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Oh fidlesticks! by nazozink
Chapter 2 : Everyone takes me too Siriusly
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Every one takes me too Siriusly.


“POTTER!” A particular red head shouted down the isle of the train. Leaving a trail of damp foot prints she ran after the aragonite boy who caused the level of wetness she was.  .

James quickly ducked in to a compartment and slammed the door shut and held it for precaution.


“Sorry Evans can’t talk at the moment.” He said through the door. He leaned his back up against the door and turned around.


“Potter you open this- AHH! I’ll deal with you at school.” She stormed down the hall way. It was useless to yell at the door and make a seen. There was always that extra fact that he also probably wasn’t listening.


She found a surprisingly empty compartment and claimed it for her self. He was just lucky she hadn’t been in her uniform yet. Oh she would’ve killed him if she had been in that.  She pulled off her soaking clothes and tried to dry off some what before she got into her dry ones.  Just as she zipped up the last zipper the door slide open.


A teen with fairly long black hair stood in between her and the hall. He had black robes on but not his uniform. Lilly frowned and crinkled her eyebrows up. 


“Black, get out. I also hope you know I’m giving you a detention for what you a Potter did.” At the boys confused expression she added, “I’m a prefect now.”  When that still didn’t look to clear things up she just rolled her eyes.


“I’m sorry, I think you have me confused with some one else.” The boy clarified. Lily wasn’t buying it though. Sirius had tried this last year. Claimed he must have some long lost twin!


“Black you tried this last year remember. You’ve got to come up with some better ideas.”  She stated. “Just get out I don’t want to deal with this today.” The boy didn’t budge. “What?” she asked.


“I’m sorry if this Black fellow had angered you but, every where else is full and I promise to be quite and just sit.” He told her. This Black fellow had angered you, sense when did Sirius talk like that? Sense when did anyone talk like that? He really does confuse her sometimes.


“One word and your out.” She muttered. The only reason she wasn’t throwing him out was because she was tired and really, really couldn’t deal with it today.


The boy smiled and nodded his head once to let her know he was grateful. He sat down on the other side of the compartment and took out a book. This truly confused Lily. Sense when did Sirius read? 


The vow of silence didn’t last more than thirty minutes and was actually broken by Lily herself.     


“I’ve never seen you read before.” She told him looking over the book she had picked up. When the boy didn’t respond but merely looked up she went on. “So you say you’re not Black.” She stated, the boy gave one nod in confirmation. “Then who are you?” she asked, merely for amusement. If Sirius wanted to play this she might as play along. Even though she still didn’t believe a word of it.


“You can call me Mr. D” he said casually then turning back to his book. She stared at him. Was that the best name he could come up with?


“Yea? What does the ‘D’ stand for?” she asked.


“Destiny” he said then turned the page and continued reading. Lily laughed, she laughed loud too. She should’ve seen that one coming.


“Honestly Sirius? Mr. Destiny? You are a real card I knew that but really? You accepted me to buy that one? What’s with you reading anyway?” The boy put down the book and looked at her straight in the eye.


“My name is Destiny not Sirius, or Black. I aspect you to ‘buy it’ because it’s true. And maybe the reason you’ve never seen me read before is because you don’t know me. I know you’re confused and maybe I do hold a great similarity to this fellow you keep mentioning but it’s not me.”  He picked up his book but was shortly interrupted.


“Oh right Sirius. What? Did you forget I wasn’t born yesterday?”  The boy frowned, and then did the strangest thing. He kept quite, not retorting with a snappy comeback or anything just looked down on her. Almost looking like he was tired of arguing. If Lily didn’t know any better she would’ve felt bad about her actions, but she absolutely refused to be sorry for him.


Just then the door wiped opened, breaking the stares and revealing a short little girl with pink hair in pigtails. She looked more out of place than a cow at a horse show. She had orange shorts and a green tank top, her shoes were big enough for a clown and to top it all off her sunglasses were bigger than her fairly large sized head.


“Destiny! I found you! That means you have to buy me a chocolate frog now!” Lily frowned, if it was at all possible, more at this.


“How much did you pay this poor innocent child to do this?” she went over to Riashocka and knelt down beside her.


“Here,” she said slipping some money into the Childs hand, “go buy your self a couple of those sweets.” Riashocka smiled widely.


“Thanks Lady!” she said before taking down the hall in rapid speed. Lily stared after the cute little girl and leaned against the door frame.


“I don’t know how you have enough nerve to do,” Lily stopped staring in amazement at the person walking out of the compartment a couple of doors down. It was Sirius. She turned her head to look back in her compartment. Sirius? Wait what?  Was it just poly juice? No it couldn’t be. Just then the boy’s eyes got big.


“How much money did you give her?” He asked hastily.


“Just enough to buy three or four candies.” Lily replied monotone and sort of dazed.


“Oh Fu- fiddlesticks!” He said before jumping out of his seat and sprinting down the isle.


Riashocka smiled as she handed over the money for two licorice wands and two chocolate frogs. She also pulled out her own money for a bag of every flavor beans.


“Thank you!” Riashocka said in a voice that would even put helium drinkers to shame. She picked up her candy and started walking away when she saw Destiny. “uh oh.” She said before turning around and jumping under the cloth of the candy cart.


“Oh my! Dear what are you doing?” the lady asked. Riashocka ignored her and repeated the phrase ‘I can’t see you so you can’t see me.’ Over and over again to herself. It was to late however Destiny had seen her not so ninja like move. He smiled and nodded to the lady and crouched down beside the small trolley.


“Riashocka?” he asked in merely a whisper. “Oh Riashocka?” he said more in a sing-song voice.


“Riashocka’s not here at the moment please leave all messages after the beep…BEEP!” The girl said pretending to be an answering machine.


“Oh that’s a shame cause I just wanted to tell her she didn’t have to return the candy just let me hold on to some of it so she couldn’t eat it all at once.” No response but some ruffling came from that message. “I also want to let her know I would give her a piggy back ride back to room in the train if she wanted.” He said going with a bribery approach.

Riashocka poked her head out from under the curtain. “I don’t have to give back the candy?”


“Nope just can’t eat it all today.” He said smiling. She put her head back in and then came out.


“Oh Destiny What a coincidence I just got back and got your message. How ‘bout that piggy back ride?” She jumped on his back not even waiting for him to respond. “GIDDY UP PIGGY!”


When they got back to the compartment Lily was not her, per say, usual composed self.


A/N: hope this one was better than the last I really would appreciate a review. Might motivate me more. Yes to any questions out there however, Destiny looks exactly like Sirius. Hey, cake to all who review!

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Oh fidlesticks!: Everyone takes me too Siriusly


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