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Soon To Be... by jesi lily
Chapter 23 : Twenty-three
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Lily sighed as she opened her eyes, she turned over to wrap her arms around James only to find herself alone, she shot up into sitting position and looked around frantically, not even taking in her surroundings as she called out for James. It wasn’t until she heard him groan that she calmed down.

“Lily, love, quiet down.” He mumbled from her left, Lily crawled out of her bed and watched him as he tried to wrap her up in his arms, only she wasn’t in his bed and he got very confused. “Lily?” He asked sitting up slowly, silently the redhead sat on his bed side and rested her head on his shoulder.

“We’re in the Hospital wing.” She muttered as James drew her closer and pulled the papery sheets over them. “James we might have missed the exams.” Lily worried.

“I don’t think so sweetie, we can’t have been here too long. Are you alright? You scared me out there.” James said holding Lily close to him, he didn’t want Lily to be in a situation like that ever again, it would be too much to bear.

“You scared me too, I’m fine, you?” Lily asked concerned, nuzzling into James.

“I’m just a bit tired.” James said, still holding onto Lily in such a way she knew he had been terrified for her.

“James I’m honestly fine, I’m not going anywhere.” Lily said to him, kissing his neck, jaw then lips.

“At the moment I never know if you’re going to be fine, he’s turning up wherever you are, I need to know you’re safe Lily, and I know you’re safe when you’re with me.” Lily smiled at James, and nodded. She knew that she was safe when she was with him too.

They sat together for a long time before Sirius came in with Honey both looking very pale.

“Merlin!” Honey screeched. “You’re awake, Oh Lily we were so scared!” Honey said engulfing Lily into a hug; Sirius came to James and whacked the Head boy across the head.

“Scare us like that again I’ll have to do more then whack you.” Sirius growled, he looked pale and worried.

“James and I are fine.” Lily said. Then turned to Honey. “When do the Exams start, I haven’t missed one have I?” Lily asked frantically.

“No Miss Evans you haven’t. Mr Black and Miss White, if you could please give me a moment with these two.” Albus Dumbledore asked appearing as if from no where.

Honey smiled at Lily and left after another hug, she even went on and hugged James, Sirius clapped James on the shoulder and kissed Lily on the cheek.

“Now Miss Evans, Mr Potter, I would first of all like to talk to you of the attack. It was of course a random attack, we had no idea that it was in planning. I apologise for not being there to help you.” Dumbledore’s electric blue eyes flashed, with sadness and regret and Lily knew that he felt he had let the pair down.

“Sir, it wasn’t your fault.” Lily said softly, causing the older man to smile at her warmly.

“Thank you Miss Evans, and as for your exams, they begin in three days, and due to circumstances you are going to have three extra points added to each exam. Something that happens when a student faces some form of hardship before an exam.” Dumbledore explained then left the pair alone. “Oh you’ll be allowed out tonight.” He called from the door way.

Finally when the two were let out they immediately rushed down for dinner, the smell was enticing, but as Lily rushed down with James something stopped her, there on his own sat Severus Snape, he was reading a book, he seemed to be smiling, and it softened his whole face, he looked quite... Beautiful in a way. Telling James to go ahead, Lily quietly and slowly walked towards the Slytherin boy.

When finally she reached him she didn’t know what to say. She’d barely spoken to him in all her time here, and it seemed strange to approach him now, and yet, she felt she should.

“What is it you want Evans?” Severus drawled, snapping her from her thoughts.

“I-I just wanted to wish you luck, I mean in your exams, I mean, yes. I want to wish you luck. Though I’m sure you don’t need it.” Lily said shyly, Severus looked up to see if she was laughing at him or not. When it seemed that she wasn’t he nodded his head.

“Thank you, you to Evans.” He said curtly.

“It’s Lily, you can call me Lily.” Lily said softly, and for some reason Severus’ features softened. “I was wondering, maybe, if you wanted to maybe study with me in the Library, James and Sirius won’t step foot in there, and Belle and Honey won’t either, and I get rather lonely. I was wondering if maybe you might want to. I mean you don’t have to?” Lily mumbled, and Severus smiled.

“I would like that.” He said quietly, a look spreading across his features that Lily had not seen before, but it was warm.

“Ok great, maybe, tonight? After dinner?” Lily asked.

“That… that sounds good.” Severus said. Lily smiled at the boy then left him to his reading, not fully getting the impact she had just made.

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