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Making Good Use of Time Travel by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 1 : I Didn't Do It! I Swear!
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I don't own characters, just the plot.
Please review and thank you for taking the time to read my pathetic scribblings.

I will inform you now that this story was previously deleted by a few friends of mine who thought it would be funny. This story had been completed and had over 200 reviews and favorites, along with over 50,000 reads.

Please help me get it back to where it was.

It also had been edited and what not, but this version has not. So, give me some time as I retrieve the story from where it was.

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It was two A.M in the morning. Not many people are generally up at this time, yet some people who were, were the Marauders. The Marauders were sitting in the Gryffindor common room, more silent than usual. Remus was reviewing an essay that was due the next day for Flitwick, as Sirius and Peter sat around acting like their completely weird selves. James was, as usual thinking about what he always thought about, Lily Evans. James was madly in love with Lily and he had been ever since he laid eyes on her.

"Come on, Moony. Don't you think you've read through that thing enough?" Sirius asked as he sent a bishop to his chess set flying across the room, despite the bishop's protest. The bishop landed in a plant across the room. Sirius shrugged and turned away from it.

Reluctantly, Remus shoved his essay back into his bag and gave in, "Oh, I guess you’re right. Taking off for a bit won’t hurt, will it?”

"I can’t wait till next week! Should be great. Full Moon!" Peter said excitedly, rubbing his hands together. That was one of his few sentences of the day that didn’t involve the word or thing “cheese”. He then turned to Sirius, "Can I have your pawn?"

Sirius chuckled and pointed to another coffee table across the room, "Yeah. That little crazy fellow is under the table over there. He wouldn’t shut up and he was trying to make me loose."

Peter got his fat bottom up from his spot on the floor and crawled to the small wooden table in a corner.

"Maybe for you it will be fun, but my transformation is always horrible and painful." Remus said, putting on his smart outlook.

"I do feel sorry for you there, mate." James said, finally coming out of his reverie and joining in on the conversation, "It always looks like it hurts." James made a wincing noise, biting his bottom lip.

Shaking his head and rubbing his eyes, Remus yawned, "Oh, trust me. It does."

Peter stuck his head under the table and snickered as he saw the small chess piece, face down on the ground, his high squeaky voice muffled. He began to reach for it, yet a silver glint caught his attention, "Ooohhh."

Veering away from the chess piece, Peter reached for the silver glint. Lifting it up, he found it was a silver chain, with a small hour glass resting on it. Confused but curious, Peter crawled back to the couch, holding the chain in his hands.

"Hey! What's that?!" Sirius yelled excitedly, snatching the chain away from Peter.

"No! Give it back! I was looking at that." Peter protested, folding his pudgy arms across his chest.

James and Remus paid no attention to the two on the ground, they continued their conversation. Sirius began twirling the object in his hands counting the spins to himself. One...two...three...four.

Peter huffed, but then turned to James, "So Prongs, you still thinking about Evans?"

"Huh? Oh... yah." James said, holding his head in his hands, "I just don't see why she hates me so much. She's the one! I know it!"

"You can never be too sure, Prongs. You never know! One day you might bump into the sexiest woman on the planet, with the kindest heart." Sirius said, still twirling the object, and making funny faces at it, his hobby.

"Since when did you care about girls having a nice hear, Padfoot?" James asked Sirius, sarcastically.

"You’re right. I don't. You do." Sirius replied shrugging, "T’is not my fault you’re not going for the hottest girl in the school. Seriously, and I do mean Siriusly, you could have any girl and you chose Evans!"

"Oh, whatever. Stop being the Drama Queen that you are." James replied, waving his hand around as a dismissal of the subject.

"SIRIUS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!" Remus shrieked.

Innocently, Sirius yelled. "What? I haven’t done anything! And that’s a first!" Nine...ten!

"That's a time turner, you idiot!" Remus said. Remus jumped to his feet and made a swipe to retrieve it, but in the attempt it fell to the floor with a crash, and Remus falling to his bum.

The substance inside it began to swirl, and soon the room was revolving before them. Around and around it went, the windows flickered, night, day, night, day, again and again. James began to count how many times, but soon lost count at 4.

It seemed like forever, the windows would flicker between night and day, people rushing past, a blur, not even able to see their faces or even the color of their hair. It began to slow down after what seemed many hours. Slower and slower the flickering went. Slower and slower the people moved, and disappeared, until it looked as if everything was the same. The Common Room was completely deserted except for the Maruaders.

"What the hell do you think you were doing Sirius!!!" Remus yelled, pulling his hair, making his eyes make pull back.

"I DIDN'T DO IT! I SWEAR! I DIDN'T DO IT! I DIDN'T DO IT!" Sirius began to scream, like a banshee, throwing his hands up into the air, running around the Common Room.

"Oh, yes you did! THAT WAS A TIME TURNER!" Remus screamed back just as loud.

"Sorry, Moony. I've never seen a time turner! How the bloody hell was I supposed to know!?!?!!?" Sirius yelled back.

Remus' voice cracked horribly as he retorted. "You pay attention to your surroundings! That's what!"

"Stop using big words, Moony!! I can't take it!!! Ahhh! Smartness! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!" James and Peter gave huge grunts, and plopped into arm chairs shaking their heads.


Harry Potter awoke with a loud voice echoing from the common room. "I've never seen a time turner! How the bloody hell was I supposed to know?!" Harry heard someone, a guy, shrieking.

"Bloody first years." mumbled Harry. He slipped on his glasses, shoved his wand into his pajama pocket and set off down the stairs to tell the first years to go to bed, it being two in the morning.

"You bloody kids get to bed!" Harry ordered. He was definately not in the mood to be polite, "Didn't Hermione just tell you tha-"

"I'm no bloody kid!!" screeched Sirius at the man at the top of the stairs, his face hidden from the shadows.

But Harry stopped, the sight in front of him was the most different thing. Harry felt his mouth drop way low. Harry saw a man, a man who looked completely identical to Harry. His mouth dropped too.

"Woa." Harry stuttered. He, of course recognized them at once. "You guys! How in the name of Merlin did you Marauders get here!?!" Harry asked.

James stared at this boy on the steps up to the dormitories. How did he know they were the Marauders? Thoughts were running through James' if in one ear and out the other. Why the hell does he look like my twin??? Who ever he is, I'm still sexier. Sirius' head kept zooming back and forth from Harry to James, violently. Remus slowly lowered his hands from his head to his side slowly. As for Peter he was staring at Harry, his eyes were as big as house-elves.

No one said any thing for many, many moments. Harry finally made his way down the steps and sat down on the couch and stared into the fire, a blank expression on his face. His head moved to his hands, and he began to mumble under his breath.

"No. No, no, no. They’re not here. It’s just a dream. It’s just a dream, Harry. There's no way that Dad, Sirius, Remus and Pettigrew are..." Harry slowly lifted his head, and his eyes flew, evilly to Peter. Apparently they were all looking at Harry, and Peter had a very scared look on his fat face.

"Pettigrew." Harry mumbled, the rude act reminding him of Voldemort. He pulled out his wand and slowly made his way to Peter, who began to cower in a corner. The Marauders, wanting to defend their friend grabbed Harry's arms, pulled him back, forcing him back down onto the couch. Peter slowly backed away from the strange boy.

Harry's hands flew back to his head, and tears began to stream down his pale face.

"What's going on? OH! Oh My!" Hermione had now emerged from the girl's dormitory. She saw the Marauders, and her expression was just the same as Harry's. She then heard muffled sobs, and her head moved to the crying Harry on the couch, "Harry!"

Hermione ran down the steps, and sat by Harry's side, rubbing his back affectionately, whispering words of encouragement, as if it were only a dream. Even though she knew it wasn't.

Sirius groaned loudly, he being the impatient person he is. "Could some one PLEASE tell me what's going on?"

"Yea! And who the bloody hell you two are?!?" Remus screamed.

James had taken a seat in the armchair, and just stared at Harry. Peter was still hiding in a corner, scared at Harry's reaction when he saw him. What did I do to this kid to make this Potter twin hate me? I don't even know his name!

Harry looked up into Sirius' face. It was full of color, life, and his hair was long and sleek. Harry had missed his face so much. It had been two years since he last saw that face. His gaze moved to James, Harry had never seen him, but he felt like he really was staring into a mirror. He eyes moved to Remus, his old friend. He smiled. He had seen Remus recently, but the current Remus had graying hair, and new scars slashed across his face from transformations.

Harry looked at Hermione questioningly. She nodded as to say “Go ahead.

"Um... I'm Harry P-Potter." Harry muttered out, staring into the fire, not bothering to look at his bewildered father.

James felt his eyes grow huge. How can this boy be a Potter? How are we related? I've never even seen him before. Wait, What year is it anyway!?!

"Um. What year is it?" Remus asked questioningly, as if reading James' mind.

Hermione sounded so matter-of-factly in all her answers. "It's the year 1997."

"But, that's not possible. How could we possibly go into the future? Time turners only take you back in time." Remus asked amazed.

"Are we related?" James said, pointing a finger at himself and Harry.

"Remus, what were you doing messing with a time turner anyway?? I would think you of all people would know better!" Hermione complained, completely ignoring James' question.

"It wasn't me-Wait! How do you know my name?"

"I know your future self. You taught us DADA in our third year, but you resigned at the end of the year." Hermione said.

Remus mouthed an 'oh'. "It wasn't me who was fooling around with a time turner! It was Padfoot! Wait, you do know which one of us is Sirius or Padfoot, don't you?"

"Yes, we do." Hermione answered. She was obviously trying to answer as much as she could. All this was too much for Harry.

"Sirius was fooling around with things that he shouldn’t be, only unless he knows what they are."

"Hey! I said I was sorry, and that I had never seen a time turner, so how on earth was I supposed to know!" Sirius accused.

"Okay, nobody has still not answered my question." James said, impatiently. "Are we related?"

"Yes, we are." Harry said. He looked up and stared into James' eyes. "I'm your son."

James laughed, slapping his knee. "Awesome!"

"No, not really." Harry said, looking away.

His face became sad and confused. "Why is that?"

"Because if your memory isn't erased of your adventure, there are some major events that can change, and they cant possibly change." Hermione said, sounding matter-of-factly once again.

"But Hermione! We cant!" Harry begged.

"Yes, Harry. We have to."

Harry jumped up from the couch and stormed the Common Room. "But, why? I have never known my parents! Everyone I love gets ripped away from me! WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME!! GOD DAMN IT, VOLDEMORT!"

Hermione jumped at the name, and guessed that Harry would go into a ramble once again about Voldemort, so knowing what to do, she placed a silencing charm over the dormitory doors, so only the common room's occupants could hear Harry.


The Marauders stood there, their eyes wide and crossed, wondering what was wrong with this raving lunatic. He's mental...He's just mental, James. He's not my son. I'm just dreaming. It’s alright. I'm just going to di-SHIT! IM GOING TO DIE! SIRIUS IS GOING TO DIE!?!?? was all that was going through James' mind.

Hermione had tears pouring down her face. She jumped up from the couch and flung her arms around Harry. "Oh, Harry. I'm so sorry. I have no clue how you feel, and I shouldn’t even try. I don’t know how you are surviving right now Harry. Oh, I'm so so Sorry!" Hermione cried into Harry's shoulder.

"No. It's alright, Hermione. I'm sorry." he said, rubbing her back affectionately.

Hermione pulled away and said, "But Harry, you do realize that you just told two people here their fate." Harry sighed and said yes.

"We should just tell them anyway. They’re going to be obliviated. You’re right. It’s too dangerous to change the past." Harry said, sitting back down on the couch.

What Harry had just screamed, just reached Sirius' mind and he thought James was going to die when Harry is one! He won't be there to watch is son grow up. I'm going to d-SHIT! NO I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!

"You’re right, go ahead and tell them." Hermione said.

"Okay." Harry said.

And so he told them. It felt as if he was talking for hours and hours. He told them from the terrible night in Godric's Hollow. He told them of how his mother, able to not mention her name, sacrificed her life for Harry and that was how he became known as the “Boy Who Lived”. He told them about how he, Ron and Hermione had escaped Voldemort in their first year, and saved the Sorcerers Stone. He told them about the Chamber of Secrets. He left out the events of his third year, because Peter was in the room. He told them about the Triwizard Tournament, with the dragon, the maze, Cedric and Voldemort. Then he told them about that horrible night at the Department of Mysteries. He told them that sixth year was an actually calm year except for the night when Draco and Snape escaped, and the dark mark was put over the school. He told them, well, everything.

" did all of this?" James asked, clearly stunned.

"Well, do you think I would lie about all of it?" Harry said. "To tell you the truth I have had a rather horrible life. I would never make something, as this up."

"No. I guess not. Sorry." James said.

"No. It's alright. Don't Be." Harry assured him.

Hermione and Remus were now in deep conversation about something, and Sirius was listening very intently to Harry. Peter however was not quite comfortable around Harry yet.

"So, how’s Quidditch going?" James asked, clearly changing the subject.

"Grea...hey, how did you know I played Quidditch?" Harry asked, smiling.

"Well, you after all are my son. I just took a lucky guess. Seeker?" James asked smiling. Harry nodded. "Dang. My son's awesome!"

"It's pretty good, but I always seem to get some kind of injury every game. But we've never lost a match except for one when dementors came onto the field, my Nimbus 2000 got smashed by the Whomping Willow, and I passed out. I used to pass out every time dementors came near me, I always hear my mum screaming when she di-" but Harry cut off suddenly. He couldn’t tell him who his mother was, unless he already knew, or they already were together.

"Oh. Sorry." James said, clearly not wanting to rouse Harry about the subject. It was very clear that Harry did not like talking about him or his mother's death. "Did you get a new broom? When your Nimbus smashed?"

"Yes. And you" Harry said, pointing to Sirius, "gave it to me."

"Me? I gave you your broom?" Sirius asked perplexed.

"Yea. The Firebolt. Currently the fastest broom in the World. I still have it. It's my most prized possession along with the Invisibility Cloak and the Marauders Map."

"The...the cloak?" James stuttered.

"Yupp. Your invisibility cloak. I got it for Christmas in my first year. Thank you for that. It has gotten me out of some sticky situations." Harry answered.

"And the Map?" James said.

Sirius' eyes went like house-elves. "IT LIVED!?!?"

"The Marauders Map. Yes. Thank you very much, too." Harry said.

"And you know how to work it?" James asked.

"Of Course." Harry said, a wide smile spreading over his face, "Oh and that trick about Snape was very good."

"It lived!!!!" Sirius yelped. The three chuckled in laughter. Harry and James' eyes met. James stared for a moment and his eyes squinted to get a better look at Harry's eyes. They’re so familiar. No...They can't be... Lily's?

"Harry?" James asked.


"Um. Sorry to ask, but...Who was your mother?"

"Are you joking me? And don't feel sorry to ask. I'm assuming she still hates you right now. “Harry asked, surprised. "You haven’t figured it out yet?"

"It is!" James said.

"Yupp." Harry said, as he knew who James was thinking of.

"Lily?" James asked, looking bewildered. Harry nodded.

James jumped from his seat and started dancing while chanting "I'm gonna marry Evans! I'm gonna marry Evans! I'm gonna shag Evans! I'm gonna shag Evans!" They all laughed.

"Harry. You know we'll have to see Dumbledore about this?" Hermione asked from her spot in the armchair, leaving her conversation with Remus.

"Yea. I do." Harry said, looking slightly let down. "We'll go and tell him in the morning."

They all agreed on that, and Hermione headed back up to the dormitory. It was now four in the morning and the students would be waking up in about three hours time.

"Ok. I need to go to bed." Harry said, while yawning.

"What are we going to do??" Sirius asked.

"Um...Room of Requirement?" Harry suggested.

"Ah! Good idea." James said.

"Well, see you in the morning." Sirius said, he waved and headed out the portrait hole. Peter and Remus followed with a wave. James however stayed a minute.

"I’m glad Sirius messed with that time turner." Harry said to James. "I got to meet my dad, even if it is just for a short time, and even if he is the same age as me right now."

"Thanks. And I’m glad I got to meet my son and know that he will turn out to be a good man." James smiled.

"Goodnight Da-...uh James." Harry said, he would like to have somebody to call Dad, but he also felt positive that James was not ready to be called Dad by his son who was the same age as he is right now.

"Goodnight, Harry." James said, smiling, waved and climbed out the portrait hole.

Harry headed up the stairs and climbed into his four poster bed. He couldn't believe what had just happened. The Marauders just happen to turn up in their year in the common room, and James had taken the news of his death to protect his future wife and future son quite well. Soon, after along time of thinking Harry drifted off into deep sleep.

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