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The Powers Within by ladyemma
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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The Powers Within
Chapter Two

The phone rang loudly, causing the previously sleeping Harry and Hermione to sit up quickly. Except for the one time when Ron had been traveling and forgot about time difference, a call in the middle of the night was a serious thing. It meant that Natalie, an auror in training, was calling them for help.

Which meant that most likely there was a wizard, or several, who wanted to have Death Eaters return. And that meant that somewhere either Muggles or Muggleborns were being attacked. Either that or it was yet another false alarm, third of the month.

“Natalie?” Hermione asked once she had answered the phone. Natalie was a Muggleborn, so she still used Muggle devices, such as cell phones, to call the only wizards who were training her who had cell phones.

“You guys have to come here! Here’s the addre-” Natalie’s over-enthusiastic tones came on the phone. Hermione winced. It was hard to have this kind of enthusiasm when you just got up.

“We know where you live, Nat.” Hermione interrupted quickly, and hung up.

“I’ll call Molly to watch the kids.” Harry offered, yawning loudly. “You go on ahead. I’ll be there soon.” Hermione gave a quick nod, slid a jacket over her pajamas, and apperated to Natalie’s house after making sure she had her wand.

The blonde haired teenager (just nineteen) stared at Hermione with her wide blue eyes.

“Sorry for bothering you again!”

“Do you think that for once you can call one of the guys at the office? Preferably ones without children.” Hermione muttered a bit grumpily.

Natalie was used to Hermione’s grumpiness. “Because most of them don’t take me seriously.” Hermione resisted the temptation to ask why, sarcastically of course.

“So what happened to make you call us at this hour?” Hermione asked in a businesslike tone.

“I just received an anonymous note that there was going to be an attack around the corner.”

“It’s probably just a practical joke, but we’ll check it out just in case. You know how kids are.” Natalie nodded, though she looked a little disappointed. She had been looking forward to an adventure. And an opportunity to prove herself to fellow aurors who didn’t take her seriously. Hermione knew this, though seeing how she and Harry were respected she never went through it herself, but because she had seen countless trainees do the same.

“Let’s go.”

They walked outside, walking in the direction given in the note. Not a minute too late, for there was a man who had a wand pointed at a girl who looked to be about four.

Hermione winced before taking her wand out. She would have to do a memory charm, and she hated doing it on one so young.

“Expelliarmus!” Nothing happened. No bright light, no wand flying, nothing. Hermione tried again.

“Expelliarmus!” Still nothing.

“Expelliarmus!” Still nothing, except in her frustration, she had shouted, causing the muscular man to notice her.

He grinned, walking towards her.

“Well, if it isn’t Mrs. Potter. I’m going to enjoy this. Avada Kedavra!” On the bright side, nothing happened to him either. Of course, this also meant that she couldn’t protect herself from what happened next. He grabbed her.

“Go, Natalie!” Hermione shouted out before her throat was covered with wide fingers. She gasped, and tried to get away. Then someone jumped on the man. It was Harry.

“My, my, my, if it isn’t Mr. Potter. I’m going to enjoy killing the both of you very much.” He forgot about Hermione, and began punching and grabbing and choking Harry. Harry tried to throw in some punches, but it was no use. It was like punching a wall in that it didn’t do any good, except to cause Harry more pain.

Then there was a spraying sound, and a yelp of pain coming from the man. He let go of Harry and covered his eyes, and then he was whacked with a very big pan, causing him to fall unconscious. Natalie was standing there with a bottle of perfume in hand, along with a cooking pan. Harry crawled over to Hermione.

“What happened to our magic?” He gasped, a painful expression on his face. Hermione could only shrug before she heard sirens. It was time to get out of here.

A/N- Hope the action scene was okay. It isn’t my specialty, but it was necessary. I also apologize for the long wait, but as I said before, it’s going to take a while to write this.

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The Powers Within: Chapter Two


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