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A Memorable Trip To Zonko's by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : A memorable trip to Zonko's
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I don’t even know why I done it, or what happened to make me chose that particular moment to do it, but it happened.

And now I’m going to have to face the music, live with what I done. My god, what did I do? I could have said it when he was alone, but no I had to tell him in front of his friends, blurt it out randomly. Now they all think I’m some kind of nut job, or heartless for not telling him alone.

But I’m not, I’ll show them. I’ll walk away from them my head held high and pretend that I don’t care and that it never even happened, actually I’ll pretend that I don’t even notice them.

Or maybe, just maybe I’ll do both, I mean how hard could it be ignoring them? That’ll be great because then they’ll forget what I said and everything would be back to the way to was. They’re only boys, four stupid boys… ok three stupid boys and one incredibly gorgeous one. But you get the picture.

Thinking about it I couldn’t do any of those things, first of all I went up to them so pretending that the last five minutes never happened would be a bit weird, secondly I do care - I had to care, what kind of person would I be if I didn‘t, so holding my head high and strutting away wouldn’t be a good option either.

So I didn’t walk away, I just stood there staring at them. And they… well they just stood there staring at me. To passersby we must have looked like weirdo’s, or like we had been frozen with Pertrificus Totalus. But we weren’t, we were just standing here, stunned by my confession. I swear his eyes were glazed over, if I wasn’t so terrified I would have laughed at his expression but I didn’t.

After a while one of us managed to make a noise.

“Are…are…what?” was all that came out of Sirius’s mouth, I felt my breath released from my body, I didn’t even realise it had been held.

“Well… I…er…” I stuttered.

Great I thought we weren’t even able to form complete sentences anymore, what have I done? I’ve broken us all!

“You’re … you’re…and we’re…” Peter squeaked, the next of the group to make a noise

I think I should be given an award, I had managed to successfully keep the marauders completely still for longer than three minutes. Maybe that’s a record?

I looked at Remus for help

“I…I…I…well…” he looked as if he had seen a ghost, if I wasn’t going to get any sense out of the smartest one of the group then there was no hope of the others coming round to the idea before the end of the day.

I looked back at James, his mouth was opening and closing in a stupid way, it reminded me of a goldfish that I once owned.

“James…” I began but I couldn’t finish, he looked up at me his eyes wide, I could tell that he was shocked to the core; I can’t believe I had caused him to act like this.
But I had to tell him, he needed to know, I couldn’t keep this a secret forever it wouldn’t be right to me, him or the marauders, they share everything… well everything except me…and other girls. I stopped myself from starting an argument with myself inside my head to focus on what was going on right in front of me.

The other marauders had all turned to look at James who had started to turn a whole variety of colours, so fast that I thought he was going to explode. I looked at him frightened slightly as his face went from a white, to a blue then straight to a red before settling on a greenly colour. Was it physically possible for someone to go though this strange reaction?

I was now beginning to get worried, would he react badly to the news? Hate me? Run away? dump me? Or maybe something worse? I swallowed the lump in my throat as I tried to rid this thought from my head, my eyes flickered over to the clock on the wall, it was now half past three, I told him exactly twenty two minutes and thirty three seconds ago. He was the only one out of all of them that hasn’t moved or made a noise; I mean yeah his changed colours. But that’s hardly a reaction.

I can’t stand it anymore, it’s been too long. Maybe I should just try and tear myself away from them; the suspense is killing me, why won’t he say something? Have I killed him, rendered him incapable of even moving? I felt myself starting to well up, tears forming in my eyes as he just stared at me, did I tell him too much? Maybe I gave him the information too fast. I should have broke it down into little pieces and told him a bit at a time. But that would have been impossible to do. How can you break something this big to someone in tiny portions?

“LILY THAT’S GREAT!” James yelled all of a sudden breaking the heavy silence and making us all jump; he grabbed my arms and pulled me into a tight hug before screaming and laughing in joy. He pulled away from me and turned to his friends, they all began to jump around all laughing in delight.

“We’re going to be uncles!” Peter yelled loudly, the marauders all laughing excitedly.

Somehow in all the celebration Remus had accidentally jumped on Peter’s foot, causing him to yelp in pain and tumble into Sirius, who fell into a shelf but not before grabbing hold of James by the back of his jumper, causing them both to break the shelf, setting off the many enchanted items that were residing on it.

Fireworks were shooting here and there, noises were being sounded like klaxons, and many magic tricks were setting themselves off. Powder fell onto Sirius causing half of him to completely vanish. A firework exploded near Peter causing his eyebrows to singe off, a whole pack of dung bombs fell onto Remus’ head, sending a foul smell around the room. And James had a potion soak him, causing him to sprout feelers and develop a high pitched voice.

“I’m going to be a dad!” he screamed in his high pitched voice as he lay where he was. Sirius was underneath him, well, half of Sirius.

Why oh why did I tell him I was pregnant in the middle of Zonkos!


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