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The Room of Requirement by Cedrics_gurl
Chapter 1 : Room of Requirement
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*** Okay, this is a really weird one-shot. I don't know where I got the idea, but I just had to write it. I know it isn't the best story of mine, but hey, I loved writing it!!! Please review, and I don't mind if you say, "It's the most pointless story I have read in my life" or words to that effect anyway!!!***

The Room of Requirement

Okay, that’s it I’ve had enough! I’ve been here for hundreds of years, being neglected, used, ignored, neglected, used, ignored…it’s like a circle. But now they really have toed the line! I mean, I may be a room, no one can deny that, but hey I have feelings here! You wouldn’t expect it, I know, but I’m not an ordinary room. I’m special in a way no room could ever compete with. I am the Room of Requirement. The meaning there is only one. You know what? I’m fed up of being a room. I’m fed up of everything! 

For example, couples here and there come in for make-out sessions, something I don’t really appreciate. For instance, that Bones girl, her and that Ernie boy, they were practically on there way to…well let’s not get into that. I do not wish to be haunted by the burden of brain images once again. Okay, so not only do people come to kiss and whatever else they get up to, they also come here to study, cry, and to get rid of anger. Oh and last year…guess what? Someone came in to practise dark magic! He even had the cheek to get death consumers, or whatever they’re called, to enter the school through my doors! How inconsiderate! I was beyond dumbfounded when I was allowed to remain in use after that…

And the racket I have to listen to, it's mind-numbingly awful! I can live with the whole yelling and laughing from outside my walls, but the other year, well the had this Mule Ball or something, and well, the invited The Strange Brothers (a very noisy band, complete and utter rubbish) and they sang this poor excuse of a song. Can you dance like a Hippogriff? No I bloody well cannot! I mean, they were beyond disrespectful! I want to be able to dance, boogie down like a Unicorn and spin around like a crazy elf, but no, I can't because, believe it or not, those actions are beyond a rooms purpose, funnily enough.

Well now, it’s the end of me being used, I will come and go when and where I want, thank you very much. People just assume they can call me when they want and leave me after? Well, no chance! Not now! Not after what happened yesterday.

That brings me to why I pulled a prank on that Potter boy. He came asking for me to turn into: “Somewhere I can think clearly.” Fat chance of that happening! For starters, how am I, a mere room with magical abilities, meant to know where he can concentrate? It was also help if I knew what he wanted to concentrate on. All I knew about this boy was that he came in and out here for the past couple of years, mainly practising for some sort of illegal defence group called Dumbledore’s Army or something, and I also knew that he was keen on Quidditch, as it happens I have a clear view of the Quidditch arena and I can hear the commentary rather clearly. So I decided to give him somewhere he could concentrate…concentrate on a game of Quidditch! I thought it was a jolly good plan if I may say so myself! Then again…I am a room, I can’t say so no matter how hard I tried. 

He seemed rather annoyed at my choice of destination. Not only did he desecrate my inner furnishings, he also punched me hard right where it hurts: the wall. 

Then, however, he had the cheek to come back later to try again! But this time he wanted me to turn into a replica of where Lord Voldemort was! That’s when I lost it…and that is why my door has been locked, the key thrown away, and why I’ll be lonely for the rest of my life…

I wish I wasn’t a room…especially a room only used when people require me! Sheesh!

Told you it was a pointless story! But is it a good pointless story or not? Is it funny or boring? Let me know! 

Riddle Fourteen:
A place to collect and devour,
not high above like a lingering tower.
Never empty and sometimes full,
it can't be avoided in Hogwart School.

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The Room of Requirement: Room of Requirement


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