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Do you believe in love at first sight? by Laivine
Chapter 5 : Welcome Home
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The Hogwarts Express was clearly missing many kids who weren’t coming back, or would arrive with parents at Hogwarts. Ron and Hermione Hogwarts Head Boy and Girl, along with Ginny and Colin Gryffindor’s new prefects, went to the prefect carriage. Harry led Kristie to an empty compartment, at the back of the train. She looked nervous, and wouldn’t look Harry in the eye. Once again, Harry found himself wondering about her.

He took their bags, and put them on the shelf above the seats. “Thank you,” she mumbled. Harry nodded.

Truth was, he hadn’t been able to talk to her since the day Tonks had died. He’d been meaning to apologize to her for snapping at her, but either she avoided him, or he didn’t feel like talking, like now. Then he would remember the way she had looked at him, when he’d yelled at her. Her honey brown eyes had been wide with fear, and her body had been trembling. When Jaci had beckoned Kristie to her, she had looked at Harry, as if he’d pounce on her if she dared move, and he didn’t say she could.

Feeling guilty, Harry looked at Kristie. She was looking out the window, at the passing scenery. When she noticed him looking at her, she stiffened. Harry cleared his throat, and moved to sit beside her. Harry cringed as she seemed to try and make herself shrink.

“Kristie, I’m sorry,” he said. She turned to look at him curiously. “I really am sorry for yelling at you that day. And I’m sorry for not apologizing before now.”

Her eyes softened, and she smiled. “Apology accepted.”

They sat back, and Harry enjoyed the comfortable silence as Kristie looked out the window. Two hours later, Ginny and Colin walked into the compartment. Kristie acknowledged them with a smile and a nod. Harry looked at them, and smiled. That is, until he caught Colin looking appreciatively at Kristie. That ugly monster, from last year, reared his ugly head. Harry felt as if he wanted to punch Colin. He made a move to sit by Kristie, but Harry scooted closer to her, taking her hand. She turned to him, smiled sweetly, and turned back to the window. Colin seemed to get the picture, so Harry turned to Ginny.

“Where are Ron and Hermione?”

She looked upset, but answered. “Head Boy and Girl duties will keep them busy until about five.” Harry nodded. She turned to glare at Kristie, who was looking at the passing scenery again.

By the time five rolled around, Ron and Hermione walked into the compartment. Harry and Kristie were lost in conversation, while Ginny and Colin weren’t looking too nice. Harry didn’t care, and neither did Ron for that matter.

The hours rolled by faster than normal. Too soon for Harry’s taste, they arrived at Hogsmead. Ron and Hermione disappeared once again, to assist the first years, while everyone else went to the carriages. He felt Kristie’s hands wrap around his arm, and he turned to look at her. Her eyes were wide, as she looked at the carriage in front of her. Harry looked too. It was moving away, towards the gates to Hogwarts.

“¡Que interesante!” she said, seeming in awe. 1  “¿Pero, como se mueven?” 2  She turned to look at him. He furrowed his brow, and she giggled. “I’m sorry. I keep forgetting that you don’t know Spanish. How are the carriages moving?”

“Thestrals,” he answered, petting one’s head.

“You’re kidding.”

Harry grinned. “Nope.”

“Oh, they must be beautiful.” She furrowed her brow. “But, how can you see them? Don’t you have to see someone die?”

“I’ve seen four people die, in as many years,” Harry answered, his mood darkening, as he thought of Tonks.

His mood must have shown on his face, because Kristie backed away instantly. He climbed into the nearest carriage, and turned to Kristie. He held out his hand for her, and she looked at him apprehensively.

“Get it,” he said.

He realized, a little too late, that his request had come out as a gruff order. She looked down, and quickly climbed into the carriage. It was almost as if she was afraid he’d get angry if she didn’t do as he said, that very minute. Harry turned away from her, and looked out the window. As the castle came into view, she forgot that she was afraid of him, and touched his arm with one hand, while the other pointed at Hogwarts. Despite the loss of Dumbledore, he smiled at the sight of the turrets and old stone. It truly was his home.

“Que hermoso,” Kristie whispered. 3  “It has a charming quality to it, doesn’t it?” she asked, looking at him, and then turning back to the castle.

“Yes it does.”

When the carriage came to a stop, Harry noticed that many families were at Hogwarts. It appeared that many of the parents hadn’t trusted the Hogwarts Express with their kids, so had personally come to drop them off at school. Some of the people looked at him, and sighed in relief. They kissed their families goodbye, and left. Others still looked at Harry as if not sure what to make of him. He could understand. The past four years he’d met up with Voldemort, and his Death Eaters, and had lived to tell them all what had happened, while people around him died.

Kristie put her arm through his, and smiled at the different people. Harry led her up the steps into the Great Hall. Harry looked up at the Head table, and was shocked to find two faces, one he had just met and one he didn’t know. Professor McGonagall was sitting in the chair normally reserved for Dumbledore. Harry felt prickling behind his eyes. Jaci was sitting in the spot that had, from his first day, held six other teachers. The seat where Professor McGonagall usually sat was occupied by a new face, one Harry didn’t know. Everything was different now, yet it was all the same. The thing that hurt the most was Dumbledore was gone.

He was pulled to sit. As he turned to the right, he saw Kristie looking at him. She smiled sweetly, and hugged him fiercely. “It’s all going to be all right,” she said, nodding. “Everything is going to work out.”

“How can you be so sure?”

She smiled. “I have faith in you. Your friends have faith in you. More importantly, everyone you’ve lost had faith in you. Your parents would be so proud of you.”

The doors to the Great Hall opened again, and the first years trickled into the room. Professor Flitwick jumped off his stool, and walked to the sorting hat, which sat in on a stool in the middle of the room. He turned to look at the first years, and smiled kindly at them.

“When I call your name, please step forward, sit on the stool, and I’ll place the Sorting Hat on your head. Once you’ve been sorted into your house, join your classmates at your table.”

He took out a scroll of parchment. He let it roll out. A soft roll of laughter filled the room, as the parchment seemed to be longer than Professor Flitwick was tall. He read off the names, one by one. As each student was sorted, their name disappeared from the parchment, making it shorten with every student. It seemed that every name the charms teacher was reading off the list sounded the same to Harry, until…

“Amber Lestrange.”

Harry looked up quickly. A girl who looked exactly like Bellatrix, but with quicksilver eyes, walked up to the stool. She glared at everyone, as the sorting had floated up to her head. It barely touched her hair, before it shouted:


Harry followed her to the Slytherin table, with his eyes. She sat down next to Crabbe. Her eyes locked with his, narrowed, and she sneered.

“Septia Malfoy!”

Once again, Harry’s head snapped towards the front. Walking up to the stool was a girl with long blonde hair, down to her waist. When she turned to face the hall, her blue-silver eyes were visible. Her features were well defined, and very aristocratic. She looked just like Draco. The hat floated up to her head, and seconds later…


Once again, Harry followed her with his eyes, up to the Slytherin table. She sat between Goyle, and a certain blonde-haired boy, who looked very familiar. The blood in his veins started to heat up, as Draco Malfoy looked up at Harry. He grinned, and if Kristie hadn’t been holding his arm, Harry would have gone up to that ferret, and killed him with his bare hands.

After the feast, Kristie walked with Harry, and the rest of the Gryffindors towards the North Tower. A whole mess of students wearing green and silver robes crossed right between the Gryffindor students, separating Harry from Kristie.

She quickly started to panic. Being her first year in Hogwarts, she wasn’t sure where the Gryffindor common room was. She tried very hard to keep up with the group of kids in front of her, but a different group of kids separated her even more from the Gryffindors. By the time the big group of kids made their way to what looked like the dungeons, the Gryffindor students had already disappeared.

“Ayi, Dios mio,” she whispered, as she looked first to the right, then to the left. 4 “Ayi Dios mio. Para donde me voy?” 5  She looked to the right again. “Maybe it’s to the right.” 

“Actually, it’s to the left, then straight up the stairs,” she heard from behind.

Gasping, she turned around. A kid with platinum blonde hair, quicksilver eyes, and a rather arrogant appearance was standing there. He grinned, as he looked her up and down. His eyes shone, and he nodded his head.

“I would walk you up to the Gryffindor common room, but Potter and his friends don’t like me.”

“What did you do?” Kristie said, automatically. Then she blushed, and looked down. She wasn’t supposed to accuse anyone of anything.

He grinned, however, and shook his head. “Why do you automatically think I did something wrong?”

“Because, Harry is a good guy. If he doesn’t like you, then you did something to him. He wouldn’t not like you for no reason.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“You want me to believe that Harry doesn’t like you, for no reason whatsoever.”

He laughed. “No, he had merit, but what makes you think Potter is a saint?”

Kristie blushed. “I don’t think that Harry’s a saint.” She shrugged. “I just know that he’s a nice guy.” She looked up at him, and smiled. “So what did you do?”

“I…well, lets just say that I made a very bad first impression.”

“Oh, ok.”

Kristie turned to head left, when he took her arm. She turned to look at him. She held her breath. He was incredibly close. From where he was standing, she could clearly see every color in his eyes. They were definitely a very unique combination.

“You haven’t told me your name. Tell me your name.” He had whispered, but Kristie couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

“Kristie,” she said, without hesitation.

“Draco Malfoy.”

She took a step back, as the name registered in her mind. “You did more than just make a bad first impression on Harry. You’ve made his life miserable.”

Draco shook his head. “That was at a time when I had to make my father proud. It isn’t that way anymore. He’s gone, and now I’m the one who’s in charge of the family.”

“So, you’ve changed.”

“It’s amazing what happens when that influence in your life is gone.” His hand came up, and caressed her cheek. “You are so beautiful. You wear your emotions on your sleeve, you know. Like the concern for me in your eyes. Nobody has ever been concerned over me.”

He started to lean in to her. Kristie held her breath, yet again. She was going to get kissed, and she didn’t know what to do, exactly. Should she close her eyes? Should she keep them open? Should she even want to kiss this man who had made Harry miserable? Draco was inches from her…

“Malfoy! Get the hell away from her!”

She jumped, and her face started to burn. Harry growled, as he grabbed Draco around the neck, and slammed him against the wall. Kristie winced as Draco cracked his head against the stone wall. He started gagging, and then turning blue. Kristie yelped, as she grabbed Harry’s hands.

“¡No lo mates! ¡Dejalo!” 6 

“Get the hell off of me!” Harry growled. “Go away!”

Kristie let him go, and took a step away from him. “But Harry—”

“Do what I said!” he said, tightening his hold on Draco.

Kristie looked down, and turned, ready to walk away. Footsteps echoed in the hall, and Kristie breathed a sigh of relief. She had to go and warn Harry. She ran to him, and grabbed his arm again. He turned to look at her, shooting daggers at her. She whimpered, knowing she was going to get the beating of a lifetime.

“Harry, there’s someone coming. Let him go, please.”

He let Draco go. Almost at that second, Draco gasped, taking in air. He started coughing. Kristie was going to move to him, but Harry grabbed her arm. She jumped turning to look at him. She was afraid of what she was going to see in his eyes, afraid he was going to be angry with her. His eyes were throwing daggers at Draco, but when they hit her eyes, they softened.

“Let’s…come…do you want to go to the common room?”

She looked at him curiously. What did he want her to say? Did he want her to go with him? Did he want her to stay with Draco? She thought about the answer for a while, until it sounded that the footsteps were closer now. She turned to look at Harry, and shrugged.

“I don’t know, do I want to go?”

Harry glared at Draco. “I’m leaving. If you want to go to the common room follow me, or you could stay and help this ferret.”

Harry growled that last word out, and Kristie trembled. She knew exactly what he wanted her to do. He wanted her to go with him to the common room, and forget that Draco was on the floor, looking very pale, but glaring at Harry in return. Kristie took Harry’s arm.

“I’ll go.”

Draco watched as Harry left with the new girl, Kristie. If his father was right, then the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was the only Slytherin, when he’d been in school, who had defied and betrayed the Heir. According to their mole, or should he say ‘rat,’ Kristie was Professor Leza’s weakness. What was better was she was also Potter’s weak link. What fun he was going to have with her, and Potter. Draco stood up, rubbed his neck, and walked towards the dungeons. This discomfort was nothing that Pansy couldn’t fix.

Jaci walked around the classroom, before class the next morning. Sixth and seventh years were when the classes were mixed houses, according to their N.E.W.T.’s. She didn’t want the houses to sit together, or the cliques to mingle. She was putting names together from different houses. The only names she wasn’t very sure about were Draco Malfoy, Kristie, Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

For his well being, she should put Draco with Kristie. However, for her safety, she should place Kristie with one of the trio. Then that would place the other two of the trio together, and Draco with Neville. Draco would probably scare Neville into failure, and the two members of the trio would conspire against Draco.

Minutes later, everyone started pouring into the classroom. Everyone found their names written on their desks. When the five desks remained, Jaci sighed. The time had come to make a decision. She was about to tell them where to go, when Hermione took initiative, and sat next to Neville. Harry turned to Ron, and nodded. He turned to Kristie, and was going to reach for her hand, when Draco spoke.

“Come and sit with me, Kristie,” Draco invited.

Jaci growled. Without hesitation, Kristie did as she was told. Harry’s eyes burned, and Ron looked livid, as Draco and Kristie took two of the four remaining desks. Jaci cleared her throat, and Harry and Ron sat down.

“Ok, the desk where you are sitting will be your desk for the remainder of the year. Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts, advanced lessons.” Some of the people gasped, others moaned, and Harry, Hermione, and Draco’s eyes shone. “This year we’ll be working on unspoken, wandless magic, with dark creatures, and against dark wizards.”

Neville’s hand shot up. “Um, professor, you do mean on dark creatures, and on dark wizards, don’t you?”

Jaci smiled. “No, Neville. I meant what I said.” She sighed. “Now, I don’t want you to worry. Advanced Defense isn’t to be worked on alone.” Mentally, Jaci shook her head. “The person you’re sitting with is your partner in any little ting you don’t’ understand. Rely on one another to assist and teach you what you don’t know.” She looked at Kristie, suddenly worried. “Ok, please take out your quills, ink, and your parchment.” Everyone did.

Jaci walked into the middle of the classroom, and took out her wand. She called from it, the form of four werewolves, different sizes. The first looked like a wolf, maybe only a few feet bigger. The second was more human like, in the sense that it looked like a wolf on two legs. The third looked like the quintessential werewolf. The fourth looked as if it was a crazed, rabid werewolf. Neville yelped, and took out his wand. Jaci grinned, as she put a placating hand on Neville’s shoulder.

“It’s ok, Neville. They can’t hurt you. Who can tell me what’s different with each of these?”

Everyone turned to Hermione. She blushed, but looked confused. She studied the werewolves carefully, and then turned curious eyes to Jaci. “Are they all werewolves, professor?”

Jaci smiled. “Yes, they are.”

“Are they different species of werewolves?”

“No, they aren’t.”

“Then why are they different?” Draco asked.

Jaci turned to Kristie. “You know this, Kristie. I’ve taught it to you. Why are they different?”

Kristie blushed as she looked at Draco. He smiled at her, nodded, and helped her stand up. Jaci tapped down the annoyance. Kristie cleared her throat, before she turned to address the class.

“They’re in different stages of chrinos.”

Jaci nodded. “Very good.”

“Chrinos?” Hermione asked.

Jaci turned to look at her. Hermione seemed to be looking for the term in her book. Jaci grinned. “You won’t find the term in the book, Hermione. Chrinos is the stage fierceness or animalism in a werewolf.” She pointed to the big wolf. “This is the first chrinos. This is the stage when a person is first bitten.”

“How long till they reach fourth chrinos?” Seamus asked.

“That’s called full chrinos werewolf.” Her smile faded. “And it depends on how open a person is to the idea of turning into a wolf for them to reach full chrinos.”

“Like Greyback,” Harry said.

Mentally, Jaci shook her head at the thought of Greyback. “Exactly, Harry.” A full chrinos werewolf keeps the wolf features after the full moon. He can’t stand not to feed on human flesh every night of his life, full moon or not. While a full chrinos wolf bit isn’t as potent as when the moon is full, it does carry nasty side effects.”

“What did you mean it depends on the person?”

Once again Jaci turned to her models. “It is difficult to explain, so pay attention. When a person is first bitten, they generally don’t know they’re werewolves. They turn every full moon, and when they wake up, they generally have, what we call, a black out. They don’t know they’ve been killing people. This can go on for months at a time.” She turned back to the class. “A first chrinos bit isn’t as potent as the next level, it is possible to be cured at first chrinos.”

“How come we’ve never heard of cured werewolves?” Neville asked.

“Because while it is possible to be cured in the first chrinos, most people mistake a first chrinos werewolf for a timber wolf, and leave it alone. Once a werewolf has moved past first chrinos, into second, there is still a chance, but the person doesn’t believe in the cure, most of the time.”

Jaci waved her want, and the first werewolf disappeared. She had the second wolf rotate, before she turned to the class. “Now, when a person learns that they’ve been changing into werewolves, and they’ve been inadvertently killing people, it’s shocking. Then next time they have a black out, they know what’s going on. They accept the fact that they’re going to change, and they can’t stop it. That first second chrinos change is the first time that the person changes, and remembers bits and pieces of their nocturnal adventure.”

“How does a person go into the third chrinos?”

With a flick of her wand, the second werewolf disappeared. “After a time, like I said before, depending on the person the time elapsed between chrinos could be months or years, a person starts looking forward to the changes. They start anticipating the feeling of freedom being a werewolf gives you. As their mind opens to the idea, they start to remember more and more. The first change in third chrinos is the first change with full memory of the change, and everything that happened that night.”

Jaci turned away from the models, and turned to the class. “Greyback is the only werewolf that we know has reached full chrinos, as a result, we have very little intel on full chrinos werewolves. My theory is that when a third chrinos feeds, and starts to look forward to the hunt, and the smell of blood, that’s when they reach full chrinos.”

She turned back to the models, cleared her throat, and flicked her wand. The full chrinos wolf disappeared. The third chrinos wolf growled at her. Jaci took her wand, and turned it to the wolf. It glowed a bright sliver, and the wolf whimpered. As it turned away, Jaci turned back to the class.

“I’m going to teach you different spells that were invented specifically for werewolves. Mind you, usually it’s better to fight one werewolf than a whole pack of them. That’s when the spells are more effective.” She grinned. “One of the things that they always conveniently forget to mention here at Hogwarts is that, most of the time, if you think of the spell, your wand will cooperate.”

“How so?” Hermione asked.

“Well, if you can’t think of the incantation, think of the spell’s effect. Your wand will cooperate. Mind you, it will only work with spells you know. The reason they don’t’ tell you this is, we really don’t want spells shot out at random. Here at Hogwarts, you can’t do it, but if your in the middle of a battle, it comes in real handy.”

Jaci heard the bell ring, so she smiled at her very first class. “Ok guys, tomorrow we’ll begin our lessons.”

The students filed out of the classroom, and Jaci sighed. Considering that Harry and Draco had been in the room together, she had had a very good first class. She turned to walk into her office, when a dark, tall, shape shifted in the shadows. She gasped, moving for her wand.

“Jaci,” the voice said, sounding sad and defeated.

She relaxed outwardly, even if inside she was still tense. Remus J. Lupin walked out of the shadows. Jaci moved her hand from her wand, but crossed her arms over her chest. He walked into the room, slowly, as if he wasn’t sure he was moving at all. All of a sudden he stumbled. Jaci had to fight the urge to rush to his side. Those days were over.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Minerva thought it would be a good idea of you to keep an eye on me,” he growled. “To make sure I don’t do anything stupid, I guess.”

Jaci narrowed her eyes.” So now I have to baby-sit you, too?”

He looked up at her, his eyes deep in thought. He sighed suddenly, and shook his head. “What happened to us, Jaci?”

Jaci felt her heart squeeze, and her eyes narrowed again. “You decided that the Gryffindor prefect and the Slytherin golden girl weren’t a good mix, remember?”

Remus winced. “I was sixteen, Jaci. It’s time to let bygones be bygones.”

“It might have been a while ago, Remus, but I told my friends and my house that I didn’t need them, because I had you. You were the reason my last three years at Hogwarts sucked.” She shook her head. “If Lily hadn’t befriended me, I would have finished school miserable, lonely, and friendless. All because I sacrificed everything for you.” She turned to face the empty class room. “My students will be here shortly. Go stay in the office.”

Jaci heard the shuffle of footsteps moving away. The door to her office opened, and then closed. Her eyes closed, and she fought the urge to cry. Remembering everything she’d done for him made her feel stupid and inches tall, just the same as it had all those years ago. Why was it that when things were going good, something happened to mess everything up?

1 How interesting.  
2 But how are they moving
3 How beautiful 
4 Oh my God
5 Oh my God.  Which way do I go?
6 Don't kill him!  Leave him alone!

A/N I swear that I had been trying my hardest to post this chapter since May 20th, but my computer is broken, and my cousin's wouldn't load.  I finally got to a computer that worked!!!

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