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Beautiful Disaster: The Portal To Life by al3x
Chapter 3 : Authors Note
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Ok, dont shout at me and tell me im not allowed to do this 'cos ive seen it done before =P  This isn't a chapter...I just needed to let the people who read this know some things...and when yur a trusted author yu can't edit stories so that they go on that page thingy where everyone can see them =]  So, this was my only option =D  Don't worry...I'll delete it after a while n_n


Basically I wanted to say that you wont be seeing an update on this story for a while.  The main reason is that trying to write it is making me lose the will to live!  I loved writing BD and seeing that im not totally loving to write this is kinda making me sad =[  Also, I have a crazy imagination as of lately and have tons of stories popping into my head!  And, im finding it hard to keep it all locked away and feel the need to post them!  So, this story is just getting in the way.  I feel that I wont be able to write this story as well as I would be able to if I was into writing it so I’m going to give it a break for a while.  I started writing BD last like, Obctober-ish which is probably when I’ll start work on this again…I think the winter weather must see me in more depressed moods and trust me…This story is full of depressing things!


Anyway, im totally sorry to the people that are reading this especially as im assuming yu all read BD firstly.  But that’s exactly the point, I don’t want to let any of you down =]  I have BIG plans for this story and im already not happy with the first two chapters!!!  So yes, ima give it a break for a while =P


I guess you’ll be hearing from me with this story around about October now then =]  Well, hopefully.  Starting September I have to get into action with choosing a university and getting ready for my A-Levels…But im pretty sure I’ll find time to write =]  And yu never know, something really depressing might happen to me and I might find new inspiration soon! =D  Or, my other stories will completely bomb and make me want to write more of this…who knows!  But please, that doesn’t mean that I want yu to go slate my other stories so that I write more of this.  Not that I would imagine any of yu would LOL!


Ye, basically im babbling here because I need to write 500 words before I can post this and im like 60 words away =]


So!  Im sorry for ever starting to post this without being fully ready to because people have been reading it…but im sure yu don’t mind =D  Why don’t yu check out my other stories in the mean time and make me happy with the fab reviews yu leave =P  Anyhoo, my words are about up…sorry for this stupid note but I wanted people to know =P


Until like…October-ish!!!



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