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The Untold Story of James and Lily by hothoney111
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6 - Dating, Dragons, and Quidditch
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James and Lily had decided the night before that they would keep their relationship quiet while in front of everyone else. They were both aware that they would likely be hot gossip for quite some time, and they shouldn’t encourage the rumor mill too much. However, this still didn’t stop James from grabbing her hand as they walked towards the Great Hall together. “What do you think is going to happen when we walk in holding hands?”

Lily shook her head, unsure of what would happen. “Besides utter shock? I have no idea.”

James just laughed wickedly. “This is going to be fun.”

Lily looked over at him with a small smile. He was definitely looking happier than she had seen him in a while. “Yes, I suppose it will be.”

James glanced at her. She was looking especially pretty that day, with her hair pulled back out of her face with a barrette. “Have I told you how beautiful you look today?”

Lily blushed. “No, I suppose you haven’t.”

James smiled and leaned over to kiss her quickly before they walked into the Great Hall. “Well, you do.”

As they walked inside hand in hand, everything seemed to stifle into silence. The only thing they heard was a loud clank. When Lily looked up, she noticed Professor McGonagall had dropped her fork and was staring at the two of them with wide eyes. Professor Dumbledore merely smiled at the two of them. James squeezed her hand and let go of it as they reached Christina. Lily sat down while James kept walking and sat next to the Marauders. Everyone started chattering incessantly after the two of them sat down. When Lily glanced up, Christina was staring at her open-mouthed. Lily felt she could play dumb and gave her friend a small, innocent smile. “What?”

Christina narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean what? What the hell was that about?”

Lily noticed a few other Gryffindor girls looking at her with more disdain than usual and knew they were probably eavesdropping on whatever she was about to say. She waved her wand at her side, silencing the air around her and Christina. “James and I are dating.”

Christina looked completely taken aback. “Merlin! Did he feed you a love potion? I can go find Slughorn pronto. I swear I didn’t think he was that good at Potions…”

Lily just laughed. “No, he didn’t. I swear, I am doing this on my own accord.”

Christina was looking her over. “Are you feeling alright? What brought on this change of heart? You haven’t mentioned this to me at all! I bet you already sent Shelley a letter all about it.”

Lily sighed to herself. She had in fact written Shelley about everything last night. “I don’t know, but somewhere over the last two months, I have seen a very different James Potter that I happen to really like.”

Christina was still dumbstruck. “I have no idea where this is coming from, but I guess I sort of notice you looking much happier today than you have been lately.”

Lily nodded and glanced over at James, who must have been tight-lipped about the whole thing, even though he was smiling. She could infer this only from the rather put off look on Sirius’ face. Remus was just smiling like he had known this would happen all along. Peter was just sitting there indifferent to the while situation. “I really like him. Look, he won’t even say anything to the Marauders. How sweet is that?”

Christina was looking at her like she had grown three heads. “If you are going to be completely gross about this whole thing, I think I’m going to puke.”

Lily just glared at her. “Hey! I wasn’t like that with you when you were mooning over Lee!”

Christina groaned. “Oh yeah, I forgot.”

Lily smirked. “Has he asked you out yet by the way? You two were so adorable in Hogsmeade.”

Christina sighed. “No, but we have been talking a lot. I asked him to help me with Arithmancy later in the library, and he said he would be happy to.”

Lily chuckled at her. “You don’t need any help with Arithmancy.”

Christina rolled her eyes. “I know, I know. I had to say something, didn’t I?”

Lily was about to comment when Lauren suddenly sat down next to her grinning evilly. “I knew this was going to happen. I was practically waiting for it since the funeral. So, do tell.”

Christina and Lily were both looking at her in surprise. Lily wasn’t sure what to say. “Umm, it happened last night. We’re dating now.”

Lauren’s eyes lit up, but as she glanced over at James, she noticed he was now looking at her warily. “Yea! I’m so happy for the two of you. I better go though. James wouldn’t want me dishing to you about all of his faults, although I believe you are well aware of most of them. The one you should be most concerned with, as it can be quite annoying, is his never-ending patience. The boy will take everything that happens to him for quite some time, and you will be just waiting and waiting for him to fight against whatever is troubling him, but then, suddenly when there is only the slightest provocation, when you least expect it, BOOM! He explodes like a ticking bomb. It isn’t pretty. He’s scary when he’s angry. I’ve only been there once, and it was enough. See you later, girls.”

As she watched Lauren get up and walk away, Lily thought about what she had just said and immediately thought back to what happened when James had exploded at her in the Heads’ common room. He had been patient with her and everything else for a whole month, but then after being already angry about quidditch, he had laced into her when she had provoked him. She would definitely keep that information in the back of her head so there would never be a repeat performance. Christina didn’t think about it too much. “That girl reminds me of a combination of Sirius and James. She’s like one of those silent attack types. You know what I mean?”

Lily smiled to herself, knowing that Lauren actually lived with Sirius and James, who were practically her older brothers. “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

She snuck another glance at James, who she noticed was looking over at her. He gave her a smile and a wink before turning back to the Marauders. Lily sighed and looked back over at Christina. Christina just rolled her eyes. “You two are going to be so disgusting; I can just tell.”

Lily laughed. “Shut up! Come on. We have to go to DADA.”

They made their way into class and sat where they usually did. The Marauders came in a few minutes after them. Professor Carroll didn’t hesitate to begin class. He was a new professor, rather young, and didn’t really know what he should be doing all that well. Lily knew Dumbledore must have a hell of a time finding a new DADA professor practically every year. For first through fourth year, they had had the same DADA professor. Mysteriously every year after that, there had always been a new professor. It was odd how all of the new professors wound up with an excuse to only teach a single year.

It was a boring class. Professor Carroll was lecturing about nocturnal beasts, including Vampires and Werewolves. Lily was attempting to pay attention, but Christina kept saying incredibly funny comments about garlic affecting Vampires, Werewolves in tights, and Professor Carroll doing some sort of mating ritual jig with the Werewolves. Lily couldn’t help giggling quietly to herself as she listened to her. She kept hitting Christina on her arm and telling her to stop it. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed James looking at her every so often with a smile on his face. He would divide his time between looking at his notes and at her.

When class was over, Lily noticed James waiting for her after class. She walked up to him slowly, noticing that others were watching the pair with interest. He merely nodded at her with a smile and handed her a folded piece of parchment. “I’ll see you later, Lily.”

She smiled at him as he left. Christina glanced over at her. “What’s that?”

Lily shook her head. “I’m not sure.”

They made their way over to Arithmancy. Christina took a deep breath, found her Gryffindor courage, and sat next to Lee Rogers. Lily smirked and sat over to the side by herself. She immediately opened the parchment, expecting a note, but was surprised by what she saw. It was a drawing— a very, very good drawing— of her laughing like she had been in the last class. In the bottom right corner were the words, ‘It’s good to see you smiling again. JP.’ Lily was touched by the gesture. He really was incredibly sweet. It was hard to concentrate on Arithmancy after that.

When she made her way to lunch, she noticed the Marauders were already seated at the table. She immediately sat down next to James. He was surprised, but happy nonetheless. “Hey! Where’s Christina?”

Lily shrugged. “She’s mooning over Lee Rogers. I thought I would come over here. Thanks for the drawing by the way. It was beautiful.”

James just nodded and ran his fingers through her hair. “You’re beautiful.”

Just then, Sirius gagged at how annoyingly cute they were being. Lily glared over at him. “Black, do I need to remind you again of what I’m capable of doing with my wand?”

James, Remus, and Peter all began laughing as Sirius paled and shook his head rather quickly. James was still finding Sirius’ fear of Lily rather amusing. “Soooo, what exactly did you tell him, Lily?”

Lily smirked. “Let’s just say he shouldn’t be bothering either of us anytime soon, isn’t that right, Black?”

Sirius merely nodded and ate his food quietly. Remus was beside himself as he laughed. “James, when you had said what happened, I had no idea that she had this much control over him. This is great.”

Lily just laughed. “Come on, boys. Eat already. We have to get to Care of Magical Creatures soon.”

A lot of people stared at James and Lily as they walked through the halls to get outside holding hands. Remus was with them, but he acted like he didn’t notice. The three of them made their way outside chatting quietly and eventually reached the rest of the class who were all sitting around an open area near the Forbidden Forest. Professor Kettleborn kept droning on and on about dragons, as they were now beginning an extensive dragons unit over the next few weeks. Professor Kettleborn was hoping to have a few dragon specialists come in and talk with them as well as maybe bring a real dragon to the premises for the sake of study. Lily thought the Professor was crazy. She turned to James and Remus. “Why didn’t Sirius or Peter take this NEWT?”

Remus shrugged. “James took it with me so I wouldn’t be by myself like I am in Ancient Runes. Peter just took the basics because, well, Peter isn’t that good at a whole lot. Sirius couldn’t be bothered. The only extra class he took was Divination with James.”

Lily looked horrified at James. “You’re getting a NEWT in Divination? That whole subject is ridiculous. What’s wrong with you?”

James just laughed. “Well, Sirius and I are really good at making things up that can happen to us so it’s basically an easy O. Besides, Sirius and I usually just plan a bunch of pranks during class.” Lily watched his eyes widen. “Wait, I didn’t tell you that.”

Remus laughed. “Nice going, Prongs.”

Lily just gave them both a look before rolling her eyes. “Honestly, what am I going to do about it? It’s not like anything I say will stop the four of you anyway.”

James looked surprised. “You’re not mad?”

Lily shook her head. “At least your pranks this year don’t involve injuring people for the fun of it. It’s about time you all grew up and played pranks that were bigger, better, and well thought out rather than just doing it to humiliate someone.”

Remus and James continued to stare at her in a rather stunned silence. Lily looked at them curiously. “What?”

James was shocked. “Umm, thanks I think.”

Remus merely nodded, equally astonished. Lily rolled her eyes once more and sort of tried to pay attention to Professor Kettleborn. In reality, she was watching James. She noticed he had started to draw on his parchment using a different sort of quill rather than one to take notes. It looked like he was drawing the Norwegian Ridgeback, which Professor Kettleborn was currently discussing. “You really just draw in class all day?”

James smiled at her words, but kept his eyes on the parchment. “Yep. In this class, it’s usually worth it though. Kettleborn likes to make us draw the animals for assignments.”

She watched him for a few more minutes and was in awe of his skill. “You’re really good at that you know.”

James glanced up into her beautiful green eyes. “You’re too nice.”

Lily shook her head with a smile and turned back to her notes. “No, I’m not.”

When class finally ended, James was smiling evilly as Professor Kettleborn did in fact assign them to draw the Norwegian Ridgeback for the next class. Lily and Remus started to head toward Ancient Runes while James told her that he and Sirius had extra lessons with Professor McGonagall. After another long hour and a half of translating, she and Remus made their way down to the Great Hall for dinner. Lily sat with Christina, who had told her that everyone had been talking about her and James all day, not like she didn’t already know. When dinner was finally over, James made his way over to her, took her hand, and they made their way to the Heads’ Dorm. As soon as they had walked through the wall into their small hallway, she was surprised, but not disappointed, as James immediately pulled her close to him and covered her lips with his. When he finally pulled away, both of them were slightly out of breath. “I have been wanting to do that all day.”

Lily merely nodded. “Me too.”

James left her to her own devices for the evening, as he had quidditch practice. Later, they did the nightly patrol together. It was interesting to Lily just how easy it had become to talk with James. Both of them were actually rather similar, except he liked quidditch more than she did. Both of them liked similar music, liked to read/study (although he preferred ancient magic and Transfiguration while she favored Charms and Potions), and were interested in eventually working for the Ministry. James wanted to go into the Auror program like his parents while Lily had been looking into becoming an Unspeakable doing research on experimental magic.

After that first day, the days after became rather similar. The other students continued to gossip about them, but it seemed to dwindle down during the week. One day, Lily and James had been walking along to one of their classes, and Christina had pulled her aside. “Lily, I just thought you should know that the other students are saying your relationship is a sham because the two of you haven’t snogged in public. I know it’s crass, but I just wanted you to know what was being said.”

When she had relayed the message to James, he just laughed. “Well, Lily, if you would like to silence the rumors, we can do so at dinner if I have your permission.”

Lily looked up at him and saw him grinning wickedly at her while his hazel eyes were sparkling mischievously. He was being so adorable in asking her if it would be ok. The one thing she had begun to notice about him was that he was a complete gentleman about everything in their relationship. “I suppose that would be more than ok.”

He reached up their locked hands and kissed the back of hers, as they continued to class. That night at dinner, the whole Great Hall was once again stunned into silence when before she and James left the table, he leaned over and kissed her for a few seconds. She gave Sirius a look as he catcalled at them, seeing as he was sitting directly across from the two of them. He immediately stopped when he noticed Lily’s look. After that moment, despite all of the angry and sad girls from most houses, nobody doubted that James and Lily were officially a couple.


After two and a half months into the school year, it was finally time for the first quidditch match of the season, Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. James had already told Lily that he felt the match was a guaranteed win for Gryffindor, as he and the other two chasers worked better together than the Slytherin’s team chasers and the Gryffindor seeker, Hailey Baker, was hands down the best seeker in the school. Since James had left early, Lily and Christina made their way to the pitch to get seats when it was just about time for the match.

Lily had always gone to the quidditch matches before, but she never felt as involved as she did for this year’s season, seeing as she was now dating a really good quidditch player. She and Christina made their way over to sit with Lauren, Remus, and Peter. Lauren immediately said hello to the two girls and asked their opinions on some seventh year Ravenclaw bloke who she thought was interested in her because he had asked her to the upcoming Hogsmeade weekend. The boys just rolled their eyes. They had no idea how they ended up sitting with a bunch of girls.

The boys didn’t have to wait long for something better to think about because just then the elected quidditch announcer, a sixth year Hufflepuff, Anthony Abbott, started talking, “Welcome to the first quidditch match of the season, Gryffindor vs. Slytherin!”

The whole stadium erupted in cheers. “Here comes the Slytherin team: Chasers Gibbon, Nott, and Jugson; Beaters Malfoy and Macnair; Keeper Rockwood; and Seeker Dolohov!”

The Slytherins all cheered as most of the rest of the stadium began to jeer. “And here’s the Gryffindor team: Chasers Potter, Hoyt, and Murray; Beaters Black and Douglas; Keeper Owens; and Seeker Baker!”

The stadium erupted in cheers, and everyone could only mildly hear the jeers from the Slytherin side. The match soon started after all that. Lily struggled to keep up. “Potter immediately grabs the quaffle, then he passes to Hoyt, wait, Murray, Potter, Hoyt, Murray, Potter, Hoyt scores!”

The Gryffindors erupted in cheers. The game continued to be a lot like that. The passing between the three Gryffindor chasers was so fast, the announcer could barely keep up. At one point, Lily had seen Celia turn upside down and loop in an odd way only to drop the quaffle down to James who scored. The Slytherin chasers were extremely angry over how they were easily distracted by the maneuvering and because they could not keep up with the Gryffindor chasers. The Slytherin keeper was having a hell of a time blocking all of the attempted goals, which had been double the number of attempts that had been thrown at the Gryffindor keeper. Bludgers were narrowly missing all of the chasers.

“And the score is 110-40 in favor of Gryffindor. Ouch. That was a bludger from Black that knocked Gibbon. That looked like it hurt. Gibbon loses the quaffle to Murray who passes to Hoyt, Potter, Hoyt, Murray, Potter scores!”

The Gryffindor side was deafening. They were looking at basically a total shut-out for the match. “And Nott gets the quaffle, passes to Gibbon, who passes to Jugson. Jugson flies, but ooooh, nice save by Owens!”

The game had been going on for two hours, but still there had been no sign of the snitch. Lily watched as Hailey Baker consistently circled the pitch up really high above the game. Dolohov was similarly circling, but she felt that he was merely watching Hailey. The announcer brought Lily back to the game. “The score is now 240-90 in favor of Gryffindor. Murray with the quaffle, Potter, Hoyt, Potter, Murray, Hoyt, Potter, Hoyt scores! 250-90 Gryffindor!”

As all of the Gryffindor chasers immediately began flying quickly into defense, someone on the pitch shouted ‘James!’ James immediately looked up as Sirius said his name, but quickly realized it was too late. He was unable to get out of the way of the bludger being pelted at him, and it hit him directly in the chest. Everyone watched in horror as James was thrust into the wall of the stadium by the pressure of the hit, and he immediately began to tumble down to the ground from a good 50 feet in the air. James surprised everyone by falling only about 35 feet before getting control of his broom and flying off toward his teammates and getting back in play. Lily was horrified. “Is he even alright to continue playing?”

Remus just shook his head with a chuckle. “Knowing James, he’s probably not alright, but he’s going to pretend he is.”

The only difference Lily could see was that James now held onto his broom a little differently than before. It looked like his ribs were bothering him, but he kept up the pace with his other chasers. Slytherin made a few more goals, but Gryffindor continued to score. Another hour had gone by, but that appeared to be all there was going to be of the match. “360-150 Gryffindor! Slytherins with the quaffle, wait, Baker sees the snitch!”

Everyone saw Hailey Baker go into a stupendous dive that looked extremely steep. Dolohov was having trouble with the dive so following Hailey became a problem. It didn’t matter though because before Dolohov could do anything to stop her, Hailey grabbed the snitch about 20 feet from the ground as she pulled out of her dive. “150 points to Gryffindor and Hailey Baker! Gryffindor wins, 510-150!”

The Slytherins looked mighty pissed off as the rest of the stadium erupted into deafening cheers. When the Gryffindor players landed, they were swarmed by the rest of the Gryffindors. Everyone was talking and cheering animatedly. Sirius was shouting about a party in the Gryffindor common room. James immediately pulled back and made his way over to Lily. Lily smiled when she saw him come over. “Great game, superstar.”

James smiled slightly and leaned down to give her a kiss. Lily noticed him wince a bit as he pulled away so she immediately became concerned. “You should go to the infirmary. That hit looked nasty.”

James shook his head in protest. “No, I’m fine. My chest is just a little sore.”

Lily rolled her eyes and began dragging him away towards Madam Pomfrey. “Right, James. Come on, we’ll get you fixed up, and then we can head over to the Gryffindor common room.”

James began smiling at her as she dragged him along. She cared about his well-being and was being adorable. “If you insist, my fair maiden.”

Lily turned back towards him with a silly smile. “Shut it, Potter.”

They eventually made their way over to Madam Pomfrey, who had just finished talking with Professor McGonagall. “Madam Pomfrey, can you take a look at Mr. Big Shot over here? He says he’s fine, but I know he’s lying.”

James rolled his eyes. “We haven’t even been dating that long, and already, she knows when I’m lying.”

Lily gave him a look before she smirked at him. “I knew when you were lying before too, Potter. You’re an open book, to me at least.”

Madam Pomfrey ran her wand over his chest and frowned. “Well, Lily’s completely right, I’m afraid. Four broken ribs Mr. Potter, two of them shattered. I’m going to have to grow those two back after I make the shattered pieces disappear. Looks like you’ll be staying in the infirmary overnight. Come on.”

James suddenly looked disgusted and tried to pull away from Lily and Madam Pomfrey, as they began leading him toward the infirmary. “No! Not the Skele-Gro! That stuff is nasty!”

James eventually found himself lying down on a hospital bed with Madam Pomfrey waving her wand over him as Lily sat on his other side waiting for her to finish. “Alright, James, I’ve mended the two broken ribs, and I was able to get all of the loose pieces from the other two ribs. Now, you are going to have to drink this, but this is especially important, you must not move all that much, if at all, and you are not to speak too much either because both actions will interfere with the regrowth. The two ribs that were shattered were near your diaphragm. Now, I’ll give you a little bit with Lily, but I think it best I place you in dreamless sleep to ensure you don’t move around or talk at all while the Skele-Gro takes affect.”

James looked extremely pissed off. “I’m going to kill Malfoy.”

Madam Pomfrey sighed. “Now, now, Mr. Potter. You or your friends will not go attacking Mr. Malfoy, or I will have a word with the Headmaster. This accident happened during a quidditch match. There is no proof that this was deliberate. You are not to exert yourself for the next week or so either.”

Lily watched Madam Pomfrey force James to drink the Skele-Gro before she walked off. Lily laughed at the disgusted look on James’ face. “I’m glad I’ve never needed to drink that stuff. You know, she’s right about Malfoy, James. This isn’t so bad. It could be much worse. You could be stuck in here for another week, not just overnight.”

James sighed. “Yeah, I know. Will you let everyone know where I am?”

Lily knew that by everyone, he merely meant the Marauders and Lauren. “Of course.”

James watched her as she sat down in a chair next to him and curled her legs underneath her. “Aren’t you going to go?”

Lily shook her head. “Not until Madam Pomfrey gets back. Besides, Lauren will probably attack me with more questions about that Ravenclaw bloke.”

James narrowed his eyes. “What Ravenclaw bloke?”

Lily chuckled at him. “Leave her alone, and quit being her big brother. She was asked to Hogsmeade by him. His name evades me.”

James matched her evil grin with one of his own. “I just bet it does. I’ll find out from Lauren anyway. She can’t hide anything from me.”

Lily sighed at him, concerned. “You shouldn’t be talking so much, you know.”

James nodded with a frown. “Alright. Then, tell me about your family or something. You know a lot about mine, but I don’t know a lot about yours.”

Lily considered his question. “Well, my parents are muggles, as you know. My Dad works at Oxford University as an English Professor so he is mainly an academic, probably where I got my interest in reading and academia from. My Mum took time off of work when my sister and I were little, but when I left for Hogwarts, she began working again as a Legal Secretary for a big law firm in London. She mainly answers phones, schedules appointments, and does research for the lawyers who help their clients stay out of jail, which is something like Azkaban, or so their clients don’t have to pay out a lot of money to other people.”

James frowned. “People actually help criminals in the muggle world?”

Lily sighed and nodded. “Unfortunately, yes.”

“What about your sister?”

Lily frowned. “We don’t get along anymore.”

James was concerned. He had no idea why someone would not get along with Lily. She was so kind-hearted. “Why not?”

Lily looked over at him sadly. “She doesn’t like it that I’m a witch. We used to get along when we were growing up. She’s older than me by two years, but she’s nothing like me. I was always the smart one, I liked running around outside playing muggle sports with the boys on my block, I have the pretty red hair not the faded blonde hair, and I’m the witch. I think she’s somewhat jealous, but she treats me so awful that I hate going home now. We haven’t spoken properly since I came here, other than bickering. She’s absolutely rude and freaks out when I do magic. I got a few Ministry letters over the last six years for accidentally doing magic before I was seventeen because she has made me so upset.”

James surprisingly looked like he understood her situation. “You should talk to Sirius. He and Regulus have a similar relationship, although they are both wizards.”

Lily frowned. She remembered Regulus Black was a fifth year in Slytherin. She hadn’t known Sirius and he were brothers, but had thought they were cousins like Sirius was with Bellatrix and Narcissa. “That’s too bad.”

James was surveying her slightly as she sat there quietly thinking about her sister. He thought he should change the subject so she didn’t dwell on it. “Pets? Friends? What about things you do for fun at home?” He smiled to himself. “Besides reading, of course.”

Lily rolled her eyes, but she smiled at him. “You like to read too, you know. I mainly help my Mum out at home, go shopping, and what not. I have a few muggle friends that I see, but they’re not that close to me, seeing as I haven’t told them about me being a witch or anything about my real life. It’s not like I can just up and send an owl to deliver letters to them while I am here at school. That’s not exactly normal in the muggle world, as you know. As for pets, my family has a German Shepherd named Thor. Are you familiar with muggle dogs?”

James shook his head and was looking at her curiously so Lily continued, “Well, a German Shepherd is pretty big, incredibly smart, and is best used as a guard dog. He went through a dog obedience school and is basically a fully trained attack dog. He won’t be able to protect them much against most magic, but he makes them feel safer all the same.”

James looked at her questioningly. “He’s not always on guard, is he?”

Lily nodded. “Technically, yes, he is. He doesn’t really like new people coming to the house, but if he is able to get their scent, he usually backs off once he finds out that whoever the new person is means no harm. He’s incredibly fun and active most of the time. I like to go running with him or take him to the park when I’m at home. My sister, of course, despises him and moved out of the house a year ago to get away.”

James smiled at her words. Just then, Madam Pomfrey walked back over to them. “Ok, that’s it I’m afraid. The Skele-Gro is bound to start taking affect now. James, no more speaking, got it?”

James nodded sadly. Madam Pomfrey walked over to her cupboards and began sifting through her potions for dreamless sleep. Lily got up and leaned over to kiss James goodbye. “I’ll come by in the morning.”

He nodded at her and watched her walk away as she left. He could watch her walk away all day. He was suddenly incredibly happy that Hogwarts had school uniforms that required the girls to wear skirts more often than not. Madam Pomfrey interrupted his improper thoughts about his girlfriend. “Ok, Mr. Potter. Here you go.”

James took the potion, and it was only seconds before he drifted off to sleep, his last thoughts lingering on his beautiful girlfriend.

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