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That's Her by endlessly xx
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: The Only One
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Neville Longbottom  was standing in his bedroom, looking hurriedly in his small mirror.  He took his shaky hands and dusted off the imaginary hairs he saw on his blue sweater. He was a nervous wreck, he knew, but he had to look just right.

‘Everything had to be perfect,’ he thought, ‘Everything.’

He looked in the mirror and messed up his hair then grabbed a comb and flattened it out again.

He looked up into the mirror and sighed. Then he glanced down and grabbed a small, square, dark blue box and he felt a smile tug at his lips. He opened the case and stared at the ring in the case, a white gold band with a good sized light blue stone.

Unique but extraordinarily beautiful, just like Luna.

Luna. During the War, they always seemed to end up together, either being partnered up for assignments for the DA or the Order of the Phoenix, or just for the enjoyment of each other’s company.

Everything during the War was dark, except for her. She was always bright; she had this calming effect that made it impossible for him to be upset or feel lost in her presence.

Then after the War, after all the destruction and death, she made it bearable. She made everything seem okay, even though it wasn’t.

Though their lives as they knew it crumbled around them, he didn’t care, just as long as she was safe and they were together.

It was the fifteenth of October, he remembers, a two years after the War started, the first time he realized he loved her.

They were walking down a path in the forest outside the House of Black, hand in hand. The leaves were turned to orange, red and yellow, and some had fallen to the ground. The breeze was blowing her long flowing hair and her cap had blown away three times already.

She looked gorgeous, like she always did. She had on jeans and a sweater on, with a brown wool jacket that came down to her knees, and the brown scarf she had wrapped around her neck kept blowing in her face due to the wind.

She was introduced to muggle clothes by Hermione, and admits that they are much more comfortable than wizards. Plus, she admitted this morning, she had fallen asleep before having a chance to do any laundry.

They came the Y in the path which, if you went left, took you deeper into the forest and if you went right, led you to a little stream that they visited often.

They went right and soon arrived at the stream they became so familiar with. Neville stopped walking and watched Luna, who kept walking toward the stream.

She stopped when she got to the water edge and sat down and huddled her knees into her chest. Neville watched her with curious eyes, she has never done anything like this before, though, he thought, it is Luna.

He was watching her, trying to figure out what she could be planning, when he heard a sniffle come from her direction. Immediately he ran to her side, knelt down to her level and put an arm around her.

“Luna? Luna what’s wrong?” He asked, in a comforting voice.

All she did was turn her head away from him and sniffle more and tried to clear her throat.

“Luna?” He asked again, only this time a little more demanding.

“It nothing. A Snaffler must be around here. Tricky little things, you know? Always making a nose run and eyes water. Really, I’m fine,” she stated in a slightly muffled voice, due to the stuffy nose. She turned back to him and looked him in the eyes, daring him to question the creature she just stated.

Neville looked at her, and sighed, “Luna, please tell me what’s wrong. And don’t tell me it was a Snaffler,” he said when he saw she was about to interrupt him, “I don’t believe it for a second, and don’t think I do. Tell me what’s made you so upset.”

Luna just looked into his eyes, and he looked back. Suddenly, her eyes started to water and tears flooded down her cheeks. Neville’s eyes widened slightly, for he had never seen her act like this before, then he instantly wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her the best her could.

She started talking, and between the tears and his jacket, he couldn’t understand a word she was saying. He just patted her back awkwardly and said ‘there theres’ and ‘Everything will be aright,’ until she calmed down.

When she did calm down, he pulled her away gently, and said, “Love, would you mind telling me what you said one more time? I could hear a word you said.”

She sighed and said, “I was just babbling. No need to worry, I got it all out of my system. Thanks!” And she gave him a smile and started to stand up.

Neville grabbed her hand and pulled her back down.

“Hold it,” he said, “You can’t just do that! Tell me what you were just crying about!”

She sighed again and looked away.

“The Wars getting worse, Neville. Pretty soon the Final Battle will arrive. And there will be more battles before that even,” she says, barely above a whisper.

She sniffled again and wiped her face, for that Neville assumed that she had silent tears running down her face.

“What if..” She stopped and turned her head to him again. Her face was wet with tears and when she looked him in the eyes, she started sobbing. Neville was speechless, he’s never seen her like this. He didn’t know what to do.

“What if,” she started again, talking through her tears, “What if something happens to you? What if you get hurt? What if you die? I don’t think I could live without you! I don’t think I could stay sane without you here with me! Neville I care about you too much for you to die! You can’t leave me! You can’t die!”

She was crying so hard, she was choking on her tears. She started coughing and breathing deep, but she kept on crying.

Neville grabbed her and cradled her into his chest and she clung onto him, as if when she let go, he would be gone forever. He rocked her back and forth whispering that everything was okay and that he wasn’t going anywhere.

About ten minutes later, her tears slowed down and he, for the second time that day, gently pushed her away form him. He held her at arms length and looked at her. Her face was red and tear stained, her blonde hair was a mess, and her eyes were bloodshot.

He grabbed her chin and made her look him in the eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m not leaving your side through this whole War, I’ll be there when the end of it comes. I’ll be right there with you in the end,” he said to her in a confident voice.

“But how do you know?”

“I just know. I’ll be there, I promise.”

She looked at him and gave him a smile. He leaned over and kissed her on her forehead. Then he cupped her face, and wiped away her tears with his thumb.

He looked her in the eyes and he kissed her, slow and sweet. He felt a wonderful twist in his stomach that made him smile through the kiss.

Seeing her upset like that, it made him feel a kind of pain he didn’t know existed. He would have done anything to make her smile again. He knew that he never wanted her to be that upset ever again, and he was going to be there forever to make sure she never was.

But knowing that she was that upset over the possibility of him dying? Well, he couldn’t deny that knowing that made the twist in his stomach twist even more. Just knowing that she cared for him that much, well, it made him feel like he was floating. And he never wanted to come down.

That was the last day of peace they had for a long time, the next day there was another attack and two days after that was the Final Battle. Harry Potter came through and the Dark Lord was defeated.

With everything that was happening, none of their friends really knew about Neville and Luna’s relationship. Of course people guessed that they were 'together' as they started to spend more time with each other, but most everyone was so busy with the war that no one really noticed. 

After the War, they both just sort of drifted away from their friends. They ran into each other every once and awhile, but they never really had the chance to talk, so no one ever really knew.

Neville came back to reality when he heard his front door slam.

“Neville?” He heard and his stomach did a flip flop. It was Luna. “Neville, where are you?”

He heard her foot steps stop and her sigh, “Neville?”

“In here! Wait, I’m coming out right now,” he yelled out to her and he looked in the mirror one more time.

‘Well,’ he thought, ‘This is it. Are you ready?’

He gave himself a smile and grabbed the ring box. He shoved it in his pants pocket and patted it down so it didn’t show.

He smiled and encouraging smile one more time to himself before he turned and walked out his bedroom door.

He walked down the hallway and into the living room, where he saw Luna sitting on the couch, shivering and blowing warm breath into her hands. Stood up when he came into the room.

“Well, don’t you look handsome?” She said with a large smile one her face, “I love this blue, you should wear it more often. Well, are you ready?”

Her face was red from the cold and she was still shivering slightly. She had one jeans and a black wool button up jacket. Her white scarf blended in with her hair perfectly.

“Yes, I am, but are you sure you are?” He asked, “Do you want to borrow my jacket?”

She shook her head, “No thank you. Haven’t you ever heard that the cold brings out the Fritters?” She asked and he knew she was going to tell him all about it.  “They sense that you’re cold and warm you up. They’re small,  and resemble a pixie, but they’re a greenish silver. When they sense you’re cold, they form this green orb type thing that goes around your entire body that warms you up instantly and keeps you warm until you get to your destination. Isn’t that amazing?”

She looked over to him with expectant eyes and smiled. He smiled back, “Yes, Love, that is amazing. Perhaps we’ll see one today. It is rather cold, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes. Perfect weather for the Fritters,” she said and looked over to me, “Well, come on. Get your jacket.”

She smiled up at him again and walked towards him. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered, “I love you,” in his ear.

“I love you too, Love,” Neville said, as he wrapped his arms around her.

She let go and pulled away from him and gave him another smile that made Neville’s stomach flutter. She started walking towards the door, leaving Neville behind.

“So what exactly are we doing today?” She asked him over her shoulder. 

Neville shook his head and walked towards her, grabbing his coat off the hook on the way. She was turning the knob of the front door when he stopped behind her to slip on the jacket.

“Well, Christmas is only a week away and I haven’t gotten all the presents I need to get yet. And I thought we could just roam the streets,” he said, “Oh, and I made dinner reservations for 6 o’clock at La Bella Vita.”

Luna gave him a look, “Why did you make reservations for tonight? Am I missing something?”

Neville only smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss before walking by her out the door.

Soon they were walking hand in hand down Diagon Alley, watching all the kids playing around in the snow and all the people scuttle by, hurrying to get out of the cold.

“So,” she started, “Since we have the reservations at six, then that means we have three hours before we need to be there. And I think we’ll need to leave about an hour and a half before, so I can get around and everything. So that leaves us with about an hour and a half of shopping time. I hope you know what you want.”

She looked up at Neville and raised an eyebrow.

“I do. I think. Well, I could use some help. All I really need to do is find something for Gran and something for your father. I think,” he said, trying to remember if he forgot something or someone.

“Well, I know Daddy loved the book that you got him last year, on all those old creatures that people don‘t know are real or make believe. It really helped him with his research. Maybe we could find something for him along those lines,” she said, “And your Gran.. Well, I’m sure any type of clothing would do good for her. She did say something awhile ago about needed a new set of winter and spring robes.”

Neville just smiled, she always knew. He leaned down and kissed her once more. Then he smiled and they continued walking.

About an hour later, after going through all of the creatures section at the book store and searching through many different robes, Neville found the perfect gifts for both his Gran and Mr. Lovegood.

“I’m glad I have that finished,” Neville stated as they sat down inside the Leaky Cauldron to warm up.

“Me too. At least you didn’t wait till the very last minute, like last year,” she said and giggled at the memory, “So we have about a half an hour left until we should get going. Where do you want to go?”

Neville thought for a moment, then smiled and said, “I have the perfect place.”

He grabbed the bags then grabbed Luna’s hand and walked out into the cold. They walked down the road and stopped outside a giant tent.

“Neville, why did you want to come here? What do we need at the pet store?” Luna asked, confused.

They owners kept some of their animals outside under the tent. It was heated, so that the animals wouldn’t freeze, and so if the animals didn’t attract peoples attention, then the warmth would.

They stepped inside the tent and were instantly engulfed with warmth.

“Luna, why don’t you go pick something out? For the both of us. It could stay where ever you like, but I think our lives need a little something in them,” Neville said.

Luna’s eyes went wide and she smiled wide.

“You mean it?” She asked excitedly, “Anything?”

“Anything,” he confirmed and watched her scramble off to find their perfect pet. Then, when he realized what he just said, he silently cursed himself for saying she could have ‘anything.’

He sighed and stated to walk around the tent. He came upon a display that was a pyramid of balls. He reached out to touch one and instantly wished he hadn’t. All the balls fell and went rolling away.

“Hey!” Neville heard from behind. He turned and was faced with a large scruffy man, “Can’t you read the sign? Don’t touch means don’t touch!” He looked over to where the man was pointing and, sure enough, there was a sign that said ‘Do Not Touch the Displays.’

“I-I’m so sorry,” Neville stuttered, “Hear, let me help,” he said and started to reach down to help him pick up the balls.

“No! No,” the man said, “Trust me, you’ve done enough. Could you just go an see if any balls have rolled outside the tent?”

Neville stood and said, “Yeah, sure.”

He walked outside the tent and scanned his eyes over the street. He saw only one balled that seemed to have rolled to the middle of the street, so he walked over and picked it up. He was turning to make his way back to the tent when he herd someone call his name.

He turned around and saw Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione. They were all smiling and waving and rushing over to him. He noticed that Harry was holding hands with Ginny and Ron had his arm wrapped around Hermione’s waste.

“Neville,” Harry said when they caught up to him, “Neville, where have you been? We haven’t seen you in ages!”

Neville smiled and said, “Well, I haven’t gone anywhere, Harry. I’ve moved into my own flat and that’s where I’ve been.”

“Well, how have you been Neville?” It was Hermione who asked this time. “It seems like ages since we’ve seen you last. Anything new happen?”

“I’ve been great. Got myself a job down at the plant store just down the road. I plan on saving up just a bit more money then owning my own business one day. But that’s far off, I still have awhile to go yet,” Neville said, smiling and nodding his head, “What about you lot, how’ve you been?”

“Well,” Hermione said, “I’ve been working as a healer at St. Mungos. I’ve made it to Assistant Healer and I’ve been working on some laws for house else and other creatures too, but they’re still a work in progress,” she said.

“And I,” Ron started talking, “I’m an Auror with Harry.”

“Really,” I said, “Well, that sounds great. Just what you two wanted to do, right?”

“Oh yeah,” Harry answered, “We’re being worked pretty good to. I think they think they have to make us work twice as hard as everyone else so that people don’t think they’re giving us a break because of who we are. But, trust me, even thought it’s Hell, it’s a good thing. I don’t want to see anymore of myself in the press.”

“Yes, none of us want to go back to those times,” Neville said, “Well what about you Ginny?”

“Oh, well,” she said, “I’m the Charms professor at Hogwarts.”

“Ginny that’s great! Any other news?” Neville asked, looking at Harry and her.

Ginny looked at him and her face turned slightly pink. The suddenly she yelled excitedly, “Harry and I are engaged!”

Neville started laughing and looked over to Ron and Hermione questionably. Hermione looked at them and then her eyes got wide.

Ron understood what Neville was questioning and said hurriedly, “No, no, mate. Just dating here.”

Neville laughed again and Harry and Ginny joined in at laughing at the embarrassed Hermione and frazzled Ron.

“Alright, alright,” Ron yelled over everyone’s laughing, “What about you mate? Any ladies?” Ron asked and wriggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Ronald!” Hermione scolded and Neville interrupted her buy saying, “Wow, you guys really haven’t changed a bit.”

He smiled and got a dazed look on his face, “Yeah, there is someone. I love her very much. In fact, tonight I plan on asking her to marry me,” he said and pulled out the ring box and opened it up for them to see.

“Wow, Neville,” Ginny said, “It’s beautiful.”

“It really is,” Hermione said.

“Who’s the bird?” Ron asked.

Harry laughed an said, “He means, who’s the lucky girl?”

Ron chuckled and nodded his head.

“Well,” Neville said and turned to look at the tent, trying to spot her. He found her and pointed, “You see that girl? Over there with a kitten in her arms? The one with the long blonde hair?”

“Yeah,” he heard, though he wasn’t sure who said it. Then he heard someone say, “Isn’t that Luna Lovegood?” in a shocked tone.

He smiled wide as he gazed over at her.

“Yeah,” he said, “That’s her.”


A/N- Wow you guys! All in one night! This is in response to Fallenstarr’s challenge! I hope you liked it! I know, it’s rushed, but I’m in a rush. I have extreme writer’s block, so this is definitely not my best. Sorry for an mistakes, please let me know if you see any! Thanks again for reading, remember to review!

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