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James Potter has betrayed me by maurader fan
Chapter 5 : I HAD faith in James
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognise.

Lily grazed at the curtains drawn around her four-poster bed through blurry eyes.

So much for me and James being best friends forever.

Lily hadn’t enjoyed her first week at Hogwarts nearly as much as she thought she would. This session of sobbing on her bed hadn’t been the worst of it.

So much for the Marauders.

The classes were interesting, and the food was good, but she felt as though she had been abandoned by her best friend for a total stranger.

How could he have?

James had become like Sirius’ shadow. No worse, he had become like Sirius’ dogs shadow, always following Sirius around like a bad smell, laughing at Sirius’ awful jokes and begging for attention. He had ignored Lily throughout the past week.

I gave up all of my friends and popularity for him. Now he is ignoring me. I haven’t done anything to deserve this. Or have I?

At least Lily had Fay. Fay had been great, helping her with find her classes, and sitting with her.

But a friend she had only known for a week, even someone as nice as Fay, was no substitute for her lifelong pal James, who seemed to have forgotten Lily even existed.

James had always known Lily was fragile. She had a kitten once. His name was Snuffles. She loved that kitten with all of her heart. But Snuffles got hit by a car. Lily was devastated. She hadn’t been able to get a pet ever since, apart from her owl. James had convinced her to get it.

I have to talk too him.

Lily blew her nose and wiped her tears. If she didn’t talk to James now, she never would. She slipped a dressing gown and slippers on, and carefully opened the curtains shutting her off from the rest of the world.

Lily slowly descended the stairs leading from the girls dormitories to the Gryffindor common room.

“…and don’t take no for an answer.” Lily overheard a snatch of Sirius and James’ conversation. They were sitting on the best armchairs, right next to the fire. Remus was at a nearby table, looking at a moon chart.

Sirius looked up and saw Lily, then nudged James, who went red and looked away.

“Hi gorgeous.” Sirius said.

“Can I talk to you alone?” Lily addresses James, but Sirius was the one who answered.

“Can you make it quick, because you are interrupting a Marauder Meeting.”

“Marauder Meeting?” Lily asked.

Had she heard right? James wouldn’t have started the Marauders without her, would he?

It had been her idea after all. It must be a mistake. James wouldn’t do that. How could she have even thought that about him?

“Haven’t you heard?” Sirius asked, “James, Remus and I have founded a club called the Marauders.”

“But…but…I am a Marauder!” Lily stammered before finding her voice and continuing “I came up with the Marauders!”

“No you didn’t you little liar! James came up with Marauders, didn’t you James?” Sirius said, looking to James for support.

James looked nervous but he said very quietly “I …er….came up with the Marauders. … er…. Sirius is right. Lily …er… must be lying.” The words seemed to get stuck in his throat.

Lily took one look at him and ran up the stairs, back to the safety of her four poster bed. She barely had time to renew the soundproof charm on her curtains, before she burst into loud sobs.

James had started the Marauders with out her, when it was her idea, and worst of all, he had lied, and not defended her in front of Sirius.


Hagrid was watching the sky. It had been misty all day, and during dinner it had started to pour, with heavy droplets of water falling to earth like tears.

The weather seemed to hesitate, and Hagrid thought it would clear, but it worsened, with the rain turning to hail which viciously pelted the castle.

A lightning bolt struck Gryffindor tower, but no thunder followed it.

“One o’them Gryffindor students must be pretty powerful,” Hagrid said to himself, “And pretty upset too.”



Lily looked up and saw a paper airplane come to rest on her bed. She opened it despondently and read,

Lily, meet me in the Gryffindor Common Room.


He didn’t even say sorry in the note! I’m done trying to talk to him, Lily thought.

Ten minutes later, another paper airplane came. Lily tried to ignore it, but her curiosity got the better of her and read it to see if there was an apology.

Where are you Lily? Are you upset or something?

James didn’t even notice that she had run out of the common room in tears. How could she have made friends with him.

She would have been better of if she had taken no notice of the sad look on his face before he had any friends.

Fay’s shriek interrupted Lily’s depressing chain of thought.

“Ahhhhhh, we’re being attacked by BOYS!”

Authors Note: Thankyou for reading! I hope you leave a review (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Thankyou to all the people who have reviewed my story so far, and a special thankyou to those who have made it one of their favourites.

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