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Daddy's Hands by SweetGoodbye
Chapter 9 : The Whole Truth
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Hermione told Ginny.

“No! Hermione! You can’t! You are insane, do you know that? You are absolutely insane! Ron doesn’t know a thing!”

“He will! He will find out somehow, and soon! I have to go somewhere where he won’t find me.”

Ginny’s look shot daggers at Hermione. Her eyes were wild with fury she could hardly control.  “Hermione,” she said slowly. “If you go, I’m going to tell him myself.” Ginny's voice wavered in the thick air around them.

Hermione froze with anger as Ginny made her way out of the bookstore in a huff. As soon as she was out of the door the wind blew her bright red hair in her face and she stumbled down the street mumbling to herself.

“Come on,” Hermione said to Keely when she finally stopped watching Ginny, “We don’t have long now.”

Hermione started shoving things into all the boxes she had around her. Her heart was beating wildly. She could feel herself losing control where she stood. Her breathing was shortened and her head was beginning to pound.

Damien was so furious when Hermione told him that he and Kasha stormed to the back room to avoid her. 

Hermione couldn't stop the tears that threated to roll down her cheeks. She hated this. She hated this whole predicament more than anything in the world.

Keely was sitting at the table with her little head in her hands.

“I said come on Keely!” Hermione snapped.

“But why are we leaving mummy?” she asked helplessly. 

Hermione turned to Keely but was stunned to silence at the look upon her face. Her pale cheeks were stained with tears and her hair clung to her damp cheeks. Keely's eyes were very confised, and very sad.

“Because,”  Hermione mumbled.

“Because why?” Keely asked looking sicker and sicker by the moment.

“We just have to, you will understand later,” said Hermione, working at high speed. She turned away from Keely again and shoved the last of a row of books in another box she'd picked up.

“But I want to understand now,” Keely whined, her voice shaking.

“Damn it Keely! There are some things you will never understand and you just have to deal with it!” said Hermione her voice filled with aggravation and pure loathing for herself.

Hermione instantaneously felt horrible. She turned the corner past the book shelf to check on Keely, but she wasn't there.


She saw her read hair fly out of the front door, just as Ginny's did.  

Hermione ran after her, dropping the box to the ground.

She flew through the front door and bumped into little Keely.

“Keely!” said Hermione feeling relieved. “Honey, I am so sorry!” she said now on her knees so she could see her daughter’s face clearly. She immediately started to stroke Keely’s hair out of her face, but Keely was looking up wide eyed, just staring. 

Hermione wondered the second before she turned to see for herself what could leave Keely stunned like this, but she soon found out.

Ron Weasley stood there before them with directions sprawled in Ginny’s handwriting clasped in his right hand. 

Memories flashed through Hermione's mind at the sight of him, and his piercing eyes. She hadn't remembered them being so striking before, maybe it was just because she had been deprived of them for so long.

Hermione began to feel light headed, and very very ill.

Ron stood motionless, still staring down at Keely, as wind swept through and blew the directions out of his hands. Hermione watched the paper fly through the air and then flow to the ground, skid a bit across the pavement, only to be trampled on by a tall man with long stringy hair.

Ron couldn't seem to shift his eyes from the scared little red head but it was Hermione that stood before him, and anything was possible with Hermione.

He looked to her. She stood much taller than Keely, but still rather short. Her body was very lean and she looked rather small in her pale blue cardigan. Her hair flowed in waves a bit past her shoulders and her honey eyes were so lovely upon her soft face and Ron's heart gave a sudden lurch.

“Hermione?” he spoke softly.

His voice was deeper, but the same, so the same. 

Hermione's voice refused to flow from her lips, but instead she made a pathetic moan.

And Keely ran into the bookstore faster than Hermione had ever seen her go. Trails of tears left their mark upon her face. Hermione, anxious to get away, ran in after her.

Hermione wanted to scoop Keely up in her arms and hold her tight. The urge was almost unbearable. All of Hermione's mistakes, or rather the most horrid mistakes Hermione made, seemed to be upon Keely's shoulders now. Hermione wanted to rob Keely of the tears and put them in her own heart, anything to make her happy.
When Damien finally snuck back out from the back room and saw Ron standing outside with a dumbstruck look, Hermione feet from him,  he grabbed Keely when she flew into the store.

"Come on baby girl." Hermione heard him say to her daughter as Keely clung to him, her face shaking upon his shoulder.

Hermione watched Damien carry Keely away with Kasha at his heels. Her heart thudded miserably in her chest. Keely looked so frail and pathetic in his strong arms.

All the while, Ron stood, speechless. 

They stood for some while. Awkward silence and a sort of brokeness filling the space around them.

Hermione spoke first, though the strength to even speak surprised her.   

“Ron,” She said stepping closer to him.

“Please tell me something, just fill me in,” Ron said with a hoarse whisper. 

"Wha-" Hermione studdered. She could feel herself unravelling. She envisioned a ball of yarn upon hard wood floor. The yarn was black and it cast a slight shadow upon the floor it was on. Then, without warning, it began to roll away from her, leaving a trail of itself behind.

"Who? I- is that?" Ron's eyes bulged from their sockets, and his face seemed to be tainted somehow. 

“It was the night before you left, do-do you remember that night?” Hermione spoke softly.

“Bloody Hell!” Ron said. “Do I remember that night? Of course I remember that night ‘Mione!”

“Well," Hermione looked to the ground, and back up to Ron. "We... we made Keely that night."  


“Our daughter.” 

Ron stood, rigid in silent fury. He ran his fingers through his hair and sat down at the nearest chair in fear he would fall over where he stood.

“Hermione, we have a child!” Ron said angrily.

Hermione didn’t know how to reply to that, exactly.

“I know,” she said stupidly.

”You- you,” Ron began. Tears welled in his eyes and he turned away. 

Hermione looked to Ron with scared eyes. She longed to touch him, ease the pain that was plainly written all over his face. “You didn’t tell me?” He asked pathetically. At that moment, Hermione saw the Keely she had just seen in Ronald Weasley.

Hermione felt empty. She was empty. Look what she had done. She wanted, at that moment, to never have been born. She knew well it was not a good way of thinking at all, but because of her foolishness, undescribable pain had been placed in the hearts of those she loved most. 

That type of person did not deserve to live.

“Ron,” said Hermione. She held up a hand to him, but he turned away.

“You didn’t tell me we had a daughter!!! I have been gone for…bloody hell. I have been gone for six years! She is, what, five years old and I just see her for the first time today!!!” Ron screeched. His voice was strong now, and the tears were streaming down his face.

Hermione has never seen Ron cry… She never wanted to.

“I-I know! But you wouldn’t have gone to auror training if you knew.”

“Of course I wouldn’t have.”

“See, you would have thrown away your dream! You’re everything!” Her voice lacked confidence.

“Damn Hermione! Don’t you get it! You were my everything! And she would be to, if I knew her.”

Hermione froze at the words. She wondered how she could feel so cold and not freeze to death.

“I don’t know anything about my own child,” Ron said quietly now, as if it was his own fault. His eyes suddenly lost emotion, they looked gone.

“I couldn’t tell you,” Hermione said.

“You couldn't tell me," Ron repeated, with a monotone tone.

“You would have thrown away your perfect opportunity,” said Hermione talking to her self now.

“Maybe... maybe I should have,” Ron never looked back to Hermione. He swayed a bit and made his way to the door. 

"Ron," Hermione whispered, but he was already gone.

Hermione knew there was no need for leaving the town now.

Hermione and Keely were eating dinner that same night.

“Mum, that was daddy wasn’t it?” Keely said with the same monotone voice Ginny sometimes used. And Ron. She was definitely a Weasley. Which was better than being called Hermione Granger's daughter.

Hermione Granger is a failure. Hermione told herself as she sat staring at her child.

“Yes, it was,” said Hermione, finally truthful. It hurt just as much as lying had.

”Will I see him again?”

Hermione looked to Keely.

“I don’t know Keely, I don’t know.”




*Hello everyone. I hoped you liked this chapter. Was it worth the wait? lol. Erm.. I've tweaked this chapter SO much really, and fixed loads of grammatical and spelling errors I carelessly missed. I hate it when that happens. Anyway, review please. I answer everyone as I have no life and I feed off of reviews. (: 
I love you all.  Thanks loads for the support. I very clearly remember when I had 13 reviews for like a month straight. haha. xxxxx*

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