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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 7 : MINE!!!
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Disclaimer: I own nothing you know from JKR. 

“Guess what tomorrow is?” Kara asked, practically jumping off the walls. The girls were hanging out in the Head’s dorm on a late Friday night, nearly two weeks since Lily’s birthday. They had kicked Tyler out to have a girls only slumber party. At the moment, Lily was hogging the couch, Alice was spread out in front of the fireplace, Lindsey was trying unsuccessfully to move Lily’s legs, and Kara was vibrating in a chair. A half-full bowl of popcorn, chocolate frog wrappers, butterbeer bottles, Honeyduke’s chocolate, empty ice-cream cartons, empty cookie packages, and a nearly empty milk jug all littered the coffee table in the center of the room.

“Saturday?” Rational Lily guessed. Kara rolled her eyes, seeing as the guess was right, but wrong at the same time.

“It’s the first Hogsmeade trip of the year!” Kara literally jumped out of the chair and ran in a circle around the girls. Needless to say, she had had the most sugar and caffeine.

“Awesome!” Lindsey cried, “Girl’s day out!” It had been tradition since first year to have a girl’s day during the first Hogsmeade trip of the year. Kara had been so depressed that they couldn’t go to Hogsmeade that Alice used the idea to make her happy again.

“Are we sleeping in or rousing early?” Alice questioned eagerly. The girls took a moment to ponder this one. It would be their last first Hogsmeade trip at school. Going earlier would mean more time for memories, but it was already past midnight.

“Early!” Lily cried, falling off the couch in her excitement. Lindsey squealed, and took it in her absence. Lily stuck her tongue out, and received a smirk.

“Alright, then I suggest sleepy-bye.” Alice acted like she was talking to a lot of three year olds. Well, as immature as the girls had been that night, they might as well have been three.

“I can’t go to sleep!” Kara whined, running again, this time not stopping.

“Ya! And I just got the couch!” Lindsey agreed, now it was Lily’s turn to smirk.

“Well, I’m going to bed. You guys can do what you want.” Alice announced, and climbed up the stairs to Lily’s bedroom. There, they had set up three more beds without much difficulty, seeing as the room was huge.

“So am I.” Lily followed her. Lindsey and Kara looked at each other and sighed. They gave in and joined their friends upstairs.

The next day, Lily’s alarm clock went off at seven, and each girl had a different reaction. Alice promptly fell out of bed, Lindsey screamed, Lily sat bolt upright, and Kara didn’t budge. Lily was the one who turned off the alarm as the others wouldn’t move, from shock or tiredness.

“Come on, guys! Girl’s day out!” Lily called as she took the bathroom first. Fifteen minutes later, she was freshly clothed and Kara still hadn’t moved. Alice and Lindsey raced to the bathroom, and Lindsey won, quickly shutting the door. Alice pouted as she sat on her bed, and Lily laughed at her.

“Did you want to go to Hogsmeade with Frank?” Lily teased.

“No way! The girl’s day is tradition! No boy can break us girls’ traditions.” Alice answered.

“You go girl!” Lily and Alice high-fived. Lily continued to fix her hair in front of the mirror, and Alice tried to wake Kara. She still wouldn’t move, but Alice knew exactly what to do. Pulling out her wand, Alice sprayed ice-cold water all over Kara. With a shriek, she jumped out of the bed, shivering and glaring at Alice.

“Glad you could join us!” Lily joked. She and Alice burst into a fit of giggles while Kara continued to glare. Not a minute later, Lindsey came out of the bathroom, and Kara and Alice fought for it. Once again, Alice lost, and pouted. Lily laughed at her, and she glared. Lindsey took over the mirror, and Lily dug into her trunk for money. Alice continued to sulk until Kara come out of the bathroom after twenty minutes.

Then, it was Kara’s turn to hog the mirror. Lily and Lindsey pulled on comfy shoes, and slid down the banister to the Head’s room. About ten minutes later, the other two joined them

“Yay! Let’s go!” Lindsey shouted and they made a beeline for the portrait hole. They headed for the Entrance hall, skipping and giggling. Then, the Marauders, Tyler, and his best friend, Kyle, blocked their way.

“Out of the way, boys! Today is a girl’s day out!” Kara stepped forward, moving her hands as if to push them out of the way.

“Alright, alright!” Sirius laughed, and the boys held their hands up in surrender. They moved, half on one side and half on the other. The girls walked through, heads held high. A few feet past the boys they burst out giggling.

They past Filch fairly quickly, and climbed onto a carriage. Luckily, none of the girls could see what pulled it. The girls began their conversation congratulating Kara.

“Way to show the boys!” Lindsey giggled, and the other girls did too.

“It’s about time we step up and show those boys what we’re all about!” Kara stated, and the others agreed.

“Did you see the look on Kyle’s face when you did that?” Alice asked. The other girls shook their heads.

“What look?” Kara was confused as to why she would mention him. She had the biggest crush on Kyle since their third year. All of the girls knew it, and often teased her for it. They all knew she and Kyle were practically perfect for each other, but she denied the fact that he crushed on her too.

“He looked so proud that you were the one to speak up!” Alice teased. Kara’s mouth formed a perfect O as she stared wide-eyed at Alice.

“Did he really?” Kara asked breathless. Lindsey and Lily snickered, but Kara didn’t bother with them.

“Yes, really.” Alice reassured her. Kara smiled widely, and got a faraway look in her eye. Alice smiled at the sweetness of the situation. Lily and Lindsey snickered again at her “happy” moment. They then reached Hogsmeade, and climbed down from the carriage.

“Where to first?” Lily asked brightly. They were all ready for an adventurous day.

“How ‘bout Honeydukes?” The usually sugar-crazed Kara suggested hopefully. The other girls laughed at her, but quickly agreed.

Before they knew it, Kara was opening the door to smell the chocolaty aroma. They immediately headed for their favorite section that contained their favorite candy, chocolate! Honeydukes has many different kinds of chocolate. There’s chocolate frogs, chocolate bars, chocolate cubes and balls, mint chocolate, chocolate sculptures, chocolate with cream inside, chocolate with melted chocolate inside, chocolate with peanuts and peanut butter, and a lot more. Each girl had their favorite: Lily was all for chocolate with peanut bitter, Kara was in love with every kind, Lindsey loved chocolate with caramel inside, and Alice loved mint chocolate. OK, so Kara didn’t have a favorite, but she wasn’t like the other girls. Not like the other girls at all…

“Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine…” Kara was hopping around the store taking handfuls of every type of candy imaginable. Lindsey, Lily, and Alice stared as she filled bag after bag to the brim. Finally, she managed to heave what looked like a lifetime supply up onto the counter. The clerk looked at her with wide eyes, but rang it all up. The total came to fifty-eight Galleons and six Knuts.

“Ready to go?” Kara asked through her armsful of bags. The other girls glanced at each other and burst into laughter. Kara just stared at them, obviously confused to what was so funny.

“Come on, let’s check out.” Alice said, wiping away tears. Lily and Lindsey followed her to the counter and each bought less than half a bag-full. This time, Kara was the one staring. Lily, Lindsey, and Alice burst into laughter again as they left the store.

“Do we get some?” Lily asked, referring to the bulging bags of yummy candy.

“MINE!” Kara shouted and ran away. Somehow, she managed to run while carrying all the bags and shoving candy into her mouth at top speed. It was obvious that she wanted all the candy to herself. The others followed her, laughing all the while.

Their final destination tuned out to be the lookout for the Shrieking Shack. They saw Kara sitting on a rock with bags all round her, still stuffing her face with candy. Just as the girls started to head down there, they were met with six boys: The Marauders, Kyle, and Tyler.

“Is that all Honeydukes’ candy?” Kyle asked, staring at her.

“Yep, and she just bought it all herself. It was over fifty galleons.” Lindsey stated. The boys all stared in disbelief as they walked with the girls to Kara.

“May I have some, please?” Kyle asked politely upon reaching her. Kara stared at them for a moment, just realizing they were anywhere near her.

“MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE!!!” Kara gathered all the bags in her arms and sprinted towards part of the Forbidden Forest. Suddenly, she changed her course and was running in circles around the group. She still hadn’t noticed that she was humiliating herself in front of her crush. Her face was covered with chocolate, and she was still stuffing her mouth.

“She’s worse than Padfoot on Halloween!” James cried unbelieving, and his fellow Marauders agreed, still staring at her. Then, they all burst into laughter. They literally rolled on the ground, tears streaming down their cheeks rapidly. As suddenly as she started, Kara stopped running and looked at their tangled bodies.

“HEY!  NO BOYS!  IT’S A GIRL’S DAY!  NO BOYS!  NO BOYS!  NO BOYS!  NO BOYS!  NO BOYS!  NO BOYS!” Kara had started by pointing an accusing finger at the group, causing them to stop laughing in surprise. Then, she was running again in a blink of an eye, chanting, “NO BOYS!” at the top of her lungs. This caused them to start laughing again.

Once again, about ten minutes later, Kara suddenly stopped running and chanting. She stared at the group, who were still laughing, and blushed redder than her red shirt. She ran again, but this time away from Hogsmeade and towards the school. It all had to do with realizing she had majorly embarrassed herself in front of Kyle. Again, the group had stopped laughing to see her blush. They blinked at her retreating figure and burst out laughing again. Kyle was the first to stop and stare at the last place he had seen Kara.

“I’m gonna go after her. See ya.” He stood and ran in the direction she had left. Everyone had stopped laughing, and stared at his retreating back. Then, the boys bellowed with laughter as the girls jumped up squealing.

“They’re gonna get together!” Lily squealed. James stopped laughing to stare unnoticed at her. He drank in her grin, sparkling eyes, and over-all beautiful self.

“Finally!” Lindsey sighed, plopping on the ground as if she was exhausted. Surprisingly, Tyler caught himself staring at her worn-out figure, wanting to go over and let her rest against him.

“YES! We’re gonna have to get the complete story, and pull out another sleepover!” Alice cried happily. The other girls agreed. The boys had stopped laughing to stare at them in confusion. Of course, Lily was the fist to notice this, and saw only James staring at her. A shiver ran down her spine, and she suddenly had goose-bumps up and down her arms and legs.

“Why are you staring at us?” Lindsey asked, after she pulled herself away from her staring contest with Tyler. He would’ve won anyway. The boys snapped out of their trances to give a reasonable answer.

“How can girls get so excited about this mushy stuff?” Sirius asked. It was obvious that the boys weren’t into talking about how in love with a girl they were. None of the girls would like any of them if they did that. *shudder* guys being mushy…

“HELLO!!” Alice called, “We’re girls!” The boys blinked and nodded, as if that answered the question.

“Well, how can boys go on for days and days talking about Quidditch and food?” Lily shot back. No, her temper hadn’t flared; she was just wondering why they do it.

“LILY!” James gave her a look that clearly told her she was hopeless, “We’re boys…Men! We’re men!” He quickly fixed the mistake, but the girls hadn’t even noticed. They nodded as well; his answer was all they needed.

“Seriously Lily, how could you ask such a stupid question?” Remus teased. Lily blinked, then joined the others laughing.

“It was stupid, wasn’t it?” Lily asked, and the boys feinted disbelief.

“Another stupid question?” Sirius asked, holding his chest, where his heart would be.

“And from our dear Lily!” James gasped, and then collapsed with the complete show of a girl fainting. With this, everyone burst into laughter, and Lily didn’t get the least bit angry.

“What do you beautiful ladies say to butterbeers on James?” Tyler asked. The girls quickly agreed, as well as the boys. They stood and began to walk away as James wondered how his name got dragged into this.

“Hey…” It finally clicked and James went to chase after them. Everyone was laughing at how daft he had just been, while he simply pouted.

Sitting around a table, the group talked, laughed, and downed butterbeers (all still on James). Kara and Kyle never showed up so they all assumed they were snogging in the Head’s dorm or somewhere, anyway. It wasn’t until Alice’s fifth butterbeer that she remembered what day it was.

“What happened to our girl’s day out?” Alice suddenly cut through a joke James was telling. James pouted as the girls remembered.

“All well,” Lily shrugged, “This is pretty fun, too.” James practically glowed as she didn’t say anything bad about him.

“So, what was that joke, again?” Lindsey asked. James snapped back to reality with a chuckle.

“Oh, well the little girl said to the Healer, ‘How dare you touch my roses!’ and the Healer grabbed a handful of roses and blood dripped from his hands because he had squeezed the thorns and the Healer suddenly sprouted tiny purple wings all over his body and was carried off until a big bald man saw him and got on a broom and brought him back to the place where it happened, Saint Mongo’s, and the Healer was laughed at by all the other healers because he had been so stupid!” James finished laughing.

As stupid as it was, they were all laughing like it was a hilarious comedy. Well, they all had had at least five butterbeers; Sirius broke his record by downing seventy-three. Why not, it was all on James. Needless to say, James made Sirius pay for every one of his.

Around four they stumbled out of Hosmeade, all a little tipsy. They had been kicked out because the boys caused some ruckus with some drunk Slytherins. James managed to lose his glasses and nearly seventy-seven galleons. Of course, each of the boys, except Peter, owned a new bruise.

“Oopsie!” Lindsey giggled when she fell to the left, on top of Tyler. Soon, they were lying on the ground, snogging like tomorrow would never come. The others stared at them, slowly registering what was happening; Tyler was cheating on Lily, and in plain sight! 

A/N: HI! ^_^ Please don’t hurt me! This is my first attempt at some humor, and a cliff-hanger. Tell me what you think, so I can write better stories! Oh, and if this isn’t my best work, I’ve been typing since 8:30 and it is now 2:05. PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW!! You know you want to!

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