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Loving you, Hating you by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 6 : Escaping Azkaban
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A/N: Hey guys, incase you didn’t already know this story was recently edited. So if you have read the first 5 chapters before they were edited please re-read them before reading this chapter. I changed quite a few details as well as including more information and changing the order of things around.

So please, re-read them otherwise this chapter will not make sense! 

Apparating to the gate of the prison entrance Draco glanced up at the tall stone keep and sighed. Ever since the Dementors had fled almost 20 years ago wizards had been guarding the most dangerous people in the wizarding world. Soon after the last Dementor had vanished over the coast all those years ago, bars had been added to every door and window. Keeping the prisoners in. Guards stood at every entrance and during the day five guards would patrol the halls, during the night only three would. Unlike muggle prisons the prisoners were not allowed out of their cell, for any reason. Each cell had it’s own toilet, shower and bed and was the only room of the prison the prisoners saw from the time they arrived to the time they left, or died. Whichever came first. The prison was not made for comfort, housing both male and female prisoners and did not have any type of heating system. During the winter it was freezing cold, while in the summer it was stifling hot. 

The most important change to the prison was not the introduction of human guards or bars however, it was the lifting of the anti-apparation jinx on the island. Ministers high up in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, wanted to make the prison easily accessible, no more ferrying people too and from the island, this took much too long and cost too many galleons that could be spent on other things. So, like many government departments around the world, in an effort to cut costs, they would cut safety measures. Pure genius that was! Draco thought.

As a guard Draco had one responsibility. To keep the prisoners within their cells. At all costs. Armed with a wand he had a number of ways to make sure his job was done, from using the simple stunning spell, or to use the most feared spell in the world. A spell that had been performed countless times by most of the prisoners. The killing curse. 

The minister himself had changed the law to allow the guards to use this spell. Believing, as many did, that keeping the prisoners in was more important then keeping them alive. While Draco had personally never used the killing curse, believing it was better to see them suffer behind bars then dead and peaceful, he knew of some guards that used it frequently.

He sighed as he walked through the Iron Gate, checking in at the desk and signing the form. He noticed that his was the first signature on the page. He checked his watch, he was five minutes late, and the others should have been here by now he thought. He glanced up at the guard behind the desk “Who else is in tonight?” he asked.

The women glanced up at him and started shifting through a pile of papers on her desk. Finally she pulled it out of the pile and frowned when she read it. “You’re the only one,” she muttered. Draco scowled. The women glanced at him apologetically “Apparently Ted’s sick, his wife owled me saying he had eaten to much chocolate cake and couldn’t get out of bed, and Tony’s been away for the past week, apparently he hurt his knee while playing quidditch and can’t walk” she told him.

Draco rolled his eyes “Fine, whatever” he muttered “I’ll do the rounds myself” Then he turned and with his wand firmly in his pocket walked down the hall. He was heading to A block, where the most dangerous prisoners were held. Where many of his old school friends were.

* * *

He was walking down one of the halls in A block, it was almost midnight and he had been patrolling the halls for the past six hours. He was tired, and not concentrating as hard as he should have been. Suddenly he heard a sound behind him, the creaking sound of a door being opened. It was one of the cells! “Bloody hell!” yelled Draco.

A figure appeared in the doorway, Draco shouted and a jet of orange light shot out of the end of his wand, the Bellatrix ducked and the light missed her by inches. She got up and ran to a nearby cell door and pulled the bolt freeing another prisoner. Draco aimed his wand at the second individual, hitting him square in the chest. He turned and was about to cast another spell when he was tackled and fell to the floor. Hands punched him and others groped for his wand. Unable to prize it from his grasp someone bit him. “OW!” he yelled. Dropping the prized piece of wood. Suddenly he was free, he stumbled to his feet and looked up. Four people stood in front of him, Bellatrix Lestrange, her husband, Nott, and his Father. Draco glared at him. His Father smiled, twirling Draco's wand within his long fingers.

"How the hell did you get out!" he snapped, pissed as hell!

Lucius smiled, but it was Bella who answered. "You're little friend Ted!" she said with a smile. Draco frowned puzzed and Bella through back her head and laughed hystericaly. "Came a bit to close to the bars! Got a bit to close to Bella!" she said in a sing-song voice.

Lucius smirked at Draco's confused expression "Bella stole his wand as he was....occupied" he answered.

Bella winked and blew him a kiss, then she laughed again

Draco sighed and rolled his eyes. "of course!"

“You picked the wrong side Draco, the Dark always wins” Lucius told him smirking.

Draco glared at his Father “Incase your forgetting” he replied, “ I believe Voldemort was defeated, he ran away, leaving you guys to spend the rest of your life here”

Gasps sounded at the use of the dark lords name

“How dare you treat him with no respect” shouted Bellatrix

Draco just coolly looked at her “Why should I, he’s not my master” he snapped annoyed.

Lucius narrowed his eyes “I believe, you need to be punished” raising Draco’s wand he shouted Crucio, Draco screamed. It was the most painful thing he had ever experienced. It stopped and he slowly got to his feet. Lucius smiled “ Coming back for more are we?” He raised he wand and shouted another spell; slashes of purple appeared, racking Draco’s chest, face and arms and leaving him with deep slashes across his body, he was bleeding heavily. He stumbled. Lucius stared cruelly at him “I warned you I’d get out didn’t I! How’s your family Draco?” he laughed. “ I get them sooner or later”

Draco looked up, there were more of them now, Nott had unlocked many of the other doors and Draco suddenly found himself surrounded by at least 15 deatheaters “Fuck you!” he spat.

Lucius eyes narrowed “ I’m going to kill that little half-blood brat of yours and that stupid mudblood you used to call a wife” he announced evily, a smile on his lips.

Draco just glared at him, the blood seeping through his clothes. He coughed “You’ll have to get though me!” he spat.

Lucius smirked “ I don’t think that will be very difficult” he laughed “ Lets see how long you last without help!” he smiled and apparated. The other Deatheaters followed, laughing.

Draco slumped to his knees and groaned, blood was flowing down his arms and chest soaking his trousers, and the tattered remains of his shirt, forming in a puddle on the floor. I have to get to Hermione he thought, concentrating hard he thought of her and her current place of residence, 12 Grimmauld place, London.

A/N: * Grins Evilly *, your going to have to wait for the next chapter to find out what happened! Ha, I love creating suspense! (Yes I know I’m evil, but I can’t help it! :o) Anyway! What did you think, please review so I know! Cheers!

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Loving you, Hating you: Escaping Azkaban


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