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Zap by Pigs_and_Penguins
Chapter 3 : Not All That Bad
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All throughout that charms class, Dahlia snuck sideways glances at Lily to see if she had taken a look at the name scribbled across her palm. But alas, this did not happen. Her hand remained tight around her pencil, hiding the secret name from view.

Dahlia sighed, frustrated, her plan was not going to be ruined... she would look at that hand. Oh yes, she would... Without realizing what she was doing, she began doodling on her own hand... the palm of her hand... her right hand...

"Shit!" She cursed loudly, causing the room to go silent. "Oops." She said more quietly.

"Ms. Summers! Deten-..." Flitwick started, but was soon cut off.

"Sorry Professor, won't happen again! Hey Pettigrew, wanna date me?" She shouted over to Peter, causing much of the room to burst into laughter while a certain Lily Evans merely rolled her eyes.

Peter's cheeks were flushed red, and he seemed to slump low in his seat as he squeaked out, "Uh... sure."

"Ok, we're over." Dahlia said quickly, turning back to Professor Flitwick. "Carry on." She smiled innocently. He rolled his eyes and went back to his lesson... which few people seemed to be paying attention to.

Across the room, Sirius Black was patting Peter's shoulder, while hiding his laughter. "Err... don't worry mate, your time will come." He said awkwardly, still trying not to laugh at his friend's embarrassment.

At 10:15, the students all darted out of the room as fast as they could, a few even tripping over each other in desperate attempts to evacuate the room. When the room was almost completely empty only 3 students remained: Lily Evans (slowly but surely making sure all her notes and books were neatly in her bag), Dahlia Summers (impatiently waiting for said Lily to finish), and James Potter (probably hadn't even noticed the bell because he was to absorbed staring at Lily). When James noticed Lily was making her way towards Dahlia and the door, he realized... he should get up, and not stick around for another round of charms.

He darted out of his seat, flinging his bag over his shoulder (he hadn't bothered to take anything out during the class) and rushed over to Ms. Evans. Standing directly in front of her, blocking her way, he said "Evans, what a brilliant coincidence, we are both standing in front of the door together."

His words barely made sense but just the way he said them made it sound cool, well... he's James Potter, head Marauder anything he does looks cool. He reached out and took hold of her hand and planted a soft kiss on it. All the while Lily stood there, a look of complete and total annoyance on her face, one eye brow raised, just waiting for her chance to simply walk away, and leave Potter standing there alone.

James was just about to delicately hand Lily back her hand when he saw some scribblings on her palm. "What's this?..." He said, examining her palm, a smirk growing on his face.

Lily figured he was going to come up with some stupid prediction about how the lines on her palm said they were destined to fall in love and get married and create mini Potters and Evans, but what she heard was just about worse. "Doodling my name, Evans?"

"WHAT?!" She shouted, snatching back her hand to take a better look at it. Sure enough, in scribbled handwriting 'James Potter' was written straight across her palm with a dainty little heart around it. "You!" She snarled turning around to face Dahlia who was standing a little ways away.

Looking at her watch, Dahlia spoke "Hmm, would you look at that, only 10:20, and it seems your zap expires at 10:35!" She put on a mock face of shock.

Walking closer to her, and speaking in a dangerous undertone she said "There is no way I am asking out that pompous, egotistical, arrogant, git!" just low enough for James not to hear.

"I’m sorry Lily dear, but rules are rules." Dahlia replied, trying her best to hold back laughter.

Knowing her best friend would not let this drop, she angrily and red-faced turned around and slowly walked back towards James. "Pot- James, would you... like to go... on a date... with me?" She said slowly and though gritted teeth.

For a moment James just stood there, a blank expression on his face, every so often blinking. Lily was just about to check him for a pulse when he suddenly sprung back to life and said "What'd you say?"

Lily sighed, and said "Don't make me repeat it, it's the only time I'm saying it."

"No, I really need you to repeat it! It sounded like you asked me on a date, but I know that's not possible so..." He froze dead in his words when he saw the face Lily was making at him. "...oh my god, you did say it." His face was one of complete shock, and looked like he could faint. Suddenly he sprung forward and engulfed Lily in bone crushing hug while shouting "Yes!!!"

"Potter.... James.... get off of me." Lily spoke, keeping her hands at an awkward position by her side. Without acknowledging her words, James pulled a little bit away from her and planted a kiss on her lips... which she did not return. Her eyes were squinted in disgust and stayed that way when James pulled away from her. When she opened her eyes she saw him standing in front of her with a bright grin on his face, and his eyes twinkling with excitement. "Just wait 'till I tell the guys." And with that, he darted away, shouting "Padfoot! Moony! Wormtail! GUESS WHAT!" at the top of his lungs, and moments after he turned the corner, cheers and the sounds of hands meeting hands in high-fives could be heard.

"That kiss was not in the deal." She spat at Dahlia before stalking away, her friend following shortly afterwards, laughing all the way. Lily knew she would never admit it, even in years to come, but that kiss really wasn't all that bad.

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Zap: Not All That Bad


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