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A Second Glance by sammm
Chapter 13 : Meeting Again!
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Jade stayed in her room for 45 minutes before deciding she couldn't take it staying here any longer. She packed up a few things before taking her broom opening her window and onto the roof. She had decided there was only one person who she could turn too. Who wouldn't judge her of anything, and that person was...

Hermione Granger...

Chapter 12: Meeting Again

Pressing down on the piano keys, gently the music seemed to pour out. The soft melody played smoothly through the room. Hermione Granger sat on the piano bench pressing her fingers down on the keys swiftly. She'd been playing the piano ever since she was 5 years old. She loved expressing herself in more ways then one, even after Hogwarts finished. She loved doing magic, the spells, the books, the adventures she had shared with her friends but she missed being the muggle she once was. She took up being a dance teacher; it had been her passion since her first year at Hogwarts. She never gave up on her dream and vowed that she'd fulfill it. Music had been her second choice at a career. Hermione kept her fingers at pace and the music that the piano made became louder as Hermione pressed harder on the keys. Reaching to its extreme of the notes of the piano being played. Hermione began to sing, it was a soft melody, she had heard it before, but it was beautiful.

I find I get lost for words around you
Overwhelmed by your presence
I feel the same, I hear the words you won't say
Echo through your eyes

Nothing more for me to say
Silence understand some things
What it meant to be, will be
Sometimes it's the words we don't say that get in the way
Time will break down the walls that we've built between us
I won't ever be speechless

Hermione didn't get too continue the song when she heard a noise. A soft knocking coming from the front door of the studio. Hermione stopped playing and got up from the bench and approached the door. She looked through the little whole to see who would be here when the studio was closed. Once Hermione saw Jade Malfoy, crying, she opened the door immediately.

"Jade, what's the matter, why aren't you at home?" asked Hermione with worry in her voice.

Jade stood there, tears were in her face and she couldn't breathe, she couldn't think, she didn't know what to do anymore. She needed a friend, but Laura couldn't help her. Hermione was an adult, a friend, someone who she could trust. It was time Hermione found out the truth about her. Jade stood there for a few more seconds before walking towards Hermione wrapping her arms around her.

"Oh, Jade, why don't we come to my office and you can tell me what's wrong. Is that alright?"

Jade just nodded, her voice was just starting to come back. She had been crying for a good hour or so and couldn't stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks. Jade followed Hermione through a couple of hallways until they reached a door right in the center with the front label saying 'Hermione Granger' in bright gold italics. Hermione opened her door, with a slight pull at the knob. They both walked into Hermione's office, which didn't even look like much of an office at all. There was a desk placed in the far corner of the room by the window. The curtains hanging open while the wind blew through it. The carpet was of a royal blue while the walls remained a pleasant creamed color. The room was inviting, and quite cozy, Jade would love to have something like this. On the other side of the room, it seemed there was a television set, with a warm light blue color couch not that far off. Jade guessed that whenever Hermione had time, she'd hang out and watched TV.

On the walls there were certificates some from Hermione's primary school before Hogwarts and then her certificates from being Head Girl. There were also pictures placed everywhere. One particular picture caught Jade's eye. It was the Golden Trio; Hermione, Harry and Ron. She wondered why Hermione had kept that picture when she wasn't even in contact with them anymore. Laura hadn't told her dad or uncle that Hermione was their teacher, nor had Jade told her father. They wanted too keep it a secret at least for a bit. Jade was skeptical about keeping secrets from her father but was unsure to what his reaction would be when and if they would meet. She definitely didn't want her mother too find out, after all she had clearly stated that she hated all 'mudbloods' and didn't want to have to deal with any of them. Hermione motioned for Jade to sit on the couch.

"You're bleeding Jade, I'm going to get a cloth and wipe that blood off your lip alright, I'll be back." said Hermione.

Hermione left from the office and went too the washroom down the hall, once she took out the cloth from under the counter, opened the tap and poured warm water on top. Hermione rinsed the cloth so it wasn't dragging with water. When she came back into the office. Once Hermione got back, she sat on the couch next too Jade and silently wiped the blood off of Jade's lip, and wiped the rest of her face clearing up her tears that had been flowing earlier. Jade watched silently as Hermione was washing her, she was so gentle and caring, she hadn't even accused anyone of what could have happened to her lip. Hermione cared about Jade, and wasn't about to let anything bad happen to her. Once the blood had been cleaned properly, and Jade face was clean, Hermione cleared her voice so she could ask what had happened. She wasn't going to jump to conclusions she wasn't that type of person no matter how she acted in Hogwarts.

"Jade what happened, how come you're not at home?" Hermione asked gently not wanting to upset her even more.

"Hermione, my family is messed up, I can't stand it, I have no one to turn too." Jade said timidly.

"You don't have to be scared Jade, you can talk to me about anything you'd like, I may not understand but I can always listen."

Jade nodded her head. "Well you know my mother right?"

"Pansy Parkinson- Malfoy is it?"

"Yes, well the only thing I feel towards her is hatred; she doesn't care about me or dad. She thinks she owns us and that we can't make up our own decisions. She gets mad at my dad for no reason. They fight all the time."

"And how does your dad feel about all of this?"

"He hates it, and he doesn't loves her either. I now know why he married her, it was arranged and they couldn't do anything about it at the time. But she's my mother and I hate that. I wish she wasn't so bad, I can't talk to her about anything, and instead I go to my dad. But it's just not the same, there's no one to talk about girl stuff. I don't get those mother and daughter conversations and I'm all alone in the manor all the time." said Jade.

"Have you tried talking to your mother about your feelings?" asked Hermione.

"Many, but this time, I just couldn't take it anymore, my mother did something bad and I could never forgive her for it. I told her today that I hated her, I couldn't stand how she could talk to me like that and expect me to not object to her demands."

"What did she do?"

"She...she was kissing another guy, another guy that wasn't my dad."

"Does your father know?" Hermione asked calmly.

"No, and I don't want him too find out, but he needs to know the truth, I just don't want to be the one to do it. My mother should, but I know she won't. She doesn't feel guilty at all, and would rather keep going behind my dad's back." said Jade, who now had tears once again falling down her cheeks.

Hermione grabbed the cloth once again and wiped Jade's face, wiping those tears away. "Shh, it's okay Jade, everything will be alright, you'll get through this, I know you can! You're a strong girl, and a Malfoy at that, that should be saying enough. Your not your mother and you'll never be. And Jade, you're not alone, if you want company, my door is always opened. I care about you Jade, and I don't want too see you hurting like this," taking Jade in her arms.

"How can you be so nice to me, when my father was horrible to you?"

"Jade you and your father are two different people. No one can be the same, yes I'll admit that I was a bit taken at back that your father was in fact Draco Malfoy at first. Too be honest I couldn't care less. I don't care about blood, I don't care who your parents are, just as long as you are yourself."

Jade lifted her head from where it had been resting on Hermione's shoulder, she smiled briefly.

"I want to be more like you, your so confident and nice."

"Thank you, but I'm not always like that, I have a hussy fit or two every once and awhile." said Hermione, giving a small laugh.

"Your definitely a great role model Hermione."

"Wow, that's a first time anyone has ever told me that before."

"Well it's true. Hermione tell me about your Hogwarts days, I want too know more about you."

"Alright, well where would you like too start?" asked Hermione.

"At the beginning please."

Hermione smiled, "Alright, well it all started on the Hogwarts Express.."
Hermione proceeded to tell Jade about her years in Hogwarts without remorse. She told her about the threats of Voldermort. After all the child deserved to know whether or not her parents had told her. Hermione didn't lie and wasn't about too. Jade was shocked as too what Hermione and her friends had to go through. Hermione had experienced some terrible times in her life, but she always felt content and happy with who she was.

"Hermione, what made you want to become a Dance Teacher, has this always been your dream job?" asked Jade.

"As long as I can remember, dancing has always been my favorite past time, of course Harry and Ron didn't know anything about it. They assumed I always had my head in a book which was true most of the time, but other times I'd let myself go free. Dancing is something to be taught, it expresses much more emotion, it can teach you how to love, how to be a friend, how to be a good person, and how to be yourself."

"I love dancing, I think this is the only thing that keeps me going through the day well aside from school. But I just can't bare to go back home all the time and see my mother's angry face. My father has changed so much from the person you used to know. He doesn't care about blood, he even sent me too a muggle school."

"I believe you Jade, I think there was always was some good in your father, but he just preferred not too show it. Too much emotion was built up inside himself, and when the final battle came around, he pushed his anger towards his father. At school your father had never let hs guard down, he was always a jerk to all of a Gryffindor’s, and would spite insults at us whenever we got the chance. But your father would hide his emotions, during our final year of Hogwarts he wasn't the same Draco Malfoy everyone knew and hated. He had changed, I could tell he was much better off without your grandfather he was a horrible person, and everyone knew it."

"How do you know so much stuff like that, about my dad, I mean you were hardly friends right?"

"Not quite, no we weren't friends, but we had an understanding of each other, I watched him become a cold-hearted person, to somewhat decent. It didn't matter what I thought about him, it wouldn't have mattered."

"Do you hate him?" asked Jade.

"No. No I don't. Kind of hard to believe, but I don't think I ever hated him, maybe detested him but never hated him. Sure those mudblood comments hurt, but I got over it, it didn't matter anymore. I did get some payback so it wasn't so bad." said Hermione before she started laughing.

"What's so funny, how did you get your payback?"

"In my third year, there was this hippogriff named Buckbeak, and he was big creature and Hagrid was teaching Care of Magical Creatures, and he taught us how too approach them. And of course being who your father was didn't listen, and he ended up getting scratched in his arm by the hippogriff. Though he wasn't hurt badly he needed to be sent to be nursed by Pomphrey. And well your father sought revenge by having a trial trying to get rid of Hagrid being a teacher and ended up having to execute Buckbeak. And well I had had enough of his insults and pestering smirks so I had no choice to punch him, and punched him I did." said Hermione smiling.

"Well I guess my dad deserved that one."

"He sure did, what would you like to do now?"

"Umm…well I definitely don't want to go home now, so I was wondering if you could play the piano for me, I heard you playing before and it sounded really good."
"Thank you," said Hermione, grabbing Jade's hand, pulling her up from the couch and walking towards the room where the piano stood.

Hermione finished playing the piano once the song she'd been singing finished. She turned to look at Jade who now had a smile on her face. Her lip seemed a bit bruised, it had been cut somehow. Hermione wished Jade would confide in her and tell her everything. But she didn't know enough about Jade's life to say anything. She didn't want her upset who obviously had been what she was before coming here.

"That song was really pretty Hermione." commented Jade.

"Thank you, I dedicate this song to you! I don't want too bother you too much Jade, but what did happen to your lip, why was it bleeding?"

Jade seemed to have a far away look in her eyes but she didn't want too lie to Hermione, she had been kind to her ever since she started taking dance lessons and that was over three months ago. Hermione hadn't judged her parents or her for that matter, she had listened to every word she said and that made her feel special. At least someone would listen to her.

"It- it was my mother, she hit me." Jade had her head down, she didn't want too look at Hermione and see pity in her eyes. She wanted a friend, a mother who would love her, she at least had one of those.

"Why did she do it?"

Jade was surprised, she hadn't expected such a question from Hermione. But was thankful not too see pity in her eyes, that she'd normally see in someone else. Hermione Granger was different then any other person Jade had ever met.

"She hates me, I know she does, and when I caught her, we got into a big fight this morning, and I told her I hated her, and then she-she hit me."

"Your mother is sure some piece of work. I don't want too see you like that Jade, what Pansy is doing to you isn't right. You're her daughter not some toy that can be played with then tossed aside. That's not how a family is."

"As soon as she hit me, I went up too my room, I stayed there for an hour and then I took off, I couldn't stay in the same house as her. I just can't!" said Jade.

"It's alright Jade, you can stay with me for a bit, I don't have to head home just yet, I'm sure Viktor won't mind."

"Are you sure, I mean if it's taking to much time off your hands I'll just go."

"No don't go, Jade everything is fine. Viktor will be fine with it." Hermione assured.

"Alright, what should we do?"

"Why don't we watch a movie? Would you like that?"

"I guess, I've never watched one before, my dad may like muggle things but he has never gone that far as too buy muggle movies. My mother wouldn't allow it."

"Well now here's your chance."

They both walked back into Hermione's office, Jade sitting down on the couch while Hermione went to the cabinet to get a movie.

"Alright Jade, now I have tons of movies, these are mostly from my childhood so most of these are old now. But you can come pick whichever one you want."

"Alright." said Jade. After getting off the couch and approached the cabinet where she read off the movie titles.

There were so many titles she didn't recognize partly because they were all muggle, but other than that she was interested as to what these movies were and how it came to be. She randomly picked a movie from the cabinet and declared she was going to watch it. Hermione glanced at the title and nodded her head. Taking the movie from Jade's hands and plopping 'Princess Diaries' into the VCR, pressed play and sat on the couch next to Jade.


Hours seemed to pass too quickly for Pansy. She was slightly confused with the events that had happened this morning. The fact that she had cheated on her husband, which had done once before, two weeks ago. Realizing this didn't really matter much, she hoped Draco wouldn't find out and she'd still be able to see Theodore behind Draco's back. It was simple really the only problem was Jade. She had found out, only she didn't know the whole entire story, and Pansy wasn't about to tell her. Pansy had the nerve to hit her only daughter, she didn't feel pity-ness or guilt, she couldn't care less about her daughter anymore. She'd just have to make sure Jade would shut her mouth and not say a word to her husband. The fact that Draco hadn't suspected anything was great, though she had thought he would have had his suspicions. Draco wouldn't sleep with her anymore not since the night Jade had been conceived, and well Pansy was a girl and she needed her needs so she resulted to going to someone else to fulfill those needs.

After Theodore had left she had the house to herself well the exception for Jade who was in her room. Pansy knew she wouldn't be coming down any minute, she'd be up there till her father came home. So she resulted in finishing a new design on a certain pattern of clothing. It had taken her two hours to make the design perfect, she was pleased. By mid-afternoon, clearly Pansy was slightly bored so she went to check on Jade, just to see whether or not she was still weeping her eyes out over nothing.
When she reached her door, it was locked. Pansy pulled out her wand, 'Alohamora', with a click the door unlocked and Pansy peeled her head through the door. What she noticed was the bed, was clearly made, but she didn't see a Jade sitting there. She walked further into the room, and it seemed nothing was out of place, except Jade, she wasn't there. 'Then why was her door locked?' Pansy thought. She honestly couldn't care where her daughter had went. 'She's probably in the washroom.' Pansy thought once more before returning to her room to continue her sketches.

At a quarter to five, Draco flooded into the manor. He was tired and didn't want to have too dwell too much on anything, Probably return to his study and catch up on his reading. It seemed books really did calm his nerves and coffee helped just as much.
"I'm Home! Pansy? Jade?"

Pansy came down the stairs, clutching a piece of fabric in her hand delicately.
"Oh Draco good you're home, I was wondering when you'd get home. Listen I have to go out for a couple of hours not sure when I'll be back, might be all night."

"And where could you possibly be going out too?"

"Well either a club, or I'll just be visiting my friends over for a cup of tea."

"Pansy, it's almost five and you want too have a cup of tea, sounds a little unrealistic to me."

"Well, I'd like my freedom, listening to Jade all day was tiring enough." Pansy lied. She hadn't seen her since this morning.

"Where is Jade by the way, usually she's down here by the time I get home."
"I don't know." Pansy said shrugging her shoulders and proceeding to the kitchen.
"Well I'll just go check on her." said Draco.

Draco walked up to Jade's room, opened the door and peered into the room. The bed was made, but no sign of his daughter. He walked into the room looking for any clues as to where she could be in the house. He approached her desk, which held a couple of pieces of parchments and quills. He noticed that on the first piece there was something written. He didn't want to pry into his daughter's business, but he didn't know where she was and was slightly worried now. Draco took his chance and read the parchment. There wasn't much written but it gave Draco a nervous look. He was scared now, how could Pansy have said that she had been with Jade if she hadn't been here this whole time.

'Dear Dad,
I'm sorry, but I just don't think I can take this anymore, I can't stand mom, and you know it. I have to get out, I'm sorry.
Love Jade.'

Draco brought the letter down the stairs, almost crashing into Pansy. "So Pansy, what's the meaning of you having to listen to Jade when she wasn't even here this whole time. Do you think I wouldn't have found out?"

"I have no idea what your talking about?"

"Jade is missing, she took off, and I have no idea why?"

"Well don't look at me, I didn't have anything to do with this."

"How could you say that, you have everything to do with this."

"How so?" asked Pansy.

"Well for starters, Jade isn't here and so the only person she could have talked too would have been you, I'm not stupid Pansy! I wasn't at the top of my grades in Hogwarts for nothing." said Draco.

"Second Draco, remember mudblood Granger was first. Besides why would Jade have talked to me, there wouldn't have been anything interesting to be said."

"Well you must have obviously provoked her or something; otherwise she wouldn't have bolted out of here."

"How could you accuse me of something like that Draco Malfoy!" exclaimed Pansy.

"Pansy think about it, you were the only one home, aside from the house elves and I highly doubt she'd get upset with the house elves enough to take off."

"Well I haven’t seen her since this morning, now if you'll excuse me, I have to get going." said Pansy, walking towards the living room to floo to wherever she was going.
"Oh no you don't!" exclaimed Draco grabbing onto Pansy's wrist pulling her towards him." You are going to help me find our daughter!"

"She probably just went to her friends house, honestly Draco you shouldn't worry so much."

"But she's my daughter Pansy, and I want to know where she is, did it ever occur to you that I care for her very much, she's the only thing that keeps me living here. I love her, my daughter of nine years old, don't you fucking care at all?"

"Of course I care, but you are just assuming too much, I'm sure she's fine, now if you'd release your grip off my wrist, I'd like to go out now."

"No Pansy, we are going to look for our daughter and there's no if's and or buts."

With that said, Draco pulled Pansy towards the front door of the manor, and ran outside the field trying to figure out which way his daughter would go. Then a thought occurred, Potter! Jade's best friend, she might be there. That would explain a lot. 'But what if she isn't there?' Draco thought. He knew he'd have to take the chance, he had to know where his daughter was.

"Pansy just keep looking around, I'm going to floo to one of Jade's friends house and see if she's there."

Pansy just rolled her eyes but agreed. She had too meet Theodore in an hour anyways, so she considered this spending some time with her 'husband'.
Draco ran back into the manor, ran into the living room and took some floo powder and yelled." Godric's Hollow." In a flash, Draco landed with a thud though gracefully.
"Draco, what are you doing here?" asked Ginny, who had just walked into the room, which seemed to be the living room.

"Is Jade here?"

"Um, no why?"

"Because she's not at the manor when I got home, and Pansy was the only one home, and would know where she could have gone but I have no idea. I thought she might be here but I guess I was wrong."

"Draco, where do you think she could have gone, I'd apparate but I can't because of my condition." said Ginny pointing to her stomach which had grown since the last time Draco had seen her.

"I have no idea, and Pansy isn't telling me anything."

"Well I could get Harry too help you, he is after all an Auror."

"You know pretty well, how I feel about Potter but I'd do anything for Jade, so if you could get in contact with him as soon as possible that'd be great."

"Actually he should be here any minute."

A pop was heard not that far away and soon Harry came through the living room, to see his wife talking to his ex-enemy. "What's going on?" asked Harry with an enigmatic look on his face.

"Jade's missing Harry. Draco doesn't know where she went." answered Ginny.

"Look, Potter now normally I wouldn't go to you for help but this time, you're the only who can help me find Jade. Please, now Malfoy's don't beg, so I'm asking nicely hoping you'll say yes."

"Well Malfoy your proposition seems tempting. I guess I will help, now did she leave any clues about where she could have gone."

"She only left a note, it didn't say much, or where she was going."

"Well I'll search the ministry and if I find anything I'll let you know."

"Okay thanks, Po- I mean Harry." said Draco.

"You’re welcome Draco."

Draco nodded back at Ginny and Harry before flooing back to his manor.

The Potter's and Malfoy's searched for Jade anywhere they could possibly think of. But with no such luck, they haven’t found her. Several hours later in the Malfoy Manor, Draco kept pacing in the living room, hoping somehow his daughter would show up, he didn't know why it was taking so long for Potter to find his daughter, though he had to admit he was doing the best he could do. After all Jade didn't leave any clues as to where she could have gone.


Jade and Hermione finished watching the movie, and had put on another one, 'Hide and Seek.' The movie was almost over, Jade had eaten pizza for the first time; Hermione had ordered. They had talked for quite some time, and Jade got too learn about more of Hermione Granger's life. The girl's life had been a puzzle to Jade ever since she opened her father's yearbook. She wished she was more like her, so confident, honest, and nice, beautiful in so many ways. She wished somehow that maybe if her father had been so prejudiced with muggles and muggle borns he might have ended up with someone like Hermione or maybe even Hermione herself. But that was impossible; one thing for sure was that Jade didn't see her father ever divorcing her mother. Two, Hermione and her father were enemies back in school, three; Hermione was engaged and was quite happy with the life she had now and didn't think her life even was with Hermione no matter how much she wanted it too.


"I know you don't want too go home, but your father must be worried sick."

"I know, and I guess I should have told him where I was going, maybe I should."

"Don't worry, Jade, if you need anything I'm here for you, and you can come here anytime. If I'm not here, I'll be at my flat, I'll give you the address just in case."

"Thank you Hermione, you're the best!" said Jade, hugging Hermione.

"Shall we get going?"

"I guess, how are we going to get there?"

"I'll drive you there in my car."

"Do you know where the Malfoy Manor is?"

"Yes, I've been there before."


Hermione was in her 6th year, pacing in her room, waiting for Harry and Ron to come and get her so they could fly to 12 Grimmauld Place. The Order was having an important meeting and she didn't want to be late. Just then a crash was heard in the common room, Hermione didn't think that it was Ron or Harry because they would have flown up to her window. Suddenly footsteps were heard coming closer to her room and she was frightened. She didn't know what was going on but she needed help and fast. Malfoy wasn't in his room he hadn't been in their dorm since this morning. She took out her wand prepared to fight whatever that was approaching.

She didn't think the war would be here as of yet, they still had time to prepare. Then the door opened and all she heard after that was Petrificus Totalus. She blacked out after that.

When Hermione woke up, she was deserted, in a black room, chains were hung on the wall, broken shattered bones on the stone cold floor. She turned to look out for something familiar but there was nothing, it was pitch black, there was no windows. She was completely beyond frightened. She tried to get up but she felt pain in her side and her leg felt frozen. She looked down at her foot and saw that it was chained, she followed the chain and it was attached to the wall. She tried pulling but she had no strength to move it. She wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, she wanted to get back to Hogwarts but she had no idea where she was. Hermione searched her robes for her wand but couldn't find it.

"Looking for something?" asked a voice from the top stairs of the room.

Hermione looked up to see Lucius Malfoy at the top of stairs. She knew that Malfoy's father was a death eater and she wasn't prepared for this, she didn't expect this.
"What do you want with me?" Her voice was shaky, she couldn't help it. She was about to die.

"It's simple mudblood, I want you dead. And don't think that for one second that your friends are going to help you now."

Hermione backed up further and closer to the wall as Lucius walked down the stairs closer to her. "Are you scared mudblood? You should be, afterall you and your friends have said I'm a death eater so shouldn't I just prove it to you right here and now."

Lucius grabbed Hermione by the neck and held it tight. Hermione could feel her lungs started to close up, she couldn't breathe. He slapped her hard and kicked her in the stomach.

Suddenly a loud bang was heard and Lucius dropped her.

"Don't worry I'll be back, don't even try to escape."

Lucius went back up the stairs to see what kind of disturbance had occured from him killing the mudblood.

Hermione started crying, this was it, her dying day; she'd never finish Hogwarts, never get married, never have any children. She wouldn't even have the chance to say goodbye to all of her friends, this was her life ending tonight and she couldn't do anything about it. She felt so vulnerable, so helpless that she couldn't do anything. She didn't have her wand, she was chained to the wall and all she was doing was crying.

Footsteps was heard coming down the stairs, she sat up straight trying to be brave until her last breath took place. But what appeared down the stairs wasn't who she expected.

"Granger, I'm going to get you out of here, I'm not doing you any favors but once I give a signal I want you to run to the main hallway, there's an open window on the right side, my broom is outside and I want you get on and I'll try and meet you there in five."

Hermione just nodded, she was scared but relieved at the same time. She didn't think Draco Malfoy would be the one to help her, maybe he wasn't as evil as she thought he'd be. Draco took out his wand, and whispered Alohamora, the chains unlocked off her foot and she began to stand but fell backwards, her ankle was sprained. Luckily Draco caught her just in time before she fell back on the ground. She managed to stand on her two feet and walked slowly up the stairs, Draco followed slowly behind just in case she fell back.

"Umm.. Mal-..Draco I just wanted to say that I'm sorry, and th-ank you."

"Don't mention it Gr-.. I- Hermione."

This was the first time they had called each other by their first names, but at this time through everything they'd been through, it didn't matter. They were silent for a few moments till they reached the main hallways. Draco went to find his father while Hermione went to the window and placed herself carefully on the broom. Not more then 10 minutes later Draco reappeared and placed himself in front of Hermione on the broom.

"Hold on, we're going to have to make a fast escape, my father doesn't know you're gone yet."

Hermione just nodded and placed her arms around Draco's waist to hold on as Draco steered the broom back towards Hogwarts. Hermione took one glance back at the Malfoy Manor vowing never to return there ever again.

They both went out the front door, Hermione locking the door behind her with her keys and approached her car. Jade sat in the front seat while Hermione drove toward the Malfoy Manor, it was a 20 minute drive till they got there. Hermione stopped the car when they got up to the path that led to the front door.

"Jade do you want me to come with you, or are you okay by yourself?" asked Hermione.

"Can you? I'd feel more comfortable if you did."

The girls got out of the car and walked up to the front doors. Jade could hear yelling from inside and knew instantly that it was her mother and father fighting once more. She tried to block out the sounds but they were getting louder as she and Hermione approached the door. Hermione took the initiative too ring the doorbell. The soft chimes of the doorbell began to ring throughout the manor and suddenly the fighting stopped.


Draco was sickly worried he hadn't heard anything from Potter for awhile. Jade his daughter had been gone 8 hours. He just had another major argument with Pansy, about Jade. But that soon finished when the doorbell rang. He didn't understand, usually people flooed into his manor, unless it was some auror.

Pansy was considering getting one of the house elves to answer the door, but since she was closer, even though she didn't want to have to talk to anyone right now. She had to cancel her date with Theodore and re-schedule just because of Jade. She opened the door and was shocked to no less, for she had not expected this guest.


Draco was about to answer the door when Pansy had opened it, he heard her gasp. He wondered who could possibly be at the door and if it wasn't an auror than he didn't have a clue. But then he heard her say something and that name was definitely familiar.


Draco walked towards the door and stood next too Pansy and noticed that in deed in was Hermione Granger at the front door of their Manor. Draco had no idea why in the world she'd be here out of all places, he hadn't seen her for nine years now. He thought she had disappeared, missing. He might have thought her dead, he didn't know, nine years was a long time ago.

Now that Draco got a better look, Hermione Granger didn't look like the bushy-haired know-it-all anymore from Hogwarts. 'She's beautiful..' he thought.

Jade was now hidden behind Hermione because of the fact she did not want to see her mother standing there. She had hoped her father would have just answered the door. Hermione suddently felt self-conscious, standing in front of two Malfoy's. She wasn't afraid of them but they both held something secretive about them. Hermione now knew so much about Draco, that she was sure not even Draco knew. Hermione had always admired him from afar and now that she got a good look at him, she found him more attractive then he was in Hogwarts, but didn't think any more of it. She was engaged and was about to be married soon.

"Hello Draco, Pansy."

"Granger, is that really you?" asked Pansy, still not believing that Hermione Granger was standing in front of their door.

"Yes, Pansy it is me. Don't you think the last name game is a little childish…Mrs. Malfoy?"

Draco stood silently watching the scene in front of him, not sure of what too say. He was surprised but curious as to what Granger would be at his Manor.

"What are you doing here…H-Hermione?" asked Draco.

"Can't a friend come for a visit." said Hermione amusingly.

"Well I don't know about friends wise..."

"I actually didn't come to visit, I actually came to give you something."

"And what exactly could you possibly have of ours? As far as I know you have nothing that I would possibly want." asked Pansy.

"I don't know about that Pansy, do you happen to missing anything?"

"Your daughter?" Hermione supplied.

"What have you done with her?" asked Pansy, furiously.

"I haven't done anything Pansy, I just thought maybe I'd bring her back to her rightful parents." said Hermione looking at both Jade's parents, and then turned around to face Jade. "Jade, you should go in now."

Jade appeared right beside Hermione, looking nervous she didn't want too look into her mother's eyes and see hatred. She turned her too look at her father, big mistake. He had a look full of anger, surprise and happiness. But one thing she was glad to see her father again.

"Jade!" exclaimed Draco, reaching Jade and hugging her furiously. While Jade whispered. "I'm sorry Dad." Draco wouldn't let go of her, now that he had his daughter back. "Don't you scare me like that again, okay?" Jade nodded, who now had tears in her eyes.

Hermione watched this memorable moment with Jade and Draco, smiling; now this was a family. Hermione took a look at Pansy and just noticed her staring out into space, and obviously not seeming to care that Jade had returned home.
"Well I should go now." said Hermione.

Draco let go of Jade and took another look at Hermione. "Umm.. Thank you...Hermione for bringing my daughter home." said Draco.

"It was no trouble at all, I guess you could say this was repayment from 6th year when I was here at the Manor. Nice seeing you all again, but I really have to head back." said Hermione turning to walk out the door.


Hermione heard the voice and turned around to see Jade running towards herself and wrapping her arms around her. Of course Hermione had bent down so Jade could reach her. Hermione hugged her back for a minute before she reluctantly let go of her. She whispered. "Jade talk to your dad, let him know what is going on." Jade just nodded meaning that she understood and would talk to him even if it pained her to see that look of disappointment on her father's face.

"Thank you Hermione."

"ll see you soon, oh before I forget, next week's lesson is cancelled."

"Why?" asked Jade with a sad expression on her face, she always looked forward to those Dance Lessons.

"I have to visit my parents. I need to tell them the good news, they still don't know about Viktor and I, but don't worry they'll return on Saturday I promise."

Jade smiled." Okay, then I'll see you on Saturday! Bye Hermione!"

"Bye Jade, nice seeing you again Draco, Pansy."

With that said Hermione had left the Malfoy Manor front doors and went back to her car. She started it, and drove to her flat she shared with Viktor.

Draco stared out at the doorway for a couple of seconds realizing he'd been staring into space, his mind was hardly focusing. He realized that his daughter was finally home and found by Hermione Granger herself. He was puzzled as to why Jade would see her again on Saturday.

"Jade I think you owe me an explanation, your mother and I were worried sick about you, where did you go?" asked Draco.

"I'm sure mother was very worried, weren't you mother?" asked Jade glaring at Pansy.
Pansy just glared back trying not too hold the anger she felt for the dear girl, for fear of explosion or of Draco finding out what had happened this morning.

"Of course I was worried Darling." Pansy said simply.

"No you weren't, you were the reason I left, and I would have stayed where I was if Hermione hadn't told me I should go back home." said Jade.

Jade decided that she didn't care anymore about her mother, and if their marriage or familiy fell apart, she wasn't going to dwell on it anymore. Her father deserved the truth, and if Pansy wasn't going to say anything, Jade was going to force it out of her.
"And how the hell did Granger find you?" asked Pansy, not even realizing how much venom and anger was showing throughout her voice.

"She didn't find me, I went to find her, I've known her for three months now, and you know what MOTHER! She's more of a mother to me then you'll ever be!"

"How can you insult me like that and compare me to that mudblood."

"Easy mother, she's kind to me, she talks to me, not like I'm a child but as a young teenager, she listens to my problems, and gives me advice and most importantly: SHE DOESN'T HIT ME!" said Jade only screaming the last part, hoping that her mother got the message.

"Wait a second, who hit you Jade?" asked Draco, after staying silent.

"Mother hit me this morning, right before I left." said Jade glaring at Pansy, not wanting to see anger now in Draco face.

"Pansy, why in the world would you hit her?"Draco asked with anger in his voice.

"She was disrespecting me Draco, I don't like having her take a tone with me, she needed to be taught a lesson."

"Pansy, how could you do that? How could you do that to your own DAUGHTER? Why did you neglect to tell me this earlier? If you wanted to teach Jade a lesson you should have grounded her, not hit her. That's not the right way to discipline her, all it is child abuse. I'm sorry Pansy but what you did was wrong, afterall my years of living with my father. I especially know all about abuse and I don't know why you're starting too, because if that's the case, I can't live with you."

"Draco, Jade is nine years old, she doesn't know what's right and wrong, I had to show her to respect her elders. This is something parents do, it is normal to everyone around."

"Oh is it normal Mother, because I was aware that hitting your own daughter wouldn't gain respect just hate, which is what I'm feeling now. I don't respect you and I know you don't respect me, so don't pretend you do! Dad is trying to make your marriage work and your not even trying and you wanna know why?"

"Why Jade, please enlighten me?" asked Pansy.

"The reason you're not trying is because...your cheating, simple."

"What do you mean Jade?" asked Draco.

"Dad, I don't want to have to say it, but mom has been cheating on you for a long time now, I caught them this morning, and that is why Mother hit me! She wanted me to keep quiet, in hopes that you wouldn't find out, but you deserve the truth."

Draco just turned to face Pansy, he was livid afterall this time, trying to make this marriage work, he knew it would never work out, but now he couldn't care less. Screw this family, he was packing up tonight. "Pansy, who?"
"I-I…Nott...Theodore Nott."

"From Slytherin?"

Pansy just nodded, she felt guilty but not enough to break it off with Theodore to be with Draco. She didn't think Draco would ever divorce her, purebloods stayed married.
"Very well, I'll be packing up my things tonight."


"You heard me Pansy, I don't think I want to be near you right now, or ever for that matter. As far as I'm concerned, your no wife of mine!" said Draco.

Author's Notes: Wow such a long chapter, but a lot happened here, so that's why. So Hermione and Draco see each other again. SO you can see at the end of this chapter that Draco is going to be making his own decisions from now on. He's not relying on the law but on his heart. He doesn't want to stay married to her, therefore he's made the decision to move out. Not Divorce, but it's a step. Don't worry they'll be more interaction between Hermione and Draco in the next chapters.

P.S. Song lyrics in Italics- Speechless by Melissa O'Neil


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