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Teach me Something Good by the_real_diamond
Chapter 8 : Don't Tell This Secret
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Disclaimer~ I do not own the marauders or anything, really. Not even my own soul. I sold it at the pon shop.

The transition from fall to winter had already begun to take place. The signs were positively everywhere. Almost all of the autumn leaves were on the ground and being swept away by the wind. The air was becoming crisper and whenever someone spoke, their breath would be completely visible to everyone who was looking their way. There was even the tiniest layer of frost on top of the blades of grass on the school campus.

All of the students were starting to bundle up to try to stay warm. This was no different for our four mischievous friends who called themselves the Marauders.

“Ha! I got you square in the face, Wormtail! Your face is the biggest target In this battle!” One can guess James was the best shot in the group. You did need a good eye to be the seeker of o quidich team.

“You cheated! Why am I always the one you guys gang up on?”

Sirius made a quick response. “Because, you have the worst snow fort in the history of time! Your big-head target doesn’t really help you much, either.”

The three boys laughed as the fourth sulked in his defeat. “Can’t you give me some credit for spending six hours trying to conjure up this snow? Without me, we wouldn’t even be doing this.”

The mood changed all of a sudden. A strange subject came up randomly. An idea sprang up in Remus’ head. As the other two were laughing, Remus had stopped, and that made them stop. “What’s wrong, Moony?”

“Something just caught my attention. Don’t you have work to do, Padfoot?”

Sirius just stared at Remus as the rest of the marauders stared straight back at him. Sirius looked down, and then looked back up with his thinking face on. “It’s strange. Alex hasn’t been giving me much of anything lately, at least not as much as she did when she suddenly burst out in anger towards me. Do you think she got over it?”

James walked by him and patted him on the back. “Do you think the extra lunch time studying has cooled her off?” James got a big smirk on his face, the one that said ha ha. He said in a teasing voice, “I think someone likes you.”

Sirius pushed his friend away and started making gagging sounds. “Eww! What the bloody hell gave you a horrible idea like that?! No way she will ever like me, there is no way I would let her! Yuk!”

Sirius tackled James to the ground in a flash. Peter tried to pry Sirius off James but he threw him off. 

I will not describe the following battle in detail. Let me just say it involved a tree branch, an audience, and a couple of unavoidable brain freezes. 

Some random kids finally had the ability to separate the two of them from their senseless fighting. Sirius got up and wiped his coat with his hands and James stumbled to his feet.

“Ugh. Those horrible thoughts…” 

After that was cleared up, the four friends continued their little snow battle. People watched them as they threw buckets of snow on each other, making the insides of their cloths soaking wet.

They decided after a while that they should probably clean themselves up in the dormitory. As they walked up, they passed many paintings looking happy as ever, putting up many decorations for Christmas, even though it wasn’t for a great many more weeks.

The people on the walls waved cheerfully at the boys as they walked up the various moving staircases. The boys got up to the room and changed into some warmer, dryer clothes. James got on a wool sweater that his aunt had made him, and he seemed to enjoy wearing it very much, though some other people, including his friends, cringes as they walked by the strange slim figure with the green floppy thing on him.

As the boys walked down again, being the smartest four in the school, they decided to have another snowball fight. 

The Marauders made it down to the courtyard, where they had been battling. As usual, people stared at James, though he didn’t seem to have any idea that they despised his sweater.

They were about to rebuild the snow forts they had torn down when,

They heard a scream.

It had come from behind them, and they couldn’t believe their eyes. There stood a girl, backed against a wall cowering for her life. There stood a girl that was so scared, you could see the fear in her eyes. There stood a girl that could barley breath out of fright.

There stood Alex.

All of her books were on the ground around her. She had dropped them when she saw the thing that had made her scream. Right in front of where she was standing was a terrier. You know, one of those brown and white yippy dogs that are so hard to control. This thing had her frightened to death.

“Oh, come now. He is really nice. My mother had sent him over because the landlord won’t let her keep him. Isn’t he cute?”

The master’s dog had failed to calm her down. He scooped up his little dog and walked away. Alex was still against the wall, and then it clicked in her brain that it was safe now.

Sirius, James, Peter, and Remus could not believe their eyes. The girl that had so much power in her presence, the girl that always stayed so composed, the girl that scared the living daylights out of them had been completely traumatized.

But the person who was most surprised was Sirius. He could never picture this little girl as scared as she was now. He could see her trembling from the event that just occurred. 

Once she snapped out of her trance, she gathered all of her books and started walking. There was shakiness in her step, like she about to tumble to the ground any second. She finally walked out of sight.

Sirius still couldn’t believe her eyes. “Did you see that? I mean did you really see that? It was so awkward, and so strange.”

Remus could believe his eyes either. “She always seemed like she could overcome anything, no matter how scary, and this was a little dog!”

A dog. It was a dog. A dog she was scared of. It wasn’t anything but a small dog no larger than one of her books. It seemed quite harmless. Imagine if it were a bigger dog. A big, black one that would scare her even more than that terrier.

Those thoughts were running around Sirius head like a bunch of dogs looking for something to eat, and he liked it. A large grin appeared on his face.

Remus could already tell what he was thinking. “What are you planning, Padfoot? I don’t like that look. Don’t tell me you’re going to-“

“This is the opportunity I’ve been asking for for the longest time. I think it’s time to get a little revenge from Ms. Alexandria Coder.”

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