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Rainbow of Tears by jeighsone
Chapter 1 : Dylan
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"You eased the pain when I faked the wound,You calmed me down when I faked the mood,You were instantly there when I faked the call,But why didn't you catch me when I faked the fall?"

To Jason,the certain someone who made me smile even for just a while.My prayer partner,classmate and a good friend.

His smile that could launched a thousand brooms.......
His eyes that will passed through your soul......
A lock of copper colored hair falling into his eyes while he hastily brushed them back......
His ruby red lips that I longed to kiss..........

"Ms.Hawks,would you please pay attention??" cried Professor Mc Gonagall pulling me back to earth.
"Oh...What?"I jumped knocking things over.
"Where in the part of the world are you now,Ms.Hawks?I hoped that it's related to our lesson right now."said Professor Mc Gonagall as she stared at me.
The class exploded into laughter.I could feel my face turned a brightly shade of red.
"I'm sorry Professor."I said as I bent down my head and busied myself copying down the homework for tomorrow.
Professor Mc Gonagall stared at me one more time and she dismissed once the bell for the end of the last class of today ring.I gathered my books and went quickly to the door.
"Phoemela! wait up!" I heard a voice called behind me.
I stopped.I knew that voice everywhere.I turned around slowly and stared to the face of Dylan.
Oh my God,I thought.Breathe.Breathe.
"Hey,"he said after running to caught up on me.He's pink on the face.A lock of his hair fell on his eyes.He smiled at me showing a dimple on right cheek that is so deep that I longed to fit my finger into.
"Is there's something wrong?"he asked while peering into my face.
I could die right then and there when my eyes met his aqua blue eyes.
"No,I'm just tired that's all.I didn't sleep a wink last night"all because of you,I thought.
"Oh.....okay.I hope your better."he smiled at me as he turned around and talked to his friend,Draco Malfoy.
I walked all the way to the common room thinking of Dylan Sommers.Dylan and I are both on Slytherin house here in Hogwarts.Everyone believe that when you are in Slytherin,you'll be a death eater that kind of stuff.Well,not all of us.Dylan is a prefect here in Hogwarts and unlike the other Slytherins,he's friends with all the other houses.He's very popular .Dylan and I are friends since were in our first year and from then on I secretly love him and he'll never be mine,I thought sadly.

Then came the worst day of my life.As I walked into the Dungeons where my Potion class takes place....I opened the dungeon door and what I saw made my knees go weak.Pansy Parkinson and Dylan......kissing.I watched in agony as Pansy's hand bring his face closer to hers as they deepened the kiss.I turned around and ran all the way to the Slytherin Common room stopping my tears from falling.The sight of Dylan making out with Pansy break my heart.I felt my tears falling down now as I blindly made my way to the stairs then I bumped into someone.

"Ouch!!"someone cried as my head hit his chest.
I looked up and I saw myself face to face with.....Draco Malfoy.
Oh,good,I thought.Just what I want to happen to see one of Dylan's friends.
"Phoemela??"Draco asked me as I blinked down my tears.A sob escaped in my throat shooking my whole body.
"Are you okay?Why are you crying?"he asked.I just bent my head down hiding my face in the curtains of my hair.

I felt Draco's arm around me as we walked into our common room.He told the password into the portrait hole and he made me sit into one of the couch beside the fireplace his arm still around head is still bent down as I cry silently beneath the curtain of my hair.The next thing I knew I'm on Draco's chest.He let me cry into him while his hand patted my back in a comforting way.How many times I had wish for Dylan to do this things for me.To be hugged like this where I know I'm safe in his arms?Draco's robes are wet by my tears but he didn't care.He kept saying comforting words to me.His robes smelled strongly of Vanilla Musk mixed with mint that I guessed is his perfume.I remembered that Dylan smelled like woody after shave when he accidentally tripped over me on his way down the stairs but Draco smelled different.....and promising.

I hiccuped one last time and freed myself into Draco's arms.
"Better?"he asked as he wiped tears into my cheeks.
"Yeah.....thanks."I said.
Draco's metallic gray eyes stared into mine as he simply asked,"What's wrong?I never see you like this before."
"No,I'm okay....really"I said.
We stared at each other for a while longer.
" I get so nervous when a girl cries.Don't ever cry like that again,allright?It's like your heart was shredded into pieces."he smiled at me. If he only knows how close is him to the truth! Since when Draco became a gentleman?,I wondered.I know that he played at some girl's feelings before but I heard from the grapevine that he changed.I noticed that Draco is so handsome when you looked at him closely.With his blond hair that looked almost white in the firelight,metallic gray eyes and a full mouth.Too bad he's not Dylan Sommers the guy who first touched my heart then break it into pieces.

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