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I don't care that you love me. by LunaJ
Chapter 18 : a little lie
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Chapter 18

*a little lie

(James POV)

I stared at her door for a long time. Never in my life had I ever seen her so angry and heartless. Insensitive and cruel. Mean and uncaring. Finally after standing there like a fool for what seemed like days I turned around and left.

How could she not care? Lily was the most caring person in our entire year. She cared enough to stand up for Snape. She cared enough about Remus that she hadn’t told his secret to a soul. She cared enough about her father to do all that cleaning, and yet she didn’t care about me? How was that possible?

I cared for her, I cared for her so much that I had risked my neck for her countless times. I’d retrieved her wand from Bellatrix, beaten the crud out of Robbie, dove into the lake after her (1st year) and even slayed a 7 foot snake (3rd year). No matter what I did, she didn’t realize how much I really did care.

I could have any girl I wanted, I knew that. Yet, I fell hardest for the one who doesn’t want me too. Any of them would leap for joy if I came to their doorstep with a flower, or kissed them on a porch, but not her. She wouldn’t have it. She wouldn’t have me. Why?

It can’t possibly be my looks, they’re fantastic. (or so I’ve been told) It’s not my personality. (How could it be?) She’s not playing hard to get either, and if she is, she’s REALLY good at it.

I picked my broom up from where I had stashed it, and I hopped on. Then I covered myself with the invisibility cloak, and flew up, still trying to figure out what was wrong.

The day at the lake she had called me an “arrogant, bullying toerag.” Whatever that was. Sirius had told me that she thinks I’m conceited. Moony won’t even tell me what goes on in that mind of hers. He probably doesn’t even know. She’s such a complex person that its near to impossible to know what she’s really thinking.

The night I overheard her in the common room it sounded as if she had wanted me to kiss her… and who could blame her? Then she goes and slaps me when I try. I moved my hand to where there was a stinging pain in my face. I wondered how long that slap mark would be there.

I flew for nearly 4 hours… Lily obviously didn’t care that it had taken me forever to get to her. I traveled all that distance, just to get a door slammed in my face.

Goldfoot Academy was in view now. The castle rested on an island, that rose high above the clouds. I flew my broom (nimbus 250, best broom available!) to the front gate where my mother greeted me.

“Did you have a nice trip?” she asked

“Yeah mom, I did.”

“How’s Lily? You know you’ve been dating her for nearly a year, and I haven’t met her… maybe we should call her folks and set up a meeting?”

“No mom, not yet. It’s not like we’ve been dating that long…” I said hoping she’d drop the subject.

“Alright… can I atleast see a picture?”

“Sure I’ll go upstairs and get one.”

Ok, I’ve committed a sin! I lied to my mother, about a girlfriend I don’t have… but no matter. See I knew my mother wouldn’t exactly approve of the girls I’ve been dating… they’re not exactly every mothers dream. Lily would eventually come around.

I grabbed a few photo’s of her that I had stashed in a box in the back of my drawer. I ran downstairs and handed the pictures to my mum.

“Is she the red hed?” she asked

“Yeah that’s her.”

“Aw! She looks so cute… who are these other people? There she is with Remus, and then there’s 2 other girls in this one a blond and a brunette… who are they?”

“Those are her friends, Maggie and Adele.”

“I see.” She looked through the stack and when she was done she asked “James why aren’t you in any of these pictures?”

I thought about that for a second. I had left the ones with me in them in the box. I didn’t think a picture of Lily threatening to pound me into the ground, glaring at me, or pushing me in a lake would have been good to show her.

“cause I take them” I lied


‘next year she’ll come around.’ I thought that night as I laid on my bed ‘maybe next year.’


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I don't care that you love me.: a little lie


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