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Cultures Collide by Demonic Angel
Chapter 36 : Goodbye to the Past
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Chapter 36 - Goodbye to the Past

"Dad, do I have to go with you?"

"Yes you do. Unfortunately everyone else has other obligations so I have no other choice but to bring you along." Severus stated "This is one reunion I am not looking forward to."

"I didn't know you met her before."

"Unfortunately I did have the privilege of it a few times. Just briefly though, mainly at Kings Crossing. Now if I have to do this then so do you."

Severus donned a pair of black pants with a green polo shirt while Harry wore jeans and a sweater. The man then transfigured their cloaks into winter jackets and started to head out to the main entrance. Severus then stopped as they heard voices coming from around the corner. H was unwilling to be seen not only because he was wearing Muggle clothing but because Albus had agreed to let him to use some long acquired sick time in order to make this trip.

"I don't see why you won't give Jeff a chance, he's not that bad and besides he actually likes you." Chloe stated

"Even if I wasn't seeing Harry I still wouldn't be interested in him, besides after earlier today I think he has finally gotten the hint."

"What did you do to him this time?"

"After you and Andy disappeared once again after lunch the idiot pulled behind one of the suits of armor and trapped me back there. I had no choice but to hit him in which he fell into it knocking it over just when Professor Snape walked up. Not only did I loose us more points again but now I have to serve detention tonight." Bria stated

"Ok so he got a little friendly, big deal. There are other guys who I saw looking at you that you could see, at least while Harry's in the condition he's in. Afterall it's been a month and a half, I'm sure he would understand and you deserve to have some fun once in awhile."

"Do you realize that the only reason any of the other guys here show me any attention at all is because of my parents? I have overheard far too many conversations not to know that a-lot of them are having problems in one class or another and feel the only way to improve their grades is to date a professor's child." she paused. "Besides I do have some fun just hanging out with my friends as long as they are not disappearing on me." Bria stated

"Well I know your families get together on the weekends, isn't it strange to see him like that all the time?"

"I really don't see him all that much other than meal times. Other than that it's really no different if he was going to a different school or had a strange infectious disease of some kind. Besides I'm sure Professor Snape will find a cure for him soon."

"I doubt he's even been trying. It seems as if he's almost enjoying having him like this and so dependant on him."

Bria shook her head "You haven't seen everything he's put him through over the past few weeks. I agree that somewhere way way deep down he enjoys getting to try to know him and it's actually been good for both of them but mom and dad say he's been in the labs until almost midnight every night trying to find whet he did or even a cure for it."

"I'll believe it when I see it."

"So, you never did tell me if you're going to be at the party or not tomorrow night."

"That's tomorrow night? Sorry, I won't be able to make it. I have something that I need to take care of." Chloe said

"Well I know your not going to be with Andy since he has already confirmed that he will be there."


Bria glared at her roommate; "If he starts asking where you are again I am not going to start lying to him for you."

"Why would you have to lie for me?"

"Because last week when you told me you were meeting him in the Astronomy tower he wound up stopping by our room an hour later looking for you. He sure didn't seem like he knew he was suppose to meet you there."

"What did you tell him?"

"That you were in the infirmary because you were not feeling too well."

"Well don't worry, I will tell him something to keep him from asking again." Chloe then decided to change the subject, "So what do you think you are getting for your birthday?"

"I have an idea of what I'm getting from mom but I really don't expect anything else."

"Well what are you wanting?"

Bria thought for a few moments "Nothing that I will actually get. Come on we had better get going to class, I don't want to be stuck in the stampede again when the halls get crowded."

"I'm not going anywhere until you tell me. What is it you want? Afterall if nobody knows then you definitely won't get it."

"Promise not to laugh?" Chloe nodded her reply "This damn disease to be over with."

"I don't blame you there." Chloe replied as she followed her roommate to class.

Severs then looked at his son and motioned for them to continue. As they crossed the grounds the boy said "I cannot believe you gave her detention for that."

"Well I did, now come along we need to hurry. There are other things that I have to do today."

"Like make Bria serve detention."

"Listen to me. If it were you that I saw hit that kid I would have still issued detention. It does not matter who they are and she understands that very well." Severus paused, "Now if I had known the reason behind her actions the boy would be working with Mr. Filch this weekend but she did not provide me with that bit of information."

As soon as they reached the other side of the school wards Severus held onto Harry's hand and they apparated into a small alley near Privet Drive. When they approached the door the two of them heard voices coming from the front room as Severus rang the bell.

"That guy's wife, she isn't dead. I told you three months ago that she couldn't be, they never showed the body."

"I know you were right. I was just hoping to see something different for a change. If you'll excuse me I'll be right back."

Severus looked down at Harry with a confused expression on his face. "She's watching her stories. She almost never misses an episode. In fact I'm surprised she's not yelling at the tellie over the plot line."

Severus shook his head ad rang the bell again. "Alright I'm coming already." the voice shrilled. Just then the door opened and Harry backed up to stand behind his father. "You, what are you doing here?"

"It's nice to see you too Tuna. Didn't you get my letter?" Severus stated as Harry peered around his father at his aunt.

Petunia looked down at the boy. "I don't know what kind of trouble he's caused now and I really don't care. I suggest you take him back to that freak school of yours and deal with him there."

"Now Petunia, that is not why I am here. Yes Harry has had a problem recently but from that is of no cause for him to return to your care. Now are you going to invite us in or would you prefer to have this discussion right here where your neighbors will most likely hear what I have to say." Severus reasoned

"If Vernon comes home and catches the two of you here..."

"The sooner you allow us to enter the sooner it will be over with and I have no intentions on staying long enough for that poor excuse of a human to even see myself or Harry."

Petunia backed away from the doorway and allowed them to enter. "I don't quite understand what kind of help any information on my family could possibly provide for you when it comes to the boy."

"He does have a name. I understand you may not like what we are but remember, he is your nephew and in Lily's memory you cold show him the respect he deserves by calling him by it."

"Dad no, she doesn't have to." Harry quietly said

"What kind of stunt is this? You dare talk to me about respect for my freak sister while you take her son and make him call you dad? I at least treat him no different than I treated Lily or anyone else like you." Petunia spat

"Harry would you please wait for me outside?"

"He cannot wait out there. What would the neighbors think when they see him?"

"I am quite sure that your neighbors already saw him and I arrive, there will be no harm in seeing him outside waiting for me there. Severus then looked at his son "Go ahead, I should not be that long."

Harry looked back and forth between his aunt and father then decided that no matter how much he wanted to hear the man chastise her it would be best if he waited outside but not far from the front window. Once Harry walked out the door Severus turned to the woman, "Now for your information I have never forced or even asked Harry to call me anything other than my professional title of Professor and that is during school hours. What he calls me outside the school environment is of his own choosing. The only reason I feel I should explain this to you is because no matter how pathetic of a job you have done raising him, you are still Lily's sister and you have at least kept him alive."

It still does not explain why you would allow him to call you dad. If you cared at all about the boy or my sister then you would not permit that."

Severus ignored the woman's last comment and stated "Now we could spend all day arguing about this or we could discuss the reason that I am here before your husband arrives." Willing to get the man out of her home as quickly as possible she nodded in agreement. "Very well then. As I stated in the letter, there has come into light a situation with your nephew that I must request some information regarding your grandparents."

Petunia's face changed drastically. "What kind of situation? It is not serious is it?"

Severus noticed the concern look. "After the way you and your husband have treated hi throughout the majority of his life you are now concerned for him?"

"I am not completely inhuman Mr. Snape. I am concerned about his condition as I would be any other creature."

"Of that I highly doubt" Severus mumbled

"What I am worried about is if there is a health condition that effects him then it cold very well effect my precious Duddly."

"Mrs. Dursley, at your own son's age, if he has not shown any signs as of yet then you defiantly are in no need to fret. However there is a chance that it could possibly effect any children that some girl may have to misfortune of providing him with." he replied with a repulse thought of anyone having children with the boy. "Now I know this will defiantly bring up an unfortunate incident that occurred with your grandmother but, with you being the eldest of the last of her descendants I have no other choice."

"I have no idea of what you could be talking about." she lied.

Was your grandmother not the wife of someone who was actively I the military?" her silence answered his question. "Now when Mr. Hagrid first collected Harry so that he could attend Hogwarts, you had mentioned how happy your parents were to have a witch in the family when Lily first received her notice."

"It was not so much my mother than it was my father. She was always his favorite because of it."

"But they were well aware of our world? How could this be if they were Muggles like yourself?"

"Mum wasn't convinced until Lily started her freakish tricks no matter what my father told her. If you know that my grandparents were military then I am quite sure you know what my grandmother claimed whit what happened to her that brought my father into this world."

"Yes I did hear of the possibilities, an unfortunate incident to say the least. Did the authorities ever find the culprit?"

"According to the reports the man never even existed. Grams went and sketched the man for them and everything but nothing was pursued. The minute she told them that he used magic on her they threw the case file away. Unfortunately after Gramps passed away she was locked away due to her ramblings. Father was the only one that tried to fight the system to have her released. Even mum thought she was off her rocker until Lily that is."

"Do you still have copies of the reports and your grandmother's sketches?"

"Vernon is unaware of them but yes I do. I don't quite understand how they will help you though."

"We still have a few professors at Hogwarts that were residing at the school at that time whether they were students or professors. There maybe a chance that someone could recognize him and we could find some history behind my son's condition."

As she pulled out a stack of papers buried in a box in the back of the cupboard Petunia caught the last words that came from the man's mouth. "Did I hear you correctly when you said he is your son?"

Yes you heard quite clearly. That is what brings up the second reason I am here." he replied as he placed the papers into and envelope and shrunk it to fit in his pocket.


"I didn't do..."


"Take your hands off him immediately." Severus demanded as he reached for his wand.

Vernon didn't notice what Severus was doing as he stated. "I don't know or care who you are but my nephew has been nothing but insubordinate and as his guardian I have full authority to punish him as I see fit."

"And as his father I have full right to protect him from harm however I see fit. Now again I warn you to take your hands off him." Severus replied as he pointed his wand at the man's chest.

"Vernon looked upon the man with a dumfounded expression "His father?"

"That is what I said now release my son before I take necessary actions to make you release him." Vernon instantly released his grip of Harry's arm. "Are you alright?" Severus asked.

Harry rubbed his arm and replied "I will be."

"If you are his father then why haven't you been around to care for him instead of dumping him on my doorstep making me have to deal with him. And where do you get off thinking that you can just take him away now?"

"For your information I happen to know that you have obviously received a substantial sum through the years from his mother's attorneys to use for his well being. Unfortunately you have obviously misused the funding for your own personal needs. Now as I was about to explain to your wife, you have only one logical choice to make and that is to sign these documents relinquishing guardianship of him and forfeiting all future endowments."

"And if I refuse?" Vernon questioned

"Then I will have no choice but to take him to the authorities and show them the years of scars that litter his back, not to mention the very recent bruise that you have left on his arm."

"You have no proof that they are from me or my family. Not to mention you have no standing in this community. You would be seen as nothing but a vagrant."

"I never said that I would involve the muggle authorities, all I have to do is take him to the Ministry of magic and they will deal with you accordingly. For there is nothing that is looked down upon more than abuse and neglect of a child, especially this one."

"What kind of fool do you mistake me for sir? Obviously since you deserted him on our step while he was a baby you must have been seen as being unfit to raise him yourself so you will obviously lose."

"Would you like to try? I can have the Ministry here in a matter of moments, although if you do pursue it I may also see fit to make sure that your wages are garnished to replace the money that you received and misused throughout the years."

"So that is what this is about. You just want him for the money." Vernon spat

"I can assure you that the funding you will no longer receive will be placed in a trust fund and remain untouched until he has graduated. That was his mother's money that she received as an inheritance from the people who took her in after your own wife relinquished guardianship of her."

"Vernon please. There is no way that we can ever afford to pay back all of what we were given."

"If you take away the allowance, how do you expect us to be able to survive?"

"I am sure that you would be quite capable of adjusting, just cut back on certain delicacies." Severus replied as he looked at the man's stomach

Vernon then signed the documents and shoved them towards the taller man as he glared at a smiling Harry. Severus took the paperwork and once he looked it over he folded it up and placed it into the same pocked where the envelope was and finally bid good day to the couple as he left with his son in tow. When they reached the end of the driveway Severus led Harry the opposite direction of where they first arrived. "Dad, isn't the apparition point the other way?"

"We need to make one more stop and then we will Floo from there."

When they reached a few houses away Harry heard a pounding noise and as he turned around he saw his uncle hammering a For Sale sign in their yard. "Did they really receive money to take care of me?"

"Yes, I am afraid that they did but, do not even worry about it. That part of your life is over and as I told you before. You will never be going back to hem again. Come along we are late."

Severus then turned and started heading up another driveway. "Dad, what are we doing here? This is Old Lady Figg's house."

"Yes this is Ms. Figg's home although she isn't that much older than I am."

"How do you know her?"

"She was in the same class as Mrs. Weasley but she was a Hufflepuff. How do you know who she is?"

"The Dursleys use to drop me off here while they took Dudley on outings. She's ok I suppose but she has a lot of cats and she a cheek pincher." Harry grumbled.

"She is not really that bad, it was all an act so that she could keep an eye on you." He stated as he reached up to ring the bell but just then the door flew open.

"SEVERUS!!!!" Arabella squealed as she greeted the two of them. "And there is my little chubby cheeks." and with that she reached down and grabbed hold of the boy's cheek while Harry glared at his father.

"It's good to see you too Arabella. Albus has requested that I stop by to let you know that you are no longer required to live in this neighborhood."

"Well come in, come in." She said as she stepped back from the door. "I knew I felt the wards fall. Its about time you had him sign the paperwork."

As Severus followed Harry through the door and past the old woman Harry noticed his dad jump and turn around to glare at her while his hand moved to this backside. "I told you she was a cheek pincher." Harry smirked.

"It's good to see that some things don't change about you. I would enjoy the opportunity to visit with you but Albus is waiting for your return and I do have a detention to sit through."

"Now which house is it that you are picking on this year? It's not Hufflepuff is it?"

"No in fact believe it or not but Hufflepuff is actually the only house that has not given me any problems this year."

"You mean even those bookworm Ravenclaws have been troublesome? That's a change of pace."

"They have gradually been getting worse each year but this year we have one or two that have their fair share of misfortunes." Severus looked around "I take it you are ready to go?"

"I have never been more ready to leave a place before."

"Mrs. Figg, what about all your cats, aren't you taking them with?" Harry asked.

"Those cats were never mine to begin with, the little beasts just attached themselves to this house. In all reality I cannot stand the things but don't you fret over them for they all have new homes already."

"Well we really must be going, I am already late." Severus stated "After you Arabella."

"It's good to see you are still the forever gentleman."

"No, I just refuse to turn my back to you again." As soon as the woman floo'd directly to Albus' office, Severus and Harry went directly to his office in the dungeons. Severus then walked into the classroom and noticed Remus waiting for him with Bria and a few other students.

"You are late." Remus stated. "I didn't think you would make it back here in time."

"Thank you Remus. We ran into a minor snare but I must say that it was quite successful."

"So you found out the information you were looking for?"

"I was able to obtain some documents pertaining to it. How did you hear of it?" Severus said as he noticed Harry stay behind in the office.

"Albus told me when I was asked to fill in for you until your return. Now if you will excuse me I have some things to take care of." He turned and left the room glancing at his daughter.

Severus turned towards the five students that were in the class, "Now each of you have a list of ingredients I need you to each put together the potion infront of you then once it's cooled you are to bottle it and place it upon my desk unmarked. I will be in my office, if there are any less than five bottles there when the time is over then you shall all be back here the evening after next."

"But why can't it be tomorrow evening? We have a match the following night." one of the student's protested.

"Well then I suggest you make sure everyone completes their potion, as for tomorrow evening I have other obligations." Severus then retreated into his office where he removed the envelopes from his coat pocked then enlarged it back to it's original state. He sat there reading the reports over and over again while looking at the sketches. The only thing he could find familiar with the sketch of the attacker was that he had the same shape and color of eyes as Harry and Lily except there was something about them that made them slightly darker than what he had seen on an every day basis. With Harry was lying on the couch reading a book Severus concentrated on the papers infront of him he lost track of time and before he realized it Bria was knocking on his door.

"Professor Snape, we have all completed our work and it's all cleaned up, everyone was wondering if there was anything else or may we leave."

"Go ahead and tell the others that they may leave but I would like for you to stay behind so that I can talk to you." Bria then told the others they were dismissed and then returned to his office. "Go ahead and have a seat."

Bria then sat down in the chair on the opposite end of his desk.

"I need to talk to you about earlier this morning. Do you mind telling me what exactly went on?" She then reluctantly told him everything that happened. "Why didn't you say anything this morning? You could have completely avoided detention."

"Well between the ranting from the suit of armor and you I didn't have a chance to. Besides I wasn't sure if you would go to my dad or not about this and even though the moon was last night you still know how he is. He would have killed him."

"I still have to let him know what happened, just like I have to notify the headmaster but as for your father, I believe we can hold off a few days until his senses are back to normal and the punishment has already been dealt out."

"Yes sir. "

"You may run along now I'm sure you are anxious to get some rest after last night." Severus then went into the classroom and looked over the vials that were left on his desk. He then looked at the small rats that had not aged that much due to the length of time they were exposed to the same potion as Harry. He then separated them into the different cages and gave each rat a few drops of a different concoction that the students put together. When he was finished he went into his office and noticed Harry had fallen asleep. Severus then stretched and realized how late it had become. He then gathered up the papers and walked over to the couch to gently shake the boy awake. Harry then sat up and followed the man into the classroom. "Hold up a moment." Severus stated as he looked over the rats. Unfortunately 2 of them were already dead with the third looking very sick. He then sighed and led Harry once again out the door and onto their quarters.

The next morning Severus woke up earlier than usual and headed down to the lab to check on the remainder of the rats leaving Harry asleep in his room with a note just in case he woke up. When he entered the classroom he noticed that unfortunately two more of the rats had expired during the night but the one that looked extremely sick the evening before was actually back to it's normal state. He then disposed of the corpses and cleaned out the cages before he examined the remaining rat. After passing all tests he could have possibly perform on the creature he then took it and the potion back to his chambers.

Upon entering the front room of his quarters he noticed Harry getting his shoes on. "How long have you been awake?"

"I woke up when you shut the door. Any news on the rats?"

"Unfortunately four of them died during the night."

"Dad you tested 5 rats, what about the last one?" Severus didn't reply, "Dad?"

"Go into your room and get one some of your clothes out of your trunk."

"You mean it worked?" Harry asked with wide eyes showing his excitement.

"Yes it did but there will be side effects."

"What kind of side effects? It's not something too drastic is it?"

"Well the one that did actually survive is that same one that was extremely sick yesterday evening. Because of this I want you down in the infirmary so that if you have any of the same effects then Madame' Pomphrey can tend to you right away."

"How long will I be sick?"

"Of that I'm not sure but I will come and check on you from time to time throughout the day." Severus then handed Harry the small vial. "You need to go ahead and drink it now so that it will not bring up any suspicions when everyone sees me take you down there. I will instruct her that you have already had a potion today, we don't need to take any unnecessary chances on counteracting the potion."

Harry grabbed some of his regular clothes and quickly drank the potion. Before he was going to ask how sick it would make him he immediately ran into the bathroom. As soon as he emerged back from the small room Severus then escorted him down to the infirmary and all they could do now was to sit and wait for the results. The remainder of the day Severus spent answering the same questions between the classes 'Where was Harry?' and 'Could they go and visit him.' There was no way that he would allow them to see him in the state he was in because he was not sure of the results as of yet. Severus did check on him a few times throughout the day but each time Harry was once again in the bathroom because any food or drink that the mediwitch gave him ran through as if it were water. Needless to say that the only one who knew if the potion was actually working or not was Harry because of his constant seclusion but not by his choice.

Finally after the very last class of the day Severus grabbed Harry's invisibility cloak and once again went down to check on the results. When he entered the room he was instantly greeted by Madame' Pomphrey. "I do not know where you took him yesterday so that he could have caught such a horrible virus but there is no way that I am going to permit you to remove him from the infirmary so that he can infect the other children. I haven't even been able to check his vitals or anything for he has been locked up in the bathroom all day long. I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't dehydrated by now."

"He hasn't allowed you to see him at all? Have you at least checked to see if he is alright in there?"

"I have called through the door to him but he only responds with short grunt answers. He cannot even make out a complete sentence."

"Let me take care of this." Severus stated. He then walked over to the bathroom and pounded on the door "Harry you have been in there long enough. Get out here right now." Severus watched as the boy opened the door and slowly walked out of the room. "Are you still feeling ill?"

"No sir."

"Good, put this over you and lets get going we are late once again." he stated as he give Harry the invisibility cloak and they headed down to the teachers corridor.


~ In teacher's corridor

While the adults all sat in the kitchen the kids gathered in the front room. The boys sat around playing exploding snap while the girls just sat and mainly watched. Just then there was a knock at the door when Dannie walked over to answer it. To Bria's surprise it was Andy whom she knew would be showing up but unfortunately he had brought Jeff with him. Dannie went ahead and welcomed both boys since neither her nor Remus were informed as of yet what had happened the previous morning. "I hope you don't mind that I brought Jeff with."

"No no come on in." Dannie started "Where is Chloe at this evening?"

"She said she had to do some extra studying since her grades were starting to slip so she's in the library."

Bria watched her mother invite the two boys in and just glared at them knowing it still wasn't a good time to tell her parents what had happened. The two boys then walked in and as Andy joined in watching the other boys at their game Jeff sat down next to Bria on the couch and placed a hand on her leg. Bria then walked over sit next to Ginny on the other couch when Draco took her spot. "What happened to your eye?"

"Oh nothing really, just a slight run in I had. I wasn't watching where I was going."

"What did you walk into?"

"A suit of armor."

"That's not what I heard." Ginny replied

"Gins, my parents don't know yet. You know how dad is this close to the moon." Bria whispered.

"Well he has really got some guts to even show up here after what he did." Ginny spat

"Gins not so loud."

"What's wrong girls?" Dannie asked

"Nothing mom."

"Better not be." she replied as noticed Severus walk in the door. "How's Harry feeling? Any better?"

"I just got back from the infirmary, he seems to have made a full recovery." he stated as he started to walk towards the kitchen almost bumping into his son who was still under the cloak and refusing to move. Severus then noticed why, "Mr. Capazzi, I'm surprised to see you here. May I have a word with you in the corridor if you don't mind."

Jeff then followed the Potions Master into the corridor. "You wished to speak with me Professor?"

"May I inquire why you are here?"

"I was invited."

"I'm to assume that Miss. Lightpaws invited you after the confrontation the two of you had yesterday?"

"No sir, I was invited by Andy but Bria doesn't seem to mind that I am here. She hasn't asked me to leave."

"You should consider yourself quite lucky since she has obviously not informed her parents of what really happened. I am sure that you are well aware of her parentage and what her father is."

"Yes sir I am aware that he is a werewolf but what does that have to do with her hitting me the other day?"

"Then you should also be aware of what cycle the moon was in the other evening and his senses are extremely heightened. You have obviously put her into an awkward position. See I happen to know what really took place and she is quite aware of what he will most likely do to you. Now I suggest you head this warning and use this opportunity to dismiss yourself from her party."

"She has not asked me to leave so she most likely wants me to stay." Jeff replied

"She is not the type who would come out and make a scene infront of her parents but before her father picks up on what is making her so uncomfortable in there then you should head my advice for if he were to find out tonight her day would be ruined even more than it is."

"It is pretty lame when someone's father has to stick their nose into their son's relationship when it falls apart."

"For your information this has nothing to do with her relationship with my son. What this does have to do with is the fact that her father happens to be a very old friend and I would hate to see him wind up in Azkaban over some little worthless piece of filth who cannot keep his hands to himself." Severus took a deep breath to calm himself down "Now tomorrow morning before breakfast you will accompany me to see the Headmaster and we will let him decided a suitable punishment and then you will formally apologize not only to her but to her father for what you have done. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir." Jeff said "May I at least notify my friend that I am leaving?"

"In your current state it would be best if I notify him now go back to your house and remain there until I come to collect you in the morning."

The boy immediately left and as Severus started to once again join the party Dannie stopped him. "I overheard what you said to him, thank you. I had no idea why she had hit him, she was doing so well at controlling her temper."

"As you shouldn't just yet. That is something that Bria needs to tell you about in her own time. I am just thankful that she did lose control otherwise it could have been much worse for everyone." The two of them then rejoined the others. Andy was getting along with the others and didn't even notice that his friend had left while Bria gave Severus a smile to say thank you.

The party went on that evening while nobody suspected anything. The adults finally decided to sit around the table and play cards while the continued to have fun. Finally Bria went into the kitchen to grab drinks for all her friends. She put all the glasses onto a tray and went to take them into the front room when she bumped into something and dropped the tray. "What did you do now?" Dannie asked.

"I think I ran into something with the tray." Bria replied

"Didn't I tell you not to stand in the way of anyone." Severus said.

"Geesh it's not my fault she ran into my back." Harry replied as Bria pulled the cloak off him.

"Well since you got in the way and ruined her present then you can help her clean up the broken glass."

Harry then turned around to help a stunned Bria "Why didn't you tell me that he was recovered?" she stated.

"I did when I first arrived and your mum asked me how he was. I said then that he was fully recovered. Oh and you are welcome by the way." Severus smiled.

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