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Loving you, Hating you by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 7 : St. Mungo's
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Draco apparated in the middle of the Potter’s living room. They had been sitting around after dinner talking. Harry, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, his wife and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were all there. When Draco appeared they all jumped up in shock, soon realizing that something terrible had happened.

“Draco! Draco!” Hermione shouted she was shaking his shoulders, as soon as he had appeared in the living room he had slumped to the floor unconscious. “ Draco, wake up!” she screamed again, she was getting hysterical now.

“ Hermione stop! We need to get him to St. Mungo’s” shouted Harry.

Hermione ignored him and kept shaking him, “Hermione!” muttered Harry stepping forward and taking her arms in his “It won’t do any….” He trailed of. 

Hermione’s hands were covered in blood, and it was Draco’s. Hermione screamed and started crying louder “We have to do something!” she shouted grabbing Harry’s arms, pleading with him.

“We, need to get him to the hospital now!” yelled Harry. Hermione sobbed, and nodded at her friend. There was a commotion on the stairs; Hermione’s yelling had woken the kids. Diana, Jasmine and Matt stood in the hall looking shocked

“ Mum, what…” Diana began, and then she noticed the blood “MERLINS PANTS! What happened?” she screamed running to Hermione, and kneeling beside her father’s unconscious body.

“ We don’t know, were taking him to St. Mungo’s now” replied Harry. He bent down and with Hermione’s help had Draco into a standing passion, he turned to Hermione and nodded then they both aparated, taking the unconscious Draco with them.

* * *

Diana was screaming “You can’t keep me here!” she yelled hysterically, fighting to get to the fireplace. 

Molly grabbed her around the waist “Calm down, honey he’s going to be ok” she soothed. Trying to calm Diana.

She shook her head and broke out of Mrs. Weasley comforting arms. She was shaking and her breath came in ragged gasps, “No! I won’t! I need to go!” she sobbed, her shoulders shaking, despite herself Diana felt her legs unable to hold herself up and she slumped to the floor. She started to cry silently, her shoulders shaking as she covered her face with her hands.

A tear fell from Molly's cheek and she moved forward and knelt besides her. She draped her arm around Diana’s small frame and pulled her close. Offering a comforting presence.

Diana clung to Mrs. Weasley’s shoulder like she was seven again. She looked up through the tears clouding her vision and sniffed desperately, she wiped at her cheeks at an attempt to clear her vision but the tears kept on falling. Eventually she gave up on seeing. She sniffed again and leaned her head against Mrs Weasley, her arms wrapped around her. “What if he dies” she whispered chokingly. 

Molly swallowed and glanced up at her husband and daughter, Ginny’s cheeks were wet from tears, she had been crying too. “He won’t die” she whispered determinedly.

Diana glanced up ‘How do you know!” she accused, “I’m not even aloud to see him!”

Mrs. Weasley sighed, “I don’t want you to get upset” she whispered.

Diana’s eyes narrowed in defiance and she lifted her chin haughtily “I won’t” she added

Mrs. Weasley smiled sadly through her tears “Ok, then…” she whispered

Diana smiled and slowly got up of the ground. She wiped her eyes and moved to the fireplace to grab a handful of floo powder. “Mum” hissed Ginny stepping close and helping Mrs. Weasley to her feet “Do you think that’s a good idea?”

Mrs. Weasley frowned “We don’t have a choice” she muttered softly.

Ginny frowned concerned “I’m going with her” she muttered, moving to the fireplace as well.

Ron nodded from behind and pushed past his Father and Mother, ‘I’m coming too” he muttered.

Diana looked up as Ginny and Ron came to stand besides her, she caught Ginny’s eye and Ginny smiled at her encouragingly “He’s going to be alright” she whispered.

Diana nodded, wanting to believe it. She took a deep breath “St. Mungo’s” she shouted and with Ron and Ginny besides her they disappeared in a roar of green flames.

* * *

Arriving at St. Mungo’s Diana was greeted with a sight she hopped she would never see again, as she watched in horror, she felt the others appear at her sides.
Ginny gasped in horror, bring her hands up to her mouth, her eyes were as round as saucers. She glanced at Ron and saw his mouth was open in shock, clearly, both of them were not expecting the scene that greeted them.

Before her was about a dozen medi-witches and wizards running around frantically. Other patients, who had obviously been waiting to check in, were pressed against the wall out of the way. Looks of shock and horror plastered on their faces. In the middle of the mêlée was her mother, Harry and her father. Harry and Hermione were supporting Draco, as he slumped on the floor, they were both covered in blood, as was the floor. There had obviously been no time to get to a room. Medi-Wizards were working frantically, trying to stop the bleeding from Draco’s wounds.

Diana let out another sob, it was worse then she had imagined it would be, she tuned her back on the horror and covered her face with her hands for the second time that night. Ginny noticed and moved to Diana’s side. She put her arms around her and glanced at Ron “It’s gonna be ok” she said again, wanting it desperately to be true, for Diana’s sake.

Diana let out a sob “But there’s so much blood” she whispered as the tears started to fall.

Ginny bit her lip and glanced over at Harry and Hermione on the floor, there was nothing else she could do, they had to wait to see if he survived. Oh please, thought Ginny Merlin, Please let him live!

* * *

Tears were running down Hermione’s cheeks, yet she didn’t try to stop them, He can’t die she thought, he just can’t. She looked up and her eyes met Harry’s, shock was written all over his face.

“ He’ll be ok Hermione” he whispered, Hermione smiled weakly knowing her friend was trying to keep her hopes up, she knew it was hopeless, know-one could survive this.

A medi-witch knelt beside her “ How’s his pulse” she asked

“Weak” replied Hermione.

The women nodded. “ There is a very small chance he will live, unless I know what curse hit him” she replied. Harry and Hermione were silent, and then Hermione shook her head

“ I don’t know” she replied. The witch nodded, and started to get up when Harry stopped her

“ I remember seeing this curse before” he replied “ Remember Hermione. At the Department of Mysteries, that purple slashing curse?” Hermione froze.

“ … A purple flame…” the witch whispered. She looked at them then she jumped up and ran from the room. Harry and Hermione looked after her, then Draco groaned, Hermione immediately turned her attention to him.

“Shhh… Draco, it’s ok” Draco blinked and looked at Hermione with unfocussed eyes, he opened his mouth to speak but no word’s came out, just a trickle of blood. He started coughing “ Draco stop. Don’t talk” Hermione said trying to remain calm.

The medi-witch came back, running down the corridor and barging her way through the crowd, in her hand she held a bottle with a bright yellow potion in it. She knelt beside Draco; “ Drink this” was all she said before she unceremoniously poured the liquid down his throat. Draco nearly chocked on the foul tasting brew, but he forced himself to swallow the entire potion, then he promptly lost consciousness again. After it was all gone the witch sank back on her heals and smiled “ That should be sufficient for now” she replied Harry and Hermione both looked at her in shock

“ What!" they gasped in shock

The witch looked at them sadly “ Only one curse produces a purple flame” she replied " Unfortunatly it is a powerful curse and we have not yet developed a complete cure. The potion will stop the bleeding but will not heal the wounds, that will still take a number of weeks" she whispered. "Just make sure he rests for a few days and he should be alright" she told them, before she got up and left to attend to other patients. Leaving Harry and Hermione staring after her and Draco lying unconscious on the floor between them.

* * *

Diana was beside herself with joy when she found Harry and Hermione walking towards them supporting a drowsy Draco. Diana let out a cry of joy and through herself at them, wrapping arms around her father in a hug. Draco winced in pain but didn’t say anything. Letting go of Harry and Hermione he hugged his daughter. “ I love you” she whispered to him

He smiled sadly, and with a glance at Hermione whispered “I know” 

A/N: Well I hope this made up for the cliffy on the last chapter! Please review!

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Loving you, Hating you: St. Mungo's


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