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A Fanfic From Humble Beginnings (Marauder Era) by LadyDux14
Chapter 6 : New Years
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CHAPTER 6:********************************


After what should have been a seven minute walk to the common room had turned into a twenty minute ordeal, Felicia and Stacy finally entered the common room to find Lily in a chair by the fire place waiting for them.


Noticing their arrival Lily got up and walked toward them, “Gosh guys, what took you so long?”


Sirius and James scurried through the portrait hole, appearing that each one was trying to be the first one in. After a series of screaming and groaning it appeared as if Sirius won. “Lily! Guess what! Stacy and Felicia are---“


“DON’T YOU DARE SAY IT BLACK!” Stacy cut him off before he could reveal their secret.


Felicia, panicked, what if the whole school found out and they got sent back to Zolland only to remain in Senor Penguinos torture chamber for their four remaining years of high school…”uh.. He thinks we are cool!” Wow, what a pathetic cover-up she thought to herself.


“Oh…” Lily was a bit taken aback from the recent actions of Sirius and Stacy’s screaming showdown.


“…yeah, oh? What the crap are you talking about Fe?!” Many people, even Stacy, were often confused by some of the distant comments made by Felicia.


Fe turned a slight pinkish/red color, “Uh… I’m going to go.” She headed up the stairs and into the girls dormitories.


“So Black, what were you saying about Stacy and Fe?” Lily was completely oblivion to the fact Fe left, and was wondering what Sirius was babbling on about this time.


“I mean, I just wanted to know, if Stacy and Fe told you they were American.” Sirius glanced at Stacy to make sure she wasn’t giving him any death glares at this point.


Lily gave Black a comical look, and then rolled her eyes, “Oh my word! I didn’t know that! They don’t look or sound like Yankees and they never told me!” Lily’s jaw dropped. She felt as if she was surrounded in a world of idiots.


“So you guys noticed this by yourself? Wow, that’s a large accomplishment for you!” Stacy, noticing the scowls she received from the two guys after her rather sarcastic comment pulled Lily to the side, “Eh, sorry to leave you with these idgets, but I’m going to head upstairs before they pull some sort of fast one on me.”


The first few weeks at Hogwarts seemed to be running quite smoothly, well, as smoothly as you could get with the marauders about.


In fact, the year almost seemed to be flying by from Felicia and Stacy’s point of view. It was already New Years Eve.


“Ahh!” Stacy and Fe screamed in unison while dropping the books they were studying, “James, will you please put those frigging party horns away already! I mean it’s not even the New Year yet! It is nine!!!”


James just stared at Stacy, as if she was the insane psycho maniacal one and he was normal.


Lily, who was acting like this was a normal tradition in her life said, “This is the crap you have to deal with from these idgets on New Year’s Eve, and pretty much any other day for that matter…”


“Ugh, great, I can’t study then.” Stacy slammed her book, 1000 Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them, shut and tossed it on the floor aside and crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair.


“I suppose they don’t sleep and go simply insane when the ball drops too, right?” Felicia asked, removing her eyes from the book in her hand.


“What? Ball drop?” Wow, Americans sure do have odd customs, Lily thought.


“You know?! The ball. In New York City, oh wait… England, dang it. Never mind.” Wow the Brits don’t know much about what goes on in other parts of the world Felicia pondered.


“Actually I never heard ---“, Lily began, but sadly we will never find out what she was going to say because James and Sirius plopped on the couch she was sitting on, one on each side of her.


“You know,” James started, “Us Brits, we don’t know about you Yankees all that much, care to tell?”


After James made this comment, or well, question, Stacy and Fe began conversing to each other quietly whispering something about, ‘fourth and seventh year’.


“Um, I hate to break your guys’ personal conversation thing going on, but what the bloody heck are you talking about this time?” Sirius scratched his head, almost as if a dog would.


“The Lily Evans Acceptable Comment Inspection Test, or LEACIT, I mean we wouldn’t want to offend her or anything.” Felicia said proudly, raising her voice, standing up from her seat, posing, with one fist in the air. Many of the people in the common room focused her attention on her at that moment wondering what the heck she was doing.


“What?!” James thought, Hmmm… maybe by knowing this it will help me show my dearest love that she digs me like every other female living organism on this planet, or well UNIVERSE! Most could tell he was thinking of some sneaky diabolical plan that marauders usually think of…


Sirius, nearly being able to read James’ mind by this point, seeing what could come and wanting to save him from embarrassment, changed the topic, “So, in America, what do you wild ones do around there?”


“And to answer that we will probably need to know how much you already know about America!” Stacy said in her baby voice, one similar to the voice dog owners use when talking to there faithful pet.


“I doubt that is much Stacy,” Lily added, although pretending she wasn’t at all interested in their conversation.


“Yeah, I bet. So, Sirius, James, what do you know?


He sat there, shockingly it appeared as if he was thinking, “Uh… well… there are muggles dressed as mice walking around in heavy suits in extremely warm weather.”




“Yeah, and dumb surfer guys”


“Dumb guys you say?” Lily laughed, “Sounds more similar to England then I would have guessed…”


Sirius, ignoring the last comment targeted at him, rolled his eyes and added, “Isn’t there odd sorts of food too?”


Stacy rolled her eyes, wow talk about stereotyping, “Yeah, well mice don’t walk around in suits normally, there’s no surfers where we live, unless they’re stupid enough to surf Lake Michigan (And yes I’m sure they still do exist, and don’t even consider trying it Fe!), and hot dogs and hamburgers, the ‘odd sorts’ of food, aren’t all that bazaar compared to pumpkin juice, honestly. Haven’t you ever heard of a Diet Coke?”


“Diet Coke…” Felicia moaned while tossing her head back, “Wow, I miss that stuff, I bet you do too Stacy. Accio Diet Coke.”


“Thanks, I do miss this…” Stacy sighed.


“Oh! What does this taste like?!” Sirius snatched the beverage from Stacy and began to chug it, “…Bubbly…Fizzy…Sensation! I dig, as you Americans would say. I love this stuff, get me more!” Sirius let out a rather large unpleasant belch.


Lily, being extremely grossed out, answered his question, “Maybe you shouldn’t.”


“Moving on… so what else about America do you desire to know?”


James was still trying to act somewhat intelligent, although he wasn’t succeeding, “I don’t know. Give me some of the basics.”


Stacy smirked, “Well, the declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 by…”


Felicia giggled, she was used to her sarcasm and realized others weren’t so much, “I don’t think he meant it like that.”


“Well, we are literal people, we ‘Yankees’, as they say. We need to know what you want to know, and Sirius, I’m locking those ten cases of Diet Coke in my dormitory!”


“Good idea Stacykins, Don’t worry Sirius, I’ll bring you some perhaps another time if you really want some that much.” Fe said to Sirius.


“About America,” James continued, “Michigan, you say? Well what do you guys do there?”. Attempting to act scholarly he tilted his glasses down a bit, so they barely balanced on his nose, and began to stroke his chin.


“Nice try Potter, I bet you don’t even know where Michigan is!” Lily enjoyed deflating Potter’s egotistical head every moment she was offered.


“Sure I do! It’s obviously the one shaped like a boot.”


“Dude.” Stacy gently slapped her forehead, “that’s Italy.”


Fe, who couldn’t take much more, began laughing hysterically, “Michigan…is… a …

 mitten… not… a … boot!”


Poor James turned red, “Um… well I’m going to go party since you guys are just sitting here studying on a national holiday!” As James left, Sirius obediently followed his master.


As soon as he was out of earshot Stacy whispered to Fe, “Wow Fe, he is worse then Jo warned us”


“Yeah, quite full of himself”


Lily watched the guys, or well one of them, leave and then came out of her trance, not that she was thinking of anyone in particular, “Wait, who is this Jo you keep referring to?”


“Just the person who sent us here from… our old school. And… taught us all that background knowledge. Fun stuff.” Fe stuttered.


“Uh, yeah that,” Stacy picked up her book, “You know he is pretty close to I…ZUVIE GIRL wrote him in her stories.

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