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Why Girls like Shopping by potty4potter
Chapter 1 : Of Boring Dates and Tripping Over
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A/N- This is the first story I have ever put up on HPFF. Go me! Lol. Hope you enjoy. I own nothing, by the way.

I was bored. Really bored. I do like Shane Wood, with his clear blue eyes and chestnut hair. He is tall and burly due to playing Quidditch. Ah, Quidditch. Did I mention that hate Quidditch? It was all the guy ever talked about. Seriously.


“……then I realised that this bludger was coming towards me so I ducked and it went whistling past my head, barely inches away from where my head had just been seconds ago…...”


I gasped.


He looked at me. “I know, riveting, isn’t it? Then, I……”


I stifled a yawn and glanced around the interior of The Three Broomsticks. My friend, Izzy, was here with her boyfriend, Remus Lupin, a sweet boy who had been crushing on Izzy for years. She felt the same way, despite his ‘furry little problem’. I smiled at them. They were so cute.


“……spotted the snitch. Unluckily at the same time, so did Chang. To trick him, I dived, and so did he. Using the Wronski Feint, I pulled up sharply, and he crashed on the ground breaking his ribs and……”


Suddenly, sitting in the corner, I spotted my arch nemesis, Potter. Potter had been bugging me for years now, telling me he ‘lurved’ me and asking me out every five seconds. Sheesh, give it a rest, you arrogant toerag. Just because I’m probably the only girl in the school that doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean you have to stalk me everywhere.


Potter looks even more bored than I do with his date. His date is Kathleen Sparks, a slut from Huffelpuff who is only interested in her looks, and boys. Sad really. She wants to be a beautician. Yes, you did hear me correctly. A beautician. There is currently a war going on and she wants to be a beautician. I want to be an auror, and make a difference in the world. Unlike her.


Currently, she is twirling her hair round one finger, and pushing her chest out at Ja- Potter as far as is humanly possible. How lovely. Potter, meanwhile, is staring absently into space, probably thinking about Quidditch. He is just as much into Quidditch as Shane is. Idiot.


I sighed in frustration. I really need to get out of here now. I can’t take any more of this. My patience has already been sorely tested today when I caught Potter kissing a photo of me. I then screamed at him, and then this led into a fight. Yeah, a fight, you know, that’s the thing Potter and I do every day.

What shall my excuse be? Homework? Nah. Shopping? Hell no. Shane’ll probably come with me and then drag me into a Quidditch shop. Oh, I know. I can say that I have a Heads’ meeting with Dumbledore.


I looked at my watch, and, for the second time today, I faked a gasped.


“Oh, no!”


“……then stupid Jordan fouled me. What is it?”


I shot Shane an apologetic look. “I’m late for a Heads’ meeting with Dumbledore. It started ten minutes ago!”


“Oh. Go, go! Would you like to go out with me next weekend?”


I ignored his question. It was about time Shane got a new girlfriend. “I better go. I’m so sorry.” I grabbed my purse and stood up.


“Hey!” He pointed at Potter. “Potter’s late too!”


“Oh, oh- ye- yeah! I’ll just go and remind him.”


I walked around two tables to go over where Potter was sitting. “Potter.” He looked up sharply, seeming relieved to see me.


“What is it, Lilyflower?”


“We have a Heads’ meeting now. Right now. We need to go.”


A look of surprise registered on his face. “Oh, sorry Evans, I didn’t know. I better go. Sorry Kathleen.”


She pouted. “Don’t go, Jamie.” James cringed. “Skip the meeting!”


“Sorry Kathy darling, but Head duties are Head duties.”



He stood up, giving her a quick kiss, and led the way out of the pub, with a relieved smile on his face.


“Bye, Lily!” It was Shane, waving good bye to me.


Wow. I am a good actress.


I waved, and walked out of the door that James had gentlemanly held for me.




Did I just say James and gentlemanly in the same sentence?


I am finally losing my mind.


And guess whose fault that is…?


“Lily?” Potter waved a hand in front of my face, looking confused.


I mentally kicked myself. “Oh, sorry, Potter.”


We started to walk to the busy High Street of Hogsmeade.


He smirked at me. He was doing that a lot lately. Especially at me.  “We don’t really have a Heads’ meeting, do we?”


I stopped and looked at him. “No. I was bored with my date, so I made up the excuse that I was late for a Heads’ Meeting. Shane spotted you so you had to come with me too, or he wouldn’t have believed me.”


“I knew we didn’t have a meeting. But thanks anyway, Kathleen is really boring. Hot, but boring.”


I rolled my eyes as we continued to walk. “Still self-centred, Potter?”


“Yep.” James smirked. Again.


I grinned back. I just couldn’t help it.


Wait. Am I flirting with James Potter? And did I just FLUTTER MY EYELASHES AT HIM?!


Also, I have just spent five whole minutes in his presence without trying to kill him.





“So, how are you, Lily?”




Smooth, Lily, real smooth.


He looks nervous. I’ll try and lighten the mood.


“Look, James I- oh crap!” I had spotted Shane in the crowd ahead of us, carrying, you guessed it, a broomstick. And he was coming right this way. Quickly, I grabbed James, pushing him into the nearest shop, a jewellers’.


But there was a step.


I tripped, grabbing James to try to balance myself, but we both ended up the floor, me on top of him. The assistant looked shocked.


He was smirking.


I was blushing.



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Why Girls like Shopping: Of Boring Dates and Tripping Over


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