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Deception by Ink Laden Quill
Chapter 2 : Incognito
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W-Wow, I'm still speechless. I never imagined that I would have gotten this many reviews for my last chapter. Simply put, it was amazing. But it also made me nervous for this chapter because a few people mentioned that they hoped it would live up to the first. *bites nails* I worked hard on I hope it does.

Oh, and I forgot to address this last chapter, but a male has never identified himself as being, well, a I have no idea if they're reading this story, or any of my stories. I wanted to say that I am not trying to say that all males act like what the characters in this story belive they act like. Even though there are a lot of womanizers around...I know that there are a few nice guys too. Okay, enough of that little speach. Just wanted to make myself clear.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs completely to J.K Rowling. I did devise this little plot, but apart from that, the rest is hers.

Thanks again to my brilliant beta, Ren.

Sheesh, this is too long. But I know you all love reading my pointless rants. haha.

By donnamichelle at TDA

I was regretting my decision ten minutes after the words left out of my mouth.

What had I been thinking?

Was I insane? Probably.

There was no way that we would be able to pull this off — and even if we did by some miraculous series of circumstances… how would we know that it would work? Would it really change anything?

Lily had every single one of her textbooks spread out on the floor around her. She was flipping through the index and jotting down spells on a roll of parchment. I wanted to help, but when Lily was in her jive, there was no stopping her.

“Just call her butter, Lily’s on a roll,” Clara stated. She had her closet open and was tossing out clothes onto the bed. Again, I would have wanted to help…but my fashion sense was far from glorious and consisted of jeans and Converse with every outfit — even my Hogwarts robes.

And there I was, sitting in the middle of the room while my two best friends worked frantically around me. I don’t think that I had ever seen them so ecstatic.

“Okay,” said Lily, scooting over to sit next to me. “I think I know what we can do.”

She grabbed a bowl from under Clara’s bed and began circling her wand over the top of it. An off-white creamy substance issued itself from the piece of wood into the basin.

“What is that?” I asked, looking at it disgusted.

“Plaster,” she replied simply, as if that explained everything perfectly.

I choked. “ I beg your pardon?”

“It can be molded and shaped into things.”

“And what does this plaster have to do with me?”

“We can mold it into another face…and stick it to you.”

Clara sat down next to us. “You aren’t exactly a skilled craftsman, Lily. How do you plan to make a beautiful face?”

She twirled her wand between her fingers. “With magic.”

“Oh, of course,” I moaned.

Without waiting for another answer she dragged her wand through the air. The blob of plaster lifted itself from the bowl and was suspended in midair. It remained shapeless for a moment, but then twisted and morphed into a replica of the human face. Holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth appeared.

Lily waved her wand again and a flesh-coloured tint was added to the plaster.

For the next five minutes the future Head Girl addled with the face, making minor adjustments. The cheekbones were rounded, the nose was straightened, and the jaw became more angular, everything that could possibly be done to make this plaster likeable, even gorgeous, Lily did it.

Finally, Lily turned and looked me straight in the eye. “You ready?”

I wasn’t.

“Uh,” I turned to the both of them. They certainly were ready, but of course, they weren’t having plaster stuck to their face for an entire year. “Y-Yeah,” I managed, trying to play off a nonchalant pose.

She pointed her wand at me and the mask drifted over and fixed itself over my face. It felt like someone had draped a wet towel over my head and had cut out holes from me to see and breathe from. After a moment of sitting there it sort of melted into my face and became a part of me. It was truly an odd feeling, to say the absolute least.

Lily and Clara were both staring at me curiously.

“What?” I asked. “Is it that bad?”

“No…you just look so… different…”

“Lemme see.” I made a grab for the nearest mirror.

Lily pushed it out of my reach. “Not until we finish with you.”

She picked up her wand again. “Hold still. I read about this charm that is supposed to make your eyelashes longer.”

Before long I felt the hair pushing out and up from my eyelids.

“Nice one,” commented Clara, studying me and rubbing her chin thoughtfully. “Change the shape of her eyebrows…make them more angled…”

I couldn’t help but feel like a rat in a second year class that was being transformed into a goblet as the two girls fiddled with my appearance. With every change they made I thought, Oh, so that’s another flaw I have…Quite the confidence booster.

Finally Lily stepped back with a satisfied look on her face. Clara was primping my hair and pushing it back to make the curls run down my back. Eventually, she too stepped away.

“You look marvelous.”

“Then let me see myself.”

Clara handed me a hand mirror and held her breath as I glanced into it.

The face I saw was alien to me.

My whole jaw bone seemed to have jutted inward slightly. My nose was perfectly straight and proportional to the rest of my features. My darker eyelashes tilted upwards dramatically and framed my eyes, my same old eyes: the only thing I recognized. My brows had a slight curve and were arched ever so precisely to exactly the right spot. My lips were more pigmented and had a thicker shape about them. And my face was now heart-shaped and angular.

Yes, the face was different and strange, but also, at the same time it was…drop dead gorgeous.

“Wow Lily…you really outdid yourself this time.”

“This project deserves the best.”

“I suppose…”

“I dunno,” said Clara slowly. “I feel like there’s something missing.”

She scrunched up her nose and studied my face. “Okay, I know what you need.”

She whispered something to Lily, who looked at me with squinted eyes as if trying to picture something. “I think you’re right,” she decided.

“Well then it’s settled,” said Clara, looking triumphant. She looked at me again. “We’re going on a fieldtrip Violet.”

“Um…to where exactly?”

“Into town,” was all she said.

“This is the perfect opportunity to see if this face really works,” said Lily. “And we have one last thing to add…that I can’t really do myself…”

“What is it?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” said Clara, smirking. She threw my newsboy cap at me. “Put that on…and if you see either one of my parents don’t let them see your face. I don’t think that they’ll be wild about this idea.”

I obliged to her request, still feeling the weird texture of my foreign features. We walked out of the room, trying to act as if everything was normal. I had never been so jittery. I mean, I had a new face! That’s enough to creep anyone out. After heading down the stairs we reached the front door.

Clara had her hand on the knob when Mr. Hagan walked up behind us. I had thought it was too good to be true. We never could have gotten out of that house without being spotted. It was the karma of life. “So you three have reunited again?”

His daughter and Lily spun around, trying to hide the guilty looks on their faces. I immediately bent down to tie my shoe…well, actually untie my shoe and then s-l-o-w-l-y retie it.

“Yes, Dad…Lily and Violet are staying for the rest of the holiday.”

“Oh…hip…we can have a hardcore party!”

Why did parents always do this? I thought to myself.

“Yeah, Dad,” muttered Clara, covering her face with her hands.

“We’re going to have a radical next two weeks!”

“Right,” said Lily, stifling her laughter.

Trying once more, he turned his attention towards me. Of course. They always have to talk to me when things got “iffy” with their own kids.

“So, how is life treating you Miss Violet?” Where did the Miss come from?

I double knotted my shoelace for the fourth time and made sure my hair was shielding my face.

“It’s masked me.” Never in my life had I been so literal, and thus Clara and Lily both nudged me with their foot.

Mr. Hagan, oblivious to all this, chuckled. “I’m sure the light will shine through soon… and you’ll see the correct path.”

I repressed a snort. “I’m sure I will.”

“So what do you girls plan on doing in town?”

“Lily’s menstruating and she’s out of pads,” said Clara without blinking an eye.

And even though she made Lily blush scarlet, she had used the one excuse that would make all fathers back off. They just didn’t want anything to do with female puberty. It was one of those facts of life. They didn’t even know that witches just use charms for those blessed occasions that occurred once a month.

Mr. Hagan fumbled with his fingers. “Oh…right…well, have a good time. See you at dinner.” He scurried away after that.

“Score,” muttered Clara under her breath as she opened the front door and lead us out.

“Why’d you have to use me?” complained Lily, still blushing furiously. “Why not you?”

“I’m not about to tell my own father that I’m on my period.”

Lily continued grumbling about her wounded pride as we walked along the streets.

“—could have come up with some other excuse altogether…”

“Oh give it a rest Lily. It’s done an over,” said Clara. She turned towards me. “Have you noticed that every single man about our age that we’ve passed has done a double-take at you?”

I was startled by this news. I hadn’t even noticed anyone looking at me…and even if I did, I just figured they were gawking at Lily or Clara. They were the beauties. Well, they must’ve been if they had caught the eyes of the Marauders. Those boys deserve to be castrated. Enough said.

“I haven’t seen anything,” I said to Clara.

“Well they have, and they should be. You look great.”


We arrived in front of a dingy little shop. I had no idea what it sold—just that it was dark and cool inside—and frankly, that was enough to make me want to turn around, run home, and hide under the covers.

“Are you sure that this is the right place?” I asked nervously.

Lily, who seemed to have finally gotten over her embarrassment, smiled and said, “Yep. Let’s go inside.”

The whole place smelled like rubbing alcohol and there was a stool standing by a countertop. Clara motioned for me to sit there.

“What are we doing here?” I asked, getting more anxious by the second.

“You’ll see.”

A man came out of the back room. He appeared to be in his mid-twenties, had six rings in each eyebrow, and a black line traced along the bottom of his eyes.

At around this time I was thinking that Clara and Lily were leading me to my murder. That’s how they were going to get the boys’ attention. By killing me and then making them feel sorry for me.

“So, who’s it for?” asked the man.

“Her,” said Clara immediately, pointing at me.

Oh God. He’s going to stab me with one of those things sticking out of his eyebrows.

“And what’s your name?” he asked me.

I was about to say, ‘Violet’, when Clara cut in again. “Her name’s Viola.”

I looked at her like she was crazy. She winked. She obviously had something up her sleeve.

“Okay,” the man said. “A pierce or a tat?”

I blinked. “Pardon?”

“A pierce,” said Lily firmly.

“Excuse me?” I started to panic. What did they mean, ‘a pierce’? My ears were already pierced.

“And where would that be?” He seemed like the kind of guy who did body piercings in abnormal places.

Well, I guess I could get a second one in my ears. Actually, I had been meaning t—

“Her nose,” said Clara.

“What?!” I cried, stopping my thoughts and instantly jumping from the stool. “Are you crazy?”

“Calm down,” cried Lily, grabbing me. “Just a small stud. Not a ring or anything…just something small and simple.”

I could not believe that my friends thought that I, Violet Lingdonburg, would agree to a nose piercing. I mean, who would want a sharp piece of metal lodged in their nasal cavity? I wouldn’t, for one — but obviously my friends thought I would.

The man reached underneath the counter and pulled up a piercing gun. “Will you please choose a piece form the tray?” He motioned towards a box to his left.

I crossed my arms. “There is no way in hell that gun is coming in contact with my nose.”

“Come on,” said Clara, trying to keep her voice calm. “This will make you look more adventurous and rebellious—,”

“But I’m not,” I cut in. “Wasn’t the whole point of this project to keep my real personality?”

“You are. Think really hard now. Deep down you want a nose piercing…because that’s the kind of person you really are. Admit it.”

I glared at the smirk on her face. I knew that she was right. As much as I detested the idea, I did sort of want to rebel and get a metal bit stuck in my nostril. I thought about what my foster parents would say when they found out. I cringed. But felt strangely good at the same time. They really couldn’t control me anymore — I was of legal age. But I couldn’t help but think that I was going to regret this in the morning. All the same though, I felt like taking a chance. I felt like throwing all the rules out the window. I felt like going off of impulse…not thinking about anything.

“I’ll do it,” I finally announced.

Clara smiled, as if she knew what my response would be. “Pick out a stud.”

I peered into the box. It went left to right from smallest to largest. The bottom row had rings. I pointed to a piece in the top corner, far right. It was about a quarter millimeter long. “I want that one.”

My friends looked at my decision.

Viola, that’s microscopic!” cried Clara. “People should at least be able to see it.”

Two can play this game. “That wasn’t the deal. The deal was that I would get my nose pierced…not how big the stud is.”

“But honestly Viole—Viola, there’s no point if no one can see it,” Lily told me.

I grumbled, knowing that she was right. I pointed to the next one up. “Fine. I pick that one. Final answer.”

The man loaded the stud into the piercing gun. “Sit down,” he told me.

I sat hesitantly on the stool, keeping my eyes fixed on the instrument he held in his hands.

The man pulled out a dusty bottle of peroxide and dabbed it on my nose with a cotton ball. I flinched.

“Stop being so jittery. I don’t bite.” He looked me up and down. “Most of the time.”

I. Wanted. To. Vomit.

Clara and Lily both reached for my hand as he lined up the gun right at the crease connecting the bridge of my nose to the flare. Okay, I suppose my friends were at least supportive.

Without warning he pulled the trigger and that tiny bit of metal embedded itself into my flesh.

There was excruciating pain for about a half of a second, but it then faded away to a dull throbbing.

“Holy shit,” I muttered, reaching up to feel my nose. There was a small bump there, but it has hardly noticeable.

“It looks great,” said Clara, handing the man a few bills to cover the cost.

The man pocketed the money. “Just wash it a few times a day for six weeks so it doesn’t get infected.”

“Right.” I headed out of the shop.

“It really does look good,” said Lily, as she followed me out.

“Yeah. I’ll tell you that when I drag you guys here next summer.”

Eeeek, *hides behind hands*, I really hope that this lived up to the previous chapter.

Chapter 3 is 50% done...and my beta is on vacation. Hopefully it'll be up within the next week.

Please review! I appreciate all of them. Feel free to critique and tell me about any mistakes I have.

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