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Playing Cat and Mouse by SkinAndBones_
Chapter 7 : [7] Twist... or Twisted?
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Chapter 7
Twist...or Twisted?

Blaise walked slower then he probably should have been walking as he went to meet Draco, but he really didn't even notice, because his mind was so filled with things to suddenly think about. It was like mere hours ago he had not a care in the world, and suddenly now he was in the midst of so much teenage drama that he was almost literally drowning in it.

He had just left Hermione after almost kissing her, which was his first barrier in the game that he was playing with Draco, and if he would have stayed, just a little longer, he would have been winning. Why he had left was beyond him, considering he had left just to meet Draco. Couldn't Draco have waited? It was just Draco after all. They were just fucking around.

Which brought him to the next thing on his mind. Draco. Why had he left so quickly just to be with Draco, set aside the fact that the blonde would be overly anger with the boy if he didn't show up. Blaise had dealt with Draco being angry with him before, so why on earth had he been so quick to run away from his goal of getting Hermione to fall in love with him just to be with the blonde?

"Where the hell were you? I was standing around here like a bloody girl who was stood up for a date or something." Draco bickered when Blaise kicked the door of the familiar closet and entered, the blonde's arms crossed to show his unimpressed mood. Blaise sighed slightly, feeling nervous under Draco's gaze, the revolt in his silver eyes being intensified by the dim lightening in the small room.

"Sorry, I got caught up." Blaise explained, his voice slightly absentminded as leaning on the wall opposite the boy, which wasn't very far away consider the closet was no more then a yard or two wide.

"Yeah, well when you threaten that you weren’t going to come, I didn't know you were being serious." Draco added, turning away from the boy to set his eye somewhere on a distant wall, his jaw tight in annoyance. Blaise couldn't help but smirk the slightly bit, shaking his head a little at the immaturity of his friend.

"I'm here aren’t I?" He asked, letting his hands outstretch in front of him, as if to present his form to Draco, incase he hadn't seen it yet therefore not realized the boy had indeed arrived.

There was a silence that was almost suicidal for Blaise, the blue-eyed teen unsure what to do or say to the blonde. Draco let out a sigh finally, pushing off from the wall that he was leaning on and coming a little closer.

"I'm going to ask once, and I want you to be serious with me." Draco said after he had moved, bringing his silver gaze up to the boy through the low light. Blaise willed himself to not swallow hard like he felt like he needed to, finding a nervousness fall over him, unsure why he was so scared of Draco perhaps asking about Hermione.

"Of course." Blaise replied, glad that his voice had been level, then nodded his head the slightest bit as he put his hands in his pockets idly, to cover up the fact that they were fidgeting nervously.

Draco came closer again, Blaise not being able to hold his gaze anymore and found himself lowering his eyes, only to have the slender fingers of his friend grabbing around his chin to bring his face back up.

"Do you fancy someone? Is that where you were?" Draco asked finally, seriousness shining in his eyes, and Blaise couldn't help but laugh in reply, relief hidden in that chuckle.

"No. What gave you that idea?" Blaise asked though his grin, a bit of a silent teasing towards his blonde friend, who had let his face relax slightly. A shrug came to his shoulders, leaving it at that. Blaise let his laugh stay on his face in a teasing grin, taking note to the subtle brush off of that his friend had used.

"Hmm, I would have thought yesterday made it pretty clear that I was still single." Blaise commented, once again letting himself relax as he watched the blonde advance in a careful and discreet manner.

"Maybe. I was a little nervous that maybe you were just sneaking off to be with me though. That'd be very gay of you. I don't want you falling for me like all the girls in this school." Draco replied, his lips curling slightly at his own words when Blaise had let another laugh escape. While he spoke Draco had moved the last bit forward to bridge the gap between them, but it was Blaise who brought his head off from the wall to press his lips with Draco's. The blonde was a little taken aback for a moment, but let his lips curl again after Blaise had broke away to return his head to the wall, following the boy and starting another.

"You're hardly one to talk about sneaking off are you Draco. I doubt Tracey would approve of this." Blaise replied after their lips had parted again, only making Draco smirk more.

"Tracey... is for show, and everyone knows it but her." Draco said, watching Blaise as he moved, for the dark haired boy could not resist anymore. Getting his footing, he forced Draco back to the opposite wall so that it was the blonde pinned now, helpless as Blaise forced a kiss on him. Of course helpless was not the right word, because even though it was the blonde who was stuck between the wall and Blaise, he was still the one in control, because the dark haired boy would only go as far as giving Draco what he knew he wanted.

"She's still your girlfriend. Surely she can do this, you don't even feel guilty?" Blaise asked into Draco's lips, trying his best at a teasing tone, but it came out breathed, showing how hard he was trying to keep up the conversation while resisting attacking. Draco brought the other teens lips to his again with a hand in his hair, and Blaise dismissed the conversation flatly to himself in his mind, convinced that this kiss had been all the permission he needed to go further, and quickly heightened the intensity by pushing a little into the blonde's mouth while using his hands to push the heavy robe off the other boy's shoulders. He watched it fall to the floor as he moved his lips to the side of Draco's neck, feeling the blonde's hands go for the robe that was still on him, copying the movement, so that there were then two black mounts on the floor.

"I know what I want." Draco said in reply, and Blaise listened for him to continue like his words implied, but they didn’t because the dark haired boy had distracted him with a small bite on his neck, in which was replied to with a satisfying hiss from between Draco's teeth.

"And Tracey isn't providing it. So I should feel guilty for going out and getting it myself? " He paused again, as if to sound like he was looking for a reply, but Blaise knew that he wasn't. Draco guided Blaise's hands to his waist, and the boy complied after realizing what he wanted, and kissed his company again before pulling the cotton of his shirt to untuck it from his black trousers, making it possible for Blaise to snake his hands along the blonde's backbone. His head was clouded slightly from the heat, like he was groping through fog, so it took a moment for those words to settle in, but once they did it was his turn to pause. Blaise pulled away slightly, giving Draco a questioning look.

Had he heard that wrong, or had that sounded as if what Draco 'wanted' was him?

As if on command, after that thought the blonde let out a bit of a laugh, almost as if he had heard it and the idea had been completely absurd.

"At least I'm not going out and finding another girl, therefore saving someone else from being hurt if it ever happens that the secret is let out, I think that's responsibility enough. Let alone the fact that know I can trust you not to be a snitch, and in turn I end up helping out a friend as well."

All at once the boy finally realized what this was. It was just one of Draco's meticulous deceptions. Draco didn't care about the details really, in this case, who he was making out with, all he cared about was that the situation worked as perfectly as possible, and boy did their situation work. It was just, convenience. Both boys knew that it would stay in the dark, unlike if they found other girls to fool around with. With girls, you were taking a chance, because a lot of them would have a great time going around telling absolutely everyone that they had a fling with one of the two fittest boys in school, not caring who got hurt in the process. With their situation, well, it was insured that neither of the boys was planning on being a snitch any time soon. On top of that, it was the last thing that anyone would suspect. Draco and Blaise? Posh, they've had more then a handful of girlfriends, the woman swooned for them, why would they be sneaking around?

And what the feeling from the night before had been, the urge, the pressure in Blaise's chest. It was simply a seek for pleasure from both the boys. They supplied one another with what they wanted, and because they were both boys they knew exactly what the other sought, because it was precisely what the boy wanted himself. Their relationship was lust driven, both wanting what they couldn't find in others, so were simply turning to each other to get it. And it had only been so intense the night before because it had been what Blaise had been looking for.

It was sickly brilliant, just like everything Draco had a part in was. He rarely liked to do anything if there was any chance of fault. This deception, it was the prefect example of 'I'll scratch your back of you'll scratch mine.'

Blaise smirked slightly, using this thought and turning to digging his nails slightly into the skin he was touching, trailing down the grove in the blonde's back, causing the boy's back to arch slightly, a groan coming from him, making an accomplished smile crawl onto Blaise's lips as he forgot about the sudden panic of before.

"Are you saying I know what you want?" Blaise asked, trying to confirm his realization as he moved his hands over the thin waist of the boy in front of him. He heard another bit of a growl from the boy before it turned into a laugh that rolled in Draco's neck.

"How can you not, it's exactly what you want. Satisfaction." Draco replied, Blaise smiling slightly before his company again stole his lips.

Hermione was not scared of what she had to do. You see, that night after her talk with Blaise by the lake, instead of going over how she was going to have to kiss him, and how she really wanted to so badly, which would make it extra awkward and extremely hard for her to do, she changed what she had to do. Instead, she told herself that she was getting him back. She was showing him what he was playing with, who he was playing with, and that the playing would not be tolerated. She made it about control, something that she had lost all sight of because of him.

Hermione was hardly a shy person, which was probably why Blaise annoyed her so much. Somehow he managed to make her completely nervous about everything, and she hated it about him, because it was hardly fair that she would avoid going to the great hall just because she thought that maybe she would see him there. So by looking at it as a fight for control Hermione wasn't scared to death the next day.

Of course, she would lying if she said she wasn't happy when he didn't show his face anywhere she was that morning. Even though she had convinced herself that it was for her own benefit, she was still overly scared to do it, so scared in fact that Ginny had picked up on it, and had insisted to walk the girl to all her classes in case Hermione ran into Blaise and threatened to back out. Honestly, if Ginny hadn't been there when Hermione finally did see the boy for the first time that day, she was sure the little voice in her head that was telling her there was no reason to do what she had planned would have made her turn right around and run away.

Hermione actually almost tried to when he had come into sight, a little way down the fifth floor hallway while Ginny was walking Hermione to Charms. She had set her eyes on his form, froze in her stop, and then turned quickly to try and run in the other direction, but Ginny had grabbed her around the upper arm and held her back.

"You have to do this! If you don't do this I will hex you bad tonight, because I can't stand you complaining anymore about how boys hardly notice you, right when one of the fittest boys in school is seriously interested. Remember the Bat Boogies?" Ginny threatened, pulling her wands and pointing it at the girl warningly. Hermione sighed slightly as she glanced back down the hall, then let her eyes light up slightly as she saw the blonde that was with Blaise.

"He's with Draco, I can't. I can't do it in front of Draco." Hermione said, thoroughly glad that she had found a logical reason not to kiss the boy, but when her words were finished and she turned to Ginny, seeing a very stern face from the red head, she could tell that the younger teen was not going to fall for her excuse.

"So Draco's there. Then you'll be killing two birds with one stone. Now go." She said, pointing her wand that she still held down the hall towards the two boys. Hermione let her forehead frown slightly, resisting stomping her foot on the ground like a child before setting off at a slow pace towards the Slytherins.

As she walked the girl took in a deep breath, letting herself calm slightly before finding a confidence that willed her to walk a little faster. This wouldn't be so bad. She hoped.

"Blaise!" Hermione called after her steps increased in speed and she ended up bridging the gap between herself and the two boys slightly. At the name both of the Slytherin's looked over their shoulders, Blaise letting his lips curl the smallest bit through his look of confusion while Draco simply looked disgusted.

"What do you want Granger?" Draco asked as she came into speaking distance.

"Did I say Draco? No, because I wasn't talking to you." Hermione replied maliciously to the blonde, who let his eyes narrow in hate. She cocked an eyebrow slightly, pleased that he didn't have a reply to this before turning her brown vision up to Blaise.

"Granger?" Blaise said, questioning while at the same time being timid, as if nervous to show too much interest in what she was there for with Malfoy about.

"You forgot something yesterday." She replied, letting the smallest of smiles come over her face, only seeing it mirror on his, making her heart skip a beat. Wow he was gorgeous when he smiled. Hermione felt her knees almost buckle as a red heat crawled up her collar, but she held desperately onto her confidence.

"I did?" Blaise asked, almost no time for him to get this out before Draco let his mouth gap slightly and spoke.

"Yesterday?" he said, his tone slightly shocked as he locked eyes with Blaise, as if baffled about something, but Hermione could really care less what this look was about. Draco was nothing but a minor inconvenience at the moment. She had something to do.

"Yeah." She said, letting her head nod before she took a couple steps forward to make that final bit of space between her and Blaise disappear. She reached a spot right in front of him, her closeness causing his gaze to leave the locking look he had with Draco, and moved up to stand on her toes to reach him, placing a hand quickly on the back of his neck and putting her lips on his.

He was shocked at first, she could tell because he was stiff and tall, but after a few seconds he kissed her back, and she was able to put her feet flat on the ground because he had moved into her slightly. The hand that she had on the back of his neck was soon joined by her other one as she held around him, touching the black silky that was his beautiful hair.

Suddenly this was not about showing him what he had denied her the day before, but simply about doing what seemed right, what both of them wanted, not even caring the fact that Draco was standing there staring with so much shock and hate that it was almost indescribable.

Blaise had flicked his tongue over her lip gently in pleading, his hands laying lightly on the small of her back, and she had replied by parting her lips, but the kiss was interrupted when Draco had grabbed Blaise's arm roughly and pulled him away. The blonde started down the hall, away from Hermione, with a large piece of Blaise's robe in his fist, pulling the dark haired boy with him as he walked. Blaise struggled to look behind him at the girl, overly surprised that he couldn’t get the large grin off of his lips, and needing to see if she had the same grin on her features. He couldn't help but let it grow when he finally managed to lock eyes with the girl, who was simply standing in place, not even attempting to follow, but who also had a large smile on her lips.

Never had he had a girl simply walk up to him and kiss him like that.

He had liked it.

"I hope you enjoyed that." Draco said as they walked, his fingers finally releasing Blaise's clothing now that he knew they were far enough away that the boy wouldn't run back. With the release, he had given the boy a bit of a shove, which caused Blaise to have to catch his balance quickly, because in his absentminded state he ended up stumbling at that push. There was malice in Draco's tone, no doubt for annoyance that he had just been show how badly he was losing their game. Blaise couldn't help but smirk a little as he was pulled away from the thought of Hermione's lips on his.

"I never thought I would hear Draco getting jealous of someone getting a kiss from dirty-Granger." Blaise teased, but Draco looked anything but impressed.

"It has nothing to do with that." Draco said, his tone rolling with his eyes. Blaise let out a sigh, utterly confused as to what his friend was getting at, and receiving a glare from the boy when he hadn't figured it out yet.

"Yesterday, you lied to me. You told me you weren’t seeing her." Draco explained, and Blaise let his mouth open as if say something in return, but held it back as he rolled his eyes again, thinking over his reply.

"Over react much? I thought we agreed that you could talk as much or as little as you wanted about your strategy." Blaise said, trying again to tease Draco, but obviously failing horrible. He hadn't meant to upset the boy, it wasn't his fault that Granger had just suddenly jumped him in the hall.

"We never agreed on lying." Draco retorted.

"Way to be a girl about it Draco, Merlin." Blaise was forced to stop when Draco had, regretting his words when a look of offence feel over the blonde's striking features.

"Shove off." The blonde said afterwards, as if too shocked by that statement to say anything else, then moved forward and shoved the dark haired boy like his words had implied, continuing down the hall. Blaise allowed himself to be pushed, watching his friend as he walked forcefully away, and letting his eyes roll again before trailing after him.

"Draco. Common, don't be such a git." Blaise called after him, causing the blonde to stop again.

"I'm not being a git! I'm," Draco's complaints were paused when he saw his friend give a very exaggerated sigh, a smirk falling over the dark haired boy's face as he moved forward to grab Draco's arm. When he did so, he pulled the boy forcefully to the side, off into the secret passage that lay hidden behind an old drapery.

"What are you doing?" the blonde asked, his thoughts from before being forgotten quickly. He did not get a reply from Blaise. Or, at least not a verbal reply. What he got were lips quickly on his after they had been engulfed in the darkness of the passage. Draco did no deny the boy, he would never, but when the kiss ended he asked again.

"What are you doing?" This time his words less forceful, escaping his lips on a breath to hit Blaise's. Again, another kiss came before a reply.

"I'm apologizing." He heard from his dark haired company after their lips had parted again. Blaise didn't see the smirk that had come over Draco before he forced yet another kiss.

It was rare that Hermione was distracted in class, so you knew something was on her mind if she was not taking notes. You knew there was something circling around her highly inapt brain when she was not listening intently to whatever the professor had to say. Of course, a kiss with Blaise Zabini could defiantly do that to a girl, and it didn't help that she shared history of Magic with the boy, which was already a class that was near impossible to pay attention in anyway.

The girl felt like she was back in grade school, blushing and near giggles every time that Blaise would look in her direction, only making him get an overly large smirk on his face. She was acting like the exact girls that she really despised, the ones that fawned and gabbed and swooned at anything to do with Draco, only she was doing it over his best friend. She rarely became infatuated with boys, she hadn't been so since Krum, but she could seriously admit that it had gone that far (of course would never say such a thing out loud).

Hermione scowled herself in her head, trying her best to turn her attention back to Binns, who was droning on about the usual history, hoping that perhaps the interesting subject would maybe distract her mind, unfortunately the topic was giving a bit too much credit, and she listened to two sentences before her mind rejected the information and turned back to the thought of before hand.

Blaise had cleared his throat purposefully in his seat a few rows ahead of the girl, annoyed at the fact that Hermione had stopped exchanging glances with him, but let another grin fall over his features when she brought her eyes back to him after a pathetic attempt at listening to the teacher like the class pet she wanted to be. Another blush came over her features and he couldn't help but let his grin grow more, trying his best to tone it down shortly after, nervous of drawing too much attention from Draco or anyone else in the classroom.

Of course, Draco had noticed their playful exchange of glances long ago, and even though Blaise knew this, he liked to at least think that perhaps he was keeping it discreet. Draco was sitting at his side, rolling his eyes ever now and then, resisting letting out annoyed sighs along with the motions. The blonde wasn't sure what to think of the sudden childish relationship; all he knew was that he didn't like it. He had barely had a chance at this game and Blaise was already half way to the finish line. Of course, if you knew Draco you knew he didn't go down without a fight.

The bell for class change chimed and Draco left Blaise immediately, muttering something about meeting Tracey, and starting out the door. Blaise could hardly care less, because he was heading after Hermione, who was purposely walking slower then others. He followed behind her as the class flooded out, catching the wonderful scent that had tickle his senses earlier that day, orchids and coconut. He knew she felt his presents, and when they both reached the hall he didn't pause before grabbing her hand and pulling her off in the opposite direction then most of the class was going. He heard her laugh quietly behind him as they departed at a quick pace. Once Blaise knew they were far enough away from the crowd he stopped, the abruptness of his halt causing her to run into his arms, another girlish laugh coming from her as a blush found her cheeks.

"I want to see you again." He whispered, wrapping arms around her thin waste to rest his hands on the small of her back. He tried to kiss her, but she didn't allow it, only to tease him.

"After class, but only if you can find me." She replied, in the same whisper, teasing her lips over his constantly by inviting his then pulling her face away. When she was finished speaking she turned to leave, managing his arms away from around her, but he held onto her hand, pulling her back to peck a kiss on her lips before she found freedom and started down the hall away from him. He didn't follow, but instead leaned on the wall to watch her as she walked, finding a smirk catching his features every times she would glance over her shoulder. Finally, she turned to follow a different hallway, giving a little wave before she disappeared from Blaise's sight.

Even though she was gone he still had a smirk on his features, one that resembled that fluttery feeling in his chest and strange knot in his throat. He found his cheeks sore from his smiling, it was weird, but in a good way.

What confused him the most was the fact that he was getting so giddy over a stupid game.

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