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Tatum Aeriel Bellatrix Riddle by ChelseaLestrange
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Tatum Aeriel Bellatrix Riddle 


“Tom!!!” screamed Aeriel Riddle 

“Lucius, Tom” screamed Narcissa Malfoy while holding her pregnant friend
In came running Lucius Malfoy and Tom Riddle 

“Something’s wrong” cried Aeriel while clutching her pregnant belly 

“Voldemort we’ve got you now” screamed the voice of Marcus Hensfield 

The sound of voices and pops of aurors aparating in the manor could be heard from downstairs. 

“Aeriel we have to go” said Tom 

“I can’t. Tom something’s wrong with the baby.” Cried Aeriel 

“We have to go Tom,” said Narcissa 

The sounds of footsteps and voices were getting louder. 

“Tom go we can stay and get Aeriel to Saint Mungos” said Lucius 

“I won’t leave her during labor” replied Tom 

“If you don’t go now you will never see you wife or daughter alive again,” replied Lucius sternly 

“Tom please go,” said Aeriel 

And with that said Tom kissed his wife and apparated (sp?) out. 

“Volde- Mr. Malfoy, Mrs.Malfoy where is Lord Voldemort?” asked Marcus 

“How would we know?” replied Narcissa 

“Well you’re in his house,” replied Marcus 

“And what is that suppose to mean?” asked Lucius 

“Well what I m-mean is th-that” 

“I don’t like the way you’re talking to my wife Mr. Hensfield and if you don’t refrain from talking to her in that manner you will be out of a job and be taking orders from my house elf” said Lucius 

“My apologies Mr. Malfoy Mrs. Malfoy all I meant was you are in his home” said Marcus
“Has it ever occurred to you that we might be here to see Mrs. Riddle you idiot?” said Narcissa 

“Lucius” cried Aeriel as another wave of pain hit 

“Now Mr. Hensfield if you do not mind we need to get Mrs. Riddle to Saint Mungos said Lucius. 


“Congratulations Mrs. Riddle you have a beautiful baby girl. Have you picked out a name?” 

“Yes. Tatum Aeriel Bellatrix Riddle” replied a crying Aeriel while holding baby Tatum in her arms. 

After being visited by her husband (thanks to the Polyjuice Potion HeHeHe) Lucius, Narcissa, and baby Draco Aeriel fell asleep with her daughter by her side.
After being woken by the cries of a baby and the voice of someone trying to calm her Aeriel assumed it to be a nurse but when she opened her eyes the only one standing there was Marcus Hensfield himself. 

“Mr. Hensfield to what do I owe the honor,” said Aeriel 

“This-this child is the offspring or Lord Voldemort,” replied Marcus 

“No this is the daughter of Tom Marvolo Riddle. Not Lord Voldemort.” said Aeriel 

“Whoever her father is I am going to give her a home away from you and your evil” said Marcus 

“What?” screamed Aeriel 

As Aeriel reached for her wand she was stupefied and was frozen still. 

“Goodbye Mrs. Riddle it has been a pleasure” said Marcus and disaparted 

Aeriel sat there still frozen with tears rolling down her cheeks. After the spell finally wore off the first things to come out of her mouth was… 

“TOM” screamed Aeriel and within seconds tom appeared in front of a crying Arwen 

“Aeriel what’s wrong?” asked a concerned Tom 

“He took her Tom. He took Tatum.” Replied Aeriel 

”who?” asked an angry Tom 

“Marcus Hensfield. He said he was going to give her a home away from us and our evil” replied a crying Aeriel 

Within seconds after Aeriel reply the hospital room was filled with 50 or so Death Eaters. 

“Marcus Hensfield stole my daughter I want you to find her look everywhere muggle or wizard we will not rest until she if found and if any of you find Mr. Hensfield bring his to me alive. NOW GO!” Screamed an angry Lord Voldemort 

DeathEaters searched for weeks on end and found nothing. After 3 months of searching the search was called off. Marcus Hensfield was captured by Death Eaters and tortured all day long for a month before he killed himself without uttering a single word on the location of there daughter.

What do you think? Good? Bad? What??? Well this is my first story so please be nice but tell me if I’m doing something wrong. Criticism is welcome. My email is Email me if you have any suggestions, comments anything like that or even just to say “Hey”.
- Chelsea

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Tatum Aeriel Bellatrix Riddle: Prologue


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