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The Other Daughter by manic_rage
Chapter 7 : Reunions And Sorting
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Reunions And Sorting

Two days later it was time to leave, and Electres was more then nervous; not anything else in her life had ever made her nervous, never, and now she was.

The entire ride there she was being convinced she would be safe, but she knew if someone wanted to get her it would be easy.

Why did I choose my family again? Right their family.

She thought as the car came to a stop and everyone got out.

Electres did not understand why everyone packed so much, it was school, but there was not much to it.

She easily dragged her trunk to the platform, Molly saying goodbye to her.

“Be safe Electres.”

“Of course Molly.” She said walking through the platform; she had already been informed about it earlier that day.

Molly looked at her son, her daughter, and their friends.

“Watch her, for me, I am worried something bad will happen to her.” She said hugging everyone before they went through the platform.

They looked around everywhere for Electres, but saw no trace of her.

They got on the train and looked for the compartment Electres was in, they passed many of their friends and when they described her, and they all pointed to the next compartment.

Finally they came to one where Draco Malfoy was in, by himself, Harry took a deep breath before opening the door and looking at him.

“Have you seen Electres?”

“Lost her already?” He asked smirking, Harry glared and closed the compartment door.

“Harry why did you even ask him?” Asked Ron, Harry looked at his best friend, feeling guilty.

“She says there are friends, and it never hurts to ask.” They said walking to the last compartment where they found Electres against the window, drawing in her sketchbook.

They walked in and she never looked up at them as they took their seats.

“Why are you here?” She asked, again not looking up.

“We wanted to stay with you.” Said Ginny and they saw Electres crack a smile.

“Why because Molly told you too.”

“No because you’re new.” Said Hermione, covering for all of them, but Electres knew better.

“Ok.” She said and for a few minutes, it was quiet, until someone opened the compartment door, staring at everyone.

“Electres, can we talk?” Asked Draco, she nodded and stood, not looking at everyone’s disapproving looks, it was her life.

“I will be back.” She said setting her sketchbook down, then walking out with Draco, closing the door behind them.

Draco pulled Electres into a bathroom and stared down at her.

“I’m sorry, I knew shouldn’t have-“ But she cut him off by kissing him.

She ran her fingers along his arm, down to his forearm and stopped when he flinched.

“Did he finally do it to you?” she asked rising the sleeve of his cloak, but he stopped her.

“Please, don’t its not, I am not proud of it in front of you.”

“But I know it is not you.” She said lifting it, revealing the dark mark, and bruises up and down his arm, and she knew there was more all over his body.

She looked down at it and brought his forearm to her lips and kissed it, Draco closed his eyes, the pain leaving his body.

“Thank you.” He said kissing her, and she kissed back, happy to be in his arms again. Draco pulled away from her and frowned.

“I don’t know what I am going to do with you this close all the time, but I can’t touch you.” He said kissing her again, his hands traveling her midsection.

“And what makes you think you can not?”

“You choose your family and you know I am not like them.” He said moaning as she nibbled on his ear, she whispered in his ear,

“I may have choose them for alliance, but you will always come first when it comes to,” she said no more as she pressed herself against him, he moaned again and she knew he wanted her, he always did.

“We could get caught.”

“That has never stopped us before.” She said wrapping her arms around his neck as he unzipped her jeans pulling them down to her mid thigh.

He pushed her against the wall and when she hit it there was a thud, they prayed no one heard it as they went on.

Electres unzipped Draco’s pants and pulled them down as well.

They both stopped for a moment and looked into each others eyes, and they both knew, that it was never going to get better, this was the only other one for them, and at that moment he pushed into her and they both moaned, enjoying something they had been deprived of for too long.

Their eyes were locked and nothing in the world could make them look away, not even the body rocking feeling going through both of their bodies.

For a moment they were still and nodded at each other, they knew that their paradise had to come to an end now, and that the real world awaited both of them.

He pulled out and they both zipped their pants up, and Draco looked at his watch,

“You might get yelled at for being gone so long.”

“I don’t mind.” She said kissing him again, he pulled away and looked her in the eyes.

“No matter where you go, what house, remember that I-“

“I know.” She said looking away, he grabbed her face and made her look at him.

“I want you safe, you are the only thing that keeps me human.”

“And you are the only reason I have not joined him yet.” She said kissing him one last time before walking out.

They both went their separate ways and of course, when she got back everyone was on her case that was until a blonde girl she did not know spoke to her.

“Oh my god, your Mya Deer.” She said and Electres looked at Harry and Ron with her eyebrows raised.

“No Luna, this is Electres, our sister.” Luna got up and looked Electres right in the eyes, and Electres did the same.

“Mya Deer.” She said and Electres shook her head.


“Whatever you want to think.” Said Luna taking her seat, Electres took her seat next to Harry, her sketchbook right where she left it.

“Luna who is Mya Deer.”

“A very powerful witch who was lost a very long time ago, she only comes back every hundred years or so.” Everyone looked at Electres, and Harry was the only one who was not wondering.

It was a few hours later and about twenty visits later that they were at Hogwarts, and Electres was not happy.

“I don’t care I refuse to wear it.” she said yelled in Hermione’s face, Hermione was in her uniform, as was everyone else except Electres who was only in her shirt and was holding her robes, while Hermione was holding Electres’s skirt.

“Electres it is school uniform.”

“And I don’t see the guys wearing skirts so why can’t I wear pants!” She said screamed walking away, but not before grabbing a pair of Ron’s pants and going off into a carriage by her self.

“Ron I love you and I love your family, but that girl.” Said Hermione, yeah she was angry, but she almost felt bad about blowing up in Electres’s face like she did. “I know.” She said Ron through his arm over Hermione’s shoulders and walking into a carriage.

Electres sat in the carriage, giving anyone who tried to come in a dirty look as she tried to put on the pants she had stolen from Ron, and after she did she continued to glare at anyone who tried to come in, but she could not stop Draco and his friends from entering, unfortunately.

“So are you a transfer?” asked the girl who had her hand on Draco’s knee, Electres raised an eyebrow at him and he raised one back at her.

“Sure, I guess I would call myself that.” She said looking out the window.

She felt the guy next to her about to touch her leg and she quickly turned and held his hand in mid air.

“Try and touch me again, and I will break every bone in your body, understand?” she asked and let go of his arm, dropping it on his own lap.

Everyone looked at her and decided not to talk to her the rest of the way, she was too weird. By the time they reached the castle Electres was bored out of her mind.

She wished she had never agreed to coming here, maybe she could have stayed with Molly, or someone else, anywhere but another cage.

The Sorting did not go by fast enough for three people; Electres, Draco and Harry.

Electres waited in line, like all the other first years, she didn’t really know much about the houses, all she cared about was being able to go to sleep.

“Electres Trixigon.” Called out a woman and Electres walked up to the stool and waited for the hat to be placed on her head.

“Umm, interesting past, dirty little secrets, ah and here, a will. However, where to put you? Let us see, smart enough for Ravenclaw, but not sweet enough for Hufflepuff, definitely cunning enough for Slytherin, but also brave enough for Gryffindor, so difficult. And wait, what is this, a Weasly, I thought I had sorted the last of them for now, what a surprise Miss Trixigon, looks like family rules,

“Gryffindor!” It yelled and Electres stood, hearing her bro- Ron, Ginny and their friends calling out to her, cheering for her.

She let her eyes secretly wonder to the Slytherin table where Draco sat, his face showing no emotion, they were in his eyes, and it almost made her stop in her tracks when she saw them, but she continued to walk to Ron and Harry, sitting between Harry and Hermione, smiling slightly before looking down at her plate.

She should be happy should she not?

She had a family, she was with them, she was in their house, but something was not right in her gut, something was wrong.

She ignored everyone around her, all she could think about was what was bugging her.

Was it that she did not belong here?

Was it she was hurting Draco?

What was it that was pulling at her stomach, making her unable to eat, unable to even walk straight as Ron and Hermione showed the first years and herself to the Gryffindor tower.

After Electres changed into her nightclothes, she went down stairs to the common room only to find Harry sitting in front of the dieing fire.

She said nothing as she sat next to him, staring at the fire as well.

“Why can’t you sleep?”

“Things, you?”

“Someone died.”

“People die.”

“He was my godfather, one of the last links to my parents.”

“I won’t say I’m sorry, you’ve gotten it enough, but do you think he would want you mumping?”

“No. But what about you?”

“The level I was on with the person that died was much different.”

“How so?”

“A another time Harry, not tonight.” She said wrapping her arms around her torso, continuing to stare into the fire.

Harry woke up some time later and found Electres gone, and he thought nothing of it as he went back t the dorm and went back to bed, having a dreamless sleep.

Harry and Ron waited for the girls and just when they got down there, Hermione came running out, she looked panicked.


“Electres is missing.”

“Missing?” asked Ron and Hermione nodded. Harry looked at all of them, then to Ron.

“Hermione me and Ron will go find her, tell Ginny I will see her at breakfast and if not, lunch.” He said walking out, Ron close behind him.

“Where are you thinking?”


“How would she have found it?”

“I don’t know, she was downstairs last night, we talked for maybe five minutes and then I fell asleep, when I woke up she was gone.”

“Do you think that something happened to her?”

“No.” said Harry as they came upon the R&R, looking at the door, they heard laughing.

“NO, no, no. Ugh you are horrible at this, arm here, leg here, and torso bent like this.”

“Why am I doing this again?”

“It an excuse to be naked.”

“Oh yeah.” They knew those voices, Electres and Malfoy.

Ron kicked open the door and saw Electres sitting about five feet away from Draco who was not wearing a stitch on him, posing for her.

“What are you-“

“No what are you doing in here, and drawing Malfoy naked?”

“I like his body, and if you weren’t technically my brother, I would ask you to pose too, Harry why don’t you take it off.”

“I have class, we have class.” He said ignoring the naked Malfoy.

“We don’t, we are taking this time as constructive exploring, Draco’s going to show me the castle after this, aren’t you?”

“As long as no one sees me with you.”

“Deal babe. What did I tell you, I don’t want a full shot of your Johnson.” She yelled and he smirked, turning back to his position.

Ron and Harry looked at each other, Ron angry and Harry rather confused.

“Do me a favor, not a word, please?” Asked Electres and Ron nodded, looking at his sister one last time.

“Not even Ginny or Hermione.”

“Fine.” They said walking out, disgusted.

“I don’t see how she is a sister of mine.” Said Ron as they walked to the Great Hall, locating a worried Hermione and Ginny.

“She’s fine, taking the day off to explore the castle.”

“That’s not-“

“Ahh, so you have heard about my arrangements with Miss Trixigon?” asked Dumbledore, who had just walked up behind them, Harry stood and looked at his head master.

“Sir I need to speak with you.” He said and Dumbledore nodded, walking out, Harry following.

“Sir I know about Electres.”

“And I thought Hermione would be-“

“She knows as well, but Electres does not know and if she does, she doesn’t show it.”

“Ahh, despite many things, she is very smart.”

“You know about her and Malfoy, don’t you?”

“Yes I do, that is why I am letting them have private time together.”

“That’s where you got her, wasn’t it? How she knows him?”

“Yes Harry. She was bought by Mr. Malfoy and when she stayed there, you could say she fell in love as much as she could.”


“I can no say anymore then that.” He said, stopping at Harry’s next class.

When Harry went in his class Ron was talking in low voices, and when Harry heard his voice, he knew he was lying.

They lied to Hermione and thought nothing of it.

Ron could not say anything because it was his sister, and Harry knew he could not say anything because Ron did not know that Hermione knew Electres’s secret.

A/N: This was for you Draco_is_fit_123. Enjoy!

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The Other Daughter: Reunions And Sorting


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