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She Paints Me Blue by lennyXartiste
Chapter 12 : Saying Goodnight
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A/N: Sooo, I'm sorry this update took so long... please don't kill me! If you haven't already, check my author's page to see the details about my updating woes. Anyways, heres a happier note: Congratulations on the end of another school year! That is, if you're in school. It's finally summertime, and after this update, I'm off to go perfect my tan. Mwah haha. 

Disclaimer: .... I still don't own Harry Potter. Sorry. 

[No picture this week, my mom's computer is being a bitch, sorry...]
* * * * *

“I’d better be going.... Amy and Lavender will be waiting to drill me on all the details of today.”

“And what are you going to tell them?”

“That it went perfectly... better than I’d hoped for.”



“Well then, goodnight, Jayla.”

“Goodnight, Draco.”

Draco planted a kiss on her cheek and grinned at her. “See you tomorrow,” he told her as he turned away.

Jayla couldn’t help grinning either. She turned around and slipped inside the Gryffindor portrait whole, resisting the urge to scream with happiness. When she entered the common room, the only other people there were Ron and Harry, who were sitting at a table looking very stressed out.

Jayla walked up to them. “Hey.”

“Hi, Jayla,” they both said at the same time, not quite looking her in the eye.

“Is something wrong? You guys look stressed out.”

“Ron’s having girl problems, is all,” Harry said with a smile.

Ron groaned and buried his face in his hands. “Shut up, Harry.”

“You see, he’s had three rows today. Two with Hermione and one with Lavender!”


“That’s tough,” Jayla said to Ron. “Is Hermione going to be all upset, then?”

“Probably,” said Harry.

“Maybe you should talk to her!” Ron said excitedly. “She isn’t mad at you!”

“Yeah, okay. Well, goodnight, you two.”

“Goodnight, Jayla.”

Jayla ran up the stairs and burst into her dormitory, expecting a crying Hermione. Instead, she found herself looking at Amy, Lavender, and Hermione – all sitting on one bed, deep in discussion and looking very concerned. They looked at Jayla and stopped talking.

Are they talking about me again, Jayla wondered.

“Hey, Jayla. We were just talking about Ron,” said Lavender.

“Oh. What about him?”

“He’s fought with me and Hermione today. We’re both pissed.”

“Why did you fight?”

Lavender and Hermione started talking at once. Amy interrupted them both.

“I’ll tell you,” she said. “Hermione’s mad because Ron’s being immature and won’t tell her how he feels, and Lavender’s pissed because Hermione likes Ron and Ron won’t talk to her about it. They’re both pissed at each other, too.”

“Oh.” Jayla gulped. This fight wasn’t going to be sorted out easily. She eyes her friends, and realized something.

None of them looked like they had been talking about Ron. They all looked too guilty, and at the same time, relieved. Hermione and Lavender didn’t look like they were very mad at each other, and Amy looked extremely ... worried. Plus, not one of them had asked her about her date with Draco, or asked why she was still wearing jeans. Not normal.

“Are you sure that’s all you were talking about?”

“Yes!” They all shouted at once, a bit too loud to be completely normal.

They were definitely talking about me, Jayla concluded.

“Well, I’ll be in the shower. Then I’m going to bed.”

“We’ll be in bed too,” Amy said quickly. Hermione and Lavender nodded quickly.

A few minutes later, when Jayla was in the shower rubbing shampoo through her hair, she clapped her hands over her mouth and muffled a scream before bursting into tears. And it had nothing to do with her friends.

* * * * *
When Draco slipped into the Slytherin common room, he struggled to keep the grin off his face. However, it was completely empty, and once Draco was sure of this fact, he collapsed into an armchair and relaxed his face. His mouth immediately curled up into a smile and he let his emotions wash over him as the heat from a nearby fireplace warmed him up.

His day couldn’t have been better. He really hadn’t planned to kiss Jayla at all, but when he was around her his brain didn’t seem to work too well. He kept seeing her in his mind – Jayla smiling, Jayla frowning, Jayla dancing, Jayla looking up at him, waiting for him to kiss her.

Draco finally pulled himself off the armchair and dragged himself up to his room. The day’s activities were catching up with him and he was tired, so tired. He fell onto his bed face first, not bothering to change out of his clothes except for kicking his shoes off. He was just drifting off into sleep when he heard a light click on, and Blaise yawning.

“Draco? You there?”

Draco groaned in response.

“How was your date with Malloy?”

Draco’s eyes shot open and he sat up quickly.

“Huh? Malloy?”

“Come on, Draco, there’s only so much you can hide from your best friend. How was it?”

“It was great,” Draco admitted. “How did you –?”

“I saw you standing with her by the shrieking shack as I was leaving. Don’t worry, I didn’t tell anyone. You’ll have to deal with it yourself when people find out.”

Draco nodded nervously. “Yeah, I guess. Thanks, mate.”

“No problem.” Blaise shut off the light again and lay down. Draco did the same, but now he couldn’t sleep. If Blaise had seen him and Jayla, other people must have, too. He couldn’t stop wondering how other people would react.

* * * * *

Jayla stared into the mirror, for once not thinking about the fact that there were full-length mirrors in every shower stall – a very stupid design. She was staring at her scalp – at a bald spot on her scalp. It was round, and looked about one centimeter in diameter. It wasn’t on the top of her head, either. It was on the right side of her head, about 5 centimeters away from her ear, underneath the top layer of her hair. Jayla felt tears sliding down her cheeks – this couldn’t be happening! She remembered reading about eating disorder patients losing her hair, but she had never worried about it. She pinched herself on the arm, wondering if she was in a nightmare. She wasn’t. She really had a bald spot.

It wasn’t even visible unless she lifted the top half of her hair up, but still, it was there! Her hair was fucking falling out! She wondered how long it had been there, and if it would spread. She couldn’t imagine what would be worse – being fat or being bald. What could she do? Should she admit herself to the hospital wing? Sign herself into a mental institute? Tell Hermione? Tell Draco?

Draco! What would he do if he found the bald spot? Then he’d know about her problems. He’d want her to talk about them, and then he’d dump her because he wouldn’t want a relationship with such a messed up person.

Jesus Christ. Jayla sobbed for a few more moments, then finally pulled herself together and managed to stop. She quickly finished washing her hair and jumped out of the shower. As fast as she could, she dried herself off and slipped on her pajamas – a pair of plaid girl boxers and a black tank top – and wrapped her hair up in a smaller towel. Then she slipped on her soft gray bathrobe and tiptoed out of the bathroom.

Looking around, she saw that all of her friends were asleep. They had migrated to their own beds and fallen asleep with the lamp still on. Jayla turned it off and slipped out of the dormitory. She leaped down the stairs to the common room and dashed out of the portrait hole. Once she was out in the corridor, she resumed her running. She ran as fast as she could down to the kitchens, yanked open the fridge, and began to stuff herself with food, her emotions overwhelming her, getting the best of her. Again. 

A/N: Rate and reveiw please! Also, if you have any plot ideas or anythign like that, feel free to tell me. I love suggestions. Thankies!

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