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Ginny in Time by Maxie1514
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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"Crucio!" screamed Narcissa, training her wand at Ginny’s back.

"Stupefy!" roared Draco, flicking his towards the same spot.

"Ginny, watch out!" Harry yyelled as he shot a spell at another Death Eater. The Order was in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Most of the students were at home because of the recent rein of Voldmort, but the hundred or so that still attended classes had been taken to the Room of Requirement by the house elves to hide from the Death Eaters.

Ginny spun around as the two spells hit her in the chest. Suddenly her body went rigid before trembling violently. Within moments, a bright blue light engulfed her, and she vanished.

Blinking away tears, Harry looked away from the spot where Ginny had been and saw that many people had been hurt from both sides. Luna was tending to Neville who was covered in blood; Professors McGonagall and Flitwick were helping people that got stuck under the rubble of the collapsed ceiling; a few people including Lupin and an Order member Harry didn‘t recognize were still fighting; everyone else was trying to get people where they needed to be whether Death Eater or other. Snape lay dead on the ground next to Bellatrix, a result of Ginny’s last curse.

"So Potter," said a voice as someone gripped Harry’s shoulder. Harry’s whole body tensed as he recognized the voice. "Come to finish me off, did you? Why don‘t you try to be a man and fight me? Remember that duel we had a few years ago?" Voldmort asked tauntingly, giving a rough shove on Harry’s shoulder, causing him to stumble forwards a few metres. Harry regained his balance and turned to Voldemort, wand raised. The Dark Lord just laughed. "Did you learn nothing? Bow!" he barked. Harry complied with a slight bend at the hips. "Very good. You won’t get away this time. It’s time you met your parents, face to face."

Voldmort gave Harry a evil smile that showed his yellowing teeth then shot the Cruciatus Curse at him. Harry dodged it and shot a disarming spell at Voldmort who waved it off easily. "Now, now, Harry, you’re going to have to do better than that."

Harry shouted the first spell that came to his mind. "Petrificus Totalus!"

Voldemort ducked the curse and began laughing again. "Did Snape not teach about nonverbal–" Voldemort began but was cut off by a jolt of light hitting him square on the chest, seemingly freezing him all together.

"Oh, yeah, nonverbal spells. I almost forgot," Harry chuckled darkly, striding up to Voldemort so that his wand tip was resting on his chest. "Avada Kedavra," he whispered.

As Voldemort fell to the ground, Harry picked up his wand. With a particularly loud snap, he broke it in two. Almost instantly, the fighting stopped. In the silence, Harry yelled, "He’s dead! Your Dark Lord is dead!" As though this was curse itself, the remaining Death Eaters fell to their knees and dropped their wands. Order members swept in, apprehending them.

Lupin ran towards Harry. "Harry, we won!" he yelled. "You did it! We did it!" He pulled Harry into a tight hug before looking around. "Shouldn’t you be off celebrating with Ginny?" he asked with concern in his voice. When Harry just looked at him with a saddened face, he asked, "She isn’t… They didn’t… Is she hurt?" His voice was shaking as he looked at his best friend’s son who was shaking his head while biting his lower lip. "Where… What happened?" he questioned.

Harry looked up at him. "I don’t know. She was hit with two spells at the same time and started to shake. Then there was this light, and she disappeared," Harry said.

"When?" Lupin asked.

"Right before I started fighting Voldemort. She was fighting Snape, and Narcissa and Malfoy cursed her.”

"Alright, come on," Lupin whispered, pulling Harry out of the Great Hall. “We’ll get this figured out."

"I hope so," Harry mumbled as they started running up the stairs.


"Guys, shut up,” a hushed voice broke the silence. “If Filch hears you, we’ll have detention for a month.”

"Well, if you would just bend down a little our feet wouldn’t be showing and I wouldn’t have to be yelling at you," whispered another.

"It’s not our fault we grew so much over the summer," said a third voice.

"Guys, just shut–" the first one snapped again but stopped mid-sentence when a resounding POP! crackled through the air, followed by the clanging of armor. “What in Merlin’s name was that, Sirius?” he demanded, thinking his friend had done something rash.

“Prongs, it– wasn’t– me,” Sirius whispered back, pausing to listen for another pop.

An entirely new voice chose to speak up at this moment. In a shaking voice, he murmured, “Prongs, I think something’s behind that suit of armor, and it doesn’t look like a house elf.”

All the boys fell quiet. Prongs peeked around the suit of armor. “Crap, guys. It’s a girl. She isn’t moving.” He whipped a cloak off his head, revealing four boys with wands lit.

“Well, come on. She looks hurt,” said the tallest of the boys, who had shoulder-length, black hair. He made his way over to the armor, looking at the girl on the floor.

Another black haired wizard stepped behind him and peered between him and the armor. “What happened to her?” he asked himself, moving to give a sandy haired boy a better look at the girl. Her robes were torn, and her bright red hair was matted and tangled. Long cuts covered her face and arms while one of her knees was twisted at an awkward angle and bleeding. Her small hand loosely clutched her wand.

“Padfoot, Prongs, we need to get her up to Madam Pomfrey,” said the boy with sandy hair. The tallest boy gingerly leaned down and picked her up, carrying her to the Hospital Wing.


“What did you do to her?” demanded Madam Pomfrey when they arrived at the Hospital Wing.

The black haired boys looked at each other knowingly. They had told their friend that the nurse would do this. “We just found her like this,” the tall one said, shifting her in his arms as she groaned, “promise.”

The mediwitch stared at him disbelievingly. When the girl groaned again, her face softened, and her voice became soft as she ordered the boys around. “Mr. Black, set her down on a bed. Messrs. Potter and Pettigrew,” she turned to the other black haired boy and a short, pudgy boy, “go back to your common room.” As they left, she turned to the sandy haired boy. “Remus, get the headmaster down here immediately.”

Remus sprinted from the room, and Madam Pomfrey rushed to the girl’s side. “Mr. Black, you may go to your common room now,” she said without looking up from her patient. The boy slipped out of the room without a backwards glance while the nurse began healing the various injuries. When she finished, she went to the sink to get the girl a glass of water.

Ginny began to wake as Madam Pomfrey brought back her water. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the mediwitch. She looked much younger than she remembered. She glanced around the wing. Bill had told her he would be in the Hospital wing because there were more people than Poppy could possibly handle, but all Ginny saw was an empty, silent room. She struggled to remember what was going on.

“Ma’am,” she called hoarsely. The healer glanced around and waited for her to continue. “Where are the others?”

“Others? Sweetie you were alone,” said the healer looking alarmed. “Are there more hurt?”

“No, I mean those guys that brought me here. Who were they?”

“Oh,” said the witch looking relieved. “Messrs. Potter, Black, Lupin, and Pettigrew. You were barely conscious; I am surprised you remember. I sent them to their dorms. You don’t need to be hassled anymore tonight.” Ginny nodded, shocked at the boys’ names. The mediwitch seemed to realize this because she brought back a potion. “Here this is calming draught. It’ll help.” Ginny still in shock took the bottle and drained it.

“Thank you.”

“Not a problem, dear. Now let’s check on those injuries,” she said and started bustling around.

Within a few minutes the headmaster entered, asking to be left alone. Madame Pomfrey picked up a tray and went to her office. Professor Dumbledore conjured up a chair and sat down. There was silence for a minute then he took a breath. “What is your name, child?” he asked in a quizzical tone.

Ginny looked up. “My name?” she said softly. Dumbledore nodded and patiently waited for her to answer. “My name is Ginny… Weasley, sir”

“Weasley… Who are your parents?”

Ginny looked at Dumbledore hoping he would understand what she was going to say. Ignoring his question out of realization of what had happened, she said, “I think there was an accident.”

“I think we have established that,” said the professor, smiling.

“No, I mean an accident… in time,” said Ginny. She waited for her words to sink in before asking, “What year is it?”

“It is 1976,” he answered.

“What! This is twenty years in the past– well, my past.”

“What year are you in at Hogwarts?” Dumbledore asked.

“I just finished my 6th year. It was it was one of the last days of school,” Ginny said.

“Very well, I will look into what happened. For now though, why don’t you continue with your classes? We’re only a month into the school year so you should be able to catch up. We will need to change your name. From now on in this time, you will be Ginny Philips from St. Accarpo’s Academy,” said the headmaster.

“Is there such a place?” she asked

“No, but in case anyone asks, it’s a very private school in– let’s say America,” he said

“Alright, fine by me, but how will I explain my accent?” Ginny said.

Dumbledore thought for moment. “Say that your parents hail from London. Why don’t you get some sleep? You have classes tomorrow if Poppy says you are well enough. Oh, what house were you in?”

“Gryffindor,” she said.

“Very well, we have an extra bed in there anyway. We will have extra robes and other things waiting for you in the girls’ dorm tomorrow. Good night, Miss Philips.”

“Good night, Professor,” she said as he left and the light dimmed.

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