise it but I care about you to so please tell me” Harry said and gave he a reassuring one arm hug causing her to place her head on his shoulder.

“Harry do you really mean that you care about me” Harry nodded “thank you that really means a lot. Its just I feel like this war isn’t going to end ever since Serius died it was like I just given up hope that any of us will see the end of this but then I see you and its like I can see the end again and where all there but I know not all of us will be there. Tonks went quiet and Harry could hear Tonks crying. He leaned back and lifted her head up and looked into her eye they were blood shot again.

“Tonks I’m here for you” Harry said “so when ever you need to talk a hug or if even if you want to jinx someone I’m there ok but I would prefer if you didn’t jinx me” Tonks gave a little Lough.

“Thanks Harry but I just miss him so much” Tonks said

“I miss him to Tonks nothing is going to change that” Harry said “but we can remember him and live our lives that what he would want but for us to do that we have to get rid of a pain in the backside and that is where my I come in”

“Harry what do you mean” Tonks said

“Tonks if I tell you, you got to promise not to tell anyone ok” Tonks nodded her head “well there’s only two people that know, myself and Dumbledore if I tell you it could put your life at risk, so I’m going to ask you do you want to know”

“Harry I’m in it with you to the end so tell me please” Tonks said

So Harry Started telling her what happened before the order got to the Ministry and after when he got back to Hogwarts and went to Dumbledore’s office where he was told the prophecy and that it was either him or Voldermort by now Tonks was crying again Harry just sat there in silence until he broke it.

“Tonks” Harry said quietly “I’m not sure if I can do it but if I go down I’m going to take that thing with me that I will promise”

“Harry you are going to win” Tonks said between sobs “you are going to grow old have a wife, children and grandchildren do you hear me Harry you are going to win you are going to kick his arse”

Tonks had stopped crying by now and they just sat were looking at each other “why does he have to go through so much, he doesn’t deserve all this” Tonks thought then she realised that they were still looking at each other and she noticed that Harry had looked at her lips “he doesn’t want to kiss me does he, because if he does I’m not going to complain” then Tonks noticed that he was smiling “what” she asked.

“Tonks do you realise that you said that out loud” Tonks went red straight away she then looked down she couldn’t look at him she was so embarrassed but then Harry lifted her head with a one finger under her chin and looked into his eyes “Tonks I didn’t think you liked me that’s why I didn’t kiss you but now that I do” Harry leaned forward and kissed her and leaned back on the bed, that afternoon they become much closer.

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