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One Last Promise... by _Emma_
Chapter 1 : One Last Promise...
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One Last Promise


A/N: So, here it is, I told you that I would have a sequel up for Promise Me.... Please enjoy the story and review. 



It was a year since they left. One month since the last letter from him. One day since I got that letter. The one from Hermione.

Dear Ginny,
Well, it's over like Harry promised you it would be. There will be less people coming home with me, Bill won't, Lupin won't, Tonks won't, Ron won't and Harry won't. Ginny he had to break his promise. He's always loved you Ginny, he did it all for you. He really wanted to come home, to marry you, to start a family with you. He was always telling us his plans for the wedding, he would be standing watching you come down the isle, that's what he did in his spare time, he would write down his ideas so that he could show them to you. He gave me an envelope addressed to you and told me that if anything happened to him I was to give it to you. It's in the same envelope as this letter came in.

See you soon,

I read this letter quite a few times before I looked for the one from Harry.

Dear Ginny,
I'm writing this in case I can't tell you in person. I had always known that this battle was more dangerous than all of the rest put together. I had to go Gin, you know that. I promised you that I would end this and that I would marry you, I might have to break that last one Gin. If you are reading this letter then I have, I'm so sorry Gin, hopefully Ron and Hermione are there with you. You told me that you would go back to school, go back.

Please forgive me Ginny,

I read this over and over trying to take all of the information in. Harry's dead. He's gone, never coming back, I'm not going to see him again, the same day that he died so did two of my brothers, gone, forever. I went over to the trunk I had that was full of Harry's stuff, his books, his school books, his quidditch robes, his cloaks and his photo albums. I immediately took out his quidditch robes and put them on. I had been doing this quite a few times since he had left. Next I took out the photo album that Hagrid had started for him at the end of his first year. The one with all of his baby photos in it.

There was his mum and dad dancing, Harry, his mum and dad all together, him lying asleep in his mums arms, him with his dad on a broom. then it skipped about ten years of his life, the years he spent with the Dursleys, and went to one of him and Ron playing Wizards chess in the Common Room, him sitting on Christmas Day, surrounded by presents and wearing a Weasley jumper, him, Ron and Hermione on the train then another of him Ron and Hermione, this time with Fred and George. Next there was him at the Burrow with mum, dad, well, basically everyone apart from me. After that there was the clipping form the Daily Prophet that Ron had sent to him and there was the first picture of me and him together in a picture. Pictures from Harry's fourth year were after that, him in the common room with the egg and pictures from the Yule Ball. Him and Parvati, Ron and Padma, Hermione and Viktor Krum and me and Neville. After those were the photos from his fifth year, the four of us by the lake, him and Sirius, the four of us on the train. Then pictures from his sixth year, the four of us talking by the lake, sitting by the fire. I couldn't find any of just me and Harry. I was looking at the other books when I saw it, the book that said 'Harry and Ginny'. He had made a special one for just us. I took it out and opened it.

On the first page was a picture of the carving that he had put into the tree at the bottom of the garden that said 'Harry and Ginny together'. On the next page was a picture of me before I started going to Hogwarts another of us at the Ice Cream Parlour, laughing. One of us dancing at the Yule Ball, out in the garden here. there was a lot more pictures from when I was in my fifth year and Harry's sixth. There was one of us lying by the lake, one of me sitting and Harry kissing my forehead, cuddling on the couches by the fire in the Common Room. One of us building a snowman the muggle way, one of us kissing in the snow, laughing in the common room, pictures like that. The last picture was one of us dancing at Bill and Fleur's wedding, I was wearing a blue bridesmaids dress and Harry was wearing a Muggle tuxedo, my head was resting on his chest and he was looking down at me, smiling.

I wasn't sure if mum knew yet but I wasn't going downstairs. I couldn't wait for Hermione because Harry wasn't going to be with her. I batted at the tears that were falling freely down my face. I stood up, deciding that I should tell mum, I could go back up to my room before Hermione got back. I was in a daze, the photo album of me and Harry in one hand, the two letters and the envelope in the other. With the hand that was carrying the letters and envelope I opened the door, eyes forwards, tears still falling from the. i went down into the sitting room, mum was knitting, she obviously hadn't heard. she looked up at me, i still had Harry's quidditch robes on, a photo album in one hand, our names written on the front, in the other, letters and an envelope, my hair was a mess, my eyeliner had run down my face with the tears that were still flowing freely.
“Ginny dear!” Mum exclaimed, “What is it?” She hadn't figured it out. “Are Harry, Ron and Hermione on their way back?” At Harry's and Ron's names the tears came faster, Mum figured it out and I handed over the letter. Her face visibly paled, she read who wasn't coming back. Her oldest son, Bill, was dead. He had his own family, Fleur was pregnant and her due date was in a few weeks. The baby was going to grow up without a father. She continued to read. Her youngest son, Ron, only just turned eighteen four months ago, was engaged, he had proposed to Hermione the day after Bill and Fleur's wedding, dead. Next she saw the last name, Harry, he was like a son to her, he had started planning his life with her daughter, her heartbroken daughter, had died.
“Oh Ginny.” It all made sense to mum why I was like I was. She pulled me into a hug.
“he started planning the wedding mum!” I sobbed taking some more parchment form the envelope.

I hope you don't mind about this but it's what's got me through the war, I've started planning our wedding.
1) A winter wedding I think, I can imagine you and me at an alter, snow falling lightly and settling into your hair.
2) At the Burrow, in the garden beside the tree that I carved us into.
3)Ron will be my best man.
4) I'll be wearing a muggle tuxedo with dress robes on over it.
5)We can even have some fairy lights for your dad!
Well that's all I have right now, I have to go.
Miss you loads
Love Harry.

As I read it I sunk to the ground, he wanted all of that to happen, it all sounded so perfect, he had thought of the little things, his best man, the time, the place, he had me waiting, all he needed was to come home from the battle.
“You promised me Harry, you kept as many of them as you could, I promised you that I would go back to school so I will. I can't keep one of my promises like you but I'll make another to take its place. I promise that I will never forget you, I will stop loving you, there is only one person out there for you and he was you. I miss you so much Harry, I thought that you were on your way back, I thought that we were going to get married.” I whispered.
“Ginny, look at this.” Mum whispered and held out one last envelope with my name on it.
Gin, the note read, I realise that if you are reading this that I'm not there with you and I'm not on my way back. I was thinking after I left and I realised that you don't have an engagement ring. Look inside this envelope.
Love you loads

I tipped the envelope forwards into my outstretched hand and sure enough, a ring fell out. It was a platinum band with the etching ' I love you, even when I'm not there.' on the inside of the band, there was a diamond in the middle of two smaller ones.
“I will never take this off and I'll love you till the day I die, I promise.” I made one last promise to the man I love.


A/N 2: aww, I loved writing this story, it was so sad.

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