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Making Good Use of Time Travel by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 2 : Seeing Dumbledore and Just Hanging
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A loud grunting snore woke the sleeping Harry. He made a weird face, lifting his head to stare at the bed next to his.

Just Ron... he thought. Then it seemed to have clicked, Dad...Sirius...Remus...Pettigrew...time turner...here. Room of Requirement

Suddenly Ron began to mumble loudly, "Mmmm. Hermione."

Harry's eyebrows lifted immensely. He grabbed his shoe from the floor next to his bed and chucked it at Ron's head. Ron yelped, sitting up straight away. "Oiy!! What the hell?"

"What's goiní on?" Seamus mumbled carelessly, "Is Voldemort possessing you again, Harry?"

"Nah, Seamus. Just Ron and his sex dreams." Harry groaned dismissively.

"Ah, Hermione again? Well, go back to bed. It's Saturday." Seamus said, waving a hand, a dismissal to the subject, before falling back down under the covers and snoring a few seconds later.

"Sorry, mate. I had to wake you. I've got to tell you something, not to mention you were having a sex dream about Hermione. Again." Harry said.

Ron grunted something that sounded a lot like. "Well, that's none of your business."

"Listen..." said Harry in a stern voice.

Harry told Ron all about the previous night. He told them about the Marauders coming to their time. He told him that they knew who Harry really was and what lay ahead in their future, and about Harry's little outburst about why everything happened to him.

"Youíre joking? Arenít you?" asked Ron with a snort.

"No. I'm serious, and be glad you weren't there for my usual ďWhy me?Ē speech." Harry said, rubbing his eyes from the edge of his bed.

"Wow. I've always wanted to meet your dad. He always seemed like a little mimic of Fred and George, but with the Potter hair, not Weasley." Ron asked smiling. He asked in a lazy voice, still yawning, ďWhaíz he like?Ē

Harry smiled, but he didnít know what to say. He, of course, had always wanted to meet his father, but right now was not the right time to consider James a father. He was still a careless, full of life, joyful seventeen-year-old, who was still supposed to win Lily's heart.

Harry shrugged with a smile, ďI donít really know. All I knowÖis that heís better than I always imagined him.Ē

Ron smiled at Harry, feeling happy from him, because Harry at least knew his father now.

"Hey, letís go see them." Harry suggested. "If theyíre still asleep, well, then they better get up."

"Yea. Alright." Ron nodded in agreement. "Let me change first though."

The two changed into some muggle clothes, went down the spiral staircase and set off out the portrait hole and down to the Room of Requirement.

Become a Bedroom with all we need. Become a Bedroom with all we need. Become a Bedroom with all we need Harry and Ron thought, while walking back and forth in the spot where the oak door would soon appear. After a few times of thinking the same sentence, the oak door appeared.

Harry rushed forward and seized the doorknob. Harry and Ron bounded into the Room of Requirement to saw that the Marauders sleeping heavily, letting off small snores. The boys exchanged mischievous smiles. Harry bounded onto James and Sirius screaming like a lunatic.

Ron was screaming like a mad woman while Harry yelled sarcastically, "Wake up my darlings! Time to start another Beautiful Day!Ē

"No. Is it time already, Lily, my beautiful, flaming flower?" James mumbled, grabbing Harry and pulling him to his body into a crushing hug, James' eyes still closed tightly.

"Nah...nada meh Ill-Ee." Harry voice said, being crushed into James' shoulder.

Sirius picked up his pillow and threw it at Ron and yelled, "Oi! Who in the name of Merlin are you??"

"I'm Ron Weasley. I'm Harry's best mate." Ron yelled back, "Aye! Remus, Pettigrew. Wake up you..."

"Mmm...Cheese." Peter mumbled into his pillow.

Remus sat bolt upright, grunting "Ho ew no ew e r?" Remusí hair was sticking up at many angles, his eyes covered in sleep.

"Easy. I know your future self." Ron said, shrugging.

"Oh. Guess I'll have to get used to this." Remus said, diving back under the covers.

"Shut up you filthy Rat!" Ron bellowed at Peter, even though Peter had said absolutely nothing. Just then, Ron was lunged up into the air by his ankles, once again, just like he had in his sixth year. Ron groaned loudly.

"Harry! I told you not to put this spell on me ever again!" Ron bellowed, the blood rushing to his head.

"Ah idn't oo iet!" Harry shouted, from under James, James still crushing him from thinking he was his future wife.

"Then who put the bloody levicorpus spell on?" Ron bellowed once again, his face now a light purple.

"I did! You insulted Peter!" Sirius shouted at Ron.

"Well, itís what he is!" Ron said.

"True." Sirius mumbled. He narrowed his eyes and then Ron fell to the floor with a thump, his face returning quickly to its normal color.

The Marauders and Ron turned their attention to James, now holding onto Harry, as if he would loose his life if he didn't, slightly nuzzling his nose into Harry's hair.

"Dah, o.. ah no...na..Jam-uhs..leh meah gwa." Harry voice muffled again. He tried to slap James, but it was no use.

The room burst into laughter, and James came back to the real world.

"Oh. Uh, oops." murmured James, quickly letting go of Harry and jumping out of the bed. He rubbed his neck, "I uh...Well, sorry."

Harry smiled and climbed out of the bed. "Donít worry about it. I know how much you like Lily. I bet you were having a sex dream about her just as Ron was having one about Hermione this morning."

James blushed and looked away.

"Oh God. Yuck. Never mind. I don't want to picture my seventeen-year-old mum and dad having sex. That's just gross. Oh Merlin." Harry said, suddenly realizing who he was talking to. He stuck out his tongue and made a barfing sound.

"Hey!" James yelped, "This is just as weird for me as it is you. Iím seventeen and Iím seeing my seventeen-year-old son! Thatís just wrong too, you know?"

"True, true." Harry said, nodding his head in agreement. "So, time to see Dumbledore, I guess?"

"Yeah. I think we should." James said, sighing.

So the boys marched off to the Stone Gargoyle which held Dumbledore's magnificent office. Harry already knew the password so he announced it and began climbing up the steps.

Harry knocked lightly three times on the door until a soft "Come In" greeted them.

Harry stretched out his hand for the handle and turned it, walking inside.

Dumbledore narrowed his eyes at the sight before him, "James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. How did you happen to get here, to this time?" asked Professor Dumbledore calmly.

"Well, Iíll explain! Graceful Padfoot here was messing with a time turner and dropped it!" Remus said, giving Sirius a bop on the head.

"Ah, well, we all make mistakes. Now, Harry, I am trusting that you have already told them all about yourself? Am I right?" Dumbledore asked, softly. He was serious even though a small and sad smile was forming on his face.

"Yes, sir." Harry mumbled, looking at the ground.

"Quite alright, Harry. Now, as seeing that was a special time turner you used, I am guessing, because you went forward in time instead of back, it might take me some time to find a replacement for this time turner. I will have to find a way for you to get back to your regular time, at the precise moment you left, so nobody will be missing you. I am guessing that you will be here for quite some time. Quite a few weeks. Yes. Now, James, Remus, Sirius, and Peter, please make Hogwarts feel just like your home as it does to you in your own time." Dumbledore responded very calmly.

"Sir, what should we do about the other students here?" Ron asked.

"Ah! Mr. Weasley, let them know who they are, by all means! Just don't drink your pumpkin juice the morning after they leave if you wish to remember them." Dumbledore chuckled, "Now off you go! It's Saturday and I am sure children like you would much rather be doing other things."

"Thank you sir." Harry said, "Have a good afternoon, Professor."

"Thank you, Harry. I surely will. Now, run along." Dumbledore said, waving a hand dismissively to them.

"Bye." All the boys chorused together, and they trooped out of the office and down the stone gargoyleís revolving steps.

"So, itís Saturday." James said, stretching his arms and yawning widely, "What should we do?"

"Should we head to the Quidditch Pitch?" Harry suggested.

"Yeah. Great Idea." James said, nodding. "Awe, man. I donít have my Silver Arrow. I donít want to have to fly on the nasty school brooms."

"Well, they are still kind of old here. Just a littler newer here than they were in your time." Ron said, chuckling slightly.

"I'll let you fly on my Firebolt some, how about that?" Harry suggested, shrugging.

"Really? Thanks, Harry. I want to see how fast it is!" James said, enthusiastically, jumping up and down and clapping his hands together.

"No problem."

They group of boys bounded up to the Common Room.

"Hey, Hermione. We're going to head down to the Quidditch Pitch. Want to come?" Harry suggested.

"Oh, Gímorning. No thanks. Iím just going to head up to the library and get some studying done for Ancient Runes." Hermione replied, standing up and closing her text book.

"Ah, Hermione. You donít fly?" Sirius asked, pouting his lips.

"Nope, and I hope not to in the future. I only flew in first year during lessons. Promised myself I wouldn't do it again, after Harry went up and chased a Rememberal that Malfoy threw." Hermione said, getting up from the couch and gathering her books.

"You caught a Rememberal that Malfoy threw?" Sirius said. "Wait. Malfoy. Can't be Lucius. Does he have a son whoís as big of a slime ball as his father?"

"Yeah. That would be Draco Malfoy, and yes I caught the Rememberal that Malfoy threw. That's how I got on the Quidditch team in the first place. I'm the youngest seeker in the century."

"Thatís awesome!!" James said excitedly once more. Boy, James was really loving to hear the stories of his son.

"Yeah!! Well, thatís too bad, Hermione. We'll be down at the pitch if you need some lovin'!" said Sirius in a husky voice. He wiggled his eyebrows, puckering his lips.

"Yea, yea. I'll be all right. I donít want to be knocked out cold off my broom." Hermione replied, rolling her eyes.

"Not to mention, James gets knocked out cold at every Quidditch Match!" Remus said.

They all laughed, but James shot up a wave of fury, "Well, it might be because somebody doesnít keep an eye on all the bludgers on the Pitch!" James said, angrily, pointing at Sirius. The Marauders all laughed. James bopped them on the heads, and they stopped.

"I'm pretty much the same, mate." Harry said, replying to his lack of stay conscious during a Quidditch match, "Well, we'll go get our brooms."

Harry and Ron dashed up the stairs and gathered their brooms. The boys headed down the sloping lawn to the Quidditch pitch. Harry let James ride his Firebolt first. Ron had already kicked the ground and was circling the Pitch.

"You sure you don't want a go first?" James asked, a nervous look on his face. From what Harry could see, James looked nervous, as if he might crash the Firebolt into the Whomping Willow or something.

"Yes. I'm positive." Harry said, "Just don't crash it into the Whomping Willow." It was as if he had read Jamesí mind.

"Alright then."

"Bloody Hell!" James screamed as he kicked off hard from the ground. It was the fastest broom he had ever ridden on, and it was nothing compared to his Silver Arrow, the fastest broom in his own time.

It took him a few moments to get used to the speed. Then he circled the pitch, doing dives and swiveling in and out of the goal posts on the field. Harry smiled at the sight before him. It was like watching himself play Quidditch.

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