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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 22 : Chapter 22 - Normalcy
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A/N - hey there! i would just like to dedicate this chapter to Megan_Elaine 's keyboard who i inadvertedly killed by causing her to spill a drink over it whilst reading this story. i'm very sorry, but glad you liked it!


Chapter 22 – Normalcy

That was the only way to describe how things were.

Faith sighed to herself as she finished off the last question in her DADA exam.

It had been weeks since her suspension. This was her last theoretical NEWT; she had her practical this afternoon.

Though she had returned to her normal self in a sense, playing and winning the quidditch cup, getting a few detentions for pranking some first years with Sirius and James and even visiting Bellatrix to apologize, though it ended with her getting a bat-bogey to the face.

She scribbled out her answer and closed the booklet before leaning back in her chair so that it balanced on two legs.

She looked directly to her right where James was sitting next to her because her name was just before his in alphabetical order.

He was doodling idly on his spare parchment.

She shook her head before looking up the front to see Sirius leaning back on his chair like her. He had his hands behind his head and was blowing upwards making the feather from his quill float above his face.

She laughed a little making the people around her turn angrily in her direction. She clamped a hand over her mouth and saw that Sirius was grinning at her. She waved her hand slightly and her winked back.

She shook her head as she turned to look for lily who was behind Sirius at a diagonal angle and was looking over her exam. Faith searched for Remus to find him doing the same in a similar manor.

“Alright, quills down everyone!” Slughorn yelled getting to his feet.

He waved his wand and all of the exam papers flew to the front and landed neatly on his desk.

Faith got to her feet stretching her arms out, making her un-tucked shirt and jumper rise up a few inches so that a good deal of her stomach was showing.

Completely oblivious to a few of the nearby guys that were staring at her appreciatively she began walking to the front.

She was stuck behind a large group of Ravenclaws who were so deep in discussion about the exam that they didn’t realize she was there. Getting impatient she climbed up onto a desk and began making her way to Sirius leaping from desk to desk.

“Miss Porter!” Slughorn scolded. “Please remain off of the furniture.”

“Sorry Professor,” she smirked jumping down in front of Sirius who just rolled his eyes.

They caught up with Remus, Lily and James and then made their way down to the lake.

“God I’m famished!” Faith groaned rubbing her stomach.

“Yeah I’m kind of hungry too,” Lily agreed. “Kitchens?”

“Wait!” Sirius said grabbing Lily’s arm as she turned to go back inside. “There’s something we have to show you!”

He gave a significant look to James whose face broke out into a huge grin.

They lead the group down to their favourite beech tree.

Once Faith, Lily and Remus were all seated at the foot of the tree looking confused and suspicious, James and Sirius stood before them.

“Hehem,” Sirius cleared his throat loudly, catching the attention of some people nearby. “Ladies and Gentlemen, witches and wizards of all ages could be please have you attention!”

There were about thirty seventh years crowded around the two marauders and there main audience.

James waved his wand and summoned a guitar out of thin air.

He began strumming a tune that was oh-too familiar to Faith. 

Sirius began singing, singing a song that had plagued her existence.

“No…” she said.

“Oh my,” Lily whispered from beside Faith trying hard not to laugh.

“This it so not funn-”

“Baby!” Sirius cut her off. 

He continued to sing for another couple of versions with James accompanying him on the guitar.

He finished and stood there puffing slightly grinning down to Faith who was frozen in place her mouth hanging open slightly.

The crowd that had grown to about fifty was all applauding and laughing.

When they had quietened them self, Faith closed her mouth and fixed Sirius with a look.

“Sirius,” she said evenly.

“Yes my love?” he replied.

“You’ve got about ten seconds.”

“Until what?”

“’Til I fucking kill you!” she cried jumping to her feet.

Sirius let out a small squeal before sprinting away.

“SIRIUS PHINEAS BLACK YOU ARE SO DEAD!” she yelled as she chased him to the lake.

The crowed turned to run after them.

Faith managed to hit Sirius with a tripping jinx sending him flying into the water.

“Goddamn it woman it’s freezing!” he cried.

She just stood at the shore with her arms crossed, smirking victoriously.

Her smirk faltered slightly when Sirius got a mischievous look on his face.

“No...” she said shaking her head and walking backwards.

“LILY!” she screamed as she ran away from Sirius who was running after her, a great feat considering how wet he was.

“Don’t come to me!” Lily cried stepping closer to James as Sirius caught up with Faith and managed to pick her up before running back towards the lake.


Sirius cut her off by putting his hand over her mouth and jumping into the lake.

“Ooh, you are so dead,” she spluttered when they came back up to the surface.

“Whatever,” he said before dunking her under the water.

“Hey!” she cried before splashing him.

“Wait! Wait!” he cried.


“James and Lily,” he said in a conspiring whisper.

She smirked before pulling out her wand.

James and Lily who had been watching and laughing with the other seventh years caught the look on their two friends faces.

There was a scream from Lily and a yell from James as the pair flew towards the water.

Faith and Sirius laughed (as did most of the seventh year who were still watching)

James began laughing to and after a while so did Lily.

They all got a similar look in their eyes before simultaneously looking over to the beach tree and yelling, “OH REMUS!”

Remus, who hadn’t moved since Sirius was singing, looked up from the book he had summoned.

Without warning he flew towards the lake yelling. Some of the crowd jumped out of the way as he splashed into the water.

The four of them burst out laughing as he spluttered to the surface.

“WTAER FIGHT!” Faith yelled and all of the remaining seventh years that were until this point just spectators, yelled out and ran at the lake before jumping in.

There was water splashing everywhere. People where yelling, squealing and laughing as their friends dunked them under the water.

Amidst all the confusion Sirius and Faith managed to find each other. The laughed as they splashed water at each other until Sirius kissed her.

They were so caught up that they didn’t realize that everyone had stopped to look.

“’BOUT BLOODY TIME!” James yelled causing everyone to laugh.

They broke apart and Faith rolled her eyes as Sirius made to go over to James, before she grabbed his tie and pulled him back for another kiss.

A/N - Well this is taking a while. sorry about that guys. i submitted it AGES ago but the queue was long and then it wasn't accepted. MY BAD! but now it has and i have to add a little bit in this note because i am terrible and keep forgetting to do it: the song is Faith by the awesomest dude George Michael. sorry to the all music artists and recorders for keeping on forgetting to say who sung/wrote the songs. i really do suck sometimes. and i'm sorry the song isn't actually in there but apparently i'm not allowed to have it. which i totally don't get because in another story i was reading there are songs being sung by the characters and they aren't song fics or musicals they are karaoke fics. if the admin staff want to ask what the story is for proof then they can email me because if i can't have them singing then they shouldn't be able to.

well that is about all from me. Sorry again George, you understand, it's not like i wanted credit for the song i just forgot to acknowledge it. i really am sorry for the long waits.

freddy :o)

ps: oh! by the way... after this chapter there are only THREE more to go! shudder gasp! i know i said thirty chapters but i have got 25 and that is all i can write. i have just finished the first chapter of the sequal. i'm not too happy with it so i'll just have to keep editing 'til it's ok. it won't be up for another couple of weeks because i've got some chapters for two other stories that i want to get up. don't worry though i'll alternate between the three.

that really is it. seriously.

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