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Andromeda's Choice by SiriuslyCrack
Chapter 1 : Andromeda's Choice
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A/N. Firstly, let me tell you all that I never meant to write this story. I was just playing around with Photoshop and it resulted into a beautiful banner.(edit 6/18 - banner changed) I was tempted to show it off. Thus, I wrote this story to go with it since the girl in the banner strangely reminded me of Andromeda Black. So, maybe it might seem a little short but that's how I wrote it and that's how it's gonna be. It's the first ever story I've written that's so simple and to-the-point. So, please review and tell me what you think of it. Thanks :)

Andromeda's Choice

“Andromeda, darling! Come downstairs, dear.”

“Yes, mother. I’ll be down there in a minute!”

“Andromeda! Come downstairs right now!” The shrill voice of her mother broke into Andromeda Black’s wistful thoughts and she winced. Merlin, how she wished her mother would go back to treating her like her own daughter. Since the day Andy had been sorted into Ravenclaw, her family had been cool towards her. The people, whom she considered her friends, turned their backs to her. They knew that Andromeda would never be like a Slytherin.

From her childhood, Andromeda Black had always been different. She was always a quiet and studious and kept herself busy by reading her books. At that time, her parents had thought that she would make her family proud by being a top student, who would surprisingly be in Slytherin, since by record; no Slytherin had ever topped their exams since many years. Someone else had always beaten them to it. And Andy’s parents thought that she would be the chosen one to make the Black name and Slytherin house proud.

Sure, Andromeda did just that. She topped her O.W.L.s and missed topping her N.E.W.T.s by only a few marks. But was that enough? No. It wasn’t. It was because Andromeda Black was the first ever Black to be sorted into Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin, which, according to her parents, brought shame to her family. She was constantly taunted and shunted aside by people, some of whom she had considered friends a long time ago.

Only Sirius understood her, but then, he was still very small. Andromeda was quite elder to him when he had been sorted into Gryffindor and it was like history had repeated itself. They both had become good friends because they both sympathized with each other and understood each other.

Now, Andromeda was out of school and there was no Sirius to protect her. Her parents had arranged her marriage to a man with a high class pureblooded background and Andy was angry that they had taken the decision without even consulting her. After all, it was a question of her own life. She didn’t even know the man. He was from France and was quite rich. Perhaps more than Lucius Malfoy, who was Narcissa’s betrothed.

Sometimes Andromeda wished that she had never been born. She had always considered herself the disgrace of her family and this time, if she refused to marry the chosen person, her parents would probably blast her name off the tapestry.

But do I even care? Andy thought to herself as she sighed and hurried downstairs. Her mother was waiting for her. Both women were dressed in fine silk gowns for the occasion. The French guy was coming to see his would-be bride.

“Now, be nice to him, dear,” Druella Black said, taking some dark strands of hair Andy’s hair and letting them hang onto her cheek. “You look beautiful.” It was the first time ever since Andy was eleven that her mother had praised her. She was probably pretending to be good to her so that her daughter wouldn’t shame her this time.

“Why are you making me do this, mother?” Andromeda asked, pleadingly. She truly didn’t want to go through with his marriage. She didn’t want someone was uptight and stiff. She wanted someone who knew the meaning of life.

“Andromeda.” There was a warning note in Druella’s voice.

“But it is my choice whom I choose to marry, mother,” Andromeda protested. “Why are you forcing me to marry this French man?”

“We are not forcing you. But it isn’t your choice either.”

Well, that’s a contradictory statement if I ever heard one, Andromeda thought, looking incredulously at her mother. “What does that mean?” she asked.

“It means,” said Druella dangerously. “You have already let our family down by getting sorted into Ravenclaw rather than Slytherin and becoming goody-two-shoes. So, you better listen to your father and I this time, or else…” she let the threat hanging. “You know what can happen.”

Andromeda gritted her teeth. “Yes, mother,” she said. “Can I visit the bathroom before we leave?”

Druella Black narrowed her eyes but nodded her head, all the same. Andromeda thanked her and sped upstairs, not caring if she tripped on the stairs, which she didn’t. That’s it, she decided firmly. I am out of this hell hole. She slammed her door shut, hurried to her closet and quickly packed her belongings in a bag, which she later bewitched to become feather weight. I don’t care if they blast me off the tapestry and disown me. I am leaving. I am not going to marry some stupid French guy. She gathered her long gown, took one last look around her room and the next second, she disappeared with a pop.

I choose what I want to be. It’s my choice. Who knows, perhaps I might find some kind muggle whom I can love…

The End.


A/N. Just to let you all know that this is a one-shot, I had to edit this part. This one-shot just plays around with the fact that after all, no matter whatever happens, the choice is always yours... And Andromeda chooses the right path.

Thank you for reading.

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Andromeda's Choice: Andromeda's Choice


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