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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 6 : Tigerlily
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter, JKR does. I own only a few characters and the plot. Maybe a few settings, too.

James was crushed by the news of Lily‘s new boyfriend, but his resolve was to work hard to get Lily to be his friend. The Marauders told him the new plan, and he was confident it would work. He put it into effect immediately.

STEP 1: Don’t ask her out.

James looked at this step sorrowfully, but did as it said. For the first week that Lily and Tyler went out, James not once asked her out. Lily was glad he didn’t because she would have to say no. Besides, that showed signs of maturing from James. Even when she had had boyfriends before, he had still asked her out every chance he had.

Lily was having a good time with Tyler. He was thoughtful, and sweet. He sat at the Gryffindor Table with her, and sat with her during the classes they had together. He gave her space for studying and reading, but was never too far away in case she needed him. They had still to share their first kiss, but Tyler didn’t want to rush it, and wanted it to be romantic. So, he planned a special day for Saturday, and didn’t tell her a thing.

Lily woke late on Saturday, at 10:30. She rolled out of bed and changed into comfy shorts and a tank-top, but they still looked very cute on her. After brushing her long hair into a high ponytail, she headed down the stairs. Upon reaching the foot of the stairs, she gasped at the sight before her.

Tyler smiled, and pulled her to the table he had set up. The room was normal, but the ceiling had been bewitched to look like the sky outside, just as the Great Hall. Now, the table was not so normal. On it sat two plates filled with biscuits, eggs, and gravy. Beside Lily’s plate sat a bouquet of flowers, and on the other side sat a small box.

“Tyler, did you make the food yourself?” Lily asked, because it was a sweet thing that he would do.

“Of course!  I only want you to have the best.” Tyler smirked, making Lily laugh. They sat, and ate in silence. Lily itched to open the box, but waited until she finished eating.

“MM, that was delicious! Thank-you!” Lily complimented Tyler’s cooking. He smiled, and urged her to open the gift. She gave him a sly look, and picked up the flowers. She smelt them, and giggled at how he had carefully placed the lilies, lilacs, and roses to display a heart. She looked over at him, and saw that he was impatient for her to open the gift. She obliged.

Lily carefully picked up the box, and slowly untied the bow. She placed the green ribbon beside the flowers, and began to take off the lid of the red box. Inside was a piece of paper, carefully folded. Lily lifted it out of the box, and saw a beautiful necklace with a star shaped emarald attached. She forgot about the note as she held it up to admire in the light.

“Tyler, it’s beautiful! But, I can’t take it, it must have cost a fortune!” Lily tried to hand it to him. Tyler crossed his arms, and stubbornly shook his head.

“It is a present, and you will keep it!” Tyler commanded, “Besides, it’s not a present for nothing, or did you forget that you turn 17 today?” Lily looked at him in surprise as she recalled that small fact. She blushed at her loss of memory as she carefully replaced the necklace in the box.

Lily stood and walked around the table to give Tyler a hug. He easily returned it, and stood as well. He picked Lily up, and swung her in the air. She screamed until he dropped her into his arms. Her face had a tinge of pink from screaming, and Tyler thought she looked very cute. Before he could stop himself, he lowered his head and gave Lily a gentle kiss on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. Lily felt a rise in her heart, as did Tyler.

They pulled away, both breathless, but not from the length of the kiss, but from the power and emotion of it. They stared at each other for minutes on end. Finally, Tyler broke the moment by placing her back on the ground. Lily stared up at him, and felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. She had just realized that the kiss she had given James felt even better than Tyler’s.

“Read the note.” Tyler brought her out of her thoughts. Looking at him, she knew he’d never be as good as James, but she knew she just couldn’t go out with James. That was that. Lily walked over to the table, and carefully opened the note. It read:

Dear Lily,

I know I could just tell you this, but it will always be a reminder for you. Anyway, I want you to know that you will always be very important to me, whether we make it through dating or not. I’ve liked you for a while now, but it took me some time to get the courage to ask you out.

This isn’t just a gushy letter, it’s also the first step to a big surprise I have for you later tonight. After reading this, carry on with your day as usual, until two o’clock. Then, go to the Gryffindor common room and hang out with your friends there, until five o’clock. At five, meet me here, and I just might have a surprise waiting for you, but only if you’re on time.

With lots of hope,


Lily smiled at how sweet Tyler was, and looked up to thank him, only he wasn’t there. “Tyler!” Lily called, but he didn’t answer. She looked around the room, and found that he must have left. Lily read over the note again, and decided to do as it said. She pulled out a book hidden under the in table beside the couch, and read. She quickly lost herself in the book, and didn’t pay attention to the time.

Lily sighed as she closed the book, and looked up at the clock. It was about 1:30, so she decided to head to the kitchen for a snack. She found it in her first year, after getting completely lost looking for the History of Magic classroom. Not knowing how to open it, she listened in on the Marauders’ conversations and heard them talk about tickling the pear. The house elves eagerly waited on her when she entered. Unfortunately, they were also waiting on four other people, the four other people she didn’t want to be anywhere near. Ok, so they hadn’t been that bad lately, Lily allowed herself to admit.

STEP 2: Be mature!!!!! 

“Lily! Great seeing you here!” James smiled as he saw her. Lily nodded in the Marauders’ general direction as she asked her favorite house elf, Mitsy, for a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.

“Yes! Mitsy gets it for Miss Flower!” Mitsy hurried off, and Lily decided to join the Marauders. She was friends with the Marauders.  She found that being around James was actually pretty fun, and she had slowly started to trust him and his friends.  Yes, it only took a week for James to get Lily to be his friend.

“Miss Flower?” Sirius teased. Lily stuck her tongue out at him, and they burst into laughter. Lily even laughed with them. It was strange, yet funny, to see Lily Evans act like a three-year-old. Mitsy returned with her sandwich, and Lily thanked her. Mitsy glowed at the praise as she left to get Miss Flower some milk to drink.

“When did you find the kitchen? We’ve never seen you here before.” James asked.

“I stumbled upon it in First Year, looking for History of Magic.” Lily explained. That’s not fair!, James thought, It took us 3 months of searching to find it! The other Marauders were thinking the same, because that had spent late nights under the invisibility cloak searching and searching. Within that time, they received a lot of detentions from Professor McGonagall, being noisy and clumsy.

“So, what are you up to today?” James asked while Mitsy returned with Lily’s milk. Once again, she glowed after Lily thanked her. Lily didn’t understand why simply thanking her made the house elf’s day, but she did it, just being polite.

“Not much. Tyler has a surprise for me later today, at five.” Lily shrugged.

“Well, we’ll throw a party for you, until then.” Remus announced. Lily felt a blush coming as she shook her head.

“There’s no need for that.” She objected. The Marauders refused to give in that easily.

“It’s your seventeenth birthday! You deserve a huge party!” Sirius, surprisingly, countered.

“Yes, so go wait for us in the library, and we’ll come and get you when we’re ready.” James said, and they pushed Lily out of the kitchen. Lily gave in and found a good book at the library. She checked it out, and began to read. It seemed only a few minutes later, Remus came to get her.

“Where are the others?” Lily asked as they left the library. Remus shook his head.

“They didn’t want to go into the library, so they’re waiting for us in the common room.” He explained. Lily nodded, understanding exactly what he was talking about. James had only been in the library a few times during OWL’s, to study, and he hated it. Neither Peter nor Sirius had ever actually been in the library before. Remus, on the other hand, was in there plenty a time to study. That’s how he and Lily became friends. Before she knew it, they had arrived at the Fat Lady. A password later, they were entering the room.

Lily gasped at this sight as well. Hanging on streamers were the words HAPPY SEVENTEENTH BIRTHDAY LILY!!, and they changed colors. Besides that, there was an actual DJ in the back of the room, blasting music. On tables were food and a huge, four feet high, cake that was shaped as the Gryffindor Lion. The chairs and studying tables had been replaced with a dance floor that was covered with a mixture of students. Lindsey and Kara were even there. They, and the other Marauders headed her way.

“Happy birthday!” They shouted upon reaching her, and Lily found herself laughing as they began to dance. James and Sirius were doing wacky moves, and Peter and Remus were taking turns trying to trip them. Lindsey and Kara pulled her out on the floor and made her dance with them. Alice soon joined, and they giggled and chatted as they had fun. Not once did James come over to ask her out, or to dance. Lily was impressed with his new attitude, and hoped he learned to stay that way.  He wouldn't be James, though, if he didn't break a few rules and pull a few pranks, Lily allowed herself to admit.

The hours ran past as they all enjoyed dancing to the music. Around 4:30, James and Sirius drug Lily over to the cake. After everyone sang happy birthday to her, Lily blew out the seventeen candles on the cake. Then, Sirius took a few huge pieces, and stuffed them down his throat. Everyone, even James, looked away in disgust. Lily saw a clock and found that it was 4:42, and she high-tailed it out of there. Luckily, she made it to the Head’s Dorm quickly, and wasn’t late.

“Crazy monkeys” She said the password, and opened the portrait. Inside, she saw lilies and roses lying on the floor, leading to the couch where Tyler was sitting. Lily quietly walked towards him, because he hadn’t noticed her yet. She surprised him when she jumped over the back of the couch and onto it. He jumped, but smiled at her smirking, and anticipating face. He made no motion to give or show her anything, so Lily sat there, her patience slowly running out.

“Oh, Tyler, what’s my surprise??” Lily asked, unable to contain her excitement any longer. He smiled at her, and pulled a box out from the other side of him. He handed it to her, and she slowly opened it, holding her breath. What she found caused her to giggle in glee.

“Thank you!!!” Lily gave Tyler a quick peck on the cheek, before returning to the adorable little kitten on her lap. It was gray, white, black, and tinted yellow. The tiger-like kitten pounced at her hand when she wiggled her finger in front of its nose.

“What are you going to name her?” Tyler asked, happy that Lily loved his surprise. She was sitting beside him with a huge grin on her face, and sparkling emerald eyes.

“Err, Tigerlily!” Lily cried, taking a nickname James had used for her in the second year. That wasn’t the reason she chose it, she chose that name because the kitten was so much like a tiger, and she thought the name fitting. Then, Lily remembered something, and her grin left her face.

“I can’t take her.” Lily said quietly. Tyler looked puzzled at her statement, “You’ve already gotten me a beautiful necklace that had to cost a fortune, and she had to, too!”

“Oh,” Tyler laughed, “You’re worth every penny.” Lily blushed at his words, and stopped trying to give Tigerlily back. Then, she squealed and picked up the kitten and grabbed and of Tyler’s hands.

“Where’re you taking us?” Tyler asked as Lily pulled him at a run out of the Head’s dorm.

“To the Gryffindor common room to show everyone my beautiful kitten!” Lily squealed with the twinkle back in her eye. Tyler laughed as they arrived at the Fat Lady, and Lily said the password. Needless to say, everyone loved Tigerlily, and crowded around them. James did as well, and swelled with pride as Lily announced the kitten’s name. Of course, being mature and all, he didn’t make any kind of suggestion about it. The rest of the day was spent lounging around, helping Tigerlily get used to her new home.

A/N: How do you like it?? I know it doesn’t have much of Lily and James, but there’s more of that to come! Oh, and the kitten, how did you like her?? Well, I modeled her after my new baby kitten. My parents let me name her Tigerlily! Yay! She does look a lot like a tiger, though! And, she has the most adorable face! Luckily, she gets along with my older cat, Stormcloud, so that’s a plus. Ok, enough of me!

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