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Anything You Like by Raven Wynn
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Top Five Things in the World That

Make me Want to Jinx Myself and

Make my Brain Turn to Pudding


5. Obnoxious house-elves of purebloods (who think they are better than others.)

4. Severus Snape and Co.

3. Complete and utter numbskulls who only seem to have the advantage of good genes.

2. Girls that wear far too much makeup and therefore look like goblins dressed as jesters.

1. Wizards who think that they are the Wizard Messiahs solely because they are purebloods.


I thoroughly, avidly, utterly take enjoyment out of making lists. Lists just seem to make decisions and thoughts much more organized. And let’s face it- organization is not one of my finer qualities. In fact, it’s up there with coordination and flirting. Or, rather, should I say, down there? Regardless, lists help make my life that much easier. Not that it’s too complicated to be me.

Who am I? To be honest, I’m a nobody. I’m that girl that everyone forgets to invite to their birthday and holiday parties. I’m the one that you ask to copy to homework from everyday in Charms, somehow forgetting that she’s never once let you cheat. I’m that girl that is constantly in the shadow of somebody who is far more fascinating and who seemingly appears to be okay about it.

You may be asking yourself, “Now who could ever overshadow such a splendid and sweet girl such as she?” Well, his name is Sirius Black- you may have heard of him? Tall, dark-haired, extremely dashing and devious, one of the four Marauders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My best mate and charismatic girl magnet.

Yes, him. Really. I’m not kidding.

How did I end up best mate’s with him, you must wonder? Well, let us just briefly mention a spot of trouble and a good sense of aim and call it quits.

Most would think I would mind consistently being forgotten or overshadowed by such a terrific figure. On the contrary, I much rather enjoy taking this perspective- this backseat passenger view, if you will. It allows me to observe and examine and understand the disgusting qualities that is human nature. Plus, I get a good laugh out of the stupidities of mankind, not to mention the vast amount of lists that I can create at my own free will.

I'm not your normal type of girl, if you haven't already noticed, though you wouldn't get that from my name. Rosabelle.  Ros-a-belle. Rosabelle.Eck. You could say it one-thousand different ways and I would still loathe it completely.  I'm anything but a Rosabelle. Hell, I'm not even Spanish. My name basically means absolutely nothing to me. Well, all but embarassment and misunderstanding. I'm not charming, sensitive, enthusiastic, stunning, (did I mention coordinated?) I'm not dependant on others, especially guys. I've never been kissed, never been asked out, never even been hit on at the Leaky Cauldron. I generally don't tend to have girl friends per say. I'm more the tomboy, laugh-at-gas-jokes kind of girl.  

And guess what? That's not all about to change. I'm not going to spring into action and become as feminine as possible. I don't take enjoyment out of all that girly-goodie-two-shoes stuff. I'm bad ass. At least, I would like to be.

Besides, even if I did socially assert myself like the other girls do towards Sirius, nothing would come out of it. Sirius is my best friend and there is competition out there that is far more appealing than me. I’m the only member of my sex that Sirius actually trusts. It would be such a bother and a waste of my time to be anything people would like me to be.


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Anything You Like: Prologue


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