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A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion by HurtfulEyes
Chapter 14 : All considering
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Chapter 14:

“Ginny, I’m going to Hogwarts to see Hermione okay?” Harry shouted to his wife in the kitchen while putting on his coat.

“Okay, say hey to the kids if you get a chance to see them” Ginny shouted back.

“Okay, bye.” Harry said before Flooing to Hogwarts. After a couple of seconds, Harry landed in Dubledore’s office.

“Harry, to what do I owe this pleasure?” Dumbledore said, smiling.

“Hello Albus, I’m just here to see Hermione. How is she?” Harry asked.

“Well, now that you mention it, can I speak to you for a minute?” Dumbledore said, straightening up slightly.

“Yeah, sure. What is it?” Harry asked, sitting down.

“Do you remember a couple of years ago when young Mr. Malfoy went on a mission for the order and met this old prophet?” Dumbledore asked.

“Yeah, it was his first mission alone.” Harry said, listening intently, “The old prophet said something about the key to stopping the end of the world or something like that.”

“Not exactly the end of the world, but the key to stopping the next big war against evil.” Dumbledore said, “Well, Draco and I think we’ve found the key.”

“What is it?” Harry asked, leaning forward in his chair.

“Not what, Mr Potter, who” Dumbledore said smiling slightly.

“What? It’s a person?” Harry said, taken by surprise.

“Not just a person, a whole family” Dumbledore said, reciving a blank stare from Harry, “ We believe that the Key is Miss Granger’s family.”

“What? Hermione? That can’t be possible. Alli issnt even related by blood!” Harry said, trying to laugh it off.

“They might not be related by blood, but they are by Love. You should know that more than anyone. Didn’t you consider Sirius family?” Dumbledore asked wisely.

“Yeah, of course. Are you sure?” Harry asked.

“Pretty sure. Yesterday, Hermione was attacked by Deatheaters, she got the kids here she told them to run to the castle and get help while she fended them off. Alli and tom didn’t get to the castle, I’m not sure what happened, but they were overpowered by their own magic and they used wandless and non-verbal magic and scared all of the Deatheaters away.” Dumbledore said.

“… but how? They didn’t even know what magic was until recently.” Harry said, obviously stunned.

“I know. I’m not totally sure what’s happening to them but I’ll find out.” Dumbledore, “we can talk about this later. Hermione’s in the spare Teacher’s dorm.”

“Sure, bye.” Harry said, walking out of the office and down the stairs. When Harry was into the hallway, he took out the Maurders Map. He figured he would go see James and Miya first. James had always been a troublemaker, when he was two he used to flush everything down the toilet, by the time he was ten he had already lit his bed on fire twice when he didn’t want to go to sleep. Everyone said that he some how channelled his Grandfathers mischief. James had the same black hair and green eyes as Harry but he had a softer touch on his face from Ginny.

Harry looked at the map for a couple of seconds before he spotted James walking alone down a hallway near where Harry was. Harry walked to the hallway as James rounded a corner.

“Hey.” Harry said, scaring James.

“Holy shi…cow.” James said, jumping.

“Nice save.” Harry said, smiling.

“What are you doing here?” James asked, starting to walk again.

“Oh, I just came to see a friend.” Harry said, walking with James.

“Hermione Granger?” James asked, “I saw the article in the paper.”

”Yeah, she’s in the school with her kids.” Harry said.

“Yeah, I know. I saw her daughter with Mr.Malfoy today. They look some lot alike.” James said, looking at his dad out of the corner of his eye.

”He was probably just showing her around. I asked him to.” Harry lied, “Don’t you have school or something?”

“It’s Sunday.” James said, “Ok, well I gotta go. I’m meeting up with some friends.”

“Okay, I don’t think I’ll be able to see Miya, can you please tell her I say hi.” Harry said, checking his watch.

“Sure, Bye.” James called as he walked away.

Harry walked around the familiar hallways until he came to the door of the Spare Teacher’s dorm. Harry knocked twice and waited for someone to open the door. An unfamiliar face opened the door, which Harry guessed was Nate.

“Yes?” Nate asked.

“Nate? Hi, I’m Harry Potter. Hermione’s old friend.” Harry said, holding out his hand for Nate to shake.

“Oh, Harry. It’s nice to meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you.” Nate said, smiling and opening the door wider for Harry to come in, “Come on in.”

“Thanks, is Hermione here?” Harry asked, walking into the room and following Nate to sit onto the couch.

“Yeah, she’ll be out in a minute. Do you want anything? Coffee? Tea? Beer?” Nate asked.

“Beer please.” Harry said, watching Nate get up. Nate seemed pretty nice, he was certainly handsome. Harry couldn’t help but think he had seen him somewhere, “So, Nate. What do you do?”

“Oh, this and that. I started out as a radio presenter and worked my way up the corporate ladder. After a few years I bought the company and I now own a well known chain of hotels and television stations.” Nate said, smiling, “what about you? I just recently learned about magic. So don’t be offended if I don’t know what it is that you do.”

“No problem” Harry said, chuckling slightly, “I am an Auror. It’s like… a police officer… or detective. So, how long have you known Hermione?”

“Well… we met about two years ago at a party but it was only a year ago that I built up the courage to actually ask her out.” Nate said smiling, passing Harry a beer, “what about you? Married? Kids?”

“Yeah, I have my lovely wife Ginny and three great kids. James, Miya and Sirius.” Harry said as Hermione walked into the room. She was wearing ripped jeans with paint splatteed all over it and a grey hoodie. Her hair was up in a messy ponytail and the was flicks of paint on her face. Even though she was a mess, she looked beautiful.

“Harry! It’s good to see you! What are you doing here?” Hermione asked, hugging Harry before sitting next to Nate on the couch and taking a sip of his beer.

“I wanted to see how you’re doing, I heard about what happened.” Harry said, “I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye anyway. Everyone was really worried.” The way that Harry looked at her, Hermione could tell that he was talking about Ron.

“Yeah, I’m fine and the kids are fine. Draco gave Alli a tour today.” Hermione said, smiling.

“Yeah I know, I ran into James when I came here and he told me he saw them together.” Harry said, taking another sip out of his bottle. He wasn’t sure how much Hermione had told Nate and he was afraid to say something wrong, “so…ummm..”

“Honey, could you leave us alone for a couple of minutes?” Hermione asked Nate.

“Sure, I’ll be in the bedroom.” Nate said, kissing Hermione on the lips before nodding to Harry and walking out of the room. As soon as Nate left, Harry burst out.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were leaving? And why didn’t you tell me about what happened yesterday? Does your children know about Malfoy?” Harry asked, looking concerned.

“I needed to leave. I didn’t tell you because I’m still slightly pissed off at you for not telling me Ron’s alive and Alli knows but Tom doesn’t. It appears that Alli has known for a while, which is news for me.” Hermione said, her voice slightly cold.

“I’m sorry for not telling you about Ron! I didn’t know how! What was I supposed to say, ‘Oh by the way, the man you loved and the father of your child, who you thought was dead, is actually alive! Life’s a bitch sometimes isn’t it?’ How do you think you would of taken it?” Harry asked, sighing.

“Better than finding out by seeing him and fainting that’s for sure!” Hermione said back, her voice slightly raised.

“I’m sorry you saw him there, we told him not to come!” Harry said defending himself.

“Well if you just told me before that I wouldn’t have reacted the way I did!” Hermione said, shouting now.

“Do you really believe that? Do you really think that you wouldn’t have left?” Harry shouted back.

“…I-“ Hermione started before Tom and Alli walked into the room, shocked at the shouting that was coming from the living room.

“What’s happening here?” Alli asked from the doorway.

“Nothing. Harry was just concerned because I didn’t tell him about the attack.” Hermione said, instantly turning her glare into a smile.

“I’m Harry Potter. Me and your mom has known each other for… jeeze over 20 years now…” Harry said, walking up to Alli and Tom and shaking their hands.

“Nice to meet you…” Tom said, staring at them both with a strange look on his face.

“What’s wrong honey? Are you feeling alright?” Hermione asked, putting her hand across Tom’s forehead, checking his temperature. As soon as she touched him, he flinched and pulled away. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m going for a walk.” Tom said before walking out of the room and out the portrait hole.

“What was that? What’s wrong with him Alli?” Hermione asked, shocked at what just happened. Tom seemed so far away.

“I think he’s acting perfectly fine, all considering.” Alli said simply, leaning against the door frame.

“All considering what?” Hermione asked.

“Considering that he just found out that his father is alive.” 

Finally the next chapter is up! I'm so sorry it took like a month! And I'm even sorrier that this chapter is so short. And pretty boring... I have a lot to be sorry for don't I? ... Well at least I have the ground set for the next chapter, it'll be more exciting I promise, and Longer. And I won't have such bad writers block so it'll come sooner... yay!
 Haha I'm babbling on about nothing again arent I? Oh well. =p
       Please Review!!! I know it's short and a little dull but it still makes me feel better when you review!! And it'll make me write faster!
           Xoxoxo HurtfulEyes

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