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Little Nymph by toonmili
Chapter 2 : Part II: The suspension
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EXPLANATION: Okay I decided that I will give an explanation of how Voldemort was conquered the way I wrote it.

When Voldemort was about to kill Harry, Snape immediately placed himself in front of Harry. He told Voldemort that if he wished to kill Harry he would have to kill him first. Voldemort learnt from his mistake. He choose not to kill Snape because if he did it would give Harry the same protection Lily gave Harry and if he tried to kill Harry after he would die because he had no more Horcruxes. At this point they use the mirror of Erasid to trap him, the same way the stone was in the mirror. Then the mirror was broken into seven pieces. Each has a piece of Voldemort. Seven guardians were appointed to guard the pieces. The only way the he can return is if the seven pieces are brought together and repaired and someone with a pure reason wished him back then he will be able to get out. The problem is that Bellatrix could bring him back if she gets all the pieces because she has a pure reason, she’s in love with Voldemort. ( i know this is gross but...)

I hope this is not confusing to you.

So here is where we pick up.

PART TWO: Suspension

One of the more annoying results of having Severus Snape as a boss was the fan club that came along with him. Since the fall of Voldemort and his part in the battle he had obtained something that resembled a celebrity status. This had annoyed her greatly because she was certain that all the people who claimed to be his biggest fan and ardent admirers would not have thought he was worth the gum under their shoe three years ago. But yet they were now his biggest fans. She was forced to open one ridiculous letter after another. Among them were countless hero worship letters and marriage proposals with pictures attached. Tonks had noted how silly they all were because for some strange reason everywoman who sent him a picture had red hair and green eyes. No doubt they were trying to play on his affection for Lily Evans which was revealed during his testimony. It was really stupid as she was certain that Severus was not the kind of man who would think the one true love of his life could be replaced by some cheap imitation. In fact he hated red heads, one time she changed her hair red and his fury was unbelievable, it was the one time in the two years he had been angry with her. There was only one person he had ever dated to her knowledge and she was a muggle and she was blond. It ended quickly because she was too detached from his own world.

She often wondered what kind of woman would suit his fancy. He had jokingly told her that he would never date another witch because he was tired of people kissing his butt whole day and he wanted a challenge. But yet if he found such a challenge in a muggle he would be forced to end it due to their differences in personalities.

Tonks sighed at the realization that her mind was lingering on Severus Snape’s love life. Being his assistant was getting to her. She hated that he didn’t think she was capable enough to do field work. She let out a whimper and buried her head in her hands. “I can’t take this anymore.”

“You can’t take what anymore?”

Tonks looked up to see a familiar face that matched a familiar voice. “ Wotcha, Harry.”

“Hey Tonks, how are things?”

She sighed. “Dreadful. As you can see I’m still being housed.”

He got a sympathetic look on his face. “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure he’ll let you go soon.”

“Yeah right.” She sighed picking up her quill to start rewriting a poorly written report that had landed on her desk.

“Is he in?”

She shook her head. “He’s on lunch, won’t be back for another hour. Will you be waiting?”

“I suppose I could, I have something important to speak to him about.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “I’m sure it’s important Auror business that I will know nothing about.”

“Oh come off it, you’re still an Auror, you’re just in the house for a while.”

She wished she could be as hopeful as Harry. Even though Snape hated Harry at school he still gave him a great deal of responsibility and he was only twenty. She couldn’t understand why he would treat her this way. It was vey frustrating. “Can’t you tell me what it is? I do miss hearing about all these goons.”

Harry looked reluctantly at her “I suppose it can’t hurt.” He took a seat on the chair opposite Tonks and leaned in and whispered. “We found Bellatrix.”

“NO...” she said in a gasp.

“Yes we have, she’s in a house in Little Hangleton, she been there for a while. We’re tracking her.” Harry looked so excited that he could hardly erase the smile that was plastered on his face. Bellatrix had been the main cause of all the troubles that the Aurors were facing; she had been trying to reform a group of supporters loyal to Voldemort for a long time. “She still has piece of the seven, she feels she can free him.”

“She knows she can’t free him without all seven pieces. I can’t imagine her getting Severus’.”

“Or mine for that matter.”

“Well Rufus Scrimgeour always thought he was more powerful than he actually was, I wasn’t shocked when she killed him and got his piece of seven so easily.”

The way Voldemort was defeated was so complicated that it puzzled most. Once all his horcruxes had been this destroyed and they had him cornered they used The Mirror of Erised trap him, then it was broken into seven pieces. There were seven holders of the mirror. Severus, Harry, Regulas Black, Aberfort, Allostor Moody, Lucius Malfoy, simply because he had the most to loose if Voldemort returned and then there was the piece that was given to the Minister Of Magic.

Tonks never really knew how Harry and Snape had managed to get Voldemort cornered. They both had stated that they would never be able to beat him in a duel so she was confused how they managed to get him to surrender. This was something Harry and Snape shared with no one. They had just emerged from that battle with seven pieces of a broken mirror. It was a plan that had been devised by Dumbledore before his death was elaborately planned. All the time when the Order thought that Severus Snape had been an evil murderer she had secretly hoped that it wasn’t the truth. She wasn’t surprised when it was revealed that he had been on their side all along.

“I think that piece has always been in jeopardy, from the moment the ministry decided that they needed to feel important so they needed a piece. I personally hope that Fudge refuses it. I hope Professor Snape holds this one as well,” Harry said.

“Well Octavius Fudge is just like his brother, he’s a bloody coward. I’m certain he’ll let Severus hold this one too.”

“I can’t wait until it’s over and we have back our seven pieces. I will sleep easier at night.”

“So when are you guys moving in?”

He shrugged. “He’d want to move in as soon as possible, she doesn’t know that we know where she is so he should do it in a hurry.”

“Does he mean to get it himself?”

Harry nodded. “Yes and rightfully so, he knows all her ticks best. But I think he means to kill her as well.”

She sighed. Severus had expressed his lack of faith in Azkaban before, it was when she escaped for the second time he said that he would finish her for good. “I don’t think he should do it. There must be someway to hold her.”

“I know but he doesn’t see it that way.”

Tonks sat thinking to herself. If only there was a way she could stop him killing Bellatrix, show him that she could be held by another wizard, she could save him. She could stop Bellatrix and get the piece and have her arrested without him having to do the deed. She was very skilful Auror and it was about time her skills were put to the test. She was certain she could handle crazy old Bellatrix, after all she did defeat her the last time they fought. If and when she got the piece of seven from Bellatrix and presented it to him, she was certain he would take her more seriously, she was certain he would put her in the field.

“Ah... I’m a bit hungry; I think I’ll go for some lunch. Do you mind if I abandon you.

He looked confused at this as she was the one who had invited him to sit. “Ah...sure,” he said.

Tonks took up her wand form the table and stuck it in her back pocket and walked out, leaving Harry in the room all alone.


Harry sat there by himself for about twenty minutes wondering when Tonks would back. He was getting so bored that had actually decided to finish the report that Tonks had started.

“Potter,” Snape said as he entered the room. “What are you doing here?”

Harry got up from the seat. “Ah it’s Bellatrix sir, she’s been sited in Little Hangleton.” Harry saw a flash of excitement in his eyes that was quickly replaced with a concerned look.

“Very well, I will attend to it. Where’s Nymphadora I want her to alert the Minister that I will be presenting him with his piece by the afternoon so he can make preparations.”

“She went out to lunch,” Harry said looking at her desk.

“She had lunch before me. Is that where she said she was going.” He looked over to her empty desk with a concerned look on his face.

“Yes, she said she was hungry.”

“Well that doesn’t make sense.” He was now looking at her desk picking up things off the desk to examine it. “No note,” he mumbled to himself. He spent about five minutes looking for something that wasn’t there.

Harry couldn’t understand why he seemed so concerned that Tonks had left her desk. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. “Sir, I told her?”

“What” he asked looking at him.

Harry bent his head because he knew he was going to get it. “About Bellatrix, where she was and everything.”

He saw Snape’s face turn green at the words. “How long ago?” he asked softly.

“Half an hour.”

His hands covered his mouth and he looked at Harry with a look that said ‘I would deal with you later’. He disapparated on the spot. Harry felt a nervous jolt of energy bolt through his body. He couldn’t believe he slipped up like that, he should have known that Tonks would have gone after Bellatrix. He could only hope that she used a very slow method of travel because if she met Bellatrix she would be killed for sure.


Tonks had never been so embarrassed in all her life. She had just been apparated back into the office with the help of Severus and was sitting outside while he was having a meeting with the Minister of Magic. He could hear shouting form beyond the door and a mention of firing. She had ruined everything. She could feel the lump in her throat beginning to swell but she had to fight it. She couldn't be weak like that time in class, she had to show him that she was strong.

The door opened in a sudden bang and Octavius Fudge came barging out the door, he gave her slightest of glances and stormed out of the room slamming the door shut.

“NYMPHADORA GET IN HERE?” Severus shouted form in his office. She got up form her desk slowly and walked to his door. She had long stop being afraid of him but now she was, it was like she was back at school.

“Yes sir,” she said holding her head down.


She took a deep breath because she felt like she couldn't hold it anymore.“Yes sir I caused you the piece of seven.”

“Not only that Nymphadora, but how do you think it reflects upon me to have you go against my command and risk everything we have been working on for the past year.”

She was silent, she could hear the dissapointment in his voice.

“I was told to fire you and I should since you have no appreciation of the provisions I have made for you.”

She looked up at him with a reslove to remain strong and not break down like he wanted. He couldn’t see that he was the reason why she went after Bellatrix because he insisted on treating her like she needed taking care of. “Sir you don’t have to make provisions for me I am not a child.”

“So I was wrong to take pity on you?”

“Why should I be pitied, I am very capable of taking care of myself.”

He slammed his palms on the table. “Don’t be silly little girl, what do you think would have happened had I not shown up in time. You fail to see the truth so I must be the cruel one to break it to you.”

She looked at his face for the first time. He was white with rage. She hated him again, she wanted him to know how angry and frustrated she was. “I was a very capable Auror before and I still am.”

“No Miss Tonks you are no more useful to us than a Muggle. You haven’t been able to use your powers for more than two years. You would have been dead in seconds.”

What was he talking about, she was having problems with changing but she could still use her wand. She still had powers. Why was he saying these horrible things to her? “You’re wrong,” she said behind heavy breaths. "I can still change my nose."

"You cannot, you seem to think you can but you cannot, You have been in denial, you even tried to hide the fact that you are powerless by getting Molly to change your hair pink. I have known this secret about you all along and I chose to ignore it."

"So what if I'm having trouble changing, I can still do other magic."

“Then you have your wand, use it.”

She took out her wand in a flourish and shouted. “Stupify.”

Severus stood there looking enraged.

She tired again. “impedimenta.” And again nothing happened . She tried different spell but nothing happened. She couldn’t understand what was wrong , there must have been something wrong in the wand. She looked at him in confusion. His face had turned form one of rage to one of pity. He walked slowly over to her and took the wand out of her hands. She finally understood, why he ddin’t put her in the field, she was useless. The tears that had been fighting to escape finally succeded. They were flowing down her cheeks. "I don't understand," she said looking at him. He held her shoulders and pulled her close and for a moment. She had never been hugged roughly before. But even though it was a rough hug she still appriciated it and she didn't want it to end, she needed comforting and she guessed that was his way. But it did end, almost as quickly as it began.

“Because of what you have done I can’t keep you anymore. I can only hope you saved enough of that salary you complained about.”

He released her and walked back to his desk. She now saw that it was out of the goodness of his heart that he had allowed her to work for him. Her tears would not leave her. “Please sir, can’t I have another chance. I promise I won’t leave the office ever again and I will never complain again.”

“It is too late,” he said angrily. “The minister has spoken, you are suspended until further notice.”

“Please no...” Even though she hated the idea of being housed she hated the idea of not working at all even more. “Is there any way?”

“Do you think he will allow me to keep someone who is less qualified when there are dozens of better qualified and capable people who want the job? You have divulged your own secret. Please leave my office, pack your things and go home.

She looked at him for moment hoping that he would change his mind but he wasn’t even looking at her. She turned around and ran out his office and headed for her desk. She packed everything so quickly that she must have forgotten something. She left her office and walked into another great office where all the regular Aurors where. They were looking at her and whispering. She passed Harry who was avoiding eye contact. She had never been more humiliated in her entire life. But what bugged her most of all was that she had disappointed Severus so much and ruined his opinion of her.

NOTE: I have been asked why she cries so much in this story. After a while the crying will stop. I promise but that's onl when she gets over Remus.

So some reviews would be nice.

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