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My Daughter's Father's Fiancee by HPsmartone32
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7: Hurts
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A/N: HI ALL! I know, I'm terrible, not updating in a year! Gosh, I am mad at myself! Well, I hope you don't hate me too much, even though if I were you I would hate me. That made no sense. ANYWAY! Please accept my apology and have fun reading! (p.s. it's probably a little rusty, I haven't written in a while... so bear with me.) Oh, and please review and tell me what you think!

“Anything good in the paper?” his mother asked him.

“No, just the usual stuff,” Ron replied sadly.

Chapter 7: Hurts

“Oh,” his mother sighed, “Well, you’d better go get ready, it’s nine o’clock already.”

“Yes, mum,” Ron replied as he stood up and walked from the kitchen into the living room.

“Oh, and Harry is waiting on you in your room, he says he has to talk to you, something important.” Mrs. Weasley called after him.

Ron trudged up the many flights of stairs and walking into his childhood bedroom. He had to crouch a bit, as the ceiling hadn’t grown with him. He saw Harry, lying on his bed staring at the Quidditch posters that had never made it off the ceiling.

“Ron?” Harry asked as he heard the door slam.

“Who else?” Ron replied emotionless.

Harry sat up, “Look, mate, I know that your mad that Ginny and I didn’t tell you about Paige, but this is important. I know today is your wedding day and it’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, but I think that before you walk down that isle and marry Ivy, you need to hear this.”

Ron sat down on the floor across from the bed that Harry was on and looked at him, telling him silently to precede.

“This morning, Ginny went to talk to Hermione while Lilia was still asleep. Of course, as soon as Ginny left, Lilia woke up and started screaming. I went to make her a bottle and my luck the formula tin thing was empty. I knew that Ginny had just bought some, but I didn’t know where she put it so I flood to Hermione’s house to ask her where it was and - I probably shouldn’t be telling you this -- I heard the end of their conversation.” Harry explained.

Ron stopped poking at the cracks in the floor and looked back up at Harry.

“What’d they say?” he asked quietly.

“Ron, Hermione still loves you. She always will because you’re her daughter’s father and she needs you to be there, even if it’s just for Paige, and I know it hurts to think about it but – ”

“If she needs me, if Paige needs me, why didn’t she tell me sooner?” Ron interrupted, “My own daughter doesn’t even know who I am and there is nothing that I could have done to change that! I didn’t know she existed!” Ron whispered hoarsely, “I didn’t know about my own daughter.”

“You know that it’s not your fault, right? Hermione didn’t tell you. I’m not saying that what she did wasn’t justified. After that huge fight you to had, you were both so angry, she was so mad at you. She won’t talk about that fight to this day,” Harry explained.

Ron laid his head back against the wall hard, “Harry. I was going to ask her to marry me that day. I had the ring in my pocket. It was the stupidest fight, about her O.W.L. scores. That one “E” she got, in defense against dark arts. We fought over that.” Out of the corner of his eye, Ron looked at Harry. He looked so confused; Ron couldn’t blame him, hell, he was confused too.

Harry and Ron sat for a moment in silence, both thinking over the conversation that they had just had. Finally, Harry stood up, “Look, I don’t even want to know how that fight escalated, but however wrong Hermione was in not telling you, she made sure that your daughter knew who you were. She has a picture of you in Paige’s room above her bed and Paige will tell anyone that that’s her dad,” Harry told him, “Now I don’t know what you want to do, but you shouldn’t get married today if you are not one hundred percent sure that Ivy is the one. It’s not fair to Ivy, you, or your daughter.”

And with that last remark, Harry walked out of the room.


“Bath time!” Hermione said as cheerfully as she could, putting the Daily Prophet on the coffee table and looking at her daughter.

“No!” Paige cried wrinkling her forehead.

“Don’t you want to look all pretty for… today?” Hermione asked, not able to say “Daddy’s wedding.”

“No,” Paige answered matter-of-factly as she went back to hitting the fireplace with a toy wand and mumbling.

“Come on, Paige, let’s not make this difficult,” Hermione said almost to herself as she stood up and walked over to pick up her daughter, “Let’s go.”

“No!” Paige yelled again and noticing that her mother was now coming after her, took of as fast as her legs would take her around the couch and into the kitchen.

“Paige!” Hermione said and went after the toddler, “No running! You’re going to fall!”

“No!” was the answer Hermione received.

“Seriously, Paige, stop. Not in the kitchen” Hermione hurried after her.

“No!” the little girl answered defiantly.

Just as Hermione was about to grab her, Paige slipped a rotten strawberry that Hermione had over looked and fell forward hitting her forehead on the corner of the counter.

Hermione scooped up the wailing baby and cradled her, “Shh… it’s okay.” She whispered as she examined Paige’s cut. It wasn’t deep, just big, reaching from right above he right eye to the very left of her forehead, “That’s why she don’t run in the house, baby.” Hermione soothed as she carried Paige into the bathroom and started the bath water.

“Hurts,” Paige sobbed holding her head.

“I know, honey. A nice warm bath will help it feel all better.”

“Okay.” Paige whispered, holding on tight to her mother’s neck.

Paige didn’t squirm at all during her bath. She didn’t try to unplug the bath, she didn’t struggle when Hermione washed her hair, she just sat there. Paige’s unusual behavior scared Hermione so after the bath, Hermione dressed her in a loose night gown and diaper and took her to see Ginny.

When she stepped out of the fireplace holding Paige, Hermione called for Ginny.

“What’s up Hermione? I thought we weren’t meeting here until eleven?” she asked.

“I know, but Paige hit her head against the counter just now and she’s acting strange,” Hermione told her, “I gave her a bath and she just sat there.”

“Let me see,” Ginny lifted Paige off Hermione’s shoulder and sat down on the couch with Paige in her lap, “It’s not very deep,” she observed.

“I know, she slipped on a strawberry as I was trying to catch her to get her in the bath and hit her head on the counter,” Hermione explained, “and since it wasn’t deep I assumed everything was fine and she’d be back to normal but she’s acting really tired. Do you think she has a concussion?”

“I don’t know, Hermione,” Ginny began letting Paige lay against her shoulder, “I do know someone who is really good with head injuries.”

“I don’t think I have to take her to the hospital, Gin.”

“No, I know. The person I’m thinking of isn’t a healer, per say. She’s just had a lot of experience.”

“Who, come on, let’s not waste time!” Hermione asked anxiously.


Even from all the way up in his room, Ron could feel the house shake as someone knocked hard on the door, “Great,” he thought, “I’m not in the mood to talk to Ivy.”

He listened carefully, but couldn’t make out the voices downstairs. When he felt the door slam shut, he decided that it was now or never. Picking himself off the floor, he walked out of his room and started down the stairs, thoughts of how terrible the situation could get after he talked to his fiancée.


“Gin, I can’t, you go in and tell her that Lilia has grown or something,” Hermione pleaded stroking Paige’s soft, wet hair., “she probably hates me now.”

“Hermione, if I know Ron, and I think I do, he hasn’t told anyone yet. He’s probably up in his room thinking, or trying to anyways,” Ginny assured her, stoking her own daughters red hair, “And even if she does know and is angry, she would never turn away her own grandchild and her mother if they needed help.”

Hermione looked up at the Burrow then back down at her unusually quiet daughter, “Okay, fine. Let’s just get it over with,” she decided as Ginny banged on the door then let herself in.

“Mum? Are you here?” she yelled. Hermione followed her friend inside.

“Gin, dear? Is that you?” she heard who she would only expect to be Mrs. Weasley.

‘She sounds the same.’ Hermione thought.

“Yes, and I have a – er, friend here that needs your help,” Ginny yelled back giving Hermione a reassuring look.

“I’ll be right there,” Mrs. Weasley answered and Hermione heard her footsteps coming down the steps.

When she came into view Hermione stared at her, trying to hold in all the emotions and memories that the sight of her brought back. Hermione found herself quite surprise at how much she hadn’t changed. Sure, Mrs. Weasley had lost a few pounds and there was a little more gray in her hair, but all in all the sweet, plump woman in front of her was still the same person that at one point had insisted Hermione call ‘mum.’

“Hermione?” Mrs. Weasley whispered in shock.

Hermione nodded, afraid that if she tried to talk, her voice would crack and tears would come. How could she tell the woman that was practically her second mother that she had kept such a huge secret from her for more than two years?

They stood there in silence for who knows how long until a faint mumble of “hurts, mummy,” broke the silence. Hermione looked down at her daughter. ‘Does she know?’ Heroine thought.

“Paige fell and hit her head. She has a pretty nasty cut, but it’s not deep so I thought she’d be okay, but as I gave her a bath, she didn’t squirm, which is unusual because she always does. So I took her to Ginny and she said something about a concussion and that you knew the most about that sort of thing, so I was wondering if you could have a look at her for me?” Hermione blurted out and then looked down Paige.

“Er, sure, take her into the kitchen,” Mrs. Weasley said, an obvious tone of confusion in her voice. Hermione couldn’t blame her, I mean Mrs. Weasley hadn’t seen her in two years then all of the sudden, on her son’s wedding day, Hermione shows up with a baby and asks her if she can look at her head?

Hermione walked into the kitchen, praying that no one else was in there and thinking about how she was going to tell Mrs. Weasley that the child we was looking at was her granddaughter.

“Mum, I know it’s odd, but Hermione came to her with Paige and I knew that you know so much more about head injuries than me so –” Ginny began in a hushed tone that Hermione could still hear perfectly.

“Is Paige her ---” Mrs. Weasley began.

“Ask Hermione, Mum.”

Mrs. Weasley walked into the kitchen, followed by Ginny and Lilia, “Well, let me see,” she said. Hermione sat down and turn Paige around so that she was facing her grandmother.

Mrs. Weasley knew immediately, her eyes opened so wide Hermione was sure they would fall out, “Is she – is he – who is – oh, my.” She stuttered.

“Mrs. Weasley, this is Paige, and she’s kind of your granddaughter.” No sooner than Hermione had finished her sentence, Ron walked into the kitchen.

Another A/N: Hi, agian. I just wanted to remind you that even if you hate me for not updating in forever, you can still be really really nice and leave me a review telling me if I should even bother with another chapter... =] Thanks, guys.
~Megan (HPsmartone32)

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