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Strange and Beautiful by Proud Hufflepuff
Chapter 2 : A Misunderstanding
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Until you got with another man,
And then I couldn't understand
Why it bothered me so.

-Landon Pigg: Can't Let Go

“Did you get Evans to go with you, Prongs?” Sirius said lazily as he picked at the end of his quill.

“Not yet,” James said with a smirk. “Have you asked someone? Remus has already asked the Ravenclaw and she said yes. Even Peter has a date.”

“Who’s Peter going with?” Sirius said, suddenly interested in what his best friend was saying. James shrugged as he tossed a wad of parchment into the rubbish bin across the room.

“He won’t say,” James said simply before looking back at Sirius. “Have you asked someone?”

Sirius shook his head and continued to damage the quill.

“I could ask Melinda,” Sirius said after a while, referring to a fellow house-mate.

“Lindy? She would fawn over you the whole evening,” Remus said as he walked into the dorm with Peter.

“Really, what happened to Alina?” James said. Peter suddenly looked down at the ground.

“What’s wrong, Peter?” Remus said, looking at his fellow Marauder. Sirius looked up curiously. James continued chucking balls of parchment in the rubbish bin.

“Who did you ask?” Sirius said. He stared at Peter for an answer while Remus stood between the two. James dropped his make shift balls and looked at his three friends.

“Alina,” Peter mumbled, still looking down at the ground. Sirius felt a rage burn through his body that he didn’t know. He wanted to hex Peter into the next millennium and didn’t why.

“You asked who, Wormtail?” Remus said, still standing between Peter and Sirius.

“Alina,” Peter said, this time a bit louder. The anger pulsed quickly through Sirius’s veins and he could feel his face getting hotter. He flexed his fists before holding them clenched. He didn’t understand why he was angry, though.

“That’s great,” Sirius said, trying to camouflage the rage in his voice. “You’ll have a good time.” He unclenched his fists and gave an unconvincing smile. Remus, James, and Peter looked at him. Peter had a nervous grin on his face, while Remus and James looked confused.

“Well, erm, Peter and I need to go work on our Transfiguration essay; you two should do the same,” Remus said, referring to the essay that had been assigned earlier that day. They were to do it with a partner, and naturally, James and Sirius had collaborated.

“How long do you think we can hold this off until either Lily or Remus gets angry with us?” James said, relaxing on his bed.

“I’d give it a few days,” Sirius said, turning toward the stairs.

“Where’re you going, mate?”

“To ask Lindy to the ball.”

“Good luck!”

“Don’t need it,” Sirius said, winking.

Sirius made his way swiftly down the old, creaky stairs and into the common room. Many students were lounging and he found it difficult to find the brunette that he was looking for.

“Melinda?” Sirius said, directing his shouting to a girl in the corner of the common room who was chatting with a few others. She smiled and started giggling. Sirius grinned and walked over. Lindy’s giggles got more girly the closer he walked to her. As he stood before her, his eyes were drawn to her large bosom rather than her face.

Isn’t this what Remus told me not to look at? Probably, he thought wistfully. He looked up at her face and took her hand chivalrously. He kissed it lightly.

“It would be my pleasure to escort you to the annual seventh year ball,” Sirius said. She looked at her friends and giggled some more.

“I would be ever so pleased to accompany you,” she said, unbuttoning the top buttons of her shirt as though she was warm.

Sirius nodded and headed toward the portrait hole, knowing that it was close to dinner time. Lindy followed him like a lost puppy. He smirked a bit.

“What should I wear, Sirius?” she said, clinging to his arm.

“Something nice,” he said, still smirking as they entered the Great Hall. Oddly enough, he felt compelled to catch Alina’s eye, for she was walking just ahead of him.

“Hello, Sirius, Lindy,” Alina said sweetly as she turned around. “Are you going to the ball together?”

“We are, aren’t we, Sirius?” Lindy said, still clinging to his arm. Sirius nodded.

“That’s fantastic,” Alina said. “Peter asked me. He is such a dear.”

Sirius felt his cheeks growing hot again. Alina smiled sweetly at Lindy and then looked at Sirius with a strange look in her eyes. He couldn’t read it, for he had never seen it before.

“’Lina, c’mon!” a Hufflepuff girl shouted from the respective table.

“It was so nice seeing you two this evening; I must be off,” Alina said, turning around and walking over to her proper table.

“What did you say to her?” Peter said as he came up behind Sirius with James and Remus, who looked shocked to say the least.

“Sirius didn’t say anything to the priss, did you, Sirius?” Lindy said, snuggling close to Sirius. He felt oddly uncomfortable.

“She isn’t a priss,” Peter said, clenching his fists. Alina turned around quickly when she heard the argument that had just begun.

“I never said she was,” Sirius said, regaining the anger he had toward Peter, but this time focusing it on Lindy.

“She did, though,” Peter said angrily as he pointed to Lindy.

“Peter, stop it,” Alina said as she walked up next to him and pulled him back by his arm. “I’m sure this is all a misunderstanding. Peter!”

Peter tried to shrug her off and take a swing at Sirius, who dodged the fist that hadn’t come near him.

“Right, a misunderstanding,” Sirius muttered before sitting down at the Gryffindor table. Alina watched for a few moments before returning to her table.

“I’ll go to the library and write my essay with Sirius if you’ll accompany me to the ball,” James said, speaking with Lily. She rolled her eyes impatiently.

“Fine! I’ll go to the ball with you, James Potter! Just do your essay,” she said miserably. The rest of the Marauders laughed while James smiled, basking in his victory.


“And then…” James said, finally giving up on the essay.

“And then we fall asleep in the library,” Sirius added to James’s statement. James gave a weary smile.

“That sounds good to me,” he said as he slammed the Transfiguration textbook shut. Sirius stood up to return their borrowed books to the shelf while James collected the things that belonged to them.

“Alina?” Sirius said as he walked down one of the aisles of shelves.

“Hullo, Sirius,” she said brightly as she took a book from the shelf.

“How’re you doing tonight?” he said as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and leaned casually against the bookshelves.

“I’m fine, thank you. How are you?” she said as she walked past him to replace a book.

“I’m doing well.”

She turned around quickly when she realized that Sirius was standing right behind her. She backed up against the shelf, placing her hands on a row of books. He put his hands on either side of her on the books and leaned forward.

“Sirius,” she said with a nervous smile on her face. “What on earth are you doing? Lindy’s just over there.” Sirius quickly whipped around to find Lindy sitting at a table at the end of the row with one of her friends with an angry expression.

“Forget Lindy,” Sirius said, moving closer to Alina and putting his index finger beneath her chin. She looked up at him.

“Sirius, please,” she said, placing her hands on his muscular chest and pushing him away from her.

“’Lina, wait!” he called.

“Quiet down, Mr. Black,” the haughty librarian said to him as she put books on the shelves. He looked away from the librarian only to find that Alina had already run off. He sighed heavily and walked back to James.

As he arrived to the desk that he and James had been working at, he found a puzzled James. He was holding a neatly folded piece of parchment.

“Er, Alina told me to give this to you,” James said, his brow furrowing in confusion. He handed Sirius the note and Sirius hastily opened it.

I’m sorry.

Sirius put the short note in his pocket and picked up his books.

“What did it say?” James said, being his nosy self.

“Nothing,” Sirius snapped, still not sure why he was so angry that day. James fell a few steps behind Sirius as they continued through the corridors.

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