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Chapter 1 : A Time To Be Tough
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Chapter 1: A Time To Be Tough.

Privet Drive was a quiet street and Number 4 Privet Drive looked just like any other ordinary house on the street, but not everyone in the world knew that it was the home of one of the most famous people in the Wizarding world, the world which had people who could do magic. Number 4 Privet Drive was the residence of Harry James Potter the boy who lived.

It was a few weeks into the summer and inside number 4 in a small bedroom Harry sat on the edge of his bed in thought, he looked different he didn’t looked starved and pale he looked like a normal 16 year old and the reason for this was he had decided instead of being sad he would do is chores in and out the house that his uncle would give him daily and also some handy work for some of the neighbours and gained some money for himself to get some food from the shop instead of trying to live on the war rations his aunt would give him. He was lost in thought thinking when he was going to get out of this house and see his friends again when a tapping at the window brought him out of his thought he look up to see 3 owl he got up of the bed and opened the window and the 3 owl came flying in, one of them he didn’t know but looked liked a larger version of Hedwig must be male Harry thought who glided across the room and landed on his desk with a letter in his beak, the other two he recognised easily one was Pig Ron’s owl who was flying around his room like his tail feathers was on fire and the other was Hedwig who landed on his shoulder and gave him a friendly nip on the ear.

“Hey girl” Harry said. “Did you catch anything”?

Hedwig tilted her head and gave him a look that said what you think.

Harry laughed at the look he received. “Go on girl you go get some sleep while I catch Pig”


But instead of going on top of the wardrobe she glided across the room and landed next to the snowy owl on his desk and started chirping with each other which Harry watched and smile and said “no flirting you two” which coursed Hedwig to give him a warning look. When Harry finally caught Pig he had a letter from Hermione which he opened and read


Hi Harry

I know it’s a stupid Question but how are you we are all worried for you, Ron told every to leave you alone and let you do what you need to do Mrs Weasley tried telling him different but he told her to leave you alone and if you needed us you would ask so for once everyone is listening to Ron as you could tell I’m at the place you know with all the Weasley’s accept Percy of course my parents are here as well. Well lets tell you what’s been going on well you will be happy to know that Ron finally got the guts to ask me out he looked so cute trying to ask don’t tell him I said that. Ginny is ok she’s starting to get really chatty with Nev but she says its nothing but I know she’s lying. I don’t know what’s happening with the order except there have been a lot more meetings than usual that reminds me, tonks asked how u were she ask me if you would mind if she wrote to you I told her I don’t think you would so I hope you don’t mind. Well I got to go Mrs Weasley is calling everyone for breakfast.

Your friend



When Harry finished the letter he was happy for his two best and laughing at Ginny he knew she like Nev and he knew that Nev really like Ginny but was wondering what Tonks wanted to speak to him about so he got his quill and some parchment and wrote a quick reply to Hermione that he was ok and that he agreed about Ginny and that he was happy about her and Ron and attached the letter to Pig after 5 minutes of catching him. Now that Pig was gone he went over to his desk where Hedwig was still chirping away with the other owl they didn’t even notice when Harry came over to retrieve the letter he sat down on his bed and opened the letter.


Wotcher Harry.

Harry laughed only Tonks could put a smile on his face by saying one word.

How you been, hope those relative of yours have better been leaving my guy alone or there going to be dealing with me. Remus and me have been given time of from the order I’ve not been my self so Dumbledore said take the rest of the summer off that’s the other reason I’m writing I was wandering if I could come around and have a chat you’re the only one I feel like talking to but I will understand if you don’t want to but if you could send a reply with Guard that’s my owl’s name isn’t he cute.

Take care


Harry just realised it wasn’t just him and Remus that lost someone close, Tonks was Serius cousin, but why did she prefer to speak wouldn’t she prefer someone else to talk to but she wanted to chat with him, so Harry got another piece of parchment to write a letter to Tonks.


Hay Tonks

I’m good and the relative have stayed away so don’t worry thanks anyway, of course you can come for a chat just bring the butter beer. I think you and myself are going to become grandparents because Hedwig and Guard are getting pretty friendly, come by as soon as you want to.

Your guy


Harry gave Guard a treat and gave him the letter for Tonks “thanks Guard and you can come see Hedwig anytime you want ok” Guard rubbed his head against Harry’s hand and Hedwig hooted her thanks.

The next morning Harry was sitting on his bed reading his DADA books when his uncle shouted “BOY GET DOWN HERE NOW” Harry got off the bed and went down stairs and made his way into the kitchens where his aunty was at the sink washing the breakfast plates and his uncle and cousin sitting at the table as soon as Vernon had seen him he was out his chair and heading straight for Harry when he got within a foot of Harry and it started

“ WHO IS THAT WITH MRS FIG AT THE END OF OUR DRIVE” Vernon said Harry did notice with each step his face got redder “YOU HAVE BETTER BEEN SENDING THEM LETTERS TO THEM FREAKS WITH THAT RAT WITH WINGS OR YOUR GOING TO GET IT DO U HEAR ME” by now his uncle was a nice shade of purple which amused Harry but did not laugh

“Yes uncle Vernon” Harry said” I have been sending letter to them but I don’t know who is with Mrs fig I’ll go and check through the windo” that’s as fare Harry got because the doorbell rang Vernon tried to barge past him but because of his fast increase in size because of the work Harry had done in the neighbourhood all Vernon managed was to hurt his wrist which Harry ignored and stepped out the way with a smile on his face he watch his uncle open the door and shout at the person at the door.

“YES WHAT” he paused then went quiet, “what do you want freak” there was a sound like a sniffle witch coursed Harry to look who was at the door it was Tonks she was crying Harry pushed passed his uncle sending him into the wall Harry stopped in front of Tonks and put his hands on her shoulder, she looked up at him and he saw her face her eyes were red she looked like she hadn’t slept in days Harry’s heart dropped.

“Oh Tonks come here” she buried her face in the crook of his neck and squeezed him like her life depended on it, “Come on up to my room and we’ll talked about this is that ok” he felt her head nod so he turned around and come face to face with his uncle.

“You’re not bringing her in here” Vernon said glaring at the two of them.

“Uncle please step out the way please so we can go up to my room”

“No I’m not having another freak in this house” Vernon said.

Harry had had enough and before anyone knew what was happening Harry had his uncle pinned up against the wall in the hallway his aunt squealed and ran and Dudley fainted with Tonks still standing at the doorstep Harry glared at his uncle and said in a slow soft intimidating voice said “uncle Vernon I have done all the things u have wanted me to god knows how long but it ends now no more punishment no being rude to my friends NO MORE do I make myself clear uncle Vernon”. Harry received a nod from the shaking man and released him from his grip for his uncle to run to the kitchen.

Harry took Tonks to his bedroom and sat her down on his bed and he sat down on the left of her she was still crying he put his arm around her and pulled her into a hug and whispered in her ear “Tonks when your ready to talk I’m here to listen but until then I got hold of you and you can cry all you want and spoil the beautiful face ok” he got a small chuckle and dig in the arm he told her to lay down because she looked tired.

“Now lay down ok Tonks and get some rest ok”

She lay down and close her eyes Harry went to get up but the voice of Tonks stopped him. “Harry don’t go please stay I’ve been so alone the last couple of days can u stay and hold me” Harry climbed over her and pulled her into him which Harry didn’t find uncomfortable.

“Is that better” Harry said.

Tonks said “thank you Harry, sorry for breaking down on you I just couldn’t handle it any longer and with your uncle shouting, my barrier just broke and I couldn’t hold it, I am really” she was stopped by a finger placed on her mouth she turned her head to face Harry.

“If you say sorry one more time I’ll tickle you till you go mad ok, I am serious, you need to rest, ok so close your eyes and sleep, I’m going to be here when you wake up” he placed a kiss on her forehead and placed is his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes.

Tonks got comfortable and started thinking “when did he get mature and how is he handling all this, this is not the Harry that left Hogwarts before the summer, he’s not the boy anymore he’s a strong sexy young man. Where did that come from?”
Tonks finally fell asleep dreaming about Harry.

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