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Just a Piece of Fluff by Linebelle
Chapter 1 : Just a Piece of Fluff
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Just a piece of fluff
by Linebelle


Disclaimer: The characters and settings all belong to JK Rowling (well, maybe not Sharmaine).

There he was again, seething. He desperately tried to hide his anger from McGonagall’s glare. He had already been sitting here two hours, and he certainly didn’t want her to give him an extra task as the detention was finally nearing its end. He had been writing lines of all things! They honestly didn’t know what to make him do anymore. This had been his tenth detention in a row, and he was pretty sure that the whole castle, from its dodgiest dungeons to its highest towers had to be positively gleaming now after he had spent so much time sweeping, scraping and cleaning, all without magic. It wasn’t even as if he had deserved any of it!

Okay, he might have run into a bit of trouble those last few days, and he couldn’t deny that he had hexed the hell out of Snivellus Snape, but the git had definitely deserved it. And this time, it was different anyway. The Slytherin he had hexed had even more deserved it. He had actually done something other than existing, which would have been bad enough anyway. Merely thinking about it made his hair stand on end again.


It had begun because of a girl. Almost everything always began because of girls. She was in Gryffindor, a year or two below the Marauders. Sirius had never noticed her before that day when he saw a disgusting Slytherin laughing at her. Passing nearby in the corridor leading to the Library, Sirius overheard him muttering “Mudblood” under his breath, so that only she could hear. Casually, without even thinking twice about it, Sirius had cast a tripping hex on him. Unluckily for him, McGonagall had witnessed the scene, and from what she had seen, Sirius had taken his wand out for no reason at all, except the pleasure of causing pain to an innocent Slytherin. Like a Slytherin could ever be innocent!

In any case, McGonagall, oddly enough, seemed to think that making someone trip and fall when standing dangerously close to a moving staircase was not a healthy hobby. While he was being yelled at in the middle of a crowded corridor, Sirius saw the girl walking past him, blushing slightly as she smiled and mouthed a quick “Thank you”. Her eyes only briefly met his before she looked down, her cheeks reddening more than ever.


When he finally escaped McGonagall’s detention and claws (no wonder her animagus form was that of a cat), he made his way back to the Common Room. He hoped Moony was still up as he would certainly need some help so that he could finish all his homework before going to bed. The OWLs exams were still months away but the workload was already getting to him. On top of that, it seemed that he couldn’t even pull the simplest prank without all the teachers knowing about it straight away. He wouldn’t be surprised if he learnt someday that the teachers had put together a map not unlike the Marauders’ one, showing where all the mischief-makers were at all times.

Chuckling with this idea, Sirius stepped into the Common Room. It was empty. Most candles had already burnt out, and the dying fire was the main source of light, giving an orange shade to the whole room.

Sighing, he took his books out of his schoolbag, wondering if he should wake Remus up. He decided against it as the full moon was only three nights away. Moony needed his rest. And there was no way he could wake up James. He had had a Quidditch practice and should be knackered. Waking James before he could get eight hours of sleep was never a good idea. Sirius lit a few candles with a flick of his wand, and was startled to hear someone sigh.

He silently moved towards the source of noise and saw that the girl he had defended earlier had fallen asleep in the couch facing the fireplace. Should he wake her up? She seemed peaceful, and startling her out of sleep didn’t seem like a good idea. But he also knew that, however comfortable the couch was, she was likely to have a painful back in the morning... He noticed then that she was quite pretty. She had curves, a beautiful face framed by long and wavy brown hair, and she was smiling slightly, even in her sleep. A lock of her hair fell, covering part of her face and Sirius couldn’t help pushing it away delicately. The small movement seemed to stir her however, and her eyes shot open. She stared for a moment, obviously confused as to whether she was dreaming or not. Sirius smiled gently.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t sure if I should wake you or not, but I think you might be more comfortable in your bed.”

“Uh, yes...” She stifled a yawn, “Thank you for helping me earlier, some Slytherins have been bothering me ever since one of them in my year found out that I was Muggleborn.”

She spoke of it as if it didn’t matter, as if it was normal to be bullied because of the fact that her parents were Muggles. Sirius frowned.

“I did what I had to. I can’t let anything like that happen. What’s your name?”


Sirius could see that she was quite uncomfortable to be so close to him, and he backed away slightly. Blushing, she quickly stood up and made her way to her dormitory, whispering good night.

Sirius went back to his homework, and soon, the only sound in the Common Room was that of his quill scratching away. He worked until one o’clock. By the time he finished, his eyes were quite sore. He quickly went to bed, not bothering to undress or closing his hangings before falling asleep.

It seemed to him that he had barely closed his eyes when he was roughly shaken awake.

“James, it’s damn too early, let me sleep a bit more”

“Wake up, you lazy git!”

James’ laughter filled the room. How the guy could always be cheerful in the mornings was a mystery to Sirius. The bed was so warm that the mere idea of getting up sounded like torture. Moreover, Sirius’ dream had been a particularly nice one, and it was already getting hard to remember. He was pretty sure it had involved Sharmaine and quite possibly finding themselves under a mistletoe. He was glad that his face was buried in his pillow so that James couldn’t see the goofy grin spreading over it. He was slowly drifting back to sleep when another pillow hit the back of his head rather painfully considering it was supposedly filled with goose feathers.

“Git”, he muttered before standing up, clutching his own pillow and brandishing it above his head.

He finally made his way to the Great Hall, and sat down next to his friends for breakfast. He told them about hexing the Slytherin the previous day and getting yet another detention for it, but not once did he mention Sharmaine. While the other Marauders were happily chatting about the next Hogsmeade trip, Sirius looked down the table in the hope of seeing his Sleeping Beauty again. He had started thinking about her in those terms, but knew how corny it sounded and would never say the words aloud, even to her.

He finally spotted her brown curls, and met her eyes. He winked at her discreetly and almost laughed when she looked away quickly, blushing furiously. She blushed every single time she saw he was looking at her. She was so cute! Sirius had always secretly liked shy girls, perhaps because he spent all his time with either professional pranksters or teachers. Their eyes met again several times over breakfast, until James, who had been trying to get Sirius’ attention, finally succeeded by casting the Levicorpus spell on him. Sirius let out a high pitched scream. The whole hall cheered and applauded, and Sirius himself had to start laughing at the stupidity of his situation. Remus rolled his eyes, Peter, completely unable to control himself, was hysterically laughing, but Sirius’ solace came in the shape of a redhead, Lily Evans. She was wholeheartedly glaring at James. James automatically raised his wandhand to his hair while thinking the counterspell, releasing Sirius in the process.

Fifteen minutes later, the four of them were walking in the corridor leading to the Transfiguration Department. Sirius had a lump growing on the top of his head, and winced once more when James jokingly hit the sore spot. The episode had momentarily driven Sharmaine out of his head, but his thoughts quickly drifted back to her as he sat listening to McGonagall’s lesson. They were still learning the theory about vanishing spells, and hadn’t moved on to the practical part. Listening seemed utterly useless as he had successfully vanished James’ bed the previous year as a prank (his friend had been sleeping in it at the time). He was doodling absently on his parchment, not taking part in whatever games his friends were playing at.

Suddenly, Peter, who sitting next to him, started giggling. Remus cast a silencing charm on him so that he wouldn’t draw the strict teacher’s attention onto him, while James tried to see what had caused this sudden outburst of hilarity. However, Sirius, who had finally noticed what he had been doing, turned over his piece of parchment. He had been writing Sharmaine’s name and embellishing it. Above the name was a crude drawing of her face. Embarrassed, Sirius turned to Peter and glared as if daring him to ever mention that to anyone. Having one of the Marauders be head over heels in love with a girl was more than enough, and he didn’t want to be half as ridiculous as James was with Lily Evans. He wasn’t even in love with the girl anyway. He just thought she was cute, and he liked the fact that she had never tried to slip some love potion in his pumpkin juice at breakfast like so many other girls had in the past.

He didn’t want to be with anyone, because he liked his independence too much, and girls always were jealous of the other Marauders, or fed up with his pranks and detentions. As far as he was concerned, girls were Trouble personified. You started dating one, and before you knew it, you got married, had kids, and couldn’t have fun with your friends anymore. Right, yes, he knew he was exaggerating, but the point was, he just thought Sharmaine was pretty, and that was it. No need to make a fuss over a drawing. Which was why he would never tell his friends about this girl. They would never let him be at peace again. And it was best not to imagine what they would do to her.

Sirius whispered in Peter’s ear, so that the other two couldn’t hear:

“If you ever mention that to anyone, I will tell the whole school that you keep a photo of that pretty Slytherin girl under your pillow.”

Peter’s eyes grew wide. The problem with Sirius was that he always did what he said. Always. When Remus saw that Peter had stopped laughing, he released him from his spell. Sirius was glad to see that even though James and Remus were pressing him to say what had happened, Peter lied and muttered a feeble excuse.

Sirius felt relieved and was quite excited at the idea of having a little secret. He usually shared everything with his prank brothers, and having a secret, even though it was something as stupid as a crush on a girl made him feel good. He went to the library to get some work done after the day’s classes were over, and also in the hope of seeing Sharmaine again. She hadn’t been in the Common Room when he went back there to change out of his uniform. He entered the library, not paying attention to Madam Pince’s suspicious glare and walked down the rows of books under the pretence of looking for documentation on Fanged Geraniums for Herbology. He finally spotted his Sleeping Beauty sitting alone at a table, and he immediately sat down next to her. The girl stared at him.

“Hello”, said Sirius, smiling.

“Hi”, replied Sharmaine hesitantly.

“All the other tables are taken”, said Sirius as an explanation. Sharmaine looked around and could see that at least two other tables in the vicinity were empty. She raised an eyebrow. Not embarrassed in the least, Sirius shrugged and asked:

“What are you working on?”

“Well, I have to write an essay for Professor McGonagall. We are working on transfiguring objects into animals.”

Sirius grinned. “Transfiguration is my best subject! I could teach you more than books. Do you want me to help you?”

Sharmaine honestly couldn’t believe that Sirius Black of all people was offering his help to an ordinary third-year. The thought that he was planning a prank on her crossed her mind, but she quickly dismissed it as she stared into those beautiful grey eyes. The Marauders rarely played pranks on Gryffindors, unless they had done something to them. And everybody knew that he was truly good at Transfiguration.

Sirius couldn’t believe how beautiful her eyes were. He couldn’t even tell what their colour really was: all he could see was a mixture of light green, blue and brown. He waited for her answer. She smiled at last, and nodded.

He took her to the lakeside. He could see that she was a little uncomfortable around him, so he chatted along the way to put her at ease. By the time they sat down under a tree, both of them had forgotten all about Transfiguration. Sharmaine was now comfortably laughing at Sirius’ jokes. He no longer thought she was cute. She was beautiful. They spent an agreeable time chatting and laughing. They felt good together and had not idea how much time had passed.

Suddenly, Sharmaine shrieked, startling him out of his reverie. She was looking up, and he felt a drop of cold water running down his neck. The sky was darkening, and the clouds above their heads promised a lot of rain. They would soon be drenched, and they hurried to make sure all their books were back in their bags before that could happen. Sharmaine now got up and she was about to start running when she felt a grip on her arm. She turned over and found herself face to face with Sirius. Somehow, he was much closer than she had expected him to be, and his grey eyes were staring into her own. She was trapped, unable to look away, and she didn’t move an inch as she watched him get even closer. They both felt their stomachs twist and their lips met halfway.

The intensity of their kiss sent shivers down Sirius’ spine. It was sweet and her lips felt incredibly soft against his. Both of them felt warm despite the cold rain drenching their clothes. At last, they broke the kiss, and found themselves shivering.

“Have you ever heard of the Room of Requirement?” Sirius explained to her how to make the door appear, and he made to leave. Turning one last time, he smiled warmly, and said: “Meet me there tonight after dinner!”

Secrets are so sweet...

A/N: This was my first attempt at Fluff, feel free to tell me whether you liked it or not :) CC is always welcome!

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