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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 14 : Children Are Here So Is A Question
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Children Are Here So Is A Question
Hermione had to move her things in with Ron after that day. He was determined that their relationship would work out because she was carrying his child. He went around his manor and made it a more cheery place. Hermione had tried to stop him, because she wanted to have the kid then run away to America with George; not that they were going to.

"Hermione dear, do you think we should paint the babies room Blue, Pink, or a neutral color?"

"That sounds great!" Hermione said having not been paying attention.

Ron went on without concern. He waved his wand and a pink color appeared on the walls. A dark cherry color crib appeared as well, along with a rocker, a chest, and a small play crib.

Hermione looked out the baby's window. She could see the fence from up there. She also could see someone sitting leaning up against the fence staring back up at her. She knew that this someone was the person that told her to come here in the first place.

George had begged Hermione to go with Ron. He had to pack her things and make her move. She kept saying that she would be back after the baby was born. George stayed at the house but it was empty without Hermione. He often made breakfast for her in the mornings.

Hermione had been to work only once in the past seven days, she just didn't feel like herself since she moved. Hermione wished George would come and meet her there, it would be like when she was still with Ron and George came to the hospital. Oh Hermione had loved sneaking around.

Ron was going on about something again. Hermione didn't know what and she didn't care. She put her hands to her bulging stomach; she could feel multiple kicks, four at one time. Her eyes got big she thought that the baby must be punching and kicking at the same time; that was the only option.

Hermione didn't talk to anyone much within the next few months. She got calls everyday from her 'mum' she'd talk on the phone for hours. But as the months went on calls became much less often. Ron was picking up the phone more and it wasn't easy for Hermione to beat him to a phone.

Hermione's stomach seemed very large for a woman only six months pregnant. She looked like she was about to have the kids right then and there. Ron often had to be reassured that the kids were his and it did happen that one terrible night that they both didn't want to mention.

Hermione talked to her stomach often as well. She always reassured the baby that she wouldn't make it stay in the manor. She read old baby books her mum had sent her. She sang in a perfect voice everyday so the baby would know her voice.

One day in midsummer Hermione was walking over to her old apartment, well she took a cab really. She was eight and a half months pregnant. She needed to see George again. She wanted to see his whole face not just one strip that could be seen through a fence.

Knocking on the door seemed to be the hardest part. Slowly George came to the door. When he saw who it was he rushed her off of her feet. He got her some tea and himself a beer.

"Hermione, does Ron know where you are?" George asked concerned.

"Yes, I told him that I wanted to make sure I didn't leave anything here."

"After months you're just now realizing you forgot something?"

"No, but Ron believes it."

"It's back to Ron now is it?"

"It has to be, I am living with him."

The silence after that was terrible. It seemed like neither of them knew what they could say to make anything any better. Hermione sipped her tea and George chugged his beer.

"George I still love you. I thought I should tell you before the baby…" Hermione put her hands to her stomach.

"Gross. My shoes!" George said looking at the water on the floor. "Oh god Hermione your water broke."

George rushed Hermione to the hospital before he went to get his family. No one questioned why George was the first to know not even Ron. They all rushed to the hospital and waited in the waiting room, expect for Ron who went in the delivery room.

"Jessica, I'll kill Ron and you if you don't hurry up and get the baby out!" Hermione screamed to her friend.

"Hermione one baby is out, but it seems that there are two."

"God! I hate you all go to hell!" Hermione screamed for the third time in the last hour.

After five hours of labor Hermione had a baby boy and a baby girl. She named her girl Georgia and her boy Georgian. Ron didn't seem to suspect anything.

"May I have moments alone with George please everybody?" Hermione asked after the nurse took the babies and was shooing the family away.

"Hermione what is it?"

"George I want your name under the father spot. I don't want these kids connected to Ron in that way. George you need to know that I wasn't in love with Ron anymore before you came. But you made me crave more. I couldn't stop. George I love you, so know that I won't ever fully be gone from you okay. Harry Ginny what are you doing?"

"Hermione you need to be more quiet we could hear you in the hall. Hermione I can't believe you would do that to Ron. He thinks those babies are his and they aren't you need to tell him." Harry said plainly.

"Harry I can't you don't…" Hermione was starting to panick, her breathing was long and slow. "You don't get it Harry… I can't just…" there was a beeping noise comeing from the machine she was hooked up to.

"Hermione!" George cried out, she wasn't responding.

Doctors came rushing in. People weren't aloud to see her. The twins were taken and people were only aloud to see them. Doctors feed them and George went to look at his kids.

No one was being straight out; no one would say what was wrong. But George figured he was the reason. He always was the reason.

"Miss…Weasley, we're sorry to tell you something went wrong during the birth and it put your friend Hermione into a comma. She may come out of this fine but it's fair to warn you not everyone wakes up…"


AN. Before you all go off on me... there will be a sequel to this story! I only own Oc's and the plot everything else belongs to JK. Please don't tell me how terribly this was ended because you have to read the sequel to know the real ending. Really the sequel is a few one shots, so watch out for the YOUR DUTY seris!

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Cravings: Children Are Here So Is A Question


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