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Lily and James-The Real Story by NikkiRadcliffe
Chapter 2 : Shopping Along With Bad News- Part 2
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Disclaimer: I OWN Harry Potter! Yeah right I wish!

"Where the hell did you get an idea like that Potter? Me living at your house, what did Black tell you how to get on my nerves? I mean why the hell would I have to stay at your house?” Lily screamed looking at Emma who was smirking at the whole event.


“How the hell should I know why you’re staying with us?! My mum just informed me you were coming and I was in charge of making sure your room is perfect. Oh and Lilyflower I made sure your room is right next to mine just for you.” James said flashing his trademark smirk. “Me and you are bound to have some fun with all of our free time together.”


“You wish Potter. If anything I’d have fun watching you make daily trips to the hospital. But that’s not going to happen is it since I’m not even going to your house.”


Lily grabbed Emma and dragged her into the dressing room before James could say even more. She was not about to listen to his bloody story any longer. Quickly changing back into her clothes she grabbed the two gowns she liked and raced to meet her mother. Emma protesting the whole way to slow down.



“Mum there’s no bloody way I’m going to live with Potter the rest of the summer. We don’t even get along. Besides why the hell would I need to go live at the Potter’s house?”


“Lilain Marie Evans watch your language. I will not tolerate with my daughter speaking in such a manner. You will be staying at the Potter’s and you will be on your best behavior. And no but’s because it’s not going to work.  Our father and I have to take Petunia to boarding school and Mrs. Potter gladly invited you over. As for James, he was kind enough to come here and make sure your dress was appropriate for the formal party. You will be leaving tonight whether you like it or not. And you WILL learn to give James respect.”


“TONIGHT! I’m leaving TONIGHT and you just told me! I mean it will take forever to pack my suitcase for Hogwarts along with finding space for my new clothes. Why can’t I leave tomorrow morning.”


“Yes tonight young lady! You father, Petunia and I have to get up at three in the morning and tonight’s the only time you can leave.”


“Mrs. Evans Lily could come stay at my house. My parents wouldn’t mind! They think of Lily as a second daughter as it is. Plus when it’s time for her to go to King’s Cross my dad can drive her.” Emma said pleading for her friend’s sake.


“Why thank you Emma, but it would be awfully rude to change plans with Elizabeth Potter. She has everything ready for Lily and has gone through so much trouble making sure everything is perfect.”


Emma looked at Lily and quickly muttered ‘sorry’ seeing her friend’s anger. There was nothing else she could do. Fighting with Mrs. Evans was not a good idea.


“Can Emma help me pack at least? I mean I won’t be able to see her until winter vacation. Plus I could use the help since it’s my Hogwarts suitcase I have to pack.”


“Sure darling!”


“I can’t believe your leaving!” Emma cried. Lily and her had just finished packing and Mrs. Evans said it was time for Lily to go. Their time was cut too bloody short. Her best friend was leaving and now she would have no one to talk to. “You better write me or else!”


“I will!” Lily said looking one last time at Emma. “Bye Mum and Dad! POTTER”S MANSION!” She screamed the flames engulfing her before she vanished from the Evan’s home.

Author's Note: I'm sorry it's so short.The next chapter will be longer I promise! But I need more reviews to write! : ) Thanks to my reviewers. Luv you all.


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Lily and James-The Real Story: Shopping Along With Bad News- Part 2


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