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Harry Potters New Babysitter by Bubblecharms
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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                   *Hey everybody this is my first Fan Fictionon this website so Please let me know what you think.*

Chapter 1

“HARRY POTTER!” yelled an angry voice. “Get up you lazy git!” yelled Harry’s uncle.

Harry came out of the closet that he had been sleeping in for seven years and walked over to his uncle.

“Hurry up or you’ll make us miss the plane!” said Uncle Vernon angrily.

“Yeah good morning to you too you slime ball.” said Harry under his breath. As Harry got changed and did all of his morning things he got to thinking about his new babysitter. Harry had been through five in his life time and they had all been big, nasty brutes who could care less about his feelings, but of course when Harry’s cousin, Dudley ,was there Dudley was always treated like a prince while Harry himself was treated like a slave. But then again that was how he was always treated in the Dursley house hold.

“Hey cousin, I heard that your new babysitter kills all of the kids that he baby sits because for a year and a half he was a convicted murderer. But some how he smuggled himself out of trouble.” said Dudley obviously trying to scare Harry.

“What ever Dudley.” said Harry dully who wasn’t in the mood for Dudley’s insistent picking this early in the morning.

“Are you two ready!?” yelled Uncle Vernon irritably.

Harry and Dudley walked into the Kitchen and sat down at the table.

“Don’t sit down! Go out and sit in the car while your uncle and I load the stuff!” scolded Aunt Petunia

So Harry and Dudley went out and waited in the car. All of a sudden Harry’s only bag was shoved into his hands.

“ When we get to your babysitters we don’t have time for you to be rummaging in the trunk.” said Aunt Petunia.

They had been driving for fifteen minutes when Dudley said, “Mummy, it is the 31st and Grumpier Old Men is on tonight! I’m going to miss it and the television said that it would never again be shown on T.V.” Dudley whined.

At the word 31st Harry couldn’t believe at mid-night tonight he would officially be nine years old. How could have he forgotten!? It was his birthday! He knew why he had forgotten, because unlike most kids who get cake, ice cream and presents for their birthdays he hadn’t once gotten a present from his aunt and uncle.

“Oh well its just another birthday, I guess.” thought Harry.

They were now on their way into the wonderful town of Godrics Hollow and along the streets were houses that had beautiful rock siding and gray shutters at the windows. By the time they had reached house number 55 the car came to a sudden halt.

“Get out boy!” said Aunt Petunia impatiently, “and don’t forget anything because will not be making another stop here till the 14th of August.”

About two seconds after Harry was out of the car, the car sped down the street, any sooner and the car would have run his foot over. Harry walked up to the house labeled number 55and mounted the stone steps. Harry took a deep breath and rang the door bell twice and after the second ‘dong’ , Harry heard rustling from inside. The door opened and revealed a thin girl about his height, who had shoulder length reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. After a moment , a warm welcoming smile broke onto her face.

“You must be Harry.” said the girl, “ Why don’t you come in and put your things down?”

As the girl move aside a man about 6 foot tall walked into what must be the living room. The man had dark black eyes that sparkled with mischief and long black hair to match.

“Dad, Harry’s here.” said the girl as Harry stepped into the house.

“So this is Harry, huh?” said the man, “It has been eight years since I saw you last, by the way the name is Sirius Black.” he said sticking out his hand. Harry took it and shook it, noticing the big difference between his small bony hand and Sirius’ large hand.

“Oh dear me where are my manners?” said the girl “My name is Emily but people just call me Em.”

“Well then, hello Em.” said Harry a little taken aback by the politeness of these people. “It is very nice to meet both of you.”

“Em,” said Sirius, “ Why don’t you show Harry where he will be sleeping for the next two weeks while his aunt and uncle are away. And hurry because Remus will soon be here.”

“As Harry and Em Walked up the stairs Harry asked, “ Who is Remus.”

“Oh Remus Lupin to be exact. Um… he is just one of Sirius’ friends. Sirius invited him to my birthday party.” said Em.

“Oh, well then Happy Birthday Em!” said Harry cheerfully.

“Thanks but it is to my understanding that it is your birthday today too.” said Em, “ Isn’t that weird.”

“Yeah, weird.” said Harry slowly.

When they got to the room that Harry would be sleeping in, Harry plopped his stuff on to the double size bed. ‘ this is really going to be different from how the way the Dursley’s treated him.’ he thought as he looked around the room.

“ Shall we unpack your stuff?” said Em, bringing Harry out of his thoughts.

“ Yeah, sure.” said Harry.

Em opened the bag and from it she with drew a little stuffed black Labrador retriever toy, that Harry had had since he was a year old.

“ Oh I’ll take that.” said Harry as his cheeks turned a brilliant color of scarlet.

“Hey,” said Em “Its nothing bad for a guy to have at least one stuffed animal. In fact Sirius still sleeps with the teddy bear that I got him when I was four and it is quite funny because when he cleans his room he talks to it like it is a real person, but I think he probably just does it to see what I will say.”

“Hey I thought Sirius was your Dad?” said Harry puzzled.

“Well he sort of is my dad but he is actually just my godfather.” said Em. “ My Mum and Dad died when I was only one.”

“So did mine!” said Harry, “This is really weird how we have so much in common! And we hardly know each other.!”

“Yeah,” said Em, “ and this is going to sound strange but you know, I have the same stuffed animal exactly like yours and I named it Padfoot.”

Weird!” said Harry “AND I named mine snuffles, but you have to realize that I was like two when I did so.”

For a while Harry an d Em were silent while putting his very big Dudley size clothes into the closet. When they were done Em said “ Shall we go down and see if Remus is here yet?”

“Sure.” said Harry dully.

With Em in the lead down the steps as soon as she could see the door she gasped and squealed “ Remus!” and ran to a man who was approximately 5 foot 8 inches and wore shabby clothing that looked like it had been through the washing machine one too many times. This harry supposed was Remus Lupin. Harry walked timidly over to where Em stood talking to Remus.

“Remus, this is Harry Potter.” said Em noticing Harry’s hesitation to join in on the conversation. “ Harry this is of course, Remus Lupin.”

“Nice to meet you sir.” said Harry extending his hand.

“Nice to meet you young sir. But it is to my knowledge that you and Em both have a birthday today.” said Remus very casually.

“Yes it is.” said Harry slightly paranoid tat almost everyone knew that it was his birthday and Harry doubted that the Dursley’s told them it was his birthday as they usually pretended not to notice his birthday. And these people were actually nice to him nobody had ever really nice to homework and it seemed strange to be respected and not to be judged on his scrawny appearance as most people did.

“Hello, earth to Harry!” said Em interrupting his thoughts once again.

“Huh? Oh sorry spaced out there for a second.” said Harry apologetically.

“Remus just asked you how old you will be.” said Em.

“I’ll be nine at midnight tonight.” said Harry

“Well then Happy ninth Birthday to both of you then.” said Remus.

“Thanks” said Harry not really knowing what to say because no body had ever really wished him a Happy Birthday.

“Lets go see what that godfather of yours is making for lunch.” said Remus turning to Em.

“Okay but you know its kind of dangerous right? Its like a war zone! Batter everywhere and when he’s making pizza, dough is stuck to the ceiling, only god knows how it gets up there!” said Em with a laugh.

“Yes but I think I can bear the mess. Besides we should help Sirius with the meal.” said Remus.

“Okay.” said Em reluctantly.

As the trio entered the kitchen a fresh aroma of sauce and cheese filled their noses.

“How did I know you were making Pizza?” said Em.

“Uh…. Maybe its because it is your favorite food and I always make pizza on your birthday.” said Sirius.

“Well what if Harry doesn’t like Pizza?” asked Em.

“I just figured that every one likes Pizza.” said Sirius, “I’m sorry Harry, do you like pizza?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry about me, I’ve went without food for two days already.” said Harry.

“Well you will never go without a meal in this household.” said Sirius sternly as he tossed a slab of dough in the air which ended up on the ceiling.

“Sirius, honestly, you are a total klutz when it comes to cooking, you know that?” said Em grabbing a chair and moving it under the dough then using it as a stool as Sirius rolled his eyes in her direction.

“ Hey, I saw that!” said Em peeling the dough off the ceiling and carefully placing it on the counter. Then walking over to Sirius and giving him a playful punch.

“By the way, Happy Birthday Harry!” said Sirius.

“Thanks.” said Harry.

“No problem. You know I knew your parents in and out of school”

“Really?” said Harry “What were my parents like?” he said as what seemed to be a thousand questions popped into his mind. “Where did they live? What did they look like? How did they die?”

“You mean to tell me Harry, your Aunt and Uncle didn’t tell you any thing about your parents?” said Sirius apparently surprised at Harry’s question.

“No sir.” said Harry.

“You know kid you really need to loosen up a bit if you are going to be staying here. There is no need to be shy.” said Sirius with a smile.

“Okay.” said Harry as his face turned pink.

“Well, sit down and I will tell you about your parents.” said Sirius, seating himself comfortably at the table. As Harry sat across from Sirius, Sirius said; “ The first thing you should know is that you look almost like a replica of your father, except for your eyes, those are most definitely your mothers, but your jet black hair is your dads. Both of your parents were extremely nice people, but when your mother got mad you had better watch out if she was after you.” said Sirius sniggering, “Boy did she ever yell at me when I took a balloon to her head and made her hair stand straight up. Those were the good ol’ days. Of course when your father and I got back up to the dormitory, he really gave me Hell! He loved that little green eyed girl from the moment he met her at school.” Sirius gave a sigh and said “I cant believe your Aunt and Uncle never told you about them. I mean I knew they were brutes but I didn’t think it was that bad.”

“ Well all that I know is that you are not to speak of them in the house hold of Dursley.” said Harry.

“I am truly sorry that you cant remember them Harry, they were really wonderful people.” said Remus who had decided to join in on the conversation.

“But how did my parents die?” said Harry looking from Sirius to Remus and back again.

“I’m sorry Harry but I must finish making lunch.” said Sirius, “Em will you go to the store for me and get the things on this list?” said Sirius as he handed Em a bag of money. “ Harry you can go too, Em is much more fun than Remus and I.”

“Okay” said Harry and Em at the same time. They looked at each other and then busted out laughing. It was unbelievable that two complete strangers could be so much alike.

“Okay you two giggle boxes can you please go get the things on that list?” Sirius said chuckling at the sight of the of the children now sprawled out on the floor sputtering with a fresh fit of giggles.

“Yes sir.” they said together laughing.

Harry and Em made their way to the door and down the street to the grocery store.

“Okay we need eggs, milk, ice cream, chips, pepperonis, and chip dip.” said Em looking at the list as they entered the store.

Em then lead the way down the frozen food islet o the freezer which held the ice cream. Right as they reached the freezer they saw a boy with red wavy hair, freckles, and hazel eyes. The boy was slightly taller than Harry and Em

“Hello there.” said Em to the red haired boy.

“Hi” the boy answered nervously.

“Are you new around here because I don’t believe we’ve met before.” said Em curiously.

“Yeah we just moved into house number 58.” said the boy.

“Well then welcome to our lovely town of Godrics Hollow. My name is Emily Black but call me Em, its what every body calls me said Em enthusiastically apparently excited to have met some one new.

“And my name is Harry Potter. Sorry I don’t have a nickname so you will just have to call me Harry.” said Harry.

At the mention of Harry’s name the boys eyes became as big as walnuts.

“Well my name is Ronald Weasley, but call me Ron please. My mum always calls me Ronald and it gets really annoying.” said Ron with a slight smile, obviously relieved to be making friends. “By the way Harry, isn’t it your birthday today?” asked Ron

“Yes.” said Harry confused. “How did all these people know it is his birthday?” Harry questioned himself.

“Well then, Happy Birthday.” said Ron.

“Thanks but its Em’s birthday today too.” said Harry

“Okay…Happy Birthday to both of you!” said Ron as his expression changed from confused to a face of recollection.

“Thanks .” said the other two at once.

“RONALD! Ronald Arthur Weasley, where are you?” shrieked a voice, Harry supposed was Ron’s Mum.

“Sorry got to go!” said Ron as the tips of his ears turned scarlet. “My Mums calling me. It was nice to meet you . Hope to see you guys around!”

“Bye it was nice meeting you too.” said Em, to Ron’s retreating back.. Ron waved in recognition to show he had heard her.

“Well, he seems really nice. He seems to be a little tense when it comes to his mother.” said Harry.

“Yeah he did seem a little tense when his mother called.” said Em, “ Oh well, lets just get this stupid shopping done. I absolutely hate shopping.” she growled.

“You know, most girls are really hard to tear away from the shopping places even if it is just a grocery store.!” said Harry.

“Yeah but I’m not like most girls” said Em, “As you have probably already noticed.” she commented as she picked up a box of vanilla ice cream.

Harry and Em finished their shopping and practically sped down the street so that Em could tell Sirius that there were new people in town. When they opened the front door of the house they found all of the lights turned off and the blinds pulled shut. Just as Harry and Em walked into the living room, Em stopped and Harry almost tripped over her foot.

“Wheres Sirius and Remus? Oh well lets just get this stuff to the kitchen.” said Em

As they walked into the kitchen the lights flashed on and people from every side of the children yelled “Happy Birthday Em and Harry!”

Then Harry was the first to see the banner that read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY AND EM!” Harry nudged Em and pointed at the banner.

“That’s Sirius’ writing, trust me I know I’ve been living with him for the past eight years.” said Em “ Oh Harry there are so many people you should meet. Come on!” said Em taking Harry’s hand leading him over to an elderly looking man who had white hair and beard that was so long that he could easily tuck it into his belt if he wanted to. “Harry this is Albus Dumbledore. He’s a professor at school.” said Em.

“Hello Harry,” said Dumbledore as his ice blue eyes seemed to x-ray right through Harry’s eyes as if searching for some thing or reading his mind. “I suppose you probably don’t remember me from when you were just a baby, but I must ask you how have Dursley’s been treating you?” asked Dumbledore solemnly his eyes still searching Harry’s.

“I guess alright, but why do you want to know? And how do you know about the Dursley’s?” asked Harry politely.

“Well I am very sorry to say it but it was I who put you on your aunt and uncles doorstep when you were a baby. Your parents had asked me to deliver you to some place that would be good for you if anything happened to them. I wish I could have taken you in but with stuff at my school, I wouldn’t have been able to raise you properly.” said Dumbledore whose expression was sad and tired as if he regretted his actions.

“Its okay I am fine living with the Dursley’s.” Harry lied.

“Sorry Professor, but Harry and I have a lot of other people to meet!” said Em pulling Harry away from Dumbledore.

“See you later, Happy Birthday!” said Dumbledore cheerfully.

Next Em pulled Harry up to a man who had to be at least 8’ tall and had straggly brown hair which looked like it need a good brushing.

“Harry this is Hagrid. He is Game keeper at Professor Dumbledore’s school.” said Em.

“Hullo, ‘arry! I ’aven’t seen yeh since yeh was a baby! Boy do yeh look like yer father.” said Hagrid.

“Hagrid, Harry and I really have to meet every one. Okay.” said Em.

“Alrigh’ see yeh la’er.” said Hagrid.

Harry met so many people that he felt like his head was spinning.

“Em how many more people do we have yet.” said Harry.

“Just one.” she replied as she practically drug him over to a woman with pink spiked hair. “This is Tonks.” said Em brightly as Tonks swung around to see who had just said her name.

“Hi Em!” said Tonks as she swept Em into a giant bear hug. “I haven’t seen you for ages!”

“I know. How’s school been going for you?” asked Em.

“Great Thanks! Now who is this young man, Em.” said Tonks suspiciously

“This is Harry Potter.” said Em.

“Hello, Harry! And Happy Birthday to … both of you.” said Tonks.

“Alright Everyone ! Lets eat some cake.” said Sirius hungrily. Every one at the delicious cake afterward every one surprised Harry by giving him the first birthday gift any one had ever given him.

“Thanks, but you didn’t have to get me anything.” said Harry timidly.

By the time the last person left the party it was 10 o’clock.

“Before you two go to bed I have some thing that I want to tell you for your future reference.” said Sirius “Go sit down on the couch.” said Sirius as they entered the living room. Harry and Em sat down both children had curious looks on their faces. “Alright first of all Professor Dumbledore said that if you would like, Harry, you can live here instead of your uncles house if you want to of course.” said Sirius.

“Of course, I’ll live here if you want me to.” said Harry looking from Sirius to Em and back again.

“ Of course we do.” said Em. “Right Sirius.”

“Yes . Now since you will be living here with us you should know this Harry, you and Em are twins.” said Sirius.

“Twins? Do you mean to tell me that’s why we have so much in common?” Harry exclaimed.

“Most likely yes.” said Sirius giving off a barking laugh, “ Harry you and Em even have the same scar on your forehead, from the night your parents died.” said Sirius indicating to the scar just above his right eyebrow. “Em show him yours.”

“Alright.” said Em reluctantly as she got a pained expression as if she was getting a bad stomach ache, but as she did so a white scar instantly appeared above her left eyebrow.

“BLOODY HELL!” yelped Harry jumping back inn surprise, “How the Hell did she do that!?”

“I’m a metamophmagus.” said Em, “It means I can change my appearance at will.” said Em as Harry’s face turned from astonishment to confusion.

“And another thing, before Em goes into details about being a metamophmagus, you are a wizard Harry.” said Sirius.

“I’m a…I’m a…Wizard!?” stammered Harry.

“Yes Harry, haven’t you ever done some thing and you don’t know how you did it.” said Sirius trying to convince Harry.

“Yeah one time my cousin was chasing me and I ended up on top of the school building. Then I got locked in my closet for a month. But what else was new I was always in my closet.” said Harry convinced, now he understood why strange thing kept happening to him.

“So now that you believe me , we all will go to Diagon Alley and get you some clothes to fit instead of you wearing that whale size clothing your aunt gave you.” said Sirius as he stood. “Also if it makes you feel any more comfortable while staying here. You can call me Dad or just Sirius like Em does. Well Good night you two and don’t stay up too late!” said Sirius as he clambered up the stairs.

“So what about this metamophmagus stuff?” said Harry curiously, what all can you do?”

“Well I can do this.” said as she grew taller , a litter wider, grew black hair that was shoulder length and her eyes went the same color of Sirius’ and her face looked the same as his. “So who am I?” said Em giving off a bark like laugh that was just like Sirius’.

“Wow! You can make your self look like another person? How cools that?” said Harry as he thought “ I got the coolest sister in the world.”

“Well it does get a few laughs at the dinner table.” she said, “Well, we’re going to have a long day tomorrow if we don’t get some sleep.” said Em changing back to herself again and heading to the stairs. “Come on lets go to bed I’ll drop you off at your door.”

Harry got up and went over to Em and they walked up the stairs and tip toed past a door that was shut tight but they could still hear snoring coming from the inside of the room.

“Sirius always was a loud sleeper. I like to put shaving cream on his hand and take a feather and tickle his nose . Its hilarious when he gets up in the morning. He usually has shaving cream in his hair by the time he gets up in the morning.” said Em as she snickered.

“But, don’t you get in trouble?” said Harry.

“No he’s always playing pranks on me. So we just call it even. Hey lets put shaving cream on his hand tonight.” said Em.

“Okay . As long as we don’t get in trouble.” said Harry reluctantly. He wasn’t keen to get in trouble on his second day in the Black Household.

“Nah, we won’t get in trouble. Trust me. Well there may be a few off-color language for about an hour but that’s it.” said Em smiling, “I’ll get the feather and you can get the shaving cream it should be on the counter.”

“Uhh.. Where is the bathroom up here?” asked Harry.

“Oh, yeah forgot to tell you bathroom is the last door on the right.”

“Okay.” said Harry as he headed off down the hall. When h got to the bathroom as Em had said the shaving cream was on the counter. As he started back towards Em with the Shaving cream in his hand he heard movement coming from out side. He looked out the window and he saw Em balancing on a tree branch that was about five foot off the ground and then slowly moving her self to a bird nest. She then plucked the feather off the bird that was sleeping in it. When Em notice that she was being watched she looked around and found Harry watching her she waved the feather in the air and fell of the tree branch.

Harry opened the window and asked; “Are you okay.” only to find Em cackling with laughter.

“Yeah.” said Em getting up. “I’ll meet you at Sirius’ door.

“Okay.” said Harry turning around once again and heading to Sirius’ bedroom. Harry only had to wait five minutes and Em appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Okay Lets go in.” said Em striding up to Harry. Then opening the door. “ Okay go put some shaving cream on his right hand.” whispered Em. Harry did as Em said and made sure that Sirius’ hand was completely covered. Then Em tickled Sirius’ nose and he slatted his face with the shaving cream. They sneaked quietly out of the room. Em walked Harry to his room and bid him goodnight and headed to her own room and shut the door behind her. Harry entered his own room feeling exhausted. He closed the door and went over to his bed he picked up his stuffed dog and placed it on his bed side table and climbed into bed.” This was the best birthday ever.” he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

*I really enjoy writing this story and I will try to have chapter 2 up soon. I have it on paper I just need to type it. Please let me know what you think!*


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